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  1. Okay, plainly put I did enjoy this game, I liked the characters, I liked the idea. I'm opening this to discussion, but I am considering very hard to restart this game charchters don't have to be new, some like Kaori, Skye, Keiko are most welcome. Ideally I'd like no more than 8-10 players. If you're interested, let me know. I need at least 5 to make this game workable.
  2. The remaining two weeks proved to be a real test of the group as they began facing demons that took three sometimes four of them together to defeat. People were hurt but never too seriously, beyond Anne. She had no memories of her training, or her powers. Her wounds had healed, and by all appearances, she was simply a normal human again. Sayoko didn't answer when asked what happened, and she returned them to the school, around five am. "Alright each of you, today is a new day. go to class, or go home, it's your choice. Tonight we begin hunting the demons for real." ,, (OOC okay post what your character does for the day, once we have something from everyone we will continue. Your post should be for the entire day, until about ten minutes to sundown, where you meet again at the school.
  3. Ok, I know I said I was gonna wait, but I had a good response and managed to finish one of my two papers ahead of schedule so I can handle this, I'm looking at starting another game. Monster Academy There are three worlds, the World of Monsters, the World of Man, and the World of the Celestials. Integration has always been a big problem. Monster spur great fear from mankind, and Celestials are always seen as messengers from higher powers. Humanity is known for leaping to fairly absurd conclusions and acting impulsively. Some Time ago, the Celestials created their own Elite school to Educate their children on how to behave in the human world, and have enjoyed some success. The Realm of Monsters, led by the Six Monster Lords, is a much darker place. It really isn't safe for humans at all, as many monsters are drawn to the taste of human flesh and blood. That said, a decision was made to create a school along the lines of the Celestial's model. Humans were expressly forbidden at the school, with stiff penalties to be imposed should one be found. For the past century the school has done well, teaching monsters a semblance of self control. Most of the staff at the Academy have lived successfully in the human world, managing to be among the best at hiding in plain sight and being able to be true to their monster selves. There have been problems however. There are monsters that do not feel the need for this, and they only attend school because they are forced. These monsters hate humanity for hunting them, and gladly attack those who would seek coexistence. Character generation This story takes place at the Monster Academy BESM 3rd edition 400 CP You may be any type of monster ( I reserve the right to say no if I feel it's inappropriate) Greater Demons and Celestials will be accepted on a case by case basis. I don't want more than one celestial, as they have their own school and would have to go to this school as a special consideration. No Aliens Possible ideas Dragon (Chromatic for Monster, Metallic for Celestial) Faeries, Centaur, Vampire, were-creature, Kraken, Lamia, Siren, Witch, Succubus, Fox Spirit, Seraphim, Dark Elves, Snow Maiden. Many of these have some base templates as a guide in the book, but you don't have to use them. I am allowing Power Flux, but reserve the right to determine the level(cost) of Minor, Major, or Primal as relates to the game. Witches will be HEAVILY Ostracized by pretty much everyone in the monster world. They're looked down upon as the halfway between Monsters and humans. There are no halfbreeds amongst the PC's This means no half humans, and no mixes of different monsters (I have my reasons) A Single PC (3-4 player) or if there are 5 or more Players, a Pair of PC's may choose to play humans. Humans cannot become another kind of monster. This accounts for them getting the same starting points. Also they can only buy abilities marked with an asterik on page 17 of the core bookto the levels listed on Page 16. The exceptions are Tough, and Energy bonus which are unlimited. Getting found out that you're human is a bad thing. *The Six Monster Lords * You MAY play the children of the Monster Lords, which can explain why you are stronger than most of the monsters there. You don't have to do so. The parent will be of the same type of the Child. These are the types of the Six Monster Lords Dragon example- eastern or western, generally using the ones from D&D as a base Vampire example- Alucard from Helsing, the Vampires from Vampire Knight Were-creature (giving the PC the option of playing the child of this lord, they'll be what the child is) Elemental example- The NineTailed Fox from Naruto is a great example Greater Demon example- Aion or Chrono's true form in Chrno Crusade The Final Monster Lord has not revealed his true nature in a century, as such most living Monsters do not know what he is. You may not play his child. *House Rules* 6,6 always hits and does double damage for PC's 6,6 is auto hit for anything attacking 6,6 auto defense for anything defending 1,1 always misses for attacks 1,1 always fails for power activation 1,1 always hit when rolled for defense Defender always wins reduced to negative HP characters with regeneration regenerate all negative HP in one turn, regardless of how deep they go, so long as they do not die. The use of a healing power on somone in negative heal will always bring them up to at least 0 hp, regardless of how deep into the negatives they are. There is no limit on Tough, or Energy bonus. I am changing their costs to 1 cp per rank. Each rank gives you 10 hp or 10 ep. Regeneration can be used for EP or HP, but must be decided at Character creation, You may have both kinds. I will be using the Spirit Commands from Nexus Earth. Only those in the first post are available at the start of the game. The characters start with 1 additional ones may be purchased independantly for 15 CP each http://www.rpg-post.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/96275/a_new_idea.html#Post96275
  4. Though it was early in the year, things had been changed so that the Juniors would take their Field Trip to Kyoto first, and the Seniors would go after Midterms. It took ten bus to get everyone going on the trip Into Kyoto, each bus carried four faculty members, and two more drove vans carrying another eight faculty each. Still less than sixty faculty, only 20 of them teachers, for 540 students, it was roughly one adult per ten students. Miss Nekomone of course was her club's chaperone, and actually sat with them for the bus ride into the Human world. "Now remember, no one is to use their powers, or their true form for any reason." ,, "This field trip is both a fun experience, and a learning and assessment one for all of you, and us. I want you all to have fun, to see all we can, together, but let's try to have abit less of a rowdy time than we did at the hotsprings." ,, (Everyone is seated around each other, and sadly for Kuro, he's in a cat carrier. What it took to get him in there is evident by the scratches on his sister's hands, and his general displeasure at being treated like a pet. It was however necessary, as once she got him inside, she told him there are springs that might help him..I want to let you all talk some on the ride there, then I'll get you to the hotel, to unpack and then go site-seeing. it is right at 8am when you start, and you've been on the bus an hour.)
  5. The new Term had begun, with everyone moving on to the next grade. Perhaps most surprisingly, they found They would not all be in the same class again, with Miss Nekomone, who'd been tapped to teach Juniors this next school year as Several teachers had elected not to return after the last incident. There was roughly fifteen minutes before class, and the roster according to the computers had changed alot, with some friends moving to other classes. For the most part, the core group had remained though, with some new additions. The class room was still lightly populated, only a few students there, but chief among them was Kyohei, who no one had heard from or seen in the last month. He was once again without a roommate, as the school's population had decreased to just over nine thousand. He looked trim and fit, moreso than normal, and sat with a calm ease, knowing he'd probably have to answer a slew of questions regarding his disappearance, but he smiled. It was good to be back.
  6. "Three months." Kai sat behind the desk at the top of Satoshi Tower, the first of the new Japanese skyscrapers in what was once the Tokyo metropolis. He was alone, though he knew this wouldn't last. He had too many friends to see, and of course duties to perform. When they'd jumped into the wave, everything had gone white. He expected that would be the end, but it was not so. Chaos smiled on them all, and restored the multiverse, with only them possessing knowledge of how it nearly ended. "Guard it well, my champions, I'm counting on you." Those were the last words he'd heard, and then he awoke on the Macross, next to Lily, being hailed by Akina and the rest of the fleet. Since then they had been rebuilding, and on the whole things had gone well. Nagareboshi remembered nothing of being the vessel for Chaos, and it was deemed best not to tamper with that. Francis' armor was finally restored, as was his home dimension. Sakura had come to live in the same home that Kai did, as it was the Amaha compound, and she was still the Prime Key for Aradia. With all the dimensions returning, Kai was busy sending recon missions to them, trying to see if there were changes. Today was the day he'd be sending Skye and Kazuo home, if they wished. For Hideko, he'd found her home dimension too, and if she was ready to go home today would be the day. Lily of course had her duties as Princess, but she had been chosen to serve as the liason to Earth, allowing her to be with Kai. Today would be a day of goodbyes, potentially, the breaking of a fellowship that had saved everything, physically, but for Kai, he could only smile. Their bonds went far deeper. He got up, heading for the Meeting room he'd asked everyone to meet him in, to get this all underway. It felt good to finally be able to make good on all he'd promised. (OOC note okay here's where you get to post up what you want for your characters, they can leave and go home, or remain, the choice is yours. Kai has recovered enough to make good all his promises. Have fun with this guys, and by all means we can interact.)
  7. The first week had gotten gradually easier, as the Demons remained at the same level of power, and the champions, for that was what they were, grew more powerful. In some cases it wasn't some huge increase in power, but merely increased skill, and control of the power they already possessed. Those with weapons were trained with greater mastery of them, of fundamental battle strategies, and how their weapon was intended to function. For those who already possessed this knowledge, still greater control awaited. Sayoko proved to be an excellent sparring partner for any of them, able to match her skill to theirs. Tezara helped them with their combat training during the day, though she was perhaps easiest on her master, though their training was separate from the others. At night they hunted demons in the forest, honing their skills and ability to work together. Still when the second week rolled around there was much left to do. She called them together for the evening meal, before they went hunting again, and nodded. "Tonight marks the second week we will spend here, and in it, I will test you all even more. Tonight, I have released four demons, and they are much stronger than the ones you've previously faced. You will be both predator and prey. As before you will need to slay all four by dawn. To foster teamwork, between everyone, there is an added complication. Any demon that slays one of you, will be allowed to leave, which will also trigger the negative effect of not getting them all." Truly they all had to stand with each other now. "Choose your teams, and remember the discs can only be used once. When you are finished eating and ready, you may begin. The sun will set in half an hour, and the demons will be released then."
  8. Time Frame: Day before Classes: Chapter 8:New Beginings Kyradathea moved around the new dorm rooms that she had moved into, ground level, with a opening on one side of the room that lead outside to the gardens, she had selected this room with careful consideration to her new roommate. It was somewhat more open then her old room, she was not entirely happy with that, but it was worth it for the ease of her dryad friend.. and it was good to have one of her friends so close to where she was keeping her horde. Her many treasures, the horde that she had gathered over her youth was carefully piled up in her own bedroom, and it was quite a horde at this point, some of it gathered over the break and some of it from her christmas break, though not as much as it could be if she hadn’t spent so much time negotiating with the dryads. Diplomacy was not something she was good at, but after her discussion with her father, and the fight with her sister, she knew that she had to be a bit more flexible. The Hina clan had reacted to her... proposal with considerable surprise, but the Elders had been thoughtful after a while.. and she had stayed with them quite a while to learn more of Yuuki’s people, even learning a good deal of basic knowledge of plants with the dryads... not to mention, trying to be a bit more controlled. Classes would be starting tomorrow, but for now, she and Yuuki would have time to settle into their new rooms, and she expected to see the dryad at any point.
  9. It is said no plan survives contact with the enemy, this was all the more true of Satoshi's final assault on the great Demonic Stronghold on Aradia. Everything did appear to go smoothely, until the insertion of the surgical team of heavy hitters, and then there was a flash of etheric black light, and the leaders of the group found themselves separate, yet able to see each other. Above them a grisly image was playing out. The Small contingent of battle armored troopers was fighting against overwhelming odds, what seemed like a dozen hives of demons. They found themselves unable to speak, unable to look away, and all they saw was carnage, and the sounds of valiant people dying. As the final Trooper, their leader, -087 Kelly, fell, and was brutally torn apart, they heard not a visceral scream, but a soul crushing whisper. "I'm sorry I failed you." She was obscured from view and then only something vaguely human was left when the demons cleared. Whether she meant Her Head Captain, the Princess, her comrades in arms, the time traveller and the angel; or her fallen team one couldn't know perhaps she meant them all. Then the lights came up revealing a grand throneroom, under hundreds of miles of bedrock. They were in the very Core of Aradia, it's beating heart shining with only a small section of glowing golden light, the rest was a ghastly green luminescence, shot through with crimson red, the color of blood. Upon the throne sat the white haired man they'd seen that night at the school, his grand katanna at his side. At his right sat Amaya, looking fully recovered from her fight with Kai. Arranged around the throne were a group of six circles lit upon the floor in which each of them found themselves the center of. "This is probably for the best. I tire of watching you scurry like ants. So I will simply hasten things to their final conclusion. Within the Heart of Aradia is the high council chamber, when the last of the golden aura is consumed, all within will die, and this world will permanently become a haven of demons. You will fight six of my champions, and only if you win will you be able to fight me. Those barriers are made to keep you within, their are no doors, Two will enter, and the fields will not disappear until one remains." Kai looked up at him, and practically growled out.. "Why should we play along?" "Because dear boy, if you do not, I will not stop until I consume or corrupt every soul you brought with you. They do not share the immunity you all possess to that power of mine." "Now, let the games begin." Amaya rose first, landing in Kai's circle. "This will not be like last time." "I won't let you live, this time." For Lily, It was a surprise to see Archer, of all beings standing in her circle. "We have great unfinished business, you and I, Princess of Dalaraan. I am no longer bound by a false master, and What I do now, I relish." Francis found himself face to face with Someone from his past, hideously deformed, contaminated and corrupted by demonic power. Years before he'd had a partner, Albert Grimm, who went missing after saving him. Now, his whereabouts were no longer secret. Chitinous claws sprout from his back, spines lining his arms and legs. his eyes were the same piercing green they'd been before. Gone was the jovial gleam, replaced with brutal bloodlust, and homicidal instinct. For Hideko, It was a young woman, similar to her, except in the blink of an eye, her hand became some sort of fusion cannon. The white haired demon called out, "She's the prototype for you. The nano machines fully assimilated her, and now she is just a tool a weapon. What you will one day be." For Sakura, an armor clad woman strode into the ring. "I am proud of this one Sakura. She's one of my greatest triumphs." As the woman drew her sword, Sakura felt a familiar aura. "Your mother didn't die in the bombardment, but right now as she stares down her blade at you, I'm betting she certainly wishes she had." Finally a robed and hooded figure appeared in Skye's circle. "Now this one takes me back. "You were in hell, and so was he. You both had real power at one point, but threw it all away. You'd be amazed how easy it was to turn him back again though. Brilliant metal wings unfurled from beneath the robe, shredding it and the hood fell away as Kazuo Kanai stood there, murder in his eyes. "Miss me?" one of his wings curled and unfurled, the sound of razor edged blades scraping together, and he chuckled. "I won't miss you.." (initiative time for everyone)
  10. Sachicko's attacks hit home, but the monster seemed unfazed by being hit by so much electricity. Still part of it's chitinous armor was cracked alitte by her assault. The demon didn't counterattack instead it seemed to heal the damage she'd dealt, waiting obviously for the other half of its meal to try to harm it, gauging the strength of its prey.
  11. Personal Information Name: Murakami Natsuko Nicknames: Natsu-chan Occupation: Student Marital Status: N/A Known Relatives: Asano, the Elemental Lord Allegiance(s): TBD Physical Traits Weight: 122 lbs Height: 5'7" Apparent age: Adolescent Age: 17 Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Japanese (human guise) / Elemental Eye Color: Amber Hair Color: Blue-black Handedness: Right Blood Type: A Appearance (human guise): Natsuko in human form is a relatively tall, slim young woman with an earnest smile, sun-kissed skin, and a luxuriant mane of hair so dark it shimmers with a cool blue luster. Her skin, and indeed the very air around her, is always pleasantly warm. She prefers to dress in feminine clothing, often of a very traditional nature and often in bright colors and elaborate patterns. Powers, Skills, and Personality Known Powers: Natsuko is reported to be capable of flight, utilizing brilliant wings that spring forth from her back with a mental command. She also seems to share the affinity of all her kind for her natural element, and is rumored to sleep on a bed of glowing embers as a form of training. Unlike many of her kin, however, the young fire-born "princess" is purportedly a skilled and attentive healer who utilizes the essence of fire to rekindle waning vigor and vitality. Some have wondered openly (and fruitlessly) whether she is a phoenix in truth, or whether the seeming simply strikes her fancy. Abilities/Special Skills: Natsuko expresses very little interest in the brutality of war, preferring instead to pursue cultural and artistic studies. She is a gifted dancer, and loves learning about the exotic customs and quaint manners of non-elemental beings; the latter gives her ample opportunities to practice diplomacy in preparation for the role she might one day hold as her elder brother's successor. Personality: Despite Natsuko's preference for the healing arts over the martial ones (an eccentricity generally viewed by her family as a moderately tiresome adolescent phase), she is not the serene, retiring priestess of traditional lore. She shares with many other fire-born an inherent passion for life, as well as their love of performance and something of a penchant for the dramatic. She is friendly, earnest, and (both literally and figuratively) warm, possessed of a genial and inclusive spontaneity. Background Natsuko, younger sister of Asano and current heir to his position, has somehow managed to avoid the spotlight so far, and thus the scrutiny to which such a public figure is generally subject. Her lineage is unquestionably legitimate, so the need to suppress a scandal was clearly not an issue, but reports of her whereabouts prior to her enrollment in the academy are nebulous, at best. ,, ,, Miscellanea 18 Feb 2013: +1CP (Making Justin laugh in chat room.)
  12. The malace moved, and the Sword pulsed, an aura of lightning wreathing it. Golden eyes shown in the darkness, They Were brilliant Gold, and she could see them narrow, even as they seemed to rise, over eight feet into the air. Her foe stood just out of the Light, and the She could almost feel it's predatory smile.
  13. For Siabhra, the day spent stuck in her natural form only served to reenforce her image as Queen Bitch and Ice Queen. She'd been corraled early on after being caught in an off limits section of the school, and sentenced to the Medical ward, to use what gifts she had to help those injured. There were actually a fair number, though none too seriously injured, mostly bruises, some cuts and bite marks. Whatever crew was out there was doing a good job keeping things under control. After some time though, the injuries worsened, culminating in Arrival of a large snow white wolf, carrying a litter with three younger nekojin, two girls and a boy. They were covered in frost, and frostbite had already looked to be at work. "I need medical assistance now, or these three will not make it." The guttural voice of Kiba, one of the Seniors, and perhaps the most powerful of the school's remaining hengeyokai, wasn't of someone used to being ignored, and his bright yellow eyes zeroed in on Siabhra, imploring her to help these much younger students. He himself was also covered in Frost, thick snow and even some ice hung and melted from his fur. Clearly something was very amiss outside.
  14. The return from Winter break came quickly. For Darrik, It ended his training in the magical Arts, without completion, but at least now, trying to channel both types of mana wouldn't kill him or drain him so badly. For Aria and Eri, they'd found Kiba to be a solid companion, very knowledgable about a variety of topics, and a senior who seemed to be very comfortable around them. Skye and Kuro found that the collar the headmaster fashioned did restore some of his strength and speed, but still left him unable to speak in human tongue. Still They managed to endure the hormone filled nights at the Sokatsu house, and indeed, Kyohei seemed to do what he could to spare them the worst of it. For Katrina, the break was spent with Shizuru, one recovering from mental wounds, the other physical. She trained day and night to strengthen herself as a nekojin at Shizuru's insistence. There were still battles to be fought, and she would be needed. For Yuuki, there was alot of teasing from Haruhana, and of course she and Kyohei still needed to discuss her admission from that night, but at least for now, her aunts and the Elder had agreed to travel to the valley for a stay. Life could go back to what passed for normal. Lumah spent her time becoming acquainted with Ruby, the only witch there powerful enough to truly utilize her, and coming to understand Lumah's truly unique nature Delilah and Kyra spent a great deal of time together, the former educating the latter on many things about city life. More often than not, Kyohei went with them, and while it was plain to see he did favor Delilah, he spent time with Kyra as well. Things had gone remarkably well, all things considered, now, after two weeks, they were heading for finals, and the major crunch time for studying. As everyone waited for class to start, It was intriguing to hear the gossip still coming out of the winter break stories...
  15. Name: Kyradathea (Kyra to non-Dragons) Race: Red Dragon Gender: Female Age: 15 (in dragon equivalent to human years, which is somewhere around 3 or 4 to 1, it varies, Kyra's actually almost 50) Height: 6'3" Weight: 123 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Red History Kyradathea is the daughter of the Red Dragon Lord Adranthean (Adran to no-dragons), one of the most powerful dragon lords, and Ruler of the Red Dragon Clan, part of the Chromatic Dragon Council, in fact, due to being the most powerful there, he is the ruler of not only red dragons, but all Chromatic Dragons. Kyradathea is his youngest child, by his most recent consort, a beautiful dragoness by the name of Zirathakura (Zira to no-dragons). It can be noted, that dragons use the longer name amoung themselves, but give the shorter name to non-dragons, unless that non-dragon has earned their respect (a difficult prospect). Chromatic dragons are ruled by power, in a system of hierarchy that is based on who is the strongest, craftiest and most powerful. Fortunately for Kyra, a hatchling, is considered outside of this particular system, and may not be challenged (at least not publicly, sometimes in private, particularly powerful ones are challenged and killed by dragons who fear the power they may one day possess.) A dragon is considered a hatchling until his or her 50th year or so. Hatchlings can and will however, challenge one another from time to time, and Kyra has won every such challenge, to the point where she is not challenged by most other hatchlings. This has other dragons concerned about what she'll be like when she matures, and her father is happy that her age keeps her out of dominance challenges, but she's a strong willed and independent young dragon. What's more, recently her power has begun to grow rather rapidly, which has her parents somewhat concerned that one of the other dragons might take the opportunity to eliminate her while they aren't around, and they can't be around 100% of the time. She has also had little contact with any other races other then dragons, and her father has sent her to the monster academy in for a number of reasons, all of which are good ones in his own mind. To temper her, to allow her to grow in power out of the direct sight of many other dragons, to allow her to learn more of the various races in the realm outside of dragons. Personality Kyra is a princess, for all intents and purposes, and is rather arrogant and self-assured, even overconfident at times, and she is beautiful, but it's a sort of dangerous beauty, there is fierceness about her even in her human form. She moves with a dancer's grace, and she's an amazingly capable warrior for her age, as one might expect of a dragon. Despite that, she's loyal to those who earn her trust, respect and friendship. She has a terrible temper with regards to anyone who attempts to take something from her horde, which is actually substatial even though she's still only a hatchling dragon.
  16. Resak didn’t pause as he made his way back out of the girl’s dorm, ignoring the various female demons in various states of disarray. His songbird still rode on his shoulder, and he had one large hand on her ass, holding her in place—while giving her covert squeezes, of course. Resak’s mind was not on anything other than the feel of the female over his shoulder. At the boy’s dorm, Resak took the stairs two at a time, and if any of the others noticed, they were wise enough not to interfere. Resak would have met interference with extreme violence at this point. The goblin prince was beyond wired; he’d passed into a state of mind where if he wasn’t allowed to have sex or violence he was going to snap. Right now, he was choosing sex. Part of him was aware that he wasn’t entirely himself, that while he liked sex and violence, he usually wasn’t pushed into it quite like this. He was cognizant of it—and didn’t care. At his room, he slammed open the door, glaring at the hiding imp. The damn thing watched all the time, and while he didn’t mind so much, it acted like watching him was a victory. Resak didn’t spare long to stare down the demon; he was too eager for what came next. With a smile, the Nibelung slipped his songbird off his shoulder and dropped her lightly on the bed. The young demon reached for the harness that held his weapon and pulled it loose; the heavy axe dropped to the floor as he drew the edge of his shirt over his head. Throughout, he was unaware of the shadow that had followed them from the girl’s dorm.
  17. That she was having the party the next day didn't leave Sachiko very much time, still when everyone in the class signed up, it did give her a sense that things could get better. It had taken peer pressure to get everyone but still at least this group of students would be happy an festive going into the weekend. The plan wasn't great, but still Sayoko Mitsuragi, the newest transfer was the one who helped most, providing the food and drinks, since Sachiko provided the place.
  18. On foot, Sachiko and Kohaku set off towards the South, armed with what they could find. It would be some time before they managed to find anything, well over six hours. Their search fruitless, and with the gloom of a moonless night, things were not looking good for them finding their target.
  19. For Kaori and Ayami, it would be slower going Neither had extremely rapid means of movement, Nor could they see in the darkness, thankfully, the stars gave them some light, though only with the Mirror was it enough to discern anything of real definition. Their trek gave them ample time to talk, and plan.
  20. With Anne in the sky, she had to stay in the treetops so that Amara could hear her on the ground. It was a poor arrangement to say the least, as Amara had yet to awaken her power, or unlock the strength of her artifact, and Anne had both. Still, Sayoko hadn't told them how to go about things. If Anne would unconsciously use Amara as bait then so be it. Still, on the Ground, it was Amara who saw something amiss. There were shattered branches and the underbrush was trampled underfoot. They were over twelve kilometers from the house before even these things were truly noticeable, and the track lead east. Whatever it was that made the path was huge, easily as big as a rhino, and after another kilometer, even Anne could see the trail forming...
  21. For Galiana, it wasn't particularly comfortable carrying Shinji, but he wasn't a large young man, so it was bearable. As she took of towards the west, she would hold this course for hours. Finally she picked up the undeniable scent of Demon, and of course, soon afterwards, a fresh kill. Following her powerful nose, She found the kill site, an entire family of deer, buck, doe, and two fawns lay half eaten on the ground, stinking of demon, the scent of blood everywhere, masking everything. It was only then that they noticed the wind had stopped, and not a sound could be heard, save their breathing, and the steady beating of their hearts. (Initiative, please.)
  22. Post your profiles here, With your character sheets in a spoiler box. Once character sheet and and background are approved, I will add your artifact. Please include a picture as well Once again, when Everyone has done this I will award 5 cp
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