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  1. As I'm not seeing eye to eye with a member of this game and it is making things toxic for all involved, I'm stepping out.
  2. I removed this post, just gonna let this play out.
  3. Fiona muttered under her breath. "Fuck this..." She grabs CJ by the back of his tactical vest and leaps, landing in a open area in the back of the truck. Tossing CJ into a side seat she takes a position with her rifle. "We better get a move on, this is a moving fight. And mind your ears, when the little lady sings, it's a face-melter."
  4. There hasn't been anything said to that effect. Actually, never mind, there's bigger fish... or dinos to fry right now. Do we have anyone that could hold the attention of that... abomination for 1 or 2 turns so it can get legged, that way we can get out of there and help Locke? (As we don't know what Locke wanted us to do) Or for that matter, can we use that truck to draw it's attention long enough to neutralize the Cerebrex?
  5. Also, am I and Abigail the only ones that took radios? (And I brought a spare for CJ even...)
  6. As I'm being told to wait for a post I'm recording my firearms roll here. 5 Successes. Aiming for a knee of the Cerebrex. 1 from Mega Dex, 3 from Accuracy, 1 from Targeting, 5 from Firearms, and 5 from normal Dex. The Anti-Materiel Rifle I'm using is 10d10 Lethal, with a range of 600. Dunno what carries from the successes to hit, so I'll wait on that for the damage roll. Also let me know if my "Steady" Quality applies with my Dexterity for this, and it looks like I might need to re-roll those 10s... Rebecca OOC *rolls* 15d10t7m1: 8,1,10,2,2,1,10,8,3,1,6,1,4,7,4. Successes = 5. Megas = 4. Mega success = 0. Total = 5. [Rebecca OOC] 5:41 pm: ... [Rebecca OOC] 5:41 pm: Then I'll record this roll in the OOC. [Rebecca OOC] 5:43 pm: Also, can I get a witness? [Noir] 5:44 pm: sure Addendum: Seems we're just getting the hell out of there.
  7. Fiona sets up her sniping routes. "Like hell... you get one minute, the two of us. Then we all are leaving. I need you to back up my shots, but once we're called I don't give a flying fuck if you don't like it we're outie. Besides, how will we have any contest to see who buys drinks at the bar, if you get turned into kibble before we even get started?"
  8. "I can take CJ. I go in a straight line jumping and to be honest that's bad when hunting a mobile target. I'll need to get CJ riding on me to use his AR to protect us from any suprise fliers." She looked over to CJ. "We got a minute then we're out, Casper. So let's wing those T-Rexes and get the fuck outta here." She hated the fact they were leaving a position where they could set up a basecamp easily, but Abigail was running things. It's on her if this was a bad idea. Might be a better idea to take the truck so everyone stays together. "Let's make this quick, then I'm grabbing you and jumping to the truck. I don't think we're using the frequent flier miles after all."
  9. "Don't do anythin' fancy, CJ... if you can drop 'em, drop 'em. If you can get a clear shot, go for the joints of the legs... particularly the knee. That's a suitably big enough spot on the leg." Fiona says, locking a round into her rifle. "Blow out a knee and those big fuckers will be on their belly." She takes a breath, bringing her rifle up as she takes a stable stance, looking through the scope. You'd think a girl that looked like her couldn't shoulder something as massive as her anti-tank rifle, but here she was holding it steady. "As soon as I see one, I'm plucking it in the first vulnerable spot I can find... an eye, knee... whatever. I can see further than you when not using the scope, but in this hunt I'll need to track things." She watches the leaves on the trees to track the wind. Hoping to catch a glimpse of one of them. "For now also look for anything smaller. Coulda swore Temple was talking about Raptors before we came up here."
  10. "Shit." Fiona brought the mic up to her face so she wouldn't have to shout. "We got incoming... three screeches, don't know of what just yet. Best get secure and ready for something... it sounded big... and many." She turned to CJ. "What we got?" She said, readying her rifle.
  11. Yeah I was thinking that from what I've read, I'm just getting verification before I make assumptions.
  12. 1, I wasn't aware that CJ could hear a pin drop at long range. We don't have posted sheets after all. 2: I was outside with Abigail, and unlike CJ I do not have super-hearing. 3: Now this is completely moot as it seems we're under attack or about to be. Also is there RP going on in chat I'm missing out on when I'm not on? Also I'm not even clear if Temple is at the outpost where we are, or some other base with Locke.
  13. Okay, as far as I knew CJ wasn't in the tower when I posted. How would he know I said something about radios?
  14. Fiona looked over to Abigail. "As if I didn't know what you meant. I'll keep an eye out. Something I'm good at." Sighing she looked over to CJ. "By the way Casper, we're going IN to the tower. The steel and concrete will count for something. Once we are up top we'll have command of the entire surroundings." She said, slinging her anti-tank sniper over her shoulder like it was nothing. "30 feet won't be nothin' we could whisper and hear each other up in that tight box." "At night I'll have to go into night-vision mode with my eyes... happens when you can see in the dark like people see things in the day-time." She starts walking into the tower after getting the rest of her kit. "Now let's go, time's burning off. We need to get set up." "Also I hope everyone remembered radios." Fiona said out loud for everyone, pointing to her earpiece attached to her radio pack. "If I or CJ spots something you can be damn sure we're gonna be chirping."
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