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  1. They're the same now. She edited the one she posted here. Test
  2. Doh, the new table means modes are priced just out of my reach. The pain.
  3. I think you could start other threads and leave Peers Pressures open, so folks can have their RP and action both. PBP lets us run concurrent threads when warranted.
  4. Ambushed by my own character concept! THE METAHUMANITY!
  5. Could do a sneaky assassin type, or perhaps a netrunner of some stripe. I'll review the books and see what jumps out at me.
  6. Hai! I just gotta be different, ok? Yes.
  7. Cassandra will be at the game, making she can quote the highlights in an article for the paper. Maybe grab some shots/soundbites from players. She's not super into it, but is paying enough attention to take notes if anything interesting happens. For interims, Cassandra is quite available. She'd really like to spend time with others in the Fellowship, since they seem to be at the epicenter of something really extraordinary and she is still at the fringes of the social circle.
  8. On that note, Genesis Industries is marketing full-sensation prosthetics for, uh, various applications. User-definable attributes. Sign up here.
  9. Arr yeah, sorry, Nina. Genesis was a matter creator/inventor nova superscientist, who apotheosized into a nanotech T-1000ish fluidic body. Matter creation doesn't seem to be a thing anymore, but I can roll with the rest of it, perhaps.
  10. Thinking of recreating Genesis if I can find a power set that makes me happy. If not, we'll see. Beyond that, I wanna do a Talented Directive agent and perhaps a psychic of some kind.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, this is happy funtime gamespace, no matter how accurately it models our reality. I'm not planning on playing someone psycho enough to punch political figures. Other forms of activism are possible, depending on character concept. So I have no objection to basing it on reality. Could be entertaining, though I understand your concern. Especially in a relatively 'moderator free' zone. Eh, y'all know me. It's all good.
  12. Thinking of bringing in someone punchy. Cop or soldier or park ranger. Yes a punchy park ranger! The better to PUNCH NAZIS with! Might actually reboot Renata from Dalton...an oldie but goodie. Or might make someone new and shiny! In terms of HEX archetype...I think a hunter! Not sure yet if it's a rugged wilderness hunter, or a more urban type deal...I think the hunter archetype is pretty versatile though. I'll see where it takes me.
  13. I really like Live Like Giants, and Legends is a close second. I could live with Glory too though.
  14. Thanks for this. I'll PM you a post. It won't be one that interacts with others like I'd hoped...entirely my own fault on that, but I can't fix it now. Apologies.
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