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  1. "Face me demon!" Embrant launched down the road with the force of an inferno. The Spirit of Flame never touched the ground, his feet hovered only a few inches from the ground and and as he moved forward a small line of flame rose up behind him. With scimitars in hand the blades exploded into flame, the spirit knew the flames would do little to the hell hounds, but the bronze blades he wielded would certainly be more than effective. He lunged towards on of the hounds, snapping into a backwards flip. His foot caught the hound on the bottom of it's jaw, launching it into the air. He landed deftly and thrust his twin, curved blades upwards, impaling the hound in a shower of sizzling blood. "You hide behind minions, coward!" He hissed, the beast's blood was literally bubbling and boiling into dust on his searing flesh. Kaori, who was no where near all the combat, dashed to the young girl who had fallen from the demon's grip. She knelt beside her and uttered the dumbest thing to ever pass her lips. "Are you alright?"
  2. Everything happened so fast, Kaori didn't realize exactly what was going on. A demon appeared and they were all so gung ho about slaying it. They had no fear, they had no concerns for their own safety! She wanted to be impressed, but she wasn't them. She was scared... petrified with fear. Mutt's flash of light snapped her out of her stunned awe of the other mages selflessly attempting to avenge the loss of the tavern lady whose name escaped her in all the chaos. She shook her head and snapped a key from her belt. It was warm to the touch and as she held it aloft it exploded with into yellow-gold flame. "Spirit of Fire, open your heart to me!" She screamed. "Spirit of Fire, open your soul to me, by the contract that binds us! I summon your power to me!" She socketed the magical key into the air where a shimmering key hole had formed and gave it a single twist. The area exploded into fire as the summons took shape. From the fabled cities of brass in the Spirit World across molten flows of magma in the volcanic regions came forth the Prince of Flames. The flames clung and formed his body, a tall humanoid man with demonic features. Large black horns swept back accented by a crown of forged brass and beset with several jewels. Twin scimitars hung from his belt which he drew forth at the sudden realization that he'd been pulled from his realm. He noticed Kaori and scoffed. "Bah, the ignorant bimbo playing at summoner. I see you have tangled with a demon and you dare call on me to bail you out of the," he chuckled snobbishly. "Fire, so to speak." "I-I'm sorry to bother you, Embrant.... b-but... my friends, they need your help!" She pleaded with the spirit. "I am the Judgement!" He bellowed. "I am the Flames of Judgement and the Sire of Fire! You waste my time human!" He sneered, baring fangs at Kaori. "But the contract binds me... go! Get out of my site you pathetic excuse for a mage. Go be useless elsewhere while I tend to your incompetence. Away with you, mewling weakling..." Embrant drew his scimitars and snarled at Kaori, she screamed like a four year old being frightened on Halloween and ducked behind the nearest solid barrier and hid. "Come demon! Face the Judgement of Embrant!"
  3. Umm... I'm not really sure my heart's into this... Roll(2d6)+4: 5,4,+4 Total:13
  4. "Well, maybe we could ask if you hadn't been rude! Geez, Deez." Brennan slapped her on the arm. "Way to go." "What's done is done," Kaori said meekly, barely able to be heard over everything else going on. "W-we may as well eat. We'll need our strength regardless." "Eh, good point," Brennan shrugged. He an Deezy glared at each other, like another slap fight was about to start any moment. He narrowed his eyes. "Truce. Food first. Then you shall pay for you peeping transgression!" Without more words he began to shovel food into his mouth, which they all knew would lead to one hell of a nap afterward.
  5. [Kaori] "Right, nothing else. No distractions." She didn't have the confidence that Luci had. She tried to sound like she did but a trained ear would have heard her words falling short of believable. "The item... of course. The one we don't know what it is, what it looks like, or generally anything about it? The itm that could literally be anything and we'd never even know it? That item?" [Brennan] Brennan stood there rocking on his heels. "Soooooo... lacrima... anyone? Bueller? Bueller? C'mon... I'm not talking for my health here... what the heck is this stuff and can I just punch them out of it?"
  6. [Kaori] Kaori winced at the thought of what sort of fate she might be speaking of. She knew the power inherent in monsters from the other realms, and if her spirits were any indication of that power, then she could only imagine what horrible fate the villagers succumbed to. Kaori was on the fence though, were it not for the guild contract she was more inclined to leave the villagers to their fate, after all they did summon the thing and now they got exactly what they deserved. Why did the guild always have to save people from their own stupidity? "That's vague... what sort of fate befell them? My fri-allies and I came to battle this demon, and help the village. Is there anything you could tell us that might help us defeat it?" [Brennan] Brennan was enraged. This sort of evil was unlike anything he'd seen before. Around him the winds picked and on the breeze was the scent of fire and sounds of war as his inner emotions radiated outward through his magic. "Whatcha got Deez? Please tell me you got something. We need to stop this monster."
  7. Kaori nodded her head, a bit eager to get away. Frankly, Luci scared the crap out of her. "I-I'll see what I can do." She squeaked softly. She toughened up though, Luci had given her a mission and she couldn't let her down! If she was ever going to prove herself as a mage of their caliber, she'd need all the successes she could muster. She straightened her skirt and blouse and took a deep breath before pushing through the doors of the kitchen. "Miss Lynn? I-I'm Kaori... I'm sorry, I've just been sitting for hours and I could really use something to do. There's a lot of us, so I'd love to help out. Idle hands n' all that." She offered a smile and was already setting herself to the task of collecting the plates and utensils they'd need. "Thank you so much for your hospitality by the way, we really do appreciate it. Um, I hate to pry, but what happened here and who is Iratos?"
  8. "Oh, that sounds wonderful ma'am," Kaori's voice rose to a cheerful exuberance that none of her guild mates expected. Around regular people she seemed perky, up beat, and cheerful although it was obvious her smile was a bit forced. She found a comfortable spot one of the tables and took a seat. "I am starving." "Place seems trashed, if people've been giving you problems, lemme know! We're from Blaze Heart, I'll totally become their Frienemy with benefists." Brennan punched the palm of his hand with a wicked yet barely awake look on his face. The yawn he used to punctuate his statement didn't do much for intimidation. "Brennan... w-we can't just go around punching everyone," Kaori said softly. It sounded like she wanted to scold him, but didn't have the courage. "We're not here to beat up the whole countryside." "Why not?" He asked, legitimately not understanding the question. Kaori's expression grew sorrowful and she let out a whimper while she buried her head in her arms on the table.
  9. Brennan was fast asleep. It was all he did, but some of his peers had to admit it was almost an enviable trait: the ability to sleep anywhere. Kaori pushed him off of her every once in awhile with her shoulder and bought her a few more moments to write in her journal. Thankfully he wasn't a drooler. "If you get tired, Deezy, I don't mind taking over for awhile. I don't mind." She was hard to hear over the sound of the van and some were wondering is she had any other volume settings.
  10. "Um, Miss Lacuna makes a good point," came a shy, soft voice, almost a whisper, from somewhere off to the side. Kaori stood up, straightening her denim skirt before walking over. "That's not a lot to work with. Is there nothing else they could offer us?" She stood among her fellow mages now, but she was hunched, like a hobbit standing among giants. Just being among her peers made her blush red from embarrassment, she was among experienced mages and didn't feel she belonged here. Bashfully she straightened a few imaginary wrinkles in her blouse that Luci would have argued was too tight and not buttoned up enough. Just because she had it, didn't mean she needed to put it on display for everyone. She swallowed nervously, "M-maybe numbers? What we're up against? D-do they have mages too? I mean... you don't know Master, that's fine... I-I understand." She realized everyone was looking at her... and why wouldn't they? She had the floor after all... but once she realized it, she shirked away, wedging herself back between the shoulders of two other mages, hiding from the judgemental eyes of her peers. "Um... shutting up now..."
  11. One member of the guild was already in the guild. Evie had come by moments before and told her what was happening, about the letter, but not the mission. Half-heartedly she managed a smile while she peeled the crust from her grilled cheese sandwich. She had moved what few, modest belongings she had to the guildhall, now that her landlord had kicked her out. He'd heard about the incident last week with her celestial spirit burning down a house she was asked to clear of vermin in the larder and feared that it might happen again, to his own property. She was still a stranger to the guild, a newbie that had already proven her absolute ineptitude in every way imaginable. Most days she just sat at her table, talking to herself. Dreading he next attempt to pay her dues when her celestial spirits would find some new way to mess her life up.
  12. The Guild has at least one Celestial Spirit Mage, providing reading this doesn't give Justin a stroke. Name: Kaori Aoyama Gender: Female Occupation: Student Age: 20 Height: 1.7 meters (about 5’7) Weight: 53 kilos (117 lb.) Size: Medium Measurements: B37D W25 H34 Blood Type: A Description: Slender, athletic and blessed with enchanting beauty Kaori has brown eyes and wears her long, straight blonde hair tightly in a pony tail, usually adorned with a colorful ribbon. She is buxom and has a curvaceous body. She never ceases to seem uncomfortable, rarely speaking above a whisper and she stammers or seems doubtful of every word she utters. Despite her shyness her attire is usually short skirts and tops that show off her curves and bosom. She usually wears knee to thigh high boots that sport a modest heel. Although a Spirit Mage, she has absolutely no control over her spirits. They run roughshod over her and when summoned never cease harassing her, belittling her, and reminding her how much of a pathetic Spirit Mage she is. One of her spirits even encourages her to kill herself frequently, as it would be the most notable thing she'd ever accomplish in her life. The more she summons them, the worse her mood gets. Her self-esteem is practically shattered thanks to the rag-tag spirits she's managed to acquire. She's called 'The Exterminator', not because she's particular vicious, but because the only jobs she's taken so far at the guild is clearing the vermin out of people's cellars and larders. She's scared to take on anything bigger. She is currently on Eldritch Probation from her last job where her Fire Spirit, destroyed every rat in the cellar... along with the house... the neighboring houses. At least the job got done though... she's stil lat a 100% completion rate! Personality: If one can get her to speak, or engage, she is quite perky, fun and friendly! She smiles a lot but will usually stop the moment he realizes she's doing it. She seems awkward and out of place at all times, but still relishes in the attention she gets and seems just thankful that someone is noticing her. As an aside her name means 'Fragrance of the blue mountain.' Magic: Celetial Spirit Magic. Kaori practices Celestial Spirit Magic, a type of Spatial Magic which allows her to summon Celestial Spirits, magical beings residing in the Celestial Spirit World, using the Keys of their respective Gates. When summoning a Spirit, the Keys are enveloped with a soft, golden light. Once a contract has been made with a Spirit, such Spirit will be available for Kaori to summon, in which it will fight on her side or perform tasks for her. Point Cost: 350 (50 Points Unspent) Template(s) used: Modified Student Size: Medium Body: 4 | Mind: 4 | Soul: 4 Stats Point Total: 120 Attack Combat Value: 4 Defense Combat Value: 4 Damage Multiplier: 5 Health Points: 500 | Energy Points: 500 (She's not particularly tough, just has a knack for always surviving the worst of mishaps) Shock Value: 8 Attributes: Energy Bonus 46 Features 4 (Appearance 2, Eidetic Memory, Speed Reading) Heightened Awareness 2 Tough 46 Attribute Total: 100 Items: Dagger (Weapon 1) (She doesn't really know how to use it, but it makes her look tougher... right?) Whip (Weapon 1, Flexible, Range 1) (She doesn't use it as a weapon... aren't all adventurers supposed to have these? For swinging?) Items Total: 2 Skills: Skill: Etiquette (Upper Class) 2 Skill: Occult (Spirits) 2 Skill: Performing Arts (Singing) 2 Skill: Seduction (Physical) 2/-2 (When her confidence is up, she can work that sex appeal! Most times it's more like pathetically flaunting the goods.) Skill: Writing (Fiction, Journalistic, Poetic) 2 Skills Total: 11 Defects: Marked -1 (Guild Mark) Guy Magnet -1 (Hey, she's hot... so naturally every weirdo, moron, and neck beard have to drop their awkwardness on her doorstep.) The Celestial Summons Earth - The Foundation Craten, The Minotaur - 8EP to summon Body 8 | Mind 3 | Soul 5 = 160 ACV: 6/9 | DCV: 6/9 | DmgM: x5/7 HP/EP: 215/40 Armor 6 (Natural 4) Melee Attack (Battle Axe) 3 Melee Defense (Battle Axe) 3 Super Strength 4 (2 levels limited to lifting only 8 tons total) Tough 15 Achilles Heel (Air/Wind Attacks) Battle Axe (Weapon 6, Hands, Muscle) Anger of the Land (Weapon (Elemental Earth) 10, Area 3, Quake, Selective) 15CPs (14.2, rounded up) Air - The Voice Sylfia, The Sylph - 10EP to summon Body 4 | Mind 5 | Soul 8 = 170 ACV: 6/9 | DCV: 8/13 | DmgM: x5/6 HP/EP: 60/165 Armor Rating 16 (Natural 4, Optimized: Wind) Defense Combat Mastery 3 Energy Bonus 10 Feature (Appearance) 2 Flight 1 (Deplete -3) Ranged Attack (Telekinesis) 3 Ranged Attack (Personal) 5 Telekinesis 5 (Focused – Air) Achilles Heel (Earth) Windlash (Whip) (Weapon 1, Flexible, Reach 1) Storm Wind's Fury (Weapon (Elemental Lightning) 10, Area 3, Irritant (Shocked) 3, Penetrating 4, Selective) 20CPs (19.4, rounded up) Fire - The Judgment Embrant, The Efreeti - 10EP to summon Body 7 | Mind 4 | Soul 7 = 180 ACV: 10 | DCV: 10 | DmgM: x5 (7 w/Scimitars) HP/EP: 140/125 Armor 16 (Natural 4, Optimized: Fire) Combat Technique 5 (Critical Strike, Leap Attack, Multiple Targets, Two Weapons) Extra Actions 1 Extra Defenses 1 Energy Bonus 7 Massive Damage (Sword) 2 Melee Attack (Sword) 4 Melee Defense (Sword) 4 Tough 7 Achilles Heel (Water/Cold) Twin Scimitars (Weapon 4) Fury's Furnace (Weapon (Elemental Fire) 10, Area (cone) 4 (30m), Continuous 3, Selective, Spreading 3) 20CPs (19.4, rounded up) Water - The Queen Nera, The Queen - 9EP to summon Body 3 | Mind 8 | Soul 8 = 190 ACV: 6/9 | DCV: 6 | DmgM: x5 HP/EP: 55/180 Armor 16 (Natural 4, Optimized: Cold/Water) Energy Bonus 10 Feature (Appearance) 1 Flight 1 (Can only hover, not fly high -3) Ranged Attack (Telekinesis) 3 Telekinesis (Focused – Water) 5 Achilles Heel (Fire) Frost Bite (Weapon (Elemental Cold) 3, Incapacitating 4: Frozen, Penetrating 4, Range 1) Diamond Dust (Weapon (Elemental Ice) 10, Area 3 (10m), Range 2 (100m), Selective, Incapacitating 4: Frozen) 18CPs (17.9, rounded up) Darkness - The Void Glasya, the Demon - 13EP to summon Body 6 | Mind 6 | Soul 6 = 180 ACV: 9 | DCV: 6 | DmgM: x5 (8 Unarmed) HP/EP: 160/160 Armor 8 (Natural 4) Combat Technique 3 (Brutal 2, Lethal Blow) Energy Bonus 10 Extra Actions 1 Extra Defenses 1 Extra Arms (Wings) 2 Flight 3 (100kph; Spread -1) Massive Damage (Unarmed) 3 Melee Combat Mastery (Unarmed) 3 Special Movement 2 (Fast 2) Tough 10 Achilles Heel (Light/Holy) Claws (Weapon 4, Penetrating 3) 11 Waking Nightmare (Weapon 10, Area 4 (30m), Range 3 (100m), Continuing 3, Insidious 5, Enervation 10, Selective, Vampiric 3) 49 25CPs (25.1 rounded down) Light - The Source Castiel, the Seraph - 11EP to summon Body 7 | Mind 6 | Soul 5 = 180 ACV: 9 | DCV: 6/8 | DmgM: x5/8 (vs. Darkness) HP/EP: 120/115 Armor 16 (Natural 4, Optimized: Light/Holy) Armor 5 (Item) Aura of Inspiration Divine Relationship 4 Energy Bonus 6 Extra Arms (Wings) 2 Exorcism 2 Flight 3 (100kph, Spread -1) Massive Damage (Creatures of Darkness) 3 Ranged Attack (Bows) 3 Ranged Defense (Personal) 2 Tough 6 Achilles Heel (Darkness) Holy Bow (Weapon 5, Range 2) 6 Divine Retribution (Weapon (Holy) 10, Area 5, Multidimensional, Piercing 3, Selective) 30 21CPs (20.7 rounded down) Total = 119CPs (116.7, rounded up)
  13. I'm having trouble with how Erza's magic would work if I applied it to Kaori. Her assortments are objects that she equips and the cost of a wardrobe of items is incredibly prohibitive. I was only considering starting her with 3 equipment swaps. I'm not sure if I should buy her gear as equipment, or abilities she 'equips'. I considered a dynamic effect where each of her suits were linked to the effect, and the set bonuses were etched in stone to the theme of the armor. As she purchase more points in the Dynamic Effect, her weapons and armor increase in power (upgraded). Acquiring new sets of equipment are left to the GM, since Erza can literally just find a magic blade and add it to her repertoire, she technically bypasses the need for spending points. So, for example Kaori starts with 3 sets. 3 weapons, and 3 armors. I design all three sets using the dynamic effects points I have. Then that's it, when she summons a suit those are the statistics she gets, based on the theme of the set. Regardless of what Dynamic Effect allows, she can only use what's been assigned. After some adventuring the ST decides "Kaori, you've unlocked/found/purchased the Shadow Demon Set". I would then assign the Dynamic Points to the Shadow Demon set and now Kaori has 4 sets to choose from, still the stats are set unless I upgrade Dynamic Effect and earn more points to spend on the set. This allows 'Dynamic Effect' to act as the 'storage space' for all her stuff and still allows her to advance at a level on par with other characters. If I have to maintain and upgrade dozens of sets of weaponry and armor then the entire character will hardly be worth doing, it'll be more book keeping than anything else.
  14. Kiki hated this place. Not because it was wet, marshy or even a creepy cemetery, no those things were fine with her. She'd faced jotun on frosty mountain peaks, battled oni in abandoned subway tunnels, dueled kenku in shadowy, stormy plains. Easy peasy. But this was New Orleans... if America had a seedy underbelly, New Orleans was its knuckle-dragging, slack-jawed and functionally retarded ass crack. Even the tombstones here had drawls. She was confident that whatever was going to leap out and try to kill her would be shirtless, wearing overalls a straw hat and speaking with a twang so impossible to decipher that communicating would be impossible, not that it would have anything intelligent to say... but the twang... ugh, the twang. Kiki drew the Masamune from its scabbard and the melody of its emergence was a bolster to confidence. Slowly she moved towards where the pull was leading her. Her ichor burned in her veins like molten gold as she yearned to once again test her mettle.
  15. Kiki rolled her eyes at Mia. "This, is why I work alone." Muttered at the pale woman with the strange accent. Kaori's exterior was hardened with plenty of experience under her belt. Simple things like twisted prophets and crazy Goths didn't scare her in the slightest, at least, that's what she led people to believe. The Kiki inside knew better than to second guess a prophet, especially in this line of work. Soothsayers and shamans were a dime a dozen in any culture, but when it came to Scions and prophecy... Kiki knew better than to cast the words aside as crazy ramblings. Mia was off her nut, that much was certain, but to consider her warning an empty one would have been pure folly. "The Gods place the heaviest burdens on those who can carry the weight. I can handle myself." Without another word she left, programming the directions to the cemetery into her phone. The motorcycle sped off down the road.
  16. “I will assist Lieutenant Price and Chief Sigismund, as you say.” Kiki offerd a polite bow. Those with cultural experience noticed that bow was a half bow, which showed she respected Ryusei as equal instead of the superior he was supposed to be. When Mia made the 'vroom' noises and revved her hands like she was holding handlebars Kiki looked at her, then to Mei. It was suddenly obvious to Mei that Kiki was thankful she wasn't the one babysitting Hel and Marilyn Manson's love-beast. “Baka.” Was all she offered in reply to the gesture, shaking her head almost apologetically as if to imply she was sorry Mia was so... off. She walked past Curtis. He may as well had been invisible since she didn't acknowledge his presence. Outside she hopped on her bike and text both Lieutenant Price and Chief Sigismund. “I have been paired with you. Send me rendezvous information. I'll need a sit-rep.”
  17. Kiki jerked away from Ryusei. Although his intentions were noble enough, she couldn't react to what was going on with him hanging all over her. Besides, he was clumsy, slow, foolish, and he smelled kinda nice. With a swift movement The Masamune was off her back and in her hand. The sound of it leaving the scabbard was melodic, a simple hum of the blade literally slicing the air as it was readied. She held her arm out stretched, blocking Mia and Mei from approaching too closely until she had time to secure the area. She was a warrior, this was her place, before the brainiacs and the leaders and... whatever flavor of crazy Mia was. Were something to flee from the pit, it was her duty to face it first. She remained guarded, keeping the blade at the ready. “Caution is the eldest child of Wisdom,” she said at Mei and Mia. “Cover me.”
  18. “See, this is why I like keeping these cases local,” one officer present on the scene related to his colleague as the Scions were exiting the building to head to their respective duties. “Sometimes I wonder who's crazier, these psychopaths or the people they send us to help look for them.” Clara, Jaeger and Sia were heading to a vehicle just as a silver motorcycle was weaving through the area's several parked cars and barricades. Kiki dropped the kickstand and approached the crime scene. She offered a nod to the ladies who were leaving, but nothing more. Almost everyone in the Agency knew each other, they just didn't really know each other. Most of the Scion's reputations were left to rumor and hearsay, and as a Floater, Kiki was one of those Agents. She was no better skilled or lesser prepared than any of the others, but some of the reputations Floaters had, made them out to be problems from the moment they arrived. Kiki worked alone and most figured there was a good reason for it, like maybe she was a pain in the ass. She flashed her credentials at the lone officer trying to keep people out and stepped inside just as Mia was finishing smearing herself in wall blood. She cocked her head slightly in disbelief, her expression shifting from serious to utter confusion then to mild revulsion. Silently she stepped past Mia spectacle, unable to see the spirits of the dead, and reported to Ryusei. “I was instructed to get orders from you,” she said softly and in Japanese. As she looked about the room, the Hello Kitty key chain fastened to the end of the Masamune's pommel jingled slightly. “Where is it that I am needed most?”
  19. I've intro'd Kaori and posted her character sheet. There isn't much background info there at the moment, but for now you guys can get a feel for the design of the character. I'll be adding the information within the next couple of days.
  20. Kaori "Kiki" Aoyama Scion of Tsuki-Yumi Calling: Vengeful Lost Soul Nature: Judge Pantheon: Amatsukami Patron: Tsuki-Yumi Attributes: Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 4 Social: Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4 Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3 Virtues: Duty 3, Endurance 3, Intellect 1, Valor 3 Abilities: Academics 1, Athletics 2, Awareness 3, Brawl 3, Control (Motorcycles) 1, Craft (Oragami) 1, Empathy 1, Fortitude 2, Integrity 2, Investigation 2, Larceny 3, Medicine 1, Melee 5, Occult 2, Politics 1, Presence 2, Stealth 3, Survival 1, Thrown 2 Birthrights: Masamune 5 (Adds Legend to Melee rolls, +1 Damage, Ignores Hardness, Moon) Black-Star Magatama 3 (Darkness, Psychopomp, Sky) Quicksilver 3 (Never runs out of gas, rider and bike are invisible at night) Masamune – Although not technically a single blade, but a collection by the sword maker whose name blesses the weapons legend, the one Kaori possesses is the one for which the legends were written about. The Masamune is a legendary sword whose blade shimmers with a blue tinge. Forged from an alloy that is said to be meteoric, the blade slices through any substance as if it were water. The blade could slice through a brick wall or a car door and not show any signs of marring. The blade ignores the hardness of any object. Obviously, relic equipment, is immune to the Masamune's cutting power. Being meteoric in origin, the blade grants Kaori access to the Moon purview. Black-Star Magatama – Made from a single shaped black star sapphire, this necklace grants Kaori access to the Darkness, Psychopomp, and Sky purviews. Quicksilver – Quicksilver is an all silver Suzuki Hayabusa 1300GSX. A bike built for speed but with the added bonus of never needing fuel. Additionally, at the riders option, the bike will wrap itself and the rider in a haze of bent light rendering them both invisible. It only functions while the bike is in motion and it only masks the appearance. The bike still makes noise and can still be tracked by sound. The stealth feature only functions at night. Supernatural Powers: Epic Attributes: Epic Dexterity 3 (Cat's Grace, Whirlwind Shield, Untouchable opponent), Epic Stamina 1 (Damage Conversion), Epic Charisma 1 (Benefit of the Doubt), Epic Appearance 1 (Game Face), Wits 3 (Eternal Vigilance, Opening Gambit, Rabbit Reflexes) Boons: Darkness • (Night Eyes), Darkness •• (Shadow Mask), Moon • (Smoking Mirror), Moon •• (Tidal Interference), Psychopomp • (Unerring Orientation), Sky • (Wind’s Freedom), Tsukumo-gami • (The Wakeful Spirit) Join Battle: [4]+6 Attacks: Clinch: Accuracy 8+[4], Damage 4B, Parry DV — Unarmed, Heavy: Accuracy 7+[4], Damage 7B, Parry DV 7 Unarmed, Light: Accuracy 9+[4], Damage 3B, Parry DV 9 Masamune: Accuracy 15+[4], Damage 9L, Parry DV 10 Shuriken: Accuracy 6+[4], Damage 5L, Range 20 Soak: 1A/3L/5B(7B) (Bike Leathers 0L/+2B) Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap Dodge DV: 10 Willpower: 6 Legend: 4 Legend Points: 16
  21. Huston, Around briefing time... The back room of the pool hall was scented with Glade's spring line of 'Stale Beer' and 'Cigar Smoke'. Two fragrances that were probably not going to catch on in the coming season. The entire scene was about as cliché as movie plots during the 1980s: a whole group criminals sitting in a smokey back room playing high stakes poker. Framed pictures of fishing trips with old friends decorated the walls in a few places along with at least a dozen posters of scant-clad bikini models advertising different brands of beer. The game found itself disrupted when their door guard came launching through the door he was charged with guarding and staggered backwards into the table, knocking everything onto the floor. The players all stood up, trying to catch their bearings in the sudden influx of chaos into what was supposed to be a quiet game of poker. A petite asian woman quietly entered after the door guard, dressed in black leathers, her eyes were cold and filled with malice. She was attractive with light make-up but deep red lips. Her long black hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail. She carried a Japanese sword in her hand, still in its scabbard and clutched tightly at the hilt. The base of the pommel was decorated with a dangling key chain of a Hello Kitty figure. “The fuck...” one of the men muttered, still trying to regain his composure. “Cyrus Dupre,” The young woman said calmly while looking past the others to a short, heavy set man in a cheap suit. “You are hereby bound by divine mandate to submit yourself to interrogation.” Cyrus had no idea who she was or what the hell was going on. His forehead was already glistening with sweat and he was in the process of loosening his tie when he motioned for his comrades to do something. “The hell you waiting for? Do something!” The great thing about back room poker games was the 'no guns allowed' rule. Kaori smirked as the men reflexively reached for their sidearms and found empty holsters. All their guns were behind her in a basket next to where the door guard was standing just moments ago. “Yes, gentleman.” Her eyes gleamed with malice as she smirked, clicking her sword from it's scabbard with her thumb [Game Face]. Her voice was calm and monotone. It was a dare laced with a threat. “Do something.” Apparently to these men, running was doing something. They didn't even stop to get their guns, they just poured out around her like she was a tree in a flood. She stepped over the unconscious door man and approached her quarry. “I will ask once. You will answer truthfully or you will die.” She accepted Cyrus's hard swallow as confirmation that he understood the rules. “Where is Haruto Tekegi?” “I don't know.” Cyrus claimed, trying to hold his urine in his bladder. When Kaori's eyes narrowed he raised his palms up defensively. “I swear! Look I know who you're talking about lady, but I swear I have no idea where he is. I owed him a favor, so I hooked him up with a clean ride and that was it! He didn't say where he was going! That's the truth!” “Make and model.” She inquired, now pacing about the room allowing Cyrus some room to breathe, besides the guy stank of cheap liquor and body odor. A few paces away was the healthier place for her to be. Any closer and she may have vomited, and that did not go well for intimidating scum like Dupre. “Dark blue oh six Cherokee. Everything else is fake, so it won't be easy to track.” Dupre's breathing was getting heavy, almost like his heart couldn't take anymore of the excitement. “Look lady... that's all I know. I swear!” “I believe you.” The women said calmly as she bent over to pick up a few twenties from the floor. Dupre might have enjoyed the view if he wasn't on the verge of a heart attack. She held up the few twenties. “For McDonalds. I like the fries. You don't mind, right?” “You can't be serious lady!” Dupre finally raised his voice, apparently loosing money enhanced his courage. “You come in here and scare all my boys off and now you're robbin me?!? C'mon, I told you what I know.” Her sword slid from it's scabbard with a speed that Dupre's eyes couldn't keep up with. The sounds of it being unsheathed was melodic, like an artist gently sliding their finger tip over the rim of a crystal glass. The blade was just an inch from Dupre's nose and it took all his willpower not to loose his bowels on the spot. The blade shimmered with a dull blue hue, obviously not crafted from any metal the small round man had ever seen. “Either I eat, or my blade does.” “I recommend the number six,” he swallowed hard, absolutely scared beyond reason. “It's the really the most food for your dollar.” She offered a smirk and left without another word, her sword slid seamlessly back into it's home. Despite her regimented life of discipline and Bushido philosophy, Kaori had developed one weakness since her arrive in America: McDonalds Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (with fries and a Coke). With her divine metabolism she didn't worry too much about putting on weight, especially the way she worked out. She'd never allow anyone at the agency see her eating one, but they weren't around at the moment. She chewed her sinfully delicious grease burger watching a mother and father wrestle with their child who could seem to sit still in his seat. Her phone vibrated and she took a look while shoving several fries in her mouth. It was Director Smith. She slid her thumb across the screen and held it to her ear. “Hello Kiki,” He used the moniker that everyone at the agency had given her. She didn't mind it, but it felt odd hearing it from Director Smith. “I know you are a woman of few words, so I'll be brief. I know you generally don't work with teams, but your skills are required in New Orleans. Report to Agent Hideyoshi for your assignment and I'll text you the relevant details. Best of luck.” Within moments she mounted her silver Suzuki Hayabusa 1300GSX, revved the engine and was rolling out of the parking lot of Mickey D's. The little boy she was watching in the restaurant had his face and hands pressed against the glass looking out at her as his parents finished their meal. She looked at the boy and offered him a wink as she pulled the visor of her helmet down. Her and the bike shimmered and wavered as the ambient light around them bent rendering them invisible. The little boys mouth dropped as Koari sped from the parking lot and into traffic en route to New Orleans.
  22. I work and am not available for posting on Thursdays thru Sundays. I've stated this several times and it's not like anyone even bothered to post a 'Kaori's up' in the Shout Box or anything. Placing my turn on a Thursday and giving me 48 hours to post will always result in Kaori being skipped. It's better off if you guys just finish the combat without her and let me know how it goes. ,, I'm not all knowing, and wasn't even aware the game had moved forward since it's usually days before anyone does anything. I'll get back to this when the battle is over.
  23. "Flee to where ever it is you've come from, if you like." Kaori said calmly to Tezara as she 'cowered' by her... 'man'. She used that word loosely. She walked past the sword wielding cohort with little concern. "And when you arrive there, please stay. We've no use for cowards here and your whining isn't killing any demons. Be useful, or do us all a courtesy and die. Quietly, if you can manage it." ,, She took a defensive stance, Onimaru at the ready held up behind her like she was at bat on a diamond, her blade perfectly perpendicular to her body. Slowly she swept her foot out wide as if giving the demons a line in the sand they were not permitted to cross. A moment later Onimaru swept out wide in a horizontal arc then back the other way. "Hundred Razored Wind!" She shouted and the enchanted blade sliced through the air with nothing more than a harmonic whistle. Streaking towards the demons were two crescent arcs of pure Ki. Sliced from the air itself they streaked from the sword maiden and howled towards the demons in shimmering blueish arcs. ,,
  24. She could have helped a long time ago, but honestly, they'd never get any better if she did. The weaker demons were dispatched by her colleagues easily enough and these newer, stronger ones weren't much of a challenge but they were lasting longer. Bully for them. Silently she watched from the shadows. These enemies were hardly worth her time and barely would prove a testament to her prowess. She walked among the battlefield as calm as could be. No fear, no hesitation. She monitored the battle with a critical eye, her arrogance (as usual) actually made a few of her companions fight harder (only so they live through it to bitch at her later). "A well placed strike, Amara. Don't lose focus." She said calmly and simply walked past while to 'poor' demon was being mutilated by prismatic light. "Feel free to jump in anytime..." Shinji grimaced in her direction. One of the demons, as if on cue, slithered forward with lightning speed. One of it's scythe-like claws lashed forward and Kaori simply side stepped wit ha sway of her body. It tilled the earth and lunged with it's other claw, again, she side stepped. She was expressionless, and silently cursing Shinji for drawing attention to her; she had better things to do that waste her energy on these... these... energy waster demons. She drew Onimaru with the same grace and calmness that she walked he battlefield. "I will give you a single chance to reconsider this course of action, demon. Go accost one of the others, I'm in no mood." The monster thrust down with both claws and she leapt back to avoid being sliced in half. She sighed, still calm. "Very well. You made your choice and your fate is sealed. Farewell, beast. Die, and be silent." Onimaru shimmered with an unearthly blueish radiance. "Summon Four Gods!" She plunged the blade into the ground and immediately four spikes launched from the earth around the demon at a forty five degree angle and caged it by impaling the monster in place. What followed was a crystal pillar of ice in the shape a sword blade erupting from the middle of the cage and impaling the beast through its center. A bolt of lightning descended from the heavens and struck the ice blade like a spire and coursed electricity through the area sending smaller bolts slither through the grass like electric snakes. The whole scene melted, literally as fiery magma erupted from the center and oozed up like molted death before everything simply melted back into the earth from whence it erupted. She sheathed Onimaru. "Pathetic." Was all she offered before she continued her ever-irritating appraisal of her comrades.
  25. "Less of a problem? No." Kaori said simply, letting the point of fact that they were already home, washed, and making tea safe and uninjured testify for itself. If the woman possessed a shred of humility, none of it could be found in that phrase. Indeed, she seemed to deliver everything with such an arrogant matter-of-factness that if she would have just leapt up and screamed 'I think I'm better than all of you!', it would have been more subtle than half of what passed her lips in the cold monotone of her voice. Then she was back to being the polite and kind Kaori, just like that. Sure, no expression appeared on her face, but she prepared tea for everyone and proceeded to procure some form of a snack for when others returned. She slid Amara a saucer and some tea. "You are welcome to join us." She even poured some for Anne, if she didn't bleed to death first.
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