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  1. Toshi will let the downstairs bushi (Zoyu and Jorihime) lead the way up the stairs.
  2. Toshi draws his wakizashi, and will wait for one of the bushi to draw the attention of an oni-spawn before attacking it from the side. [Jeremy] 8:19 pm: Kenjutsu 3k2 Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 8+7+1: 16 [Jeremy] 8:19 pm: 15 Apply it vs. whatever oni-spawn say Zoyu or Rin chooses to attack. --- Whatever Toshi had been expected, a spell, sleep and a group of oni-spawn wasn't it. And yes, they were indeed searching for something in this estate. But there wasn't much benefit in letting them go on like this, lest they turn their attention to the samurai. So he drew steel. The Scorpion would have to sting in battle.
  3. "Nor will Hyobu-sama, whom as governor of such a major city of the likes of Ryoko Owari is on par with any of the family heads." Toshi added onto Yuzo's point. "Nor her son, head of the Thunder Guard. In any case, if there is no gain from the prisoners, two if not the third will have to be sent to the prison. We will need one group for that, the other to visit the estate."
  4. Under normal circumstances, this was a major mistake by a heimin. But Toshi hadn't learned to doubt the validity of physical evidence for nothing from the Kitsuki, or forgotten that despite the precepts of the judicial system, a heimin's word could in true value be as much as a samurai's. Toshi calmly nodded and proffered the scroll. "Well, Kimetsu, why don't you read it and apply your insights."
  5. "There's a distinct difference between fanaticism and fear of death." Toshi opined, taking the scroll Zoyu had passed to him. "The fanatic after all, does not fear death to achieve their objective. There of course, is no reason the group did not have a mixture of both." The contents were a curious collection of letters and numbers, leaving Toshi with little else without a reference source to base his decryption on. But it was clearly organized in a number-letters-number pattern. The answer came to him after a minute. "I can't translate it right now. However, I can tell it's not a letter or message. This is a list. Most of the things listed repeat in each section. A rare few do not."
  6. Toshi will take on one unarmored/uninjured bandit. [Noir] 7:51 pm: TN 10 Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 5+8+6: 19 [Jeremy] 7:52 pm: 14, it hits [Noir] 7:52 pm: so (Str)k0 + 2k2 [Noir] 7:53 pm: so 4k2 IIRC Jeremy *rolls* 4d10: 8+3+1+6: 18 [Noir] 7:54 pm: 14 damage. not bad [Noir] 7:54 pm: that puts him well into his -3 wound level Toshi sniffed, as the line of bandits came to grips with the Jade Magistrates and allies. Desperate, amusing in their attempts to drive back the samurai with the pelting of dead flesh... pathetic. But under the situation, curious all the same. They would need to spare a few for interrogation. Not the first one within range of Toshi's wakizashi, as he sliced through one bandit's belly.
  7. "Of course." Toshi took the cue from Rin and bowed respectfully. "This inn was attacked by an oni - evidently summoned by some wretched maho-tsukai. For whatever foul purpose, it focused on attempting to kill your kinsmen. My colleagues drove it off, but it and the summoner must be found and extinguished."
  8. Toshi coolly presented his jade orb of office, before answering. "I am Shosuro Toshi. An oni and its spawn burst into this tavern. My colleagues slew its tainted offspring, but the main monster escaped. Though severely injured, I have no doubt it is still able to act in Ryoko Owari." The Thunder Guard were an elite, well trained force, Toshi knew. They would respond properly and accordingly.
  9. Toshi is going to grab the insensate merchant and drag him out. No more spare targets in here for oni or its spawn.
  10. Toshi is going to keep going to get to the swords/alcove.
  11. [Jeremy] 9:32 am: Fear Check Jeremy *rolls* 2d10: 4+9: 13 [PASSED] [Jeremy] 9:33 am: The second is the initiative check Jeremy *rolls* 1d10: 5+2: 7
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