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  1. Long, I know I missed my window to post. My apologies for that. For what it was worth, thanks for trying this game again. I did have fun.
  2. Galiana burst from the shadows, streaking toward the nearest monster. Her mismatched eyes nearly glowed with her delighted savagery as she pounced on the snake monster. It barely had time to react to her before she ripped open its side. Then she leapt back, to avoid the return strike, growling at her prey. ,,
  3. Galiana, had her classmates been able to see her in the shadows, resembled nothing more than a house cat getting ready to pounce as soon as the cockroach demons came into view. Her paws were drawn up tightly under her body and every muscle was taut beneath her shadowed fur. As the monsters swarmed them, Gali struck. ,, A dark blur shot out of the shadows, intercepting the demons. There was a brief tussle and the demon’s head went one direction while its body went another. Gali wasn’t stopping to watch; instead, she was moving onto the next target with feline fury, dismembering that target on her way to the next. ,,
  4. None of what Sayoko said engendered any confidence in Gali. The young werecat scowled at her before grabbed two handfuls of meat and ate them. The set-up—Sayoko leading them to the demons, the food, the premeditation of it—made Galiana suspicious of their ‘host’. Still, if demons were coming, it was time to fight. ,, As she finished chewing, Gali stripped her clothing off and changed into her cat-form. Smells and sounds from around the park and city poured into her senses, and the cat slipped into the shadows without conscious thought. “I don’t smell them yet,” she murmured from her cover, before slipping into a new shadow.
  5. Galiana went home, feeling a bit out of place and sad. She didn’t like the city and its noises, smells or ugliness. She missed the trees, the fresh air and the pure joy of the hunt in her preferred element. How he walls of this place pressed in close to her, stifling her and leaving her feeling short of breath. How was she supposed to hunt in this place? ,, She would manage, she knew, even as she whined to herself about it. She cleaned and prepared for school, acting as if there were any other day. In a way it was, but she knew that it wasn’t. It hadn’t been since the demons had arrived. ,, Her three-room home was empty, the small apartment echoing emptily due to the lack of belongings. Galiana stripped down and hopped into the shower, scrubbing at her hair and skin. She’d tanned, she realized with a start; her skin was a darker brown color, and there were no lines given her tendency to nap naked in the sun in the pocket dimension. Gali finished her shower, dressed and gathered her school books. ,, Her homework wasn’t done. She’d had weeks to finish it and it still wasn’t done. Gali stared at the blank assignment before laughing softly to herself. “Of course,” she murmured, tucking the homework back into her folder. She would fight demons and forget to finish schoolwork. It wasn’t like the homework or even her grades were important anymore. What mattered was their fight together against the demons. ,, Humming to herself, she took the train to school, finishing the assignment as best she could. It was still poorly done, but perhaps she would pass. Perhaps. ,, In class, Galiana found she was beyond bored. This stuff was pointless. She didn’t want to be in class. She wanted to hunting, or sleeping, or anything other than classwork. The day dragged on, with her only respite being lunch. ,, After school, she dared to slip out into a nearby park. Stripping down to nothing, she had a quick stretch and run as a cat. Feeling warmed up and ready for the night, she headed to the meeting spot. “Hi, guys,” she called as she approached, looking relaxed and calm. “Where’s everyone else?”
  6. “She’ll get better.” Galiana had proceeded to settle into a bath as soon as she gotten inside the building. There would have a been a time that she might have taken this somewhere private, but she’d lived, eaten and bled with these guys. They were a bit beyond the point where watching her lick herself in cat form was going to upset them. Or at least, she assumed that was the case. No one was complaining. Now that she was done leveling her words of wisdom, Gali rose and stretched deeply before sauntering off to the bedroom. Ayami was huddled under the covers, horrified out of her mind. Gali paused a second to consider whether this was a good idea or not. Self-doubt and deep contemplation were not her “thing” so the werecat paced over to the bed and hopped on top of the covers. Grumbling to herself, she walked to the edge of the covers and nosed her way under the fabric. After a few moments of wiggling and nosing, the big cat was huddled next to Ayami, between the emotionally fragile girl and the door. Gali’s body language was clear: she was here to both comfort and protect.
  7. “Bang,” Sachiko said. “I shot you. You’re dead.” Galiana leapt and changed in one movement when she realized that he companion was jacking around instead of running. Massive, furred arms closed around Sachi and snatched her clean off the ground. Never before had any of the kids seen this half-form before, a monstrous amalgamation of woman and cat. Gali ran as fast as she could. Sachi was heavier than Shinji and the werecat couldn’t get close to her maximum speed while carrying her. But she was still faster than a human, far faster. As she ran, she racked her brains for a valley or somewhere to shelter the two of them. Hell, even a log on its side. Because if she didn’t, it was going to hurt like a bitch.
  8. The werecat understood the danger. The demon was about to explode; she hesitated only long enough to be sure that her human companion was running. With a snarl, Gali followed Sachi—
  9. The aura of heat worried the cat but she didn’t back down. She may have hesitated when faced with that burning fury, but she didn’t wait much longer. Her ear flattened hard against her skull as she crouched, drawing her strength into her muscles. Then she attacked.
  10. Galiana didn’t like its calm, or the ease with which it had shaken off Sachicko’s attacks. Either Sachi wasn’t as strong as Gali had thought… Or this thing was far stronger than Gali had thought it would be. The werecat snarled, lowered her head and charged into the fight, determined to give it her all, or fall trying.
  11. Sachiko’s orders/suggestions to Galiana were promptly ignored by the werecat. Sachiko’s wagers, rambling oddities and inane comments were likewise ignored. Gali spent most of her time out of sight of the young woman anyway, drifting into sight only to verify to Sachiko that the werecat was still around. When her ‘partner’ sobered up and became serious, Galiana allowed herself to drift into sight again. “To the south,” she said softly to Sachiko. She didn’t feel the demon; she could smell that something was wrong. Her hackles rose and she began to stalk her prey.
  12. Galiana wanted to pound her head against the table and cats weren’t prone to self-harm. The group had never picked out a leader before now, and now with demons bearing down on them, no one knew who was in charge. There was no one to make decisions. This would have never happened at home, or among her cousins. The males would have figured out who was in charge and the women would have sorted their pecking orders and all would have been clear and understood. No one had questioned one another or tried to figure this out, and now it was undone. She rose to her feet suddenly, the simple dress she wore so she wouldn’t destroy her clothing over and over whipping around her body at the violence of her motions. “Four teams, Ayami and Shinji, Amara and Anne, Kaori and Kohaku, and Sachiko and myself. Four demons, four teams. And we do need a leader but we should decide that when we don’t have demons coming.” Galiana glanced at the windows, where already the light filtering down was developing a heady orange hue. “The time for talking is later; now we prepare to fight.”
  13. The were-cat relaxed when Kohaku arrived; she’d honestly been worried about him when she realized he’d been missing. That relaxation fled the instant Sachiko bound out of the bath, demanding answers. “Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Galiana mumbled in Spanish. Heaving a deep sigh, she dragged her tired body over to the chair nearest the fire. With a massive yawn that showed off her strong, white teeth, she curled up on the cushion and promptly passed out.
  14. "Where is the camera-kid?" Galiana had come in silently, her padded feet making little noise on the ground. When she'd had a moment to look around the room, she'd realized that they were not all whole. Someone was missing, even though she still didn't know his name.
  15. Galiana rose and shook herself, feeling the slow ache of the night’s exertions in her muscles. “If I’d known it was that weak, I would have held back.” The comment was more for Shinji than for Sachiko, who lived in her own world and didn’t allow reality to impose itself upon her point of view. Her feline pride did force her to add, “Shinji and I finished ours off hours ago. And I could kill another. Easily. I’m glad that we done have to.” She fell into step next to Shinji, waiting quietly until Sachiko had used her disk and disappeared. “Get on.” As he looked at her in surprise, she sighed. “I don’t like it. I’ll still kill you if you tell anyone how you got around so fast. But it’s going to take hours, I’m not leaving you out here alone and that means it’s going to take too long to get back to food and fire. So get on.”
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