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  1. Ayami continued forward in her headlong rush, her mind empty of anything except a desperate burning anger to take back the brightest light in the night from the demons ravaging her city and people. ,, Mechanics She's still just running forward, looking to get in range of the non-flying demons. She'll aim for injured ones first, but until she gets in melee range she's not doing much more than running and hatin'.
  2. Ayami had drifted through the previous fight next to Kaori; her mirror was formed into a sword, but the haunting images of her failures during training kept her from joining in the fray like the others. She told herself that she was holding her power back to heal, since that seemed to be her 'special' power, and it was probably the best use for her, but it was also cowardice and she knew it. Tezra's revelation that Sayoko had lured the demons here with all of them as a bait sent a renewed bolt of fear through her. ,, Then she saw the moon hanging bloody in the sky as if the demons had killed Him first before come after them. That wasn't right. She hated the night and the dark; the moon had always been her comforting companion, shining down her in the night to light a path through the darkness. It wasn't fair, to take Him away from her. Not when there really were demons hiding in the dark. ,, She couldn't reach the flying demons, not with a sword or any other power she'd learned during the training; the demons on the ground were another matter. A new flush of adrenaline, this one back by seething anger, rushed through her as she set her sword at a defensive angle in front of her and sprinted forward. ,, Mechanics Initiative: Malachite *rolls* 2d6: 3+3+5: 11 ,, She'll move 12 meters this round. Hopefully the demons are moving a bit quicker so she can stabbity them quickly.
  3. Ayami went to the school gym lockers, taking out an extra change of her school uniform and quickly changing into it, stuffing her clothes from the party into the locker to deal with later. She knew Takaido-san would be up by now and probably worried sick; she sighed at the phone and finally dialed home. ,, "Kuchiki-chan! Where have you been? I've been calling Sachiko-san's house all night. Are you alright?" Ayami's housekeeper and governess was speaking almost too fast to understand; she could hear tears in her voice. "There's been....there's been an accident....Hanashiro-san, he was killed last night in a car crash." ,, For a moment, Ayami just couldn't speak. What could she say? She had to lie - Takaido-san would never believe the truth. "I'm...I'm so sorry, Takaido-san. I guess I lost track of time at the party and fell asleep. When I woke up, I went to school to finish up some homework before classes began." ,, "Went to school? How did you get there?" There wasn't suspicion in the older woman's voice, just confusion. ,, "I came with Sachiko-san," she answered truthfully. ,, "Oh. Well," they were both quiet for a moment. "Kuchiki-chan, do you want to-" ,, "I should get ready for classes, Takaido-san," Ayami interrupted before the governess could offer for her to skip classes for the day. "Does...did Hanashiro-san have family?" ,, "An aunt," Takaido-san admitted reluctantly. "She's already making arrangements." ,, "Please let me know when the funeral will be. If she needs anything-" ,, "I'll make sure everything is taken care of, Kuchiki-san," there was a formal distance to her tone now, her way of being both hurt and disapproving. ,, Ayami closed her eyes and steeled herself to hear that tone often in the coming weeks. "Thank you, Takaido-san. I really should get my homework done." ,, "I'll arrange for a service to pick you up after school, then. Until a new driver can be hired." ,, "Yes, thank you." Ayami shut off the phone after another awkward beat of silence, ending the stumbling conversation. ,, The entire day was full of stumbling conversations and quiet whispers. Word of the odd deaths from the night before spread like wildfire through the school; there were always some explanation for what had happened, but not for why so many people had died in the night. Nor why so many of them were connected to the school, as students or family of students. Beyond gossip from the other students, Ayami was left oddly untouched by it. Her driver had died, but no one at the school really knew him or his connection to her. Classes came and went in a sort of grey haze, the words of her teachers blurring together as her body followed the habits of years, taking notes and walking her from classroom to classroom without much actual direction from her. Eventually the school day ended, and the the after-school clubs that met that day. A black towncar was waiting outside, a stranger dressed in a smart suit and smelling slightly of tobacco and smoke waiting to take her home. Takaido-san had dinner waiting for her, the house feeling large and empty as the two spoke only a few hushed words to each other. Ayami retreated to her room, finishing her homework as quickly as she could, then set out one of the sets of clothes Sayoko had sent them home with for the night. She curled up on her bed, trying to nap in the few hours before night. Mostly she stared at the ceiling and wondered if the world would ever go back to being normal. ,, An hour before sunset she pulled herself off her bed and changed clothes, slipping her purse with her mirror, flashlight, and wallet tucked safely inside, over her shoulder. She snuck through the house, slipping past Takaido-san's room and thankful for the prime-time dramas that kept her caretaker attention for most of the evening. The month of training let her set a quick pace to the nearest subway station where she purchased her first passcard and nervously stepped onto the train. To her relief, it was mostly empty at this time of day and she only had to change trains once to get to the station near the school. She almost had to run to get there on time, but she managed, reaching their agreed-on meeting place and looking around for the others.
  4. Ayami had shuffled in after Shinji, her head down and her eyes still red and puffy from crying. She didn't wait for the shouting or even really care where Sayoko was; instead she headed directly to her room. Once there, she stripped out of the gore-drenched closed, kicking them into a smelly heap in a corner of the room. She scrubbed as much of the blood and dirt off her as she could in rakes of her nails that left red welts in their wake, then crawled into her bedding to hide under the covers and do her best to convince herself that all of this was just some coma nightmare. That she was really in a hospital somewhere and someone had accidentally left the TV on through some awful anime or horror movie. It wasn't helping, but she kept hiding anyways.
  5. Ayami flinched away from both of them, still sobbing and curled up on herself. After a bit of gentle (or not so gentle) prodding, she managed to shamble up to her feet and head back to the cabin. She didn't speak to either one of them and kept her arms wrapped around herself, bubbling sobs and tears as she made her way back.
  6. Ayami scrubbed at the blood and scrambled for her sword, some instinctual part of her brain prodding her to do something beside wail like a pre-teen. She had no idea exactly what she was going to do with the shining blade - she didn't even know where the demon was right then - but if she could focus on it, then she wouldn't have a see the mangled and bloody bodies surrounding her or deal with the people still screaming and racing towards them. At least, not right this second. Crunchy Bits I don't know if I need to make a roll or anything, but Ayami is holding her sword again and looking around for the demon. She's keeping close to Tezra since it threatened her again.
  7. "Stopstopstopstopstopstop!" Ayami cried out, cowering against Tezra and slipping into total hysteria as more people came running out of the woods to be cut down by the strange woman. She was cowering on the ground, completely overwhelmed by the all-too-human opponents facing them.
  8. Ayami's eyes managed to widen even farther as Tezra fell. Her reaction was instinctual, guided by her horror at witnessing all the death and destruction around her and not a little bit discombobulated since she reached out to the person that had been doing all the death and destruction. Her hair flashed around her, fading from black tresses into a pure white main as her power wrapped around the Shinji's demon protector. "No!" she screamed, determined to save at least one life today. Crunch Bits HP: 150 EP: 150 Power Flux - Currently configured to Healing 10, restoring 100 HP to Tezra.
  9. Ayami's eyes were as large as dinner plates now and she stumbled and scrambled away from Tezra. Her eyes darted between the gore-spattered woman and Shinji, her sword between her and the incomprehensible things happening around her. "How-...wha-...who?" My, she was eloquent tonight.
  10. Ayami was terrified already and having a naked screaming man barrel out of the woods at her did nothing for her nerves. She started, nearly dropping her sword, stumbled back away from him. "B-but w-we're the only one's here!" she stammered, staring at the man with saucer-sized eyes. Mechanics Initiative: Malachite *rolls* 2d6: 5+5+10: 20 Derped on the addition, it should be just 5, so Init is 15. Action - Not fall over or drop her sword.
  11. Once they were outside, Ayami was pretty certain that the night and the woods were her personal version of Hell. She'd shed her school clothes for the training gi Sayoko had provided, but that meant leaving behind the pockets she usually carried her flashlight in. So out came the "mirror", in sword form already and glowing with a steady golden light around the nervous young woman. Also out came the steady breaths to try to keep her heart from leaping into her throat at every little sound or movement around them, and the mental mantra of "I've been training for this, we've all been training for this, we'll be alright because I've been training for this,..." Between the three of them, the sword was the only thing really doing much good. You'd think it would be impossible for someone to stay that on-edge for three hours, but Ayami proved that it wasn't. Exhausting, but not impossible, and slowly that paranoia gained an intensity and general direction. "I think...I think something's about to happen," she whispered to Shinji. Soul Roll Ayami’s Soul Roll: Malachite *rolls* 2d6: 3+2+7: 12
  12. Ayami flushed deeper red and mumbled, "Sorry, I meant Marasaki-san....I guess I'm just nervous." She flashed a weak smile at Shinji, utterly mortified at her mistake but trying to move on and not feel like she was being improper by going into the woods alone with a boy. "Shall...shall we go, then?"
  13. She tried, she really did. This was serious and people were acting, well sorta crazy. But it was also just too damn funny. Sachiko was Sachiko and Ayami was pretty sure she always would be, even if the world was burning down around her. Aceworth-san was obviously high-strung - and this was a dangerous and very frightening situation - but she just couldn't help it. She giggled. She covered her mouth, her cheeks flaring red in embarrassment, but she couldn't stop the quiet hiccuping of laughs. Still trying to maintain any shred of composure, she nodded to Amara. "Are you fine with pairing with me, Akemi-san? If so, we should head out....." She trailed off, eyeing the darkening skies outside with a decided lack of enthusiasm.
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