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    Playing video games. Mostly rpg's, shooters, or adventure style games. I like to role play. I also like to read books. Mostly fantasy or sci fi. I occasionally read mystery.

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  1. Yeah. Place does look nice. Been awhile since I been here as well. I hope everyone is safe and been enjoying themselves. How the rp's been doing? Also how is everyone, and what's been going on?
  2. I am still at the same apartment complex, but with higher rates. Yet my paycheck has also increase so ti even things out. Yet something has come up which is causing another problem for me. Yet presides that life has been boring and annoying for me at the same time.
  3. How is everyone? How is the site doing?
  4. For the most part I working closing shift at work. No one else whom in my position wants to do it, or can it seems. Yet my managers seen that I have been a hard worker, despite my faults and my schedule been consistent for the most part. I been trying to get into a steady two people role play, but it has not been doing well. There always been some sort of problem either on mine or the other's end. I need to work more on my grammar, and writing skills. I been doing a lot of video gaming, but sadly it's been sucked into one game that is a mmorpg/shooter. It's okay, but I been trying to get into a few others games. I have at least finish three games since covid began despite that, but there been a lot of games I been wanting to play that is on my game library that I never played before. Even so I feel at times that playing that particular game is more of a choir then actually having fun. Mostly due to not being able to play with people I know online at the same time. Also something that has recently popped up in a long time is the fact that the place I sign up for table top roleplay's in my area has recently started back up playing games. The only major thing that I am worried about is the massive raise in rent coming up for the place I am in. I am unsure if I am able to pay it. I think I can, but it's still pretty high none the less. I am trying to look into another place to live, but haven't had much luck on that matter. Then again I been having trouble getting into a new place for the past few years.
  5. I am okay. Mostly trying to survive, and have some fun. I am able to survive for now. As for having fun I haven't had much luck, but that's mostly been on my part then anything else. So what you been doing as well?
  6. It's been awhile since I been here and I am curious. How things been going for everyone?
  7. I have a question, even if it's a silly one. I wonder what game do you all think is better. Pathfinder or the current edition of D and D? If you do not think one is better than the other then why? As for me I don't know which is better. I play pathfinder a bit and like certain aspects of it, but I also like d and d as well yet with it I also have aspects I don't like. Yet I haven't play pathfinder in a long time due to the fact there isn't games that I can get to. As for why I like them, they give off mostly good storylines in their campaigns or leagues they do from what I gathered. I am not going into the technical aspects right now, as I think both systems have flaws to them, just wanting to know what everyone thinks about this?
  8. Dear fellow gamers, I am not going to be long with this. As per the gm wishes, I am to quit this game immediately. I am not going to discuss why as to why I am quitting as that is between me and the gm. You do not know the range of emotions I am feeling over the past few days, nor do I care to give them out. I feel like it's pointless at this point to do so as they will not change a thing. I do hope that you all will have fun and joy even as I am not at the metaphorical table with you all. With the best of wishes, AceWildcard
  9. Well that last post you did was quiet interesting. An interesting dream sequence non the less.
  10. At the game: Felix seem curious. "Well that was a interesting. I haven't faced Barghests before. Then again I haven't face a demon in a long time. Yet I am concern if we take more of a beating like that. We may not come out of this." Felix said in character. Flashback: Felix tried to distract himself for a short while. Yet whatever he did his mind came back to the topic he couldn't get out of his mind. He wanted to go to the school. Yet he did not know if he could. Yet if he did not try to at least look into options on how to do so, he could blame himself forever. His fears still reach him. Felix was afraid he could not get into it due to his fears of not being able to pay. His mind had been in a slump due to that. He knew that his parents were not rich people. His parents travel a lot, yet Felix never knew why. He always felt disconnected a bit from schools. Never able to stay there for long. A year or two at the most. Felix wanted some sort of stability in his life. Yet he wonder if his wish was also a sort of curse. The place he currently was in he fear did not have the resources to help him. He did not know where to really look to or start.
  11. Yeah I hopped that more people would reply. But it seems like that the idea is not popular here I guess. Either that or people just don't want to play. I always have ideas for creating new games. Just that I am very inexperience in doing them. Hopefully in the future as people get to know me and how I do things I will come back and ask again.
  12. I will try my best to get it by then. Not giving any guarantees.
  13. I am interested. So when are you going to do this, or start doing this?
  14. I want to run a Dungeons and Dragons game. The problem is I never ran a campaign before so I am uncertain of how I am going to be at it. I know I appear as I am not active on this site. It just that I am not sure still on which game to join at the moment. What I do know is that I am wanting to do something so here it's go. I decided to run the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. It was the first campaign setting for the Dungeon and Dragon 5th edition. I chose it as I felt it was easy for me to start out as a dm. Even so it still has a good mix of adventure and role playing. I am hoping to have four people to start this adventure out with me. If more people join then okay. If not then I understand. Anyways all character will start at level one at the start of the game. If the games ends with success or failure… well that is up to you. Players will start at level one. Characters will use either the standard set score, or ability point buy. As for equipment, refer to the choices that can be made when making a character of that class. There are also two additional backgrounds features in this book, but will replace a background feature: Cult of the Dragon Infliltrator, and Dragon Scholar. Also there is a dice roll of various reasons you would want to be adventuring if you want a bit of randomness in your history. If there is enough players whom want to play im me if you feel curious about these things. Either way tell me how you feel about what I am doing right or wrong with recruiting and starting stories. The setting of the game takes place in the forgotten realms in the region known as the Sword Coast. The road have become more dangerous as of late. Rumors of bandits raiding lone travelers and caravans have been spreading as of late. Yet that does not detract you form your destination. That destination is Greenest, for whatever reasons known only to you.
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