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  1. that said there are some games, that you might be able to join, you'd have to PM the people running them. Weirder Stuff and Scion Modern Mythology are still going.
  2. Well with Lilly's Departure, Coach Meyers is somewhat concerned, and starts to lean heavily on Cade to join the football team. With a changing dynamic in his life, he decides to give it a shot. He'd join, and quickly end up taking over as quarterback. This would at least start to grow Cade's confidence as a leader, maybe help him actually become a good one. Cade's still game to invite everyone for a fishing trip/fishfry/barbecue at the Pond, not a training thing, but more just a relaxing get-together. Good food, good friends, and outdoor fun. Cade would like to actually see the Smilodon again, both to make sure it's being treated well, and to work with it, because let's face it, he's probably the only one who's got a shot at doing so. Cade is concerned with what he can actually do in the coming fight. Currently his means are purely mundane, and he's worried about that being effective, so he'll want to try to push himself and up his game "Curve the Bullet" stuff maybe.. I want Cade to actually become aware of Dramatic Editing and his ability to do it, at current he's ignorant of it. It could come off that he's always been lucky, things go the way he wants them to more often than not, and he learns that he's actually making his own luck. Cade still needs to actually ask Marissa to homecoming. Probably something that will happen in the current phase of the thread. I see Cade spending a fair amount of time with Marissa, enough that she learns he's into anime and manga. I foresee the Bag of Horrors making an appearance, so that now they both know the dark secrets of each other.
  3. Thursday Night After talking with Sean, Cade had gone home and hidden the rifle. Only Haruka and his mother were home. He sighed, not caring about where his father was now, and pulled out his phone. It was nearly ten, late but he knew the person he wanted to talk to was still up. He couldn't recall having called Devin before, and wasn't all that surprised when it went to voicemail so he left a simple message. "Hey Devin, it's Cade. I'd like to talk about some things. I'm heading to Bunnies, and I'm buying if you'd like to meet me there. " With that he head to Bunnies, and went and sat in the booth the Fellowship normally sat in, made his order and waited. He had a feeling Devin would come, possibly thinking this was about Marissa. He wasn't planning on discussing her at all really, he had other reasons for this, but as an older brother himself, he knew he'd give the speech to any boy she ever brought home. He sighed, waiting for either Devin to show up, or his food to arrive, wondering which would first. It was strange, in as much as he really did expect Devin to show.
  4. Thursday Night 7pm After revealing he had indeed managed to somehow keep hold of the rifle he took from the prison, later on Sean had revealed an interest in it. It was after school, nearly seven at night, as Cade had had to take care of some work before he could head over to Sean's. The rifle and clips were folded up in his backpack, and he smiled as he pulled up at Sean's. He quietly made his way to the barn, where he'd agreed to meet up with Sean, and chuckled. "Anyone else, they'd probably wonder just what the hell's going on." He knocked on the door, and waited. He knew enough about firearms being a hunter, but this was so far beyond simple rifles and shotguns, he hadn't really felt too comfortable doing much with it, It would be better to have Sean look at it, and then maybe figure out just what all the weapon, and perhaps the ammunition could do. "Hey Sean, it's Cade, you home?" In his other hand he had two pizzas, a meatlovers for himself, and one with pepperoni, bacon, green olives, and mushrooms for Sean.
  5. Cade Allister Cade is on steroids, how else could he have set the records he set in track practice? Cade is the latest victim of the Terror Twins, the Jauntsens. Their debauchery has claimed one of the last innocent souls in Shelly High. Cade is dating Marissa to make Lilly Pryor Jealous. All the squirrels in the area are slave to Cade's will. Cade's actually a genius, he just chooses to only apply himself to sports to give everyone else a chance. Dating women is a sham, Cade is secretly in a forbidden relationship with Mr. Bancroft. The Allister family has "A Past" Mr. Bancroft is a criminal mastermind, living off his last big score. Hiring the son of the sheriff is just ironic camoflage. Ian Allister isn't Cade's real dad. Cade's mother learned something she shouldn't have, this is why she died. Cade's actually a superpowered alien hiding his power in a small Montana town. Cade hired the guys who beat Liam Day
  6. I was planning on Cade doing some fishing, first by himself, then he'd invite the Fellowship to come along after having a really good trip. He's fine with being told no, but it is somewhere they're basically alone, free to be themselves. It's good to do something simple together in his mind, without having to worry about everything else going. For Labor Day, The Allister family will have a big cookout, and Cade would extend the invitation to any of the Fellowship who don't have plans with their family to come over for some good food.
  7. What should have been easily dodged attacks were not, as Chaos was trying to focus on defending against Therion and Ryan. In a moment of hesitation, he was struck by both of Yuuki's attacks, which bound him in vines, letting both Ryan and Therion strike him, the former hitting four times. It was impressive, and any lesser foe would have been blown away and sliced to ribbons. It didn't go that way though. unleashing a blast of magic in a sphere around him, Chaos blew away the vines binding him, sent Therion and Ryan flying, the latter blasted into a tree which splintered into veritable toothpicks afterwards. Ryan was coughing up blood, having not been hit that hard in some time.. "Perhaps I cannot kill you directly with spells, sworddancer, but there's always more than one way to get somebody." Chaos seemed so utterly smug and self-assured with having blasted away the two primary threats. It was then that Vesper chose to unleash her unique power, a blast at the very mind of Chaos itself. She could feel her energy replenish, and Chaos screamed as the shadow creatures faltered momentarily in their battle against the elementals.
  8. Cade's availability Game, Friday- Vignette at the game post-game- likely celebrating at bunnee's with everyone. Saturday morning- Working of Mr. Bannson Saturday Afternoon- free, up for anything Saturday Night- free, up for anything Sunday morning- work for Bannson, Church Sunday Afternoon- Free for anything Sunday night- family movie night maybe.
  9. With Yuuki summoning a dozen earth Elementals to her side, The fight was becoming abit more even, as they began to wrestle with the summoned Chaos beasts. They were fairly equivalent in power, and Vesper still found it quite difficult to try to wrest control of the chaos beasts. Chaos chuckled at the attempt, though his glowing eyes seemed to take an angered glow. "How would you like it if I took your pet from you. All it would take is a simple touch." Just as Therion swung down, Chaos used his other hand to bring up his sword, blocking the blow, but the awkwardness of the defense was enough to prevent him from stapping Therion with it, as the spirit backed away slightly. That flaming hand disgorged a torrent of flame which Ryan intercepted, bisecting the blast with his sword, Laevatein. The defense left the sword glowing. "Enhanced Hellfire. That was always so much fun to deal with." he grumbled as he swung, and found his own strike parried by the sword. "Enchanted sword too. It defends its master." Chaos sat there looking at him. "I see you're very observant, and a veteran fighter. Die." with that a pillar of red flame engulfed Ryan." When there was no scream, Chaos sighed. "i'd hoped for more from him." The bamboo shielding him was gone now, but he stood unscathed, and smiling. "Oh you'll get more, not just from me, but from all of us." Tori was still busy with the rushed repairs to the banshee, hoping to get it in the air to help handle the chaos beasts.
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