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  1. Hello everyone, What I thought would be a short time away has turned longer ... and RL does not look like it will let up just yet. All is well, just incredibly busy. Literally every time in the last two weeks I have sat down to come and chat something draws me away - phone calls, visitors, or putting out (metaphorical) fires. Hope everyone is doing well. I will not be away forever, and will try to stop in. Cheers
  2. I am not angry, my words have been calm. I have expressed that I was deeply concerned, irked, cheesed off - but that feeling was mostly prior to casting my vote - at the ease that core concepts have come very close to changing, about the process. Having solid foundations to write with, it would be nice. Maybe I am just not used to this sort of game.
  3. Unfortunate you are angry. However the specifics of your charachter are unrelated to what I said. I am sure it is a fine charachter. .. And the things I heard in chat about the concept were very encouraging. What I am talking about are core concepts changing. Not only refugees or not...more all the other things that were suddenly deemed as worthless. People coming in and just changing what others had worked on like it was all so much nothing. Just to clarify that is also not directed at you or anyone in particular. It did happen however...and it doesn't sit well. As I said earlier I cast my vote on the refugee issue and will abide by it. That issue is already over for me. The other thing is that its a shared sandbox. Not mine and not yours. Even you just assuming I was refering to you and then getting angry doesn't bode well for sharing. If you feel that you have to keep away from the sandbox because of my last post...again unfortunate. It is entirely up to you though.
  4. Before we go too much farther though, basic elements of the CN setting have to be set in stone. AGAIN ... but permanently this time. I am ready to deal with this potential setting change coming up, but it still bugs the heck out of me. Really, really cheeses me off that something huge we had decided during world building just gets overturned. Or a whole slew of things, as it was looking yesterday. However, the vote coming up is the vote coming up and I will honor it. That said, If the core concepts of the CN world are just going to be play-dough subject to change when someone has a whim and makes enough noise OOC for a vote ... honestly, the experiment will have a short run for me. The whole point of this exercise was to do a new world, not to recreate more of the same. We already have great canon (or close to canon) games like QF. For the new people here, for goodness sake ... let this not be a re-hash of other games.
  5. Now that I have a couple days breathing room I will be finishing up Darklighter. ... and posting too.
  6. Fair enough. If the simple refugees allowed as PCs? yes-or-no vote ends up going in the no direction .... ... I am still open for some sort of discussion on alternate ways to tempering powerful refugees in the setting. While I tend to agree that a seriously nerfed PC is going to be no fun to play, and in a world where one can't go to mainline IE this counts doubly ... but maybe there are other ways. Maybe limiting the number of PC Refugees to a very low number ... like two or something. It would have to be a low number relative to the number of PCs ... thus representative of a low number overall.
  7. As to this part. Recall my vote was no. So, what I thought that meant was that I didn't think that refugees should be allowed as PCs. In my original comment on the topic, I noted what had been discussed long before - to the best of my knowledge the Refugees were not from another CN universe, but from an IE one. I do not see anything punitive or about suffering in the scenario I proposed ... those PCs would be from IE and would even have some inherent advantages because they fall under that pre-existing rules set. If the scenario I originally described is no longer the case because of decisions made in my absence, so be it ... but that goes back to my comment about the world suddenly not being the one I helped to form. I just don't like being told to shut up and pick yes or no on a question I have not had the opportunity to discuss.
  8. Really, that seems like trying to stifle conversation to me. Telling people to say either one thing or the other and not talk about it is far from point anything out. Also for the record I am not quitting, but this exchange shakes my confidence in the ability of the open game world concept to work. And me bringing up what the setting was created for, what one of the original world building concepts is ... or was perhaps ... is perfectly valid. Then again, maybe its not what you want to hear because it doesn't agree with your idea.
  9. Hey, don't sweat it. You have successfully stifled conversation and badgered people with other points of view into not opposing you. Congratz. You win. Edit - for the record, I meant what I said literally. Coming in today and reading this thread, finding out that what had been done in early stages of world building is now being altered because a few people who come after don't like it ... this irks me. Then we are told to stop talking about an issue - that it shouldn't be discussed because it is 'waffling' ... this really irks me. Basically, I don't see collaboration with people who feel they can just dictate what will be as being very fruitful. That is my honest opinion. Having it characterized as it has been above ... forget it. I don't need that.
  10. OK, if I am going to be forced into answering a question ... my response is no. ... On this topic of some weird quantum wall existing ... I have never been privy to such a concept. Carv is right, if the PCs can come and go and other Novas can't ... then that also just doesn't fit in my head. If we say its a stand alone relative to main IE thats fine with me ... but I must point out that the world building right from early OOC posts has positioned the native Novas with a home turf advantage, and the refugees were normal Novas from normal realities. Or so I though.
  11. I have to read up on the issue, and will have a vote in the next couple of days. From what I have skimmed though, if you were to choose a PC Refuge they would by definition have to be from IE and not CN. Thus they would be generated like an IE character ... and recall that it is the physics of the CN dimension set that then limits what features and powers of an IE character works. It isn't really a matter of penalizing a PC generated as a refuge ... they are generated exactly like any other non-CN IE character. Refuge X erupts or is born outside the CN dimensions ... they are what they are, and then come into another world where physics itself is different. Or so my initial thoughts go. Likewsie, if an experienced IE PC decides to travel to CN their quantum beyond 6, high level powers beyond 5 AND CUSTOM STUFF THAT DOESN'T FLY IN CN just aren't accesible. Not only do those tricks not work, they don't exist in the CN reality. Said experienced PC leaves the CN realms and returns to normal IE space and they are in a normal universe once again. So again, its not the character ... its the difference in dimensions.
  12. Volt, following agent Sampson's orders and directions, is already quite close to the target. His tendril can reach thirty feet and still manifest full strength. Hopefully, he could overcome the optical camouflage with his sight in the ultra-violet spectrum and / or his very keen hearing. He had trained to grab targets effectively, and that would be his goal here. If nothing else, he would look menacing enough for the target to try and shoot at him ... and he was reasonably sure that wasn't gong to be an issue. In theory ... hopefully ... he could survive a bullet as he was told he could.
  13. Hello everyone, Seems RL is piling up on me - mostly a major assignment that needs my dedication for the next little while and a project deadline creeping up on me. I will be back to posting in under a week. Cheers
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