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  1. Toshi will let the downstairs bushi (Zoyu and Jorihime) lead the way up the stairs.
  2. Toshi draws his wakizashi, and will wait for one of the bushi to draw the attention of an oni-spawn before attacking it from the side. [Jeremy] 8:19 pm: Kenjutsu 3k2 Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 8+7+1: 16 [Jeremy] 8:19 pm: 15 Apply it vs. whatever oni-spawn say Zoyu or Rin chooses to attack. --- Whatever Toshi had been expected, a spell, sleep and a group of oni-spawn wasn't it. And yes, they were indeed searching for something in this estate. But there wasn't much benefit in letting them go on like this, lest they turn their attention to the samurai. So he drew steel. The Scorpion would have to sting in battle.
  3. "Nor will Hyobu-sama, whom as governor of such a major city of the likes of Ryoko Owari is on par with any of the family heads." Toshi added onto Yuzo's point. "Nor her son, head of the Thunder Guard. In any case, if there is no gain from the prisoners, two if not the third will have to be sent to the prison. We will need one group for that, the other to visit the estate."
  4. Under normal circumstances, this was a major mistake by a heimin. But Toshi hadn't learned to doubt the validity of physical evidence for nothing from the Kitsuki, or forgotten that despite the precepts of the judicial system, a heimin's word could in true value be as much as a samurai's. Toshi calmly nodded and proffered the scroll. "Well, Kimetsu, why don't you read it and apply your insights."
  5. "There's a distinct difference between fanaticism and fear of death." Toshi opined, taking the scroll Zoyu had passed to him. "The fanatic after all, does not fear death to achieve their objective. There of course, is no reason the group did not have a mixture of both." The contents were a curious collection of letters and numbers, leaving Toshi with little else without a reference source to base his decryption on. But it was clearly organized in a number-letters-number pattern. The answer came to him after a minute. "I can't translate it right now. However, I can tell it's not a letter or message. This is a list. Most of the things listed repeat in each section. A rare few do not."
  6. Toshi will take on one unarmored/uninjured bandit. [Noir] 7:51 pm: TN 10 Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 5+8+6: 19 [Jeremy] 7:52 pm: 14, it hits [Noir] 7:52 pm: so (Str)k0 + 2k2 [Noir] 7:53 pm: so 4k2 IIRC Jeremy *rolls* 4d10: 8+3+1+6: 18 [Noir] 7:54 pm: 14 damage. not bad [Noir] 7:54 pm: that puts him well into his -3 wound level Toshi sniffed, as the line of bandits came to grips with the Jade Magistrates and allies. Desperate, amusing in their attempts to drive back the samurai with the pelting of dead flesh... pathetic. But under the situation, curious all the same. They would need to spare a few for interrogation. Not the first one within range of Toshi's wakizashi, as he sliced through one bandit's belly.
  7. "Of course." Toshi took the cue from Rin and bowed respectfully. "This inn was attacked by an oni - evidently summoned by some wretched maho-tsukai. For whatever foul purpose, it focused on attempting to kill your kinsmen. My colleagues drove it off, but it and the summoner must be found and extinguished."
  8. Toshi coolly presented his jade orb of office, before answering. "I am Shosuro Toshi. An oni and its spawn burst into this tavern. My colleagues slew its tainted offspring, but the main monster escaped. Though severely injured, I have no doubt it is still able to act in Ryoko Owari." The Thunder Guard were an elite, well trained force, Toshi knew. They would respond properly and accordingly.
  9. Toshi is going to grab the insensate merchant and drag him out. No more spare targets in here for oni or its spawn.
  10. Toshi is going to keep going to get to the swords/alcove.
  11. [Jeremy] 9:32 am: Fear Check Jeremy *rolls* 2d10: 4+9: 13 [PASSED] [Jeremy] 9:33 am: The second is the initiative check Jeremy *rolls* 1d10: 5+2: 7
  12. Gaijin huh? Given his business as an Emerald Magistrate, beginning to understand these foreigners would be a very important thing. Toshi spent his morning hence politely socializing with them, offering assistance as the Scorpion Clan hosts of Ryoko Owari, every little interesting bit he could glean.
  13. Toshi's plan was simple - in its lack thereof. Wander the infamous city, see its delights, pick up food from street vendors and drink it all in. Even a Scorpion needed time to relax the mind, and in a fair amount of his learning from the Kitsuki School, the refrain went that simple, everyday observation strengthened the perception.
  14. Toshi had indeed been happy to have the return to his family, and their regard for his success. Now, to reunite the group and take advantage of the pleasures of Ryoko Owari, and the journey would be Hotei's jewel. The reports of this Fade made him smile, if only in amusement at this ambitious bandit. Fade's time would come though - he could not defy the Scorpion forever. Rin, as they came together, seemed very happy for herself, and Zoyu seemed to have something beyond Ryoko Owari eagerly in mind, though Toshi had no idea what. "And to you, Rin-san. An excellent tattoo. You were satisfied with your voyage?"
  15. Though it might have seemed out of character for Toshi to say nothing, be so silent, there was in fact, a very good reason. He was too busy enjoying the show at hand. Behind his mask, he smiled at the debate between the Topaz Champion and the Lady of the Scorpion - for who would pass up the chance to see one of the Empire's foremost talents at work? It said something of Zoyu's determination to stand up against Bayushi Kachiko in this fashion - but also, Toshi less charitably added in his mind, something of the Crane-ish tendency to preen feathers, make a great show of standing on honor and principles for the sake of it. From the shift in her tone, Toshi knew Zoyu had recognized just how upended she'd been. And for that matter, Lady Kachiko had also taken the time to perform an aid to the relations within their group by clearing him of any overt culpability in the attack on the Prince. "Arigato, Kachiko-sama." Toshi's voice carried to her as she left, and there was no doubt Toshi was giving more than one expression of gratitude. When she was gone, he grinned at his companions. "I hoped to make Kyuden Bayushi a memorable experience for you, my friends. I promise you will find Shiro no Shosuro and Ryoko Owari equally rewarding. A shame Rin-san is not here."
  16. Toshi sighed as Kaze looked around, confused in the wake of questions unanswered, and no one of his companions seemed to muster the nerve to speak something to Lady Kachiko. All that recrimination when alone with him, but even the volatile Topaz Champion went peaceful as a creek stream. "Since you are here, you should not be left ignorant, Kaze-san. The essentials are this. The Empire is once again in need of a Jade Champion and Magistrates. But despite that, Lord Doji chose regrettably to disparage the dangers confronting Rokugan when Lord Kuni made his first appeal to the Hantei. With his influence and the distance from the scenes of turmoil, the chance might have slipped away. So Lord Kuni, with the indirect support of Lord and Lady Bayushi, created a threat the Emperor could not ignore. The attack on the Prince." Toshi's blank look nevertheless carried the hint to Kaze that he was being tested here. "It succeeded, for the greater benefit of the Empire. And now, where certain of my colleagues here were quite indignant when I explained it all to them weeks ago, I assume they understand now. Do you?"
  17. Now that, Toshi found interesting. A Kakita trained by the Lions. He was garnering some very unusual Kakitas for companions. "Mirumoto Rin is traveling by sea, as she has some separate stops to make. We will meet her in Ryoko Owari. As for us, I would invite all of you to stop and visit Kyuden Bayushi and Shiro no Shosuro as we make our way." A good time to report to the Lord and Lady, and visit his family. And a chance to see how his new traveling associate and his fellow Magistrates faced the heartland of the Scorpion.
  18. Toshi smiled at the news - a broad, open and whole-hearted smile. It was the kind of smile that any right-thinking member of another Clan would find as cause for alarm, but no. Toshi was just very happy to hear it. Though it was interesting, of course, that Seppun Kyuchi would choose Ryoko Owari as the place to celebrate the Bon Festival. Of course, his observations about going to the Crab or Shiro Usagi might simply mean a good location for responding to potential trouble spots. "A most heartfelt arigato, Seppun-sama." Toshi wondered, with their late concerns with the Scorpion revealed, how Rin and Zoyu would regard this offer. "It will be good to return home."
  19. Some time after the discussion, Toshi approached the office of his superior, Seppun Kyuichi. While he made the respectful requests for entrance, it would take a few minutes, enough for him to give some thought. Retracing the vehement responses from Zoyu and from Rin, and the concerns of the rest. It was not anything new in his life to consider. Every Scorpion - even the Lord and the Lady - probably asked themselves at least once in their lives: is this really the right thing? But the answers were manifold and readily at hand. One might as well ask why the Clans did not turn on their stinging black snake or any Emperor lay his voice to call for an end to Bayushi's descendants. Because Hantei himself asked Bayushi to be his villain. True, it could be something that the Scorpions had made up to justify themselves, but by the same token, things like the Crane's social authority or the Phoenix's mastery of the Tao or the Lion's Right Hand could be questioned on those grounds equally easily. Regardless, those was accepted by most Rokugani as 'fact.' The same token went for being the Underhand. Because the Empire cannot be run by honor alone. The new Lady Okimoto, one a vassal branch of the Matsu themselves, had hidden herself as a geisha for years in order to achieve her vengeance upon Hideji Fumiya. Which helped incidentally suggest that Okimoto Chiyoko would be a promising daimyo when she acquired the resources to properly cement her restored standing. Lord Daodoji had promptly - much to the chagrin of the Kakita beauty that worked with Toshi - agreed to keep such details quiet. Why should he reveal it? Better that there be no complications to something that could allow the Crane at large to wash its hands of the lingering embarrassment that was the late Lord Fumiya and heal the damage he'd done to relations with the Lion and Phoenix. Finally, he met with his genial overseer. Toshi bowed before explaining. "Good afternoon, Seppun-sama. I have been giving thought to your kind support days ago. The investigation of Hideji Fumiya's death, while successful, impressed on me the need for honing my skills. If you give your permission, I intend to seek study with the Kitsuki Magistrates." A determined Dragon family whom had caused the Scorpion so much trouble. Whose Investigative Methods baffled Rokugan not merely for their ability, but for the presumptions that were they based on. But not Toshi. A bead and some dust had meant more than most of a day of questioning. The courts might rely on words - but people lie. Oh, they lie, Kakita Zoyu. Ignore how the world is, at your own peril, and the peril of the work you seek to perform.
  20. "I am quite aware of that, Taka-san." Toshi commented dryly as to the Crab's warnings. Finally, with focus on him, he spread his hands matter of factly. "I can understand your objections, of course. But please, do not do Lord Shoju, Lady Kachiko, or my clan a great disservice by simply assuming their decision, or for that matter Lord Kuni Yori's decision, was made lightly." "True, they could have used their influence in the usual fashions. After all, among them are the Imperial Adviser, a Great Clan champion and a Great Clan family daimyo - the foremost expert in defense against the Shadowlands. Surely such a combination would be more than enough?" Toshi let the question, with just a hint of sarcasm, hang in the air. "Although I do recall Lord Doji dismissing the threat as 'disgruntled peasants who cannot understand' and 'a few raiders on mangy horses.' But who would take a Crane's word on such matters?" The Emperor, of course, it went without saying. The Crane's influence with the Hantei had been a mainstay of their power for so long. And Doiji Satsume and the Emperor had been friends since childhood. "And why did the position lapse in the first place? The Isawa Elemental Masters objected to lessening their authority and to the idea of having to open up their libraries, even for the sake of the Empire itself. I am sorry to say this, Akari-san, but only because it is true." Toshi met her eyes, before meeting everyone else. "Perhaps my esteemed clan leaders feared a repeat of history - that the Jade Champion's tenure might be limited to the reign of one Emperor by the Phoenix. Perhaps they worried that distance from the danger would lull the Hantei into Lord Doji's complacency. Maybe, they simply felt that the restoration of the Jade Champion was so important, the argument had to be made unquestionable, even by the Emperor." "Zoyu-san says we have dragged down the Empire in filth. I disagree. If the Empire benefits from this restoration, is it wrong? Rokugan has seen just what 'disgruntled peasants' can do - and who is going to say anything else could conceivably have happened? If it has never happened, has this position been sullied? And even if something had happened... would that make our duty and our work any less important?"
  21. Zoyu's reaction in shock was everything that Toshi if not entirely anticipated, was hardly a true surprise. As would be for any Crane brought up with such standards. What would come next was the usual anger, disbelief and decrying, which Toshi waited out patiently until Zoyu left. Everyone talked and talked about the heinous, dishonorable Scorpion, but when something occurred that matched the darkest of rumors, they were left flabbergasted. She would not realize that Toshi was revealing a great and terrible secret kept to a few, to build trust. Pity. Toshi reached for a delicate tea cup, and brought it to his mouth, lightly sipping before putting it down and regarding the others. "I see Zoyu-san had her opinion. Do any of you wish to offer yours before I say a little something?"
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