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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): In the Shadows of the City - Character Profiles

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Kashiro Marasaki was a prosperous manager for Sony, and highly dedicated to the success and health of his business group. He even married a colleague, Sanawari, rather than choose a more wealthy woman seeking his hand. Indeed, when requested to take his expertise for a long-term stay in California as part as a promotion to the American branches, Kashiro accepted, even if it meant dealing for a long time with gajin and Sanawari being pregnant in her third trimester.

Their son, Shinji, was born shortly after arrival in San Francisco. Shinji, though giving an instilling of Japanese values, was also heavily influenced by growing up to teenhood in America, and had an entirely different culture to live by. He also developed a hobby of drawing and woodworking, which was clearly drawing praise and attention.

And then his parents had chosen to bring him back to Japan, as the transfer back home had coincided with his sixteenth birthday. As Kashiro sought more opportunity for his skilled son, he enrolled Shinji in Nerima Academy.

It was not pleasant. Having been raised in America earned him the instant label of gaijin, and the social mistreatment and ostracism that came attached. Shinji defiantly ignored them, and simply gravitated to other outsiders. Lady Anne Aceworth, being a Brit, had similar Western understandings as he did, and so they bonded. Even though Akemi Amara was a Yakuza princess, Shinji wouldn't play the pot calling the kettle, and so he ended up inviting her over for lunch. And so it was with others he managed to accumulate in a 'misfit's bunch' as the biased sneered.

Recently, the reports of strange happenings fired Shinji's drawings, but he has no idea how he will be cast into center stage soon.

Name: Shinji Marasaki

Age: 16

-Attributes- [120]

Body 3

Mind 3

Soul 6

-Skills- [15]

Artisan 4 (Woodworking)

Foreign Culture 1 (American)

Languages 1 (English)

Stealth 1 (Silent Movement)

Visual Arts 5 (Drawing)

-Attributes- [135]

Defensive Combat Mastery 2

Divine Relationship 3

Energy Bonus 10

Extra Defense 1

Heightened Awareness 2

Resistance 5

Summon Guardian 4

Tough 10

Attack CV 4

Defense CV 6

HP: 145

EP: 145

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Name: Akemi Amara

Appearance: Tall and slender with long, black hair and dark green eyes, Amara’s looks always catch passers by, but often as not they look away soon as they realize who she is and sometimes even before when the cold cast of her expression and the reflexive glare hit home. She is always impeccably groomed and dressed, considering her appearance a reflection on the prosperity of her family that she takes very seriously to protect.

Personality: Cold and controlled, Amara was isolated from her peers from an early age and that has left it’s mark on her. She doesn’t enjoy mingling for prolonged periods of time but always has a polite word for her elders and those few of her peers who have earned her grudging respect. Her studies, voluntary and school-related, are most important to her, a way to prove herself useful to herself and ignore the nagging ache of loneliness she hides even from her own parents, not wanting to make them unhappy with wishes that can’t come true.

History: The only daughter of Akemi Urobuchi, family head of the Nerima District Yakuza Clan, and his wife Sayaka and fiercely intelligent, Amara grew up fully aware that her Father and the respectful men with their heavy tattooing who he met with behind closed doors were not nice men, that her family’s wealth was built on a base of fear and pain and illegality. That the armed men who took her too and from school and escorted her everywhere outside of the Akemi home were criminals who hurt people for a living. That the fact her family was Yakuza kept the other children away and to the bear minimum of polite interaction.

Fine. She could deal with that. She didn’t need them anyway.

Amara came into her 16th birthday a model of self-control and hard work, an academic prodigy. She was as protected and indelibly tainted by her family’s legacy as ever, but she could live with that. It’s not like she wanted to deal with people who had a problem with it, didn’t care at all. Not one bit. She’d just graduate, go to the college of her choice, and even if Urobuchi maintained his stubborn view that she wasn’t to get involved in Yakuza business, that such things are unfit for a woman no matter how brillant, she’d become a success another way. Already her grades had earned her a place on the Student Council that her reputation would have denied her, a validation of her priority of academics over people.

Of course, even she can’t predict everything, a stupidly bold boy by the name of Shinji and his gaijin friend Anne inviting themselves to sit with her during lunch one day. Amara didn’t refuse, not outright, and is starting to trust them and their growing circle out fellow outsiders, the first hint of a thaw in her lonely, protected world. It feels… Nice.

Stats (120)




Attributes (96)

Dedicated Student (Energy Bonus 5) (5)

Tougher Than She Looks (Tough 8) (8)

Daughter of the Nerima District Yakuza Oyabun (Organizational Ties 3) (6)

Features (Speed Reading, Eidetic Memory, Beauty 2x) (4)

Fruits of the Poisoned Tree (Wealth 2) (10)

*Absolute Territory Field (Forcefield 12, Area 3, Offensive, Field Penetrating, Detectable by Sound and Sight) (40)

Ordinary High School Student (Resistance 5) (0)

Defense by Brutal Example (Defense Combat Mastery 2) (20)

Baseball Bat Diplomacy (Melee Attack 2, Blunt Weapons) (6)


Skills (31)

Administration (Negotiating) 2 (2)

Biological Science (Botany) 2 (2)

Computers (Databases) 2 (4)

Domestic Arts (Household Budget) 2 (2)

Etiquette (Middle Class) 2 (2)

Intimidation (Business) 2 (4)

Law (Japanese Criminal Law) 2 (2)

Language (Japanese, English, Korean) 2 (2)

Physical Science (Math) 2 (2)

Social Science (Politics) 2 (2)

Writing (Academic) 2 (2)

Sports (Baseball) 1 (1)

Street Sense (Japan) 2 (4)

Derived Stats

Defense Combat Value: 6

Melee Attack Value: 6

Ranged Attack Value: 4

Health Points: 115

Energy Points: 95

Total CP: 250/250


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Ryu Kanagawa ... https://sites.google...templar/shadows

Ryu is heir to a vast and varied business empire that survived the economic downturn where others did not ... precisely because it was varied. Also, because the Kanagawas are are very ancient, and very influential family. Over the centuries they have never failed to mature heirs, they have been unstoppable warrors and Daimyos that could not be killed. With the dawn of the Meiji era and the end of the Samurai, they moved into business. Business controls government, is the core wisdom passed down from the old family. In the Samurai era, the merchant class was under the dictate of the lord, now with the power of governance removed from the lords they turned the tables. Always the health of the community was in its trade, that expressed itself in every way - from military power to the status of its rulers. Now that power is what the ancient lords must wield in order to retain dominance.

Ryu sees himself a part of this new warrior tradition. Where the rest of the Japanese have largely become sheep he must be the shepherd. Despite the power of his family connections, the children are always given little. They must earn, and Ryu has done so. Of course, he is loved by his parents and the family power ... connections, influence ... that is what they expect him to wield. So he has, and he has amassed his own fledgling fortune. Though not brilliant, he has a keen memory - near photographic - which makes his studies largely trivial. He does apply himself in business studies and related topics, where his marks are excellent. He has done what needs to be done to advance his career ... and that includes Kendo.

The way of the sword is important to the family. It is part and parcel of the legacy. It is spiritual, and represents the ability to choose. The honed power and skill to change destiny with a stroke. This is also what defines Ryu, as it did his ancestors ... the power to make choices. He chooses who to associate with. He chooses to win, or tie, his matches in the Kendo club. Thus he is at once an insider and an outsider. He is rarely an inferior for long, and in school many older than him have called him Sempai. This has also earned him a bit of a shadowy reputation ... some regard him the same way one might regard a wolf. You respect the wolf, because it may tear out your throat. You tend to avoid its gaze, for fear of provoking it.

The outsiders ... are usually his friends. Only fools overlook assets, and outsiders are often different for interesting reasons. Modern Japanese society has become a sea of mediocrity, where everyone must agree for the sake of the group. Outsider sometime don't agree because they have reason not to. Useful reasons ... and a reason he has for walking with them on occasion is that he can be himself. With outsiders, he can be an individual and occaisonally take off the many mask that society demands he wear. He does not have to be the Kendo champion, he does not have to be the scion of a powerful family, he does not have to dance the dance that is modern Japanese society.

Appearance: Ryu can go from school-unifrom-perfection and business suits to gyaru-oh or borderline bosozuku depending on where and who he is hanging with.

Activities: Kendo, riding his motorcycle, girls, brooding, business on the phone, school parties, dinner parties, cinema, girls

Age: 17 (Born Oct. 14, 1993)

Sex: Male

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 165 lbs

Residence: TDB ... a small but posh sixth (?) floor apartment nearby campus, with a parking / storage space at street level

Marital Status: SIngle

Possessions of Note:

- Bike ... TBD http://www.freewebs....bikes/bikes.htm

- Kevlar Leather Jacket, Kevlar reinforced bike helmet

- Excellent, Stylish Wardrobe (meant to go with the leather jacket or accessorize the school uniform

- Reinforced fingerless riding gloves with the ancient Family Crest (a gift his younger brother got a great deal on - high quality, really really durable looking, with family crest medallions on them ... also useful for using a smart phone or tablet ...actually the Gauntlets of Raiden)

- Fancy personal electronics, in ruggedised cases / backpack (in case of bike spills) ... latest mobile, latest tablet, cool laser projection keyboard cube, movies, music, manga and anime on SD cards)

- Bike accessories, top of the line bike lock and security system

- Bokken, swords, with super secure key-lockable carry cases that can fit on the bike (legally 'safe and reasonable' storage for weapons)

- Cool zippo lighter, clove cigarettes

- Caltrops (for Akira style bike chases)

- Silver travellers Sake flask - fine sake only

Bosozoku Culture:

- http://www.freewebs.com/bosozokubikes/theriders.htm

Notes on Images: I like the overall colours and bike in the bosozoku pic, but I love the jacket style and patches from the leather jacket pic. All pics apply, but Ryu looks more like the guy on the bike.



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galiana2.jpgLegal Name:Galiana Arenilla


Aliases: She-Who-Kills-with-One-Leap

Residence: Tobunerima Apartments, Nerima District

Marital Status: Unmarried

Sex: Female

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 103 lb

Physical Build/ Appearance: Small and petite, Galiana looks tiny and weak. In truth, she packs a lot of power into her small frame. Her skin is the cinnamon hue of South America and she has some of the features of her Japanese heritage. She is attractive, but her delicate beauty is marred by a vicious scar that crosses her right eye. That eye is also blue, not brown like her left eye.

In her cat form, she’s actually quite large (part of this is due to the fact that she doesn’t change mass when she ‘shifts’ form). She’s black with silver markings lower on her body. Her scar shows up as a line of silver fur and her eyes are still mis-matched, blue and gold.

Personality Profile / Quirks: Galiana is naturally quiet and her demeanor is unwelcoming; it is not immediately clear if she’s shy or just unfriendly (the truth is that she feels the urge to be social like her lioness half, but isn't sure how to do it). She is also somewhat awkward in her rare dealings; she’s from another culture and clearly doesn’t understand Japanese foibles. She often pulls her hair over her scar, when allowed, to hide it from others.

Distinctive Features: The scar and her mis-matched eyes are easily the most distinctive features on the small woman. When out of her school uniform, she prefers to wear baggy, loose clothing that can be shed quickly or not missed if she destroys it.

Known Powers:Galiana can shift between human and two cat forms. Her senses are sharper than a human’s. She can run at 60 miles an hour and her skin is incredibly thick. Her claws are very sharp and she regenerates from damage. Galiana is a decent fighter in either form, though her ability is naturally greater in her cat-form.

galiana-jaglion.jpgKnown History: Little is known about the mysterious new girl. A recent arrival to Kiyamori Academy, she's terminally shy and hides half her face behind a veil of hair. There are rumors that she's been hideously burned by acid or fire and so hides it.

Rumors that she's half-Japanese from an old, distinguished family abound, but no one can confirm these rumors. She clearly isn't pure Japanese, but that doesn't seem to bar her from ending the Academy.

Body - 3

Mind - 3

Soul - 3

ACV: 3

ACV: 3

Base Damage Multiplier: 6


Attack - 5

HP: 30

EP: 40

Alternate Form - 7

--variable: Form Morph -

Combat Techniques - 9 Blind-fighting, Brutal, Concealment, Critical Strike, Lightning Reflexes x3, Multiple Targets

Defense Combat Mastery - 2

Divine Relationship - 2 Tsukuyomi's Protection

Energy Bonus - 4 10 Energy

Extra Actions - 1

Extra Defenses - 1

Melee Attack - 2 Hand to Hand

Melee Defense - 2

Skill: Acrobatics - 1

Skill: Cultural Arts - 1 Art Appreciation

Skill: Intimidation - 2

Skill: Language - 3 [spanish], Quechua, English, Japanese

Skill: Occult - 2

Skill: Swimming - 1

Special Defense - 3 Aging, Disease, Poison

Tough - 4 40 HP

Alternate Form -

Appearance - 2

Enhanced Body +2 - 2

Features - 1 Fur, cat form

Heightened Senses - 3 Sound, Sight, Smell

Massive Damage - 3 Hand to Hand

Regeneration - 1 +5 HP per round

Superspeed - 1 60 mph

Tough - 4 40 HP

Weapon - 4 Claws

Defect: Tell - scar and eye - -1

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Legal Name: Mizuki Sachiko

Nicknames: Sachi

Sex: Female

Age: 16

Blood Type: B

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 107 lb

Physical Build/ Appearance: Sachiko is definitely cute, but is a bit of a late bloomer who has yet to shed the skinny, rangy build of childhood as her body matures. This may have as much to do with her insanely active lifestyle and rabidly fast metabolism as anything else.

Personality Profile / Quirks: Sachiko has two modes: off, and super-duper enthusiastically, energetically ON. If she doesn't want to do something, getting her to do it is like trying to move an enormous donkey that's had its legs surgically removed. If she DOES want to do something, it's hard to imagine anything stopping her. She craves the attention, not necessarily goodwill, of others, and as a result tends to constantly be loud, cheerful, and intrusive. She has almost no filters between thought and action, so is prone to saying and doing outrageous things for flimsy reasons. This too is part of how she seeks reactions and attention from others. Her other prime motivator is competition. She is infamous for her tendency to declare almost any activity, in any context, an impromptu contest...regardless of the relative skills of herself and her opponent. Her constant enemy is boredom, which she will do anything to relieve.

Distinctive Features: Sachi keeps her hair boyishly short, and it's almost always kind of a mess from how she tears around the place. She's viewed as tomboyish as well because of her style of dressing, which is admittedly not terribly feminine. She often claims to be missing a toe, but the details of which toe is missing and why fluctuate from telling to telling, and she never lets anyone see.

History: Sachiko has been a resident of Nerima her whole life, and while she dreams of traveling the world one day, she still enjoys the easy familiarity of home as well. Her household is a reasonably comfortable middle class one with three children total; the eldest a son who was just accepted to university and is leaving home. Sachiko, for some time in her brother's shadow, might have expected more attention from her parents, except for her younger sister Keiko who is still young enough to demand most of their time. This means Sachi is still free to develop her own interests and roam about without much interference, or interest, from her folks, which suits her fine. Most of the time she can be caught out and about on her bicycle, or running, or in a park batting practice balls.

Around school she has a distinct and deserved reputation as being a class clown; irresponsible, annoying, and hyperactive, as well as a bad student who often has to copy the notes or work of others to get by. Despite all that, there's a certain almost physical force to her antics...it's easy to get caught up in her sheer, crazed enthusiasm for whatever it is she's doing.

Students who know Sachiko well often wonder how someone who seems so lazy academically could possibly have gotten into the Academy. It's one of the minor mysteries that surround her.

Point Cost: 250

Size: Medium

Body: 3

Mind: 4

Soul: 6

Stats Point Total: 130

Attack Combat Value: 4

Defense Combat Value: 5

Damage Multiplier: 5

Health Points: 65

Energy Points: 100

Attributes: 59

Aura of Inspiration +1, 4

Combat Technique +2, 4

- Concealment

- Lightning Reflexes

Defense Combat Mastery +1, 10

Divine Relationship +2, 4

Energy Bonus +5, 5 (+50pts)

Extra Actions +1, 15

Extra Defenses +1, 5


- Appearance 1

Melee Attack (Club/Baseball bat) +2, 6

Massive Damage (Focused: Clubs) +1, 4

Tough +2, 2

Chaos Uberpower! +8, 48

Skills 21

Area Knowledge (Nerima) +3, 3

Climbing (Vegetation) +2, 4

Domestic Arts (cooking) +1, 1

Gaming (Video Games) +2, 2

Performing arts (Gutiar) +2, 2

Sleight of Hand (Pickpocketing) +2, 4

Sports (baseball) +3, 3

Swimming (Competition) +2, 2


- Watch of DOOM


Easily Distracted -2

Less Capable (Self Discipline -2), -1

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<!--url{0}-->Legal Name: Kuchiki Ayami

Nicknames: Ay

Aliases: None

Residence: TBD

Marital Status: Unmarried

Sex: Female

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 126 lb

Physical Build/ Appearance: Lithe and sultry, Ayami is always dressed stylishly. She keeps in nearly perfect athletic shape from her many sports activities; she turns heads wherever she goes but her intensity usually keeps her classmates at arms-length.

Personality Profile / Quirks: Ayami is a successful Japanese school girl: devoted to her studies, involved in a number of school clubs, the Student Council Vice President, and focused on getting in to Tokyo University. While she is kind and exceptionally polite, the intensity of her ambition can be off-putting to others. She has a number of "school" friends, people that she interacts with at school and in clubs, but she is intensely private outside of school. To date, no one has been able to claim having been to her home and it has become a point of curiosity for the students of the Kiyamori Academy. She does not attend parent-student events for the school unless she is involved in running the actual event.

Distinctive Features: Her eyes are very expressive, her skin is pale for a Japanese girl, especially one as active in outside sports as she is. Her hair is lustrously black, long, and curls naturally to give her a more mature look than her 16 years.

Known Powers: None.

Known History: Ayami has attended the Academy for her entire high school career, having come from a prestigious private middle school. It is rumored that she is an orphan, and her absence or working presence at all parent-student functions at the school seems to bear this out. Her clothes and accessories are always of the finest quality and she is chauffeured to and from school each day in an expensive town car.

Body - 4

Mind - 4

Soul - 7

Attack Combat Value: 5 (6 with Archery, 10 with Swords)

Defense Combat Value: 5 (10 with Swords)

Base Damage Multiplier: 5

Health Points: 150

Energy Points: 150

Powflux 10 Holy (40 Flux Points - Weapon, Forcefield, Healing, Exorcism, Divine Relationship)

Resistance 5

Tough 10

Energy Bonus 10

Melee Attack (Sword) 5

Melee Defense (Sword) 5

Ranged Attack (Archery) 1


· Appearance x2,

· Ambidexterity,

· Direction Sense,

· Eidetic Memory,

· Weather Sense

Organizational Ties - Family, for the lifestyle she's kept in 1

Organizational Ties - Student Council Vice President 1

Athletics (Balance) 1

Biological Sciences (Physiology) 1

Computers (Programming) 1

Cultural Arts (Legends) 2

Etiquette (Upper Class) 1

Languages (Japanese, English) 1

Medical (Emergency Response) 1

Performing Arts (Public Speaking) 2

Physical Sciences (Astronomy) 1

Riding (Horse) 1

Social Sciences (Politics) 2

Swimming (Competition) 1

Visual Arts (Flower Arranging) 1

Writing (Academic) 2

Marked – Hair that changes colors: usually black, but turns pure white when she uses her Powerflux. (2 pts)

Guy Magnet - Ayami is a beautiful young woman, attracting a great deal of attention from the boys of the Academy, though her intensity has deterred many of them so far. (1 pt)

Skeleton in the Closet – Play to find out. ;) (6 pts)

Special Requirement – Diagnosed as a combination of chronic Vitamin B deficiency and SADS, Ayami needs to be in sunlight on a regular basis to remain energetic and happy. Full spectrum light can work for a while, during long cloudy spells on in the depths of winter when the sunlight is weak, but she still becomes moody and insular until she has a proper strong sunny day. Moonlight from a full moon can also help her a little, better than artificial light, but still not as good as direct sunlight. (2 pts)

Phobia - She hates the dark and often still leaves a nightlight on. At her middle school when she tried to join the school newspaper, they made her the photographer but she had a breakdown in the dark room while developing her first set of pictures. That has been the only time in her life that she’s quit a school club. She doesn’t go to movie theaters. (2 pts - Worst on cloudy nights or in totally dark areas, unhappy when there's no moonlight but can function, always carries a wind-up, kinetic flashlight with her)

XP Log:

Chapter 1 - 5 CP, 5 Total

Chapter 2 - 10 CP, 15 Total

Chapter 3 - 10 CP, 25 Total

Melee Attack 2 through 5 - 12 CP, 13 Total

Melee Defense 2 through 5 - 12 CP, 1 Total

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Vital Statistics

Name: Anne Aceworth

Nationality: United Kingdom

Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales, UK

Age: 16

Height: 165.1 cm

Weight: 63.5 kg

Hair: Brown (or sometimes dyed black)

Eyes: Green

Personal/Hobby information

Student Status: Exchange Student, Junior Year, Fresh transfer

Club: Aviation Club

Nickname(s): Annie, Ann, Butch

Simulator Callsign: Lady Ace

The Basics:

Anne Aceworth is the daughter of Lord Thaddeus Aceworth, Ambassodor to Japan representing the UK. She's an avid aviation nut, and is a bit socially awkward, but incredibly polite for her age. She may be rich but never shows it. She almost seems middle-class in attitude and doesn't hold herself above others. She's a peacemaker and tends to put off an air of stability and trustworthyness others can rally behind. And she has the ethics and morals to back that up. When she was selected to transfer to a new academy, she was twice as pleased that the currently floundering Aviation club was looking for more members. Odd rumors and urban legends be damned!

She takes the rumors surrounding the school with a grain of salt, yet something in her compels her to at least listen and take to heart the warnings.

While she is polite and kind, her exterior seems rougher for a cute girl, and when not in her school uniform or dressed for formal occasions, she always dresses in very utilitarian clothes.

She views her family's position and power as a responsibility and she lives up to it as best she can.

She tends to keep a pair of aviator goggles (which she also wears with her surplus pilot's helmet when on her moped) on person, sometimes wearing them on her head when off campus. Her bedroom is literally a shrine to aviation, and she keeps a few flight suits in her closet as part of her collection as well as various aviation related trinkets. She is known to fully dress for the occasion, flight-suit and all when going to club-organized simulator matches or even non-club simulator events.

Hobbies and Recreational Activity:

Anne is a member of the aviation club at the school, and is quickly becoming it's star member. She earned the club vice-president position after a long, drug-out dogfight in a flight simulator against the rest of her club she ran out of fuel before she could take the club president down. Something he never let's Anne forget. She has a international pilot's licence and is decent behind the controls when she flies for real, altough in simulators she tends to break the envelope and show a killer instinct as a dogfighter. She is just as liable to invite any friends to a day at a flight simulator attraction as she would to go out to lunch.

This is also probably the only time you actually see her competetive streak come out in spades. She's not known to be a sore loser, but in the pod, she gets aggressive, surly, and trashtalks more than an American. Of course with all the other "Carniverous" personalities in the club, having a healthy chip on your shoulder is needed. Think Top Gun with young teenagers, and there you go.

She's seriously thinking of buying matching flight suits for everyone in the club as a gift, but with the club's status as tenuous at best currently, the investment might not be so prudent.

Other info:

The secret she keeps inside is that not only does she love aviation , but she can fly herself. She keeps this secret and guards it jealously. She's afraid of what people might think if she used it, and rightly so. People just don't all of a sudden start flying with no logical propulsion or means of transport! Usually to hide her identity she'll grab her yellow rain poncho and a gasmask or a cloth hospital facemask to hide her face. When she has time, she will also put on a BASE jumper's parachute to either glide into an area safely and undetected (at least by other psychics) or to provide a level of safety if she suddenly is unable to fly. Of course she then has to be VERY creative as to why she just parachuted into an area. Her typical "I drifted off course from my intended landing spot for sport skydiving" might not work all the time. She would rather not use this power at all in uniform unless absolutely necessary. Although it almost seems fitting to do so in her flightsuit getup.

Character Sheet
Character Creation Point Ledger

Starting Points: 250

Stats: 130

Attributes: 101

Skills: 19

Defects: 0

Final: 250

Remaining: 0


Body: 3, Mind: 6, Soul: 4

HP: 105, EP: 120

ACV/DCV: 4/6, Ranged ACV/DCV: 6/8


Tough: 7

Energy Bonus: 7

Ranged Attack (Personal): 2

Ranged Defense (Personal): 2

Extra Actions: 1

Extra Defense: 1

Defensive Combat Mastery: 2 (+2 DCV)

Flight: 4 (300 kph) - Psychic in origin

Divine Relationship (Good Karma): 3

Combat Mastery: 5 (Critical Strike, Lightning Reflexes, Precise Aim, Dead Eye, Far Shot)

Features: 3 (Lightning Calculator, Direction Sense, Appearance (Cute x 1))

Wealth: 2 (1 Million USD )


Language (Japanese) 1

Foreign Culture (Japanese) 1

Computers (Databases) 1

Cultural Arts (Literature) 1

Mechanics (Automotive) 1

Medical (Emergency Response) 1

Navigation (Air) 1

Physical Sciences (Physics) 1

Piloting (Light Aircraft, Parachutes) 1

Swimming (SCUBA) 1

Sport (BASE Jumping) 1

Wilderness Survival (Ocean) 1

Experience Blotter

Earned: 40

Spent: 40

Current: 0

Earned XP

Profile: 5xp

Chapter 1: 5xp

Chapter 2: 10xp

AMV Award: 10xp

Chapter 3: 10xp


Extra Attacks 1 (15 xp) (1 Extra Action)

Extra Defenses 1 (5 xp) (1 Extra Defense)

Defense Combat Mastery 2 (20 xp) +2 DCV

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Name: Kohaku Mizu

Age: 16

Sex: Male


Looks: Short black hair, and grey eyes. Often wears formal clothing, in non formal conditions. Often wears shades to and from school. He has an odd almost mystical looking tattoo on his left eye. Though he often wears more appropriate clothing to hide himself at times. Especially when he does not want to be found. 5,5 height 150 pounds.


An student at one of the local schools, Kohaku does not stand out in a crowd much. View mostly as the class nerd and often neglected by other students or avoided due to his appearance and lack of communication between them and him. He is often an outcast even among nerds and is anti social to an degree. Yet beyond that no one sees any fault in him or problems. He is just an average teenager to them. Not even his parents seem to care for him for the most part. Then again they have always been too busy to notice him. He view himself as a sort of exile.

Kohaku has always had a strong desire for knowledge and truth. Often at the cost of possible friendship and maybe even love. He had a cold hearted disgust for hiding secrets and loves to expose those of others, especially if they would harm the lives or safety of others. He loved the idea of the hard core detective and journalist. Yet he has been exiled by others who also had similar likes in those fields due to his reckless nature and doing things alone.

He was once a member in the journalism, detective, and other clubs. He was liked by several members for his hard work and driving stories. Yet he was kicked out due to having them for his target for stories and cases. He even had the head of the journalism club as a target. Many question his motives there as they thought that the two were friends or maybe even more. The situation got too extreme and which Kohaku was sent to court due to it. He was given basically a gag order not to say a word or report the information he got.

He is also an avid reader of occult magazines and explores the supernatural. He has an deep hatred of gothic kids especially those who love to delve into vampirism and those who he view as lost common sense of the world. He often likes to explore the local sites as well as those less known. He may not be an expert of the occult, but he is knowledge on it as well as various other things. He seeks to understand what is behind the veil of this world.

It was his dabbling into the paranormal that drove him to the predicament he is in and deeper into an madness he has not know before then. He was starting out in the paranormal club when his first true encounter with it started. While exploring what he thought was an haunted mansion, which turn out to be a fake and a lesson by the older members, he meet an mysterious spirit. She show and asked him things that made him question himself and things around him. Yet at the same time bless/curse him with the strange mark on his left eye.

It was only later that he knew that the strange encounter with the spirit had saved his life. The area where he was doing wrap up for the review tomorrow had a freak accident and caught on fire. Killing everyone in the area before it was contain. Yet at the same time, his left eye started to act funny and made him have to go to the hospital. He later would have to have to go to various physical and mental therapy which he dislike. They found nothing physical wrong with him, and figured something had snapped mentally. Several people called into his question his sanity and even at a point try to indicate the accident was his fault. He was clear of both eventually, but took him several months to clear him of it.

Then he started seeing her. A female named Sakura Yasu. She tried to be Kohaku friend but he rejected her. She was also the only other one to survive that incident, but by following him. He had brought her into the paranormal club just to piss her brother off for an long time hatred of each other. Sakura tried to understand why each other hates the other. The fact is the reason they hate each other due to Kohaku wanting to penetrate his so called high morals to figure what really going on. As such the other does not like someone with so much trust issues.

He did not know why she was seeing her. He knew she was on a trip with the paranormal club in the Aokigahara forest. The club was doing it’s yearly trip down there. So far no one gotten seriously hurt down there. Yet what he saw was not pleasant or hopeful. She saw her as what she looked like when she died. He tried to disbelieve it. She try to talk to him, but he would not hear it. He could not or did not want to believe it.

He was still in the asylum at the time and was wondering if he was going mad. Yet eventually she vanish from his sights. It was after he got out of the place did he hear that Sakura went missing during the trip. It worried him. If she was dead, then how did she die? Why did she see him? Things did not make sense to him.

He also started to also see several other dead people and things once out. It made him question his sanity. He did not want to admit what he knew was true. He could not tell anyone less they think him mad. He could not do anything at the time.

Slowly but surely he tried to help those he could and find ways to harm those who try to harm him. As he did he discovered his powers as well as looked into his past more. He found out that one of his ancestors was an priest who dealt in spirits and exorcize them. He did it in a strange way. He used an camera to do so. This same camera has become a sort of hobby within certain members of his family and has been worked on considerably in his family history. He also had written down his experiments and his past. Kohaku did not gain all the information on his ancestor and is still looking.

At that time he also started to get deeper into the paranormal club as well. Then he got to be closer to a person who he tried to be a friend with. His name was Daichi Katsu. Yet the more he tried, the more it seems that would never happen. Soon both were fighting over what not. Many figured that another incident would occur. Daichi was the current head of the paranormal club.

In the end Kohaku try his best to show that he was an asset to the club, while keeping his activities hidden. He hated doing so, but knew he might be view as crazy by most if they knew what he was doing. Kohaku tries to be as nice and civil with people as he could, but worried it would just end the same as before. Yet every time he tries to make a friend it always ends poorly for him. Yet people still respected him for his work.

Time pass and his skills grew somewhat. He felt like there were no end to him being haunted by the dead. Yet slowly they started to vanish. He had hopped that was a sign he was doing right. If not he wonder what it meant.

Then one day he went on the yearly trip the group makes. The same type of trip Sakura died in, or at least Kohaku presumes. He had no hard evidence on it though. While in the fable forest, his supernatural senses went to the furthest. He started seeing the dead as well as others who did not die the way people think. During the chaotic night he spent there he went off from the main group trying to get away from the ghost. Yet one did not leave him, Sakura.

Eventually Kohaku discovers Sakura killer. He did so when wondering in a cave. Kohaku for a few instances felt possess by something to go into it. There he saw her last moment through her eyes which scared Kohaku. He never had such an experience. Her killer was Daichi. Yet there were others he could not identify.

Kohaku snapped out in time as Daichi try to kill him alone with a knife. Kohaku uses his camera in desperation and uses it power to send Daichi over a cliff after crippling him. Kohaku went to check to see if he was dead, yet Daichi grabbed Kohaku leg and try to send him over the cliff while bringing him to the top. It would have worked if not Kohaku eye did not awaken it’s power and cause Daichi to loose his grip. In the struggle, Kohaku lost his camera that belong to his family for so long.

Calm and collective he tries not to appear phase by anything, yet he has a deep paranoia. He does not let others into his little world unless he has to. He has an passion for photography and exploration. His deepest desire to be an great detective, or journalist. Yet due to the difficulty he has with people he has a hard time in getting contacts.

Even if he is not the best among people, he has a strong sense of justice even if it is a bit warped. He likes to get along with people but has difficulty doing so. His main problem is trusting people. Due to his relationship with family and previous people he has known he has trust issues. As such he is a bit distrustful of people. He is a bit of a cynic and view there is always another reason behind things, and view there is always a dark side to the people and world.

Kohaku constantly puts his feet first on a project. Often he goes too far in it which has cause him problems in spades. Yet he does not give up till it is done, even if it’s ends bad for him. He does not like to give up and has a stubborn streak in him. This has made several people like him, but are put off by his distance.

Kohaku can hold a grudge for a long time. He has been betray a few times. Especially by some friends and lovers. As such he does not trust people lightly. He seeks to make those who wrong him pay. Yet he is patient in that part in doing so.

Kohaku even though he desires to learn more about the supernatural has a odd fear of it. Well he fears death to be honest. He also has an fear of being burry alive. That was due to him seeing a few bodies bury in the rubble of the mansion he where he first obtain his powers. As such it haunts him at times.

: Kohaku is constantly thinking so he often appears distant or his head is in the clouds. He often looks around when talking to others, this is due to stress and his paranoia. Also in that state is a bit jumpy. He is often more focus if he feels safe or is listening in to someone giving out important information. He also can be a bit sneaky and startle people when people don't notice him.

Relationship Info:

Parents: Kohaku has a distant relationship with his parents. Due to them constantly being busy Kohaku has little time with them. Also they don’t have much interest in his present or past activities and view them as pointless at times. They disapprove with him trying to mimic some of his grandfather past activizes. Also they seek him to become something better then that and hope him to think of higher goals and better himself, and not squander his life like they view his grandfather has.

Grandfather: Kohkau gandfather has a more or less business like approach with his grandfather now a days. Kohaku had once admire his grandfather due to his impressive stories of his time as a reporter of a small time newspaper. Yet his grandfather eventually drop it to become a part time photographer where he eventually meet his wife who became bore Kohaku mother. Yet he eventually left the newspaper business altogther and started an small photography store. Kohaku wanted to follow in his grandfather footsteps, which made his grandfather proud at first. In the end he was ashamed at some of the ways Kohaku was gathering information and try to steer him away from that. Yet Kohaku passion for truth and justice made him ignore said advice and got him in a heap of trouble. The grandfather then becomes ashame of Kohaku and often chides him for his short comings trying to give him some sense before he does something that could get him killed.

When Kohaku was sent to an mental institution his grandfather blamed himself for it. Kohaku grandfather was the one who gave him their family camera and told Kohaku of his ancestors past. As such also added to Kohaku interest in wanting to study the paranormal. This cause his grandfather to become distant from his daughter and her husband, much to his sadness. They saw his as wasting his life away with what he currently was doing. With Kohaku going into an mental institution they were furious at him and have not talk to him as of late.

Kohaku does not meet with his grandfather as often as he used to. He only see him if he needs more film or to use his equipment to fix his camera. His grandfather often hires him when he needs help when he is overloaded with work. He tries to fix his and Kohaku relation as well as his relationship with his daughter as well. Right now he is single, as his wife only a few years ago due to an heart attack.

Johnny: One of Kohaku former friends. They had shared the same interest in mystery and photography. Johnny still view himself as a friend and tries to repair their relationship. Yet Kohaku does not like the fact that Johnny seems to cause him problems in the women department. Johnny sees himself as a romantic who tries to want to help people find their love or at least match people together. Two of Kohaku former girlfriends were results of such matches, and both have cause Kohaku great embarrassment. One of them was even ruin by Johnny wife to be in a arrange marriage. That cause both of them humiliation and cause a rift in their relationship.

Sarah: Kohaku first girlfriend and often called Siren of the mystery club. She was the first lady Johnny tried to connect together with Kohaku. She was a bossy lady who liked to prove herself top dog. This cause a love/hate relationship between her and Kohaku as well as an rivalry that lasted a year. Both liked each other due to their dedicated to their work, and love of solving mysteries. It is more of a romance more of passion then of logic. Yet they hated each other due to more or less in a competition way. Each did not want to back down from the other. Neither wanted to be second place. This heated up during when the position of head of the club was up for grabs. Both did each other harshly in the campaign. In their private life it was hell as their life was constant arguing and fighting between each other. In the end Kohaku was defeated by Sarah, but many people left due to their rivalry. In the end due to many of the members wanted Kohaku out due to his role in it, and got basically kicked out. Sarah did not even bother to lift an finger to help him. That was the last straw that broke the relationship. He ended it shortly there after.

Jessie: Kohaku second girlfriend and is the boss of the journalism club. She is the second women Johnny tried to connect together with Kohaku. She was more relax and kind then Sarah. She is a busy lady like Kohaku who was always interested in the truth and information. With them it’s more of give and take romance. Koahku felt like he was connecting with Jessie. Yet with several months into the relationship Kohaku started getting the cold shoulder. With a help from a few people he discovered that she was dating Johnny finance behind his back. She was also doing various sexual things as well. This enrage Kohaku, and it did not go well when he told Johnny. Jessie did not think it was wrong. She is rather frisky and is a bit by sexual.

Sakura: A girl who has loved Kohaku even if he has not noticed her. She has been in several of the clubs Kohaku was in. She is a shy women who is bright. Yet when she try to be by his side. her brother block it in various ways. Yet in the end he could not do so in the paranormal club. Eventually she did meet him, but it occur in the mansion incident which nearly cost her life. She did die the following summer. Her ghost haunts Kohaku on and off. Kohaku does not know why she does so.

Tori: Sakura brother. An young man who is well connected in the school. He has a dislike for Kohaku due to his personality and his past actions. He was once his partner in the Journalism club. He is the counter opposite of Kohaku. He was also very protective of his younger sister. He cannot see her ghost. He wants to see Kohaku suffer for her being missing. That is due to it being that Kohaku was the reason for her being there in the first place.

Kohaku stats

STAT 120 pts

4 body, 4 mind, 4 soul

160 h.p. 160 m.p. atk: 4 (spiritual attacks) def: 4 (personal)

ATTRIBUTE: (75 pts)

+5 +10 Divine Relationship

+12 +12 Energy Bonus (120 hp)

+12 +12 Tough (120 mp)

+3 +3 Features (Animal Empathy, Eidetic Memory, Ambidexterity)

+2 +4 Heightened Awareness

+1 +2 Organizational Ties (Paranormal club)

+! +2 six sense (spiritual sense)

+1 +3 Range attack (spiritual attacks)

+2 +6 range defense (personal)

+4 +8 Combat techniques (Dead eye, Steady hand, Concealment, Far shot)

+4 +10 Attack: Phantom attack (weapon 4 Multidimensional, accurate 1)

Skill: (34)

+2 +2 Area Knowledge (City)

+2 +2 Gaming (card games)

+2 +2 Sports (pool)

+2 +10 Occult (Spirits, Rituals, Witchcraft, Numerology) (cost 2 +3 specializations)

+2 +10 Cultural Arts (Archaeology, Rare Object Appraisal,History, Literature, Urban Legends) (cost 1, +4 a around his left eye.)specializations)

+2 +2 Physical science (mathematics)

+2 +4 mechanics (gunsmith)

+2 +2 Visual arts (video)


-1 Girl / Guy Magnet

-2 mark (an strange mystical symbol cover the area where his left eye is at.)

new add ons one (did not do this early so my fault will post more later on.)

New defects: -8

Defect: -8

Curse -2: Kohaku suffers from an curse. He does not know the direct nature of it, but so far it is not serious or deadly to him. It also has weaken him somewhat since it was cast. It may have been from Daichi Katus, or from when he got his powers. He just knew that since that time he has suffered from that curse.

Easily distracted (finding the truth) -1: Kohaku has an blind naiveness in that people must know the truth no matter how harmful that is. Often this gets him into trouble as well as loses himself in it. If he finds an clue to something about something that is out of character for it or is interesting he goes in looking at it.

Nemesis -1: Tori

Sakura brother. He blames Kohaku for Sakura vanishing. Once was partner and sees him as a problem and could cause problems or might be a future criminal. He often spies on Kohaku or hampers him in nonviolent ways. He wants him to suffer due to Sakura vanishing.

Skeleton in the closet: -2 Hard to discover, but depend on the interpreter consequence could be different.

Kohaku has killed Daichi Katsu in self defense or at least that what he recalls. Also even he does not know where the person body is as it fell off a cliff in a cave. In the fight which occur his family camera fell off the same cliff as well.

Wanted -2: Various people who want Kohaku to suffer from various incidents he has cause to them. It for the most part is not real serious, but it could be problematic at times for him.

adds ons with defects:

Stealth 2 (silent movement) +6

Electronics (consumer electronics) 1 +2

adds on with exp. 10

+2 with spiritual attack

+1 with range defense personel

+1 writing (journalism)

Mizu Family camera

A cameria pass down throughout the Mizu family history. It was created at the start of camerias, and has been working on by at least one person in each generation of the Mizu family line.

"Spiritual index. This

camera drains the powers of spirits and

collects it, for use as a weapon

Weapon rank 0 Ennervate 5 range 2, multidimentional

15 ep per use- weapon rank 12 range 2, multidimensional

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Kaori Aoyama


Name: Kaori Aoyama

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Age: 17

Height: 1.7 meters (about 5'7)

Weight: 53 kilos (117 lb.)

Size: Medium

Measurements: B37D W25 H34

Blood Type: A

Body: 4

Mind: 3

Soul: 6

Health: 155

Energy: 150

Combat Value: 4 (9 w/sword)

Defense Value: 4 (9 w/sword)

Damage Multiplier: x5 (x7 w/sword)

Combat Technique: 8 (Blind Fighting, Critical Strike, Judge Opponent, Leap Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Multiple Targets, Precise Aim, Two Weapons)

Energy Bonus: 20

Extra Actions: 1

Extra Defenses: 2

Features (Appearance): 3

Massive Damage (Sword): 2

Melee Attack (Sword): 5

Melee Defense (Sword): 5

Resistance: 5

Skill: Acrobatics: 2

Skill: Cultural Arts: 3

Skill: Domestic Arts: 2

Skill: Etiquette: 2

Special Movement: 1 (Wall-Bouncing)

Toughness: 20

Guy Magnet -1

Skeleton in Closet -2

Character Points: 3 (380)


Onimaru (Rank 10, Weapon)

"Sandman Technique" (Accutare +3, Incapacitating +2)

"Spirit Eating Technique" (Accurate +3, Penetrating +5, Vampiric +3, Ranged +1, Only affects Spirits/Creatures of Shadow)

"Hundred Razored Wind Technique" (Range +2, Penatrating +6)


Image: Slender and athletic. Blessed with near-enchanting beauty Kaori generally wears her long, straight blue-black hair down and unbound while attending her classes. Her uniforms are always neatly pressed and never will one find nary a single thread out of place. She never ceases to seem uncomfortable while at school, clutching her books close to her chest and never moving faster than a hurried walk.

(OOC: The uniforms she wears for school hug her figure in ways she finds unacceptable. The top is way to tight, and the skirt is way to short. This makes her feel incredibly uncomfortable, since she despises being stared at and the uniform does very little to keep her alluring body from being on display... for the under(upper)classman perverts.)

When not attending her classes she is always found in her Kendo attire (Kendogi and Hakama) and only during periods of meditation, prayer, meals, or other repsosibilities given to her by her parents, will she not be practicing the Way of the Sword. It is during these times when she is feeling comfortable.

(OOC: Having made Kendo her life's passion, Kaori only feels at ease when she covered in her traditional 'uniform' with her chest wrapped and less cumbersome and heavy baggy clothes she is able to shed any traces of her femininity and focus solely on her mastery of her life's passion.)

Background: The Aoyama family has, for nearly 800 years, been a family whose personal honor is measured by their ability to learn and teach Kendo, The Way of the Sword. From ancient Samurai during the feudal eras until today students still come from as far as Kyoto and Osaka for the opportunity to learn Kendo from her Grandfather Hikaru Aoyama.

Being the only child of the Aoyama family it was only fitting that Kaori take her rightful place among her ancestors and take up the blade, both in body and spirit.

Her father, Jiro Aoyama, is a harsh master and brutal taskmaster expecting, and getting no less than, the very best out of his daughter.

(OOC:Her father despises her simply because he expected (and was expected to) have a healthy son. When he had a daughter he lost a lot of face within the community and some saw her as a bad omen. He does not want her to follow in the family tradition as he believes no woman has the right to harness the Ryouichi-Ryuu techniques handed down within her family for generations.

The only snag in his plans so far is that the harder he pushes, the more disciplined she becomes. Kaori, feeling she has something to prove, will never back down as long as her grandfather continues to support her.)

Her grandfather is a relaxed and weathered old man who claims to have seen and done it all. He loves his granddaugher dearly and is nothing short of amazed that she has survived her father's rigorous training.

She has inherited the family blade, Onimaru, ancient and said to be enchanted. Although her father protested, loudly, that she was not yet ready to be in possession of the Aoyama family treasure her grandfather, following the writ of traditional ways bequeathed it upon her in a ceremony on her past birthday.

Onimaru's origins are unkown but according to family legends it was created in a realm of shadows and darkness. That darkness seeped into the sparks of the forge that folded the steel of Onimaru's razor sharp edge. It is said that the blade can vanquish spirits and banish shadows back from whence they came... if you believe in those kinds of things.

Personality: Kaori is kind and polite but rarely talkative. She says no more than what is necessary to get her point across. She is polite to a fault but never lies, even if it might damage the feelings of someone asking he ran honest opinion.

Kaori hates men. Being as lovely as she is she seems to be some sort of odd magnet for every pervert, creep and wandering set of hands that Tokyo has to offer. If she can help it she will seek to ignore speaking with any male she meets, the only problem is her code of honor demands that as long as the man is polite and civil she is required to be the same.

With the constant oogleing of her peers, and the poor treatment she gets from her father (she honestly thinks he hates her, which he does), and being considered a family curse, Kaori suffers from serious self esteem and confidence issues. She's been feeling more and more alienated from her peers and is confused by this since it's always been her choice to be apart from others that 'don't understand her'.

Lately her Ki has been unfocused and her grandfather fears that she's on the verge of giving up her passion in life, bringing further misfortune upon the family.

As an aside her name means 'Fragrance of the blue mountain.'


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