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Hello everyone.

Well, a couple of you know that we've been toying with the idea of starting a permanent topic wherer we can all give a little bit more information about ourselves, and get to know each other better.

We're looking at ways to increase the 'community' feel of EON, and this is one of the ways we're going to achieve it.

What we'd like to do is keep this thread open long-term, and on-topic ( please! ::giggles:: ) and even if you are a guest to the forums and haven't registered  -  don't worry -  guests can post in here as well - yep, we want all of the lurkers to join us in here, so step right on it and say hello :)

So here it is, a general meeting place for all of us, pull up a chair, grab yourself a drink from the bar (we have everything from spirits, to beer, to Dr.P), and join in the fun.


Here we go:

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"Pulls up a chair, gets comfortable and passes on the beer....... for now"

Forum ID:

CHILL (previously Admin)

Known elswhere as:

Usually the same as above, and 'necrossa' on the White Wolf forum.

....and in real life?:


....and about me:

Well, i'm British (apparently I have a 'Beatles' accent),  I'm currently 27 years old, male and live in Telford in the United Kingdom with my S/O Angela (we've been together for 8 1/2 years), who doesn't quite get the whole RPG thing, but is gracious enough to let my whole gaming group decend on my house on Wednesday night where we (and I quote) "make idiots out of ourselves". ::grins::

During the day, I am a Director (one of two) of a communications/IT company which a long time friend of mine and I own.   Our little company sometimes keeps me up very late at nights, (yep, stress is my intimate friend), but even though running a small business is possibly the most stressful thing I ever decided to get involved in ( it really did seem like a good idea at the time! ), I wouldn't have it any other way - I'm the sort of person who constantly has to keep themselves occupied......  and I've got a terrible habit of keeping others occupied as well....  its a trait that I'm slowly having drummed out of me....

On the forum you may have bumped across the odd friend of mine.  A good portion of my regular gaming group hit the forums from time to time and some of them, you just can't be rid of .....  sorry Tom, I couldn't resist it buddy!

We've got:

Senior Mal - aka Tom

Lo Mai - aka Neil

Sid Blane - aka Paul

Mini Mal - aka Richard

Chambo99 - aka James

EEFFDDKK - aka Mike

...and we also have Mark, who's only just started gaming with us a few weeks ago, but we'll get him on these forums yet!

All of us are in the same town, and are lucky enough to manage to have had a gaming group running for quite a few years.

By the way, if you've ever downloaded the Absolute Zero Players Guide from the site, the chaps above (with Mark as the only exception) are the original A-Z gaming group, and most of them have been through 3 full campaigns running over, um, years.....  Tom's chartacter was 'Robin Teller', and Neil's was 'Lo Mai', who get a brief mention in the book.

Hehe that's enough about them, back onto me :)

Let's see....  besides rumours to the contrary I don't have a drinking problem.  Yes, I know those pictures from Spain (check out my bio on the site) don't exactly help my argument :)

Most of you would know by now that i'm the admin for this here little website of ours, which I started as 'Europnet' back, um, well, years ago..  There's a bunch of screenshots elsewhere on the site if you fancy having a look at the older version.

Although they'd deny it, I couldn't run this place without the aid of the staffers Joseph, Senior Mal and Aeon - these guys (more than people might realise) keep me in check, generate cool ideas, and remind me when I'm running off at a tangent (which happens a lot)...

...  by the way, if you ever catch me on the EON: Chat, I'm not kidding, I really do go off at a tangent, be afraid :)

Along with the staff, I'm very dedicated to this site - I decided a long time back that no mater what happens to the game lines, I wanted to keep supporting them...

Fleshing out the obvious 'RPG Interests', I've been roleplaying for far too long, something like 14 odd years, and have a riddiculously large collection of books......  right in the middle og a gaming session one of the bookcases (tall stand up thingy) actually 'fell' on me - much to the amusement of the rest of the guys...... you see what I have to put up with?


I usually run Trinity, and tend to run relatively diceless sessions (which newbie combat monsters to our group find a bit odd), I've played Aberrant, with Tom as the ST, and James ran Adventure! for us for the first time a few months back...

As for non-rpg stuff, well, besides what I've mentioned above, I love driving my car way too fast, drink far more caffine than I should (im actually cutting down..... slowly), I have a terrible Cigar habit (I know, I know.....), as much as Angela tries, I really really don't have the patience for gardening.....  when we first moved in together, she tried (bless) to get me involved in the upkeep of the garden.... but, well, that's like, nature and stuff....  some things we arent supposed to tamper with :)

heh, I also (apologies to some of you here) have a bit of a dislike for cats....  apparently its a two way thing, they kinda don't like me on sight...  ::shrugs::

......and un less you haven't noticed, I have a tendancy to ramble on a bit!

Well, I'm going to be quiet for a bit now and let somebody else say 'hi'.......  

::looks around the room::  who's up next?

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Okay, Chill, I'll bite. ::Gnashes teeth liberally::

Forum ID:


Known elswhere as:


....and in real life?:

Joseph (Starting to see a pattern here? :D )

....and about me:

I'm a Californian (yes, I use words like dude) and well on my way to being a yuppie. I'm 25, living in Santa Rosa (north of San Francisco by an hour) with my wonderful wife of two years and friend of 18. Like Chill's Angela, Leeanne doesn't get the whole "gamin" thing, but indulges me in it so the house can be quiet on the rare occasion. We have two cats (though I'm still not sure why).

If you wnt to chat me up (I've been hanging around too many Brits recently) about something besides gaming, I'm big on computers (see below), motorcycles, tattoos, and arts of various kinds (music, drawing, pixels, theater).

By day, I'm an IS Manager at an Indian clinic. I really only manage myself, but they gave me the title for free, so I'm not arguing. I provide all of the computer support in addition to the web development. Since I commute an hour each way to and from work, I have plenty of time for completely random ideas to form for submission to Chill.

Personal admission: I can't wrap my head around coding (programming for you Luddites) for the life of me.

Lurking around these forums are also the members of my gaming group. Harlequin seems to be all over the place here. She's our token female gamer.  ;) Her S/O, Pax's Pimp (we don't want to ask, either) can be sighted, though rarely. Communist#666 has posted twice now (a near miracuclous feat), though his brother FlashmasterWatts has yet to surface.

They all live in the same town, with me 20 minutes north. There's a bit of age difference between us all, as well. I'm the oldest at 25, and the Watts brothers rank in yougest at 18. Harle and Pimpster are somewhere in between.  ::sly

Like Chill, I have a rambling and digressing problem. I'm also a smartass. It takes amazing act of willpower for me not to comment sometimes.

On a gaming perspective, I've been playing for 16 years now, starting with D&D, then Shadowrun. I moved to WoD for a while as both ST an player for all five core games. Werewolf 2ed and Wraith are still on my favorites list. Trinity is my all time top game to ST and play.

Currently, my group (often refered to as Chronicles) is running an Adventure game. We've been plaing since September 7th of last year, each taking turns as ST so all can play. Oddly, this style grants tons of freedom in tale-weaving. You can take a look at some of what we do and have planned here.

Here at EON, I'm the resident Graphic Guru (of sorts) and a Staffer. I volunteered for the post way back when in order to test my pixel forging skills. The main EON frame, as well as the Adventure interface are my works.

Tying my personal life and EON together, I'm a lazy git who has not done much n the means of graphics for a while. You may hear on occasion something regarding the on-going battle between myself and dedlines. I'll give you the straight dope: the deadlines have me, hands down.  ::bigsmile

Oh, yeh. I use parenthesis a lot to supplement my writings. They're like thought bubbles. :D

As a final addendum, I'm an Aquarius. That should answer a lot of question about me that you have. :P


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Forum ID

VictorHFrost KSC

Known Elsewhere As

VictorFrost (ww forums)

And In R/L

Jake (because my real name is several cruel jokes strung together for effect)

About Me

Well, hmm, i'm a 19 year old graphic arts student here in sunny (and ungodly hot) texas. like joseph i use words like "dude" a lot and i've been told i don't sound entirely texan (thank goodness). i also have a tendancy to use fictional non words in my speech (ask aninimety) most of these words are completely inflection based, more like i'm adding a sound to punctuation than anything else. uhm, as for what i'm doing here, well, i'm helping chill and various other members out on some of these really sweet splatbook projects. other than that i lurk, post occasionally and generally harass people on the forums (all in good fun, they do it to me too). as for my gamming experience, i've been playing and running white wolf (and a few select d&d)  games for nearly 5 1/2 years now and as far as the ww lines go i'm a huge fan of mage and changeling, with trinity being my all time fav tied with adventure now. i st trinity fanatically and my last "arc" went for four years in real time, so that should tell you how much i love the game. uhm, i have managed to get a few of my players/ former players to post on the forums and hope to get more on here soon (my last trinity campeign, we'll call it "the big one" had about 15 recurring pc players, so i have a ton of ex-players to get on here still) but among the numbers i know on the boards we have

slagheap: former and current trinity player in my game, my current a! st and the guy who informed me that the europnet had undergone a huge facelift since i'd first seen it a year or two ago. also happens to be developer on trial by fire

aninimety: or "tiff", one of my current players and all around cool gal to know. btw, not the token female gammer! also working on trial and the updated a-z pg

rosebriar: from my last trinity game and hopefully to join more in the future(cause ya'know, she's spiffy like that), she's slag's s/o and the two of them are having a ball of a time working on trial by fire

Xain S Silverdream: we WILL get him to post again, i promise! current a! and trinity player for slag and me respectively

uhm, hmm, i think thats mostly everything interesting (and not so interesting) about me. currently i'm floating between residences (dorms to home to dorms to new apartment over the next two months) so any given day i might be a little frazzled and goofy (as if anyone could tell the difference) and i'm currently in the market for art jobs. this is not to say i actually have time to do them, just that i would like some. meh, whatever. anyway thats me, so cheers to you all, heh, starting to sound like chill.... ::withbeer


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*pulls up a chair* Cool, a get to know your neighbor session. I can dig it. :) In the best Handbook To The Marvel Universe/ Who's Who style, here's my entry.


Known Aliases: Safety King, Mr. Bigglesworth, The Duke, El Hombre, Captain Marvel, For-The-Love-of-God-Would-You-Shut-Up, amongst others. . .

Real Name: Stacy.

Sex: Male. (My mom liked the name. Shut up.  ;) ))

Occupation: University Student/Slacker.

About Me: In a nutshell, my story is as follows. I've been a geek most of my life, into everything from comics to novels to movies of all SF/Fantasy/Horror stripes. In 1988-89 I encountered Robotech: The Roleplaying Game from Palladium and was left forever changed. Since then I've been into Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Vampire: TDA, and a slew of RPGs of various types(see my list somewhere else in these forums. . .let's just say a lot and leave it at that). These days gaming steadily has taken a bit of a backseat to my attempts to secure my BA with major in English from Dalhousie University here in lovely Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. Once that's done it's back to Alberta to study at DeVry in their Information Technologies program so I can get one of those job/career/life things going I've heard rumors about.

Sadly, I have no current gaming group. But since coming to EON I've met a swell (yeah, that's right. I said swell. I'm well aware I talk like a 1940s comic book char.) bunch of folks who I found I eerily clicked with instantly. For reasons beyond my comprehension they've even entrusted me with writing duties on Trial by Fire. . .the fools, the fools. . . ::sneaky

Anyway, that's my bit. Next!


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Forum ID:


Known Elsewhere As:

Dark Star (on the WW forums), Rainbowbrite, and Glitchmeister (at work... I touch something electronic and it tends to cease functioning)

.... and in real life?


About me

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I am currently in the US Air Force and have been stationed briefly in Texas, a long time in Calafornia (where I was introduced to MET Masquerade), Okinawa Japan, and I am currently in Omaha Nebraska.  I am married (for the second time) to a wonderful man.  You know him on the forums as Nadrakas.

My current hobbies are gaming, thwacking my site that I wrote for Freedom's Mirror, an Abbie game I am running on chat here, playing FFX, gaming, logic puzzles, and did I mention gaming?

I had fun not to far back taking a trip down to Hastings Nebraska (about a 4 hour drive from here) looking for mutants... found the Kool-Aid man... if you think that is frightening... you should see their website.

Anyway off on another tangent... I am completely and utterly insane... just thought you guys should know... but I have convinced several people (the government included) that I am a stable person... now what is wrong with this picture...

Well perhaps I should give my soap box back... um.... right...

So have you seen my herring? I need to cut down a tree...


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{Waddles in with the help of his walker.  Sits...takes several needed breaths...begins...}

> EON Forum ID:


> Other Forum ID's:

Nadrakas {WW & Elsewhere.  Though I haven't posted on WW since October 2001}

> "Real World" Identity {Or what the Tax-Man calls me}:


> Biography {Or Who is this "Man Named Fred"}:

I was born at Ft Riley Kansas on 7 August 1965 {No snide remarks...respect your elders you Curs...} & moved to Germany on my 2nd birthday.  Lived in Germany until I was 10, then moved back to North Carolina, where I lived until joining the USAF.

I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world, whom you all know as Minerva.  She Games :D...and helps me keep my Sanity.  She is beautiful, Games :D, has a wonderful sense of humor, Games :D, is smart & has common sense, Games :D, and...well...doesn't mind that I am beginning to become harrier than an Ape.  Oh...and she Games :D

I am now in the USAF and currently stationed in Okinawa Japan.  I have been stationed in the following places:

>> Wichita Kansas {::Clicks heels::  There's no place like home...}

>> Iraklion Crete Greece {Tourist capital of Europe...}

>> Thule Greenland {Look at a map...}

>> Rapid City South Dakota {Umm....I blinked....}

>> Galena Alaska {A beautiful Paradise...except for Misquito and Gnat season that is...}

>> Cheyenne Wyoming {"Sigh" -- no more Cheyenne Frontier Days.  YEAH!!!!! or should I say YEEEHAAA!!!! :P}

>> Phoenix Arizona {"But it's a Dry Heat." - try sticking your head in a hot oven...that's what it feels like...}

>> Okinawa Japan {Where I am now}

Besides the above places, I have been over 30 other countries in the last 18 years.  Now...I am hoping to get stationed in Nebraska, so that Minerva and I can be together again.

Hobbies {other than Gaming :D} include reading, listening to most types of music, lifting weights, drawing, painting miniatures, and singing in the shower.  Oh...and posting on Eon.

Now...for my Favorite pastime {Besides my wife :x} - GAMING :D

Hmm...well....I started playing Wargames in 1971 with Historical Wargames.  Moved on to Chain Mail in 1974, and then to a little boxed game called Dungeons & Dragons a year later.  Been hooked on Roleplaying ever since.  Some of the many RPG's I've played are {Or remember playing.  Us "olde" folks have bad memories you know...:P}:

>> Aberrant {The best Damn Superhero Game I've every played...bar none...}

>> Adventure {Pulp...at it's best...}

>> Aeon {Ok...they call it Trinity now....}

>> Amazing Engine {And it's many different "Genre's"...}

>> Armageddon {The End is HERE!!!}

>> Battletech & Mechwarrior {Damn ComStar...}

>> Beyond the Supernatural {CoC Lite...}

>> Boot Hill {Gunslinging away...}

>> Call of Cthulhu {The original - Being stupid is a blessing...}

>> Castle Falkenstein {Just loved this game...}

>> Champions {The first real Super Hero game.  I have lots of fond memories...course I was better at math then.  I liked the original rules as opposed to the "Fuzion" system which...well...sucked.  Heard they have a 5th Ed...and Minerva bought it for me :D}

>> Changeling: The Dreaming {Something about "modern" fantasy that makes me smile...}

>> Cyberpunk 2020 {Eh Chamba?  Scat a little fluids on the streets...}

>> Dark Conspiracy {The Rags have all the information you'll ever need...}

>> DC Heroes {Moderately good...but it's not Aberrant...}

>> Deadlands {Oh yeah....The Supernatural meets the Wild, Wild, West.  Bring it on...}

>> Dr Who {I love the series.  Just wish the game was as "free-flowing"...}

>> Dungeons & Dragons {In ALL its incarnations...from the little White Box to 3rd Edition...}

>> Earthdawn {Something about this is just wrong....and so right.  I just love the Trolls...>

>> Elric {Stay out of the way of Stormbringer...}

>> EXALTED {Ok..this is my favorite FRPG.  I get to actually play characters who can do "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" moves...}

>> Gamma World {Also in ALL it's incarnations...}

>> GURPS {Solid and easy to plug into a campaign.  Love the sourcebooks...}

>> Hercules & Xena {Yeah...I own them.  Hope you don't have a problem with that...}

>> Heroes Unlimited {I like the Mutants.  Keep the rest...}

>> James Bond, 007 {The idea of being a Spy....Cool...}

>> Kult {If you don't have it...get it...}

>> Mage: The Ascension {Gandalf has nothing on these guys...}

>> Marvel Super Heroes {Enough Said....please...no more...}

>> Mekton {I really like Anime Style Games...especially when they have Power Armour...}

>> Meta-Morphosis Alpha {Just how Green is my Mutant? }

>> Middle Earth RPG {Rolemaster Lite - thank goodness.  I do like it though...}

>> Ninjas & Superspies {Well...007 it isn't.  Still...a decent substitute...}

>> Palladium FRPG {D&Dish....but the characters get to do more...and Armor sort of stops damage...}

>> Paranoia {YES!!!  Give me a couple dozen players...and I don't need an adventure.  They'll make it for me.  :D }

>> Rifts {Umm...ok at first.  But now the biggest "gun" wins...}

>> Robotech {War...and an RPG....hmmm...makes for good stories...}

>> Rolemaster {No...no more charts.  Never again...}

>> Shadowrun {Tech...Magic...Dwarves...Big Guns.  Hmmm...nothing wrong with all that...}

>> Star Trek {Olde and New.  Their...ok...}

>> Star Wars {the d6 version.  I LOVE STAR WARS.....and the RPG kicked much B@#T...}

>> Toon {Hmmm....Road Runner Stew anyone? :D }

>> Top Secret {Again...this one is not 007 either...}

>> TORG {Reality Wars indeed.....I actually like the cards...}

>> Traveller {Hmmm...hmmm...I like the GURPS Version better...}

>> Twilight 2000 {The Theme from MASH was our rallying call...}

>> Villians & Vigilantes {Creating yourself as a Superhero...}

>> Warhammer FRP {Damn...Another game I just Love.  Unfortunately the Elves are too damn fast...}

>> Wherewolf: The Apocalypse {A spiritual game...most play it as a Hack & Slash. "Sigh"...}

>> Witchcraft {It leads into Apocalypse...}

>> Wraith: The Oblivion {I like playing ghosts...their so much fun...}

Ok...that's a lot of darn games.  Guess I'm olde.  :P

Well...I'll step down from my Gaming Books....and let someone else take the Stump.

Nadrakas..."Bring me a Shrubbery..."

Alter-Ego Fred..."Aging like a fine wine..."

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Alright... time for the enigmatic Floss to take a turn.  ::Pulls up a chair, snatches a can of Dr Pepper (there's no dot! hehe... look at 8-Bit Theater for this and other fascinating revelations), and proceeds to ramble.::

Forum ID:


Known elswhere as:

Mental_Floss (almost everywhere), Ice_Blue_Eyes (GameFAQs forums... considering changing all my forum IDs to that, though)

....and in real life?:

Joe (thus why I prefer being called Floss... there's too many Joes out there)

....and about me:

Lessee... easy stuff first.  I'm 20 (I've always been younger than almost everyone I associate with, for some reason...), and I live in the town-sized torture chamber known as Nashville (the one in Indiana, not the one in Tennessee, though the former does try its best to imitate the latter -- more country music than you can shake a large, painful, blunt object at).  This place is so technologically backwards that the phone lines are still incapable of handling modem speeds over 28.8, or less on a bad day.

Fortunately, I'll be moving to Florida in a month and a half, to be with that wonderful woman I like to call Jen (primarily because that's her name... heh).  Seems I was lucky in the "significant other" department, because unlike others who have been mentioned, mine actually "gets" and enjoys gaming.  Woohoo!

...Sorry, self-indulgent tangent.

Like Chill and practically everyone else on here, you can see I'm exceedingly tangent-capable as well (seems to be a required trait for being a gamer, hm?).  Fortunately, I sometimes (note: sometimes) put that rambling ability to good use by writing something cool, or something to that effect.  Thus I tend to get stuck STing/GMing/whatever-ing virtually any game that I play.  Ah well... such is my lot in life.   :P

Occupation-wise, I'm presently unemployed, but unless things go horribly wrong, I'll have a Quality Control job with a web service provider company as soon as I hit Florida.  Hobby-wise... well, this will take a while.  Anime, video games (primarily RPGs -- makes sense, eh?), reading virtually anything I can get my hands on, drawing (and occasionally overcoming my natural laziness to actually CG-colorize them), music (playing guitar and listening to my immense collection of CDs and MP3s), yadda yadda, blah blah blah... and of course, GAMING GAMING GAMING!

I've been a gamer for 12 years.  Yep, you read that right, since I was 8.  I started with AD&D 2nd Edition (of which I still have a whole freaking lot of books), and moved immediately on to Werewolf: The Apocalypse late that year.  I suppose this would explain a lot of things, now wouldn't it?  Of course, I'm also a fan of Lovecraft and other bizarre things, so that must play some part.

Primary gaming interests are everything which White Wolf makes except Vampire (die, die, DIE! you pretentious, annoying, no-PC-is-ever-allowed-to-be-more-powerful-than-our-beloved-NPCs, oh-look-how-tragic-I-am-as-I-casually-toss-aside-yet-another-mortal-corpse GAME! ...er... heh... sorry, got a little carried away there), that one multi-billion-dollar d20 game (yeah, that game... though Ravenloft is the only really cool setting, to me), the new Star Wars d20 game (I will make my players play that sometime... this I swear!), Unknown Armies (if you haven't seen it yet, go find it, it's cool), Godlike (if you want inspiration for WW2 Aeon stuff, this is the book for you), Spycraft (finally, I can act like Solid Snake and not look silly!), and Nobilis (just finished reading 2nd Edition recently, and... oh, my, god... that's all I can say about it, it's just that good).  I'm sure there are others, but my feeble old-man memory (hey, 19 is a man's sexual peak and I'm 20... it's all downhill from here, someone should just shoot me before I go senile :P ) can't manage to remember any more than that.

And... um... wow, that's a lot of rambling.  Last couple notes... as the sig thingie says, I'm now working on an Aberrant-based project called Terminal -- if you haven't seen the stuff on the EON forums about it yet, DO SO!  And, taking a hint from the other Joe here, I'll go with my zodiac sign as a closing... I'm a Sagittarius, and apparently I act the part, or so I'm told.  And just for a bit of one-upmanship, I'll also include my Chinese zodiac sign, both animal and element... according to that, I'm a "metal rooster".  After reading some stuff about it, I can most certainly agree with that analysis.

And... that's it for now.  The podium is now open.

Or something.

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hrm... don't know what to say really... so here goes...

forum id harlequin

a.k.a. harlequin or harle... i'm only on one other board (kinda sorta a board i guess...) and it isn't related to gaming at all... harle's my nickname though...

in real life... holli... don't care for the name much...

about me... i'm twenty and have only been gaming for 6 years, started on vampire (evil!!! ::sneaky2 ) and worked my way through the world of darkness until joe introduced my to trinity and aberrant... i've never played a none white wolf based game, my one attempt at ad&d was cut short by a family tragedy, and i just never got around to actually playing any of the others i own...

i'm currently a temp working at a place that makes hearing aids, although i'm trying desperatly to become a starving under appreciated artist ;) ... i spend all my spare time either on line dinking with my website, at my local coffee shop, drawing, debating, or sleeping... i'm going to college full time, double majoring in the fine arts and networking... (i live in the center of telecom valley, if you can't use a computer your basically unemployable)

my true loves in life are:

-pax's pimp: i got a gamer too!

-traveling: lived in france for a little while, also been to canada, mexico and england

-languages: sadly i've forgotten most of my french, although i'll soon also be studying hebrew (paleo, ancient, and modern) i'll hopefully pick up some latin and greek in the process and then start on german and japanese...

-art: i hope to get an internship at lucas arts or industrial light and magic within the next two years

-religions: i'm not personally religious, i just find them fascinating

-computers: one word... toys!!!

the other stuff... i'm a gemini, have a pathological fear of capital letters :P , love piercings, tattoos, and dyeing my hair strange colors...

step right up, who's next?

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Well, i guess it's about time I got around to doing this too.....

Forum ID:


Known elswhere as:

most likely Aninemity, but I've been called many many things, and most of them much worse  ;)

....and in real life?:


....and about me:

let's see, I'm 20 yrs old (21 in august) and am a country girl at heart. I've lived in the same small hole in the wall since i was 2 yrs old, and it's beautiful land out here in the middle of BFE, Texas.

I am currently a Psychology major at the Univ. of North Texas in Denton, and will be graduating (keep your fingers crossed) in another year from now. I currently work at the University in their distance education department as techincal support. (so i basically sit and wait for something to break....kinda nice!! ::hehe

I've only recently gotten involved in RPGing, so I haven't much experience. I've played trinity, A! and DnD (3ed.) I actually run the DnD game...

Our group consists of Jake, Slag, and the others Jake (aka Victor Frost) listed already....(sry, i'm too tired and lazy to list again... ::sleeping )

I'm volunteered for a couple of projects here, including Trial by Fire, the Absolute Zero PG, and i've volunteered for the UKtrinity sourcebook. I like to help out where I can.  :)

I *am* a cat person, and love all kinds of "critters" and such, but I don't currently have any pets (damned depostis for the apt complex.... ::sneaky2 ) My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years now and he's up at the same Univ as me. (he's also in my DnD game)

I can't think of anything else although i'm pretty sure I will soon....  

...Ready to hand the mic off.... (next?)

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Ok, I'll take my turn at this, as a newbie to the boards and site... I'm borrowing Chris' format.

Forum ID: nerdvana

Known elswhere as: Either the above or ddewar

....and in real life?: Duncan

....and about me: I'm 32 years old as I type this and live in Tampa, Florida.  I am married (happily for over five years) and have three children; a boy of 4 years and two girls - 2 and 1 respectively (my older girl has a lucky case of spina biffida, we caught it early and so she is still able to walk, run and climb).  My wife is a gamer and we actually met on the internet RPing...  ::hehe

Our current game is D&D 3rd Edition (I am GMing) and we have recently played Star Trek.  I am working on an Aberrant game also, but that is a while off I believe.

My day job is as a computer technician for the national helpdesk for the American branch of one of the world's top accounting firms.  I've been with this job for nearly four and a half years now and am the holder of the "Prestigious" title of Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Backup Office SME.

As I mentioned at the top I am new to the site and forums, you may find me bumbling around asking odd questions here and there as I prepare for my Aberrant game.  I should note that I only own Aberrant at this time, and will be borrowing a few of the supliments soon (such as PU, Teragen and the APG).

Additional RL information... I have a BA degree from USF (here in Tampa, as well as University of South Florida it has been called yoU Stay Forever... proof being I'm still here despite hating the city...)  I have hopes of moving to upstate South Carolina soon, if any of you are up there and know of good paying computer jobs that you could point me towards I would really apreciate it.

Nerdvana (Duncan)

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Full post to follow, but Ani, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN!  England is a nice place and all, but the UK is Wales, Scotland and NI also, and there is no way that Britain would have had an empire without us, or be a good place.  Likewise anyone else waiting to make that mistake.

(PS - Just taking the P, but remember, it is a Scot running the show...  :D  )

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(PS - Just taking the P, but remember, it is a Scot running the show...  :D  )

::whatsthat ::sarcasm  Now what, pray tell, is wrong with a Scot?

(This said as nerdvana and wife are searching for information on his great-grandfather moving to North Carolina from Scotland...  ::sly  ::hehe  ::hehe )

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  • 1 month later...

OK, I'll bite...

Operations aka Real Name: Kevin Taylor.

AKA:  LordMephisto, LordMorpheus, ZombieJesus, Ops_V2.0, KT, KevinF***ingTaylor, and a general ####### of pure unreasoning hatred for stupid people.

Age: Older than most of you but younger than Nadrakas. (I hope I spelled his name right...)

Marital/Child Status Married (Kelly) with two kids. Both girls. We bought a house with a large back yard for me to bury the bodies...

Websites: Rants page AeonOnline

Interests RPG's obviously, or I'd not be here... Anything to make my kids life easier, or my wife's... Martial Arts (Studied 4 different forms over 7 or 8 years...), Fallout Series of Computer games.

Specific Games: Palladium Fantasy RPG, Tribe 8, Big Eyes Small Mouth, Aeonverse, Changeling, Exalted, Star Wars (d6 or d20), d20 D&D.

Most likely to be nice after: sex.

Most likely to be an ####### after: listening to some LARP moron tell me about his character.

Likes: Coffee, Sex, RPGs, Computer Games, Sex, Cajun food, kicking ass for cash in martial arts tournaments (sorry, I'm a Mercenary, but I admit it...), and sex.

Dislikes: My daughter wearing her sandbox in the house, door to door salesmen.

Hates: Democrats, Media "personalties", Most anything made in Hollywood, Vampire

Hates to the point of physical violence: Democrats at my door asking for votes, door to door salesmen that don't hear the word no, any male that looks at my daughters, LARPers trying to get me to come back to their game after I nearly kicked in the STs teeth...

Anything else you really want to know?

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Okay, I'm easily the youngest person here, so I'll get going.

Forum Name-

Umoja (Swahili for "Uncountable-one" or Unity)

Also am Maxxi on the White-Wolf and ELN forums.


Ummm.... Mark, Whitest Black kid I know, God-man, and Language guy.

Real Name-

Mark though it's technically Marcus, I never go by it.

About Me-

Okay, I'm really young in comparisson to everyone else here.  I'm 16, and fortunatly live in New Jersey, just outside of the wonderful city of Newark.  I've been gaming for uhhh.... 4 years I guess, and I'm an obsession type person so I've gained an uncanny knowledge about RPing that I won't even have in two years... .but hey thats me.

I attend a Public Highschool, in which the student populace is overly mixed as some say, but in reality that means that their are more black students then every other group combined, which is odd considering the black to white ratio in the town is almost exactly 1 for 1, and economic status is about equal to *shrug*.  I guess attending the school tends to make you callous towards racism, because it exist so widely.... but I digress, I'm a pretty normal student, with normal grades, and a GPA of around a B+, I don't want to figure the actual numbers.

My general hobby is actually language currently, with RP being my activity that fortunatly requires less brain power.  I'm currently studying Spanish (In-school) and Swahili and Arabic on my own. I guess that's an acomplishment, and in addition I can read (Soundout would be the better word) Greek and Devangari (Used to write Hindi and Sanskrit).  Besides that I'm pretty boring, I don't think I've left my house in three days.  

See, I'm boring.....  So boring.

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that's impressive w/the languages! I always wanted to learn more, but never did. Even after several years of Spanish (and living in Texas where you'd think some of it would sink in) I barely know any of the basics....

I'm currently learning American Sign Language though...which is fun.

(oh, and you're not boring!   :P )

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Yeah, Tiff. You should be totally ashamed of how little spanish ya know.

teehee, not like I have picked up any more... uhhmmm well better run before Anine cathes me.

P.S. Few people are boring. They are just different and with how different...::clears throat significantly::...my friends are...not me of course bc I am totally normal...its always cool to meet someone different. ::hehe

Well gotta go will do fun stuff later bc computer crashing soon.   ::butbut

Later, dudes!


::eoncon03      ::eoncon03       ::eoncon03

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::says at the top of her lungs:: For the last time, I am not a freak!

(Ughh, DM's are so frustrating.)  ::hehe

Be nice, Tiff and maybe I'll get around to buying some Kaulua!

::withbeer  ::downmal  ::withbeer  ::eoncon03

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Forum ID: Thingmaker

Known elswhere as: Thingmaker3

According to the IRS: Lee Parker Cordochorea

Age: Fourty Something

Marital Status I was handfasted with Dr.Dorothy a few years back. (That's a Pagan wedding, for you folks who are not of the faith.) It's been great.

Day Job: I is a kunstruxion wurkur. I buildzez stuff. I wears a hardz-hat. I'll have a break for a while though, due to the slow economy. I'm thinking of it as a sort of unpaid vacation.

Pets: Two magnificent Scottish Deerhounds (Just "deerhounds" for you folk in the UK) named Herne and Laird. The cat died a few weeks back. We're coping.

Website: [link]http://home.attbi.com/~berkanahouse/[/link] (I have really got to update that thing! )

Interests: Blacksmithing, metal casting, home-brewing, science fiction, nerd conventions, RPG, meeting interesting people, gourmet cooking. Current projects involve knife-making and some candle holders (outdoor novina holders) as well as a few tools.

Specific Games: We've got enough gaming books to make a stack between twelve and fourteen feet high. Currently involved in a Werewolf the Apocalypse game - Dorothy is running it, but I'm supposed to take over in about another year. Looks like the Trinity game fizzled out finally. Thinking of starting a new game, but not sure what it will be.

Gamers I Know: Nobody with a handle here, although I suspect that Brian C may lurk here from time to time. Dorothy and I do occasionally have dinner with Bruce Baugh (I'm sure he puts up with me because of Dorothy) and I occassionally trade e-mail with Brian Underhill. I also hang out on a forum with a guy who's going to be making leather dice bags for Chessex.

Most likely to be nice after: coffee

Most likely to be an ####### after: hearing about the #### ####### Government doing some ######## ####### thing again that will result in yet another a loss of my freedoms, my money, my sanity, or my wits. And don't you ####### go telling me that it's for the good of the majority, either! I know better! Jeesh, don't get me started on the ####### liberal ####### bleeding-heart Government!!!

Likes: Pleasant mornings, pleasant evenings, sleeping in the afternoon. People who can keep up with me mentally. Better yet, people who can challenge me mentally. Really good food and beer.

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  • 2 weeks later...


AKA:TheUnstablist, Alsounstablist(I screwed up and got banned from one of my accounts), Helios.

Real Life: Mike

Age:18. Old enough to vote, but not much else

From:Suburbs of Washington D.C.

Roleplaying:I've now officially been roleplaying for one year, i started with  Vampire, and have read all the WoD corebooks, but Adventure caught my eye ealier this year, so I got it and am now completely hooked on the Aeon games(and am getting desperate to find a copy of Trinity, the store I get my books from never has it).

None of my players haunt any forums online as far as I know.  So thats about it.

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Well, I'll bite....

Forum ID: Sanctity

Others Elsewhere: Jezebelle, Sylphie

AKA: Tracy

All the exciting stuff:  Im 23, living in Savannah GA but from S. Fla by way of Canada.  Came here for art school and majored in comic books (yes, Im that much of a geek).  Have a very wonderful fiancee who doesn't game (much...I'm converting him) but knows more about horror movies than anyone on the planet.  Also have 3 cats and a doggie.  Um, other games...I was sucked into gaming when i lived in the dorms when i started school and have been playing/ running Aberrant cuz that the only books I own and everyone else moved away who had other books.  'Sides that I play SOLAR (Southern Organization of Live Action Renactments), more exactly Everhate, which is NC-17 live action D&D, check out www.solarinc.net for more info!  It rocks!  And thats pretty much it...Im generally one of the guys...sad but true.. :P


::baaa "Tact is for people not witty enough to be sarcastic."

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Never was any good with taking these personal discriptions seriously, but here goes:


Big Papa Kap

Other Names I'd Be Known By:

...If you find out, lemme know.

Real Name:

Kale (yes... like the lettuce.My parents still have not apologized)


That's a lot better. Okay, I'm a twenty year old college student living in Gonzales, Louisiana. (otherwise known as the land where nothing happens.) Just like the profile states, I have a more than common interest in creating and viewing art. I enjoy to sketch more than paint because, quite frankly, I can't pull out a canvas and a palette in the middle of classes.

I work at a Blockbuster video. If you have late fees and need them dealt with, I can give you detail instructions on what to do. I am firmly convinced that even though they rent anime that they are the true definition of an evil corporation... Yes... I'm still working there... I bartered a deal so that they only get 20% of my soul. That still gives me enough to work with.

As far as roleplaying goes, well I've been gaming now for... *counts backwards* about 6 years now. Until about 2 years ago, my entire roleplaying experience was the d10 system, being that the group I was in had a white wolf addict. As of these past few years I've been involved in Alternity, Deadlands, D&D 3rd ed, and a host of other games that could be mentioned but I'll digress on. Up until I actually read through the book (lotta paranoid friends) Trinity was always a secondary game for us. Now, it's the main game.

I suppose that about does it for me. the only thing left to say is that I have an irrational fear of forums. Was almost too terrified to post... AH! PEOPLE!   ::crazy

Later on, all.

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welcome aboard big papa! hope you enjoy the forums, no need to be afraid of posting here :) we're all friendly and love to have new people aboard! besides, it's a great way to get questions answered and try out plot ideas before you torment your players with them ::halo ... well, hope to see you around more...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok, I live in Cheshire England and I work as head of Communications for a music software company based in Paris. I'm also a part time sound producer recording local bands.

I have also worked for Rock FM as a voice-over artist and comedy performer, been a D.J.,Tarot-reader and a professional musician.

I am writing a dark fantasy/mystical/superheroic novel which is in a first draft and 2 chapters long so far.

I started playing RPG's when I discovered Call Of Cthulhu, then in order: Marvel Superheroes, DC Heroes, Champions, Runequest, Merp, Star Wars, Masquerade, Mage, Nephilim, Marvel Saga and Aberrant.

I fell in love with comic books aged 5 (Marvel reprints and DC) and later DC Vertigo titles, Alan Moore (Watchmen, Swamp Thing), Alex Ross (Marvels).

I spend my spare time dabbling with conversions to and from game systems, reading, writing music, producing local bands, surfing, building computers and paying bills.

Likes: Esoterica, Music production software, Writing, Music, Art

Dislikes: Politics, Bad bad people (real supervillains)

Watches: Almost no TV except for: X Files, Buffy, Old B movies, Old movies, Laurel & Hardy, Six Feet Under

Last 3 good movies I saw were: Lord Of The Rings, Ghost World, Regarding Henry

Currently playing: Star Trek Bridge Commander, Freedom Force (highly recommended for Superhero freaks)

Currently Listening to: Pixies, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, Beach Boys, Weezer, Cardigans, Sneaker Pimps

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Hey Now every body. How goes it... I gues I will jump up to the mike and spin a few rhymes yo yo...

Name: Peter yep pretty bland. My parents have nothing to apologize for in naming me.

Nicknames: Name it and I have been called it. Some of the more common ones are Freak, Chimney, and some ones that harle would kill me for repeating; just kidding... Back in high school I was generally regarded as being a Speed Junkie, which is funny becuase I was pretty much sXe. (Straight Edge for all you who don't recognize that.)

Info: Well I am 20yrs old. I am currently attending the local Junior College to get my EMT certificate. I have been gaming for 9 years now. For the first 3 it was no rules just role playing. 6 years ago I got into Vampire and ran the whole gambit of WoD games that there are. I lost interest in WoD and began playing Aeon-verse games. I am also a proud member of the SHARP sub-culture (SHARP = Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice) if you was an interesting rant ask me about the differences between Skinheads and Neo-nazis.


Harle: My s/o of almost 4 yrs now. (Will be 4 yrs on Oct. 23)

Music: I am an avid fan of Punk, Classical, Rock, and almost everything inbetween.

EMC: Emergency Medical Care. Another topic that I can go on for hours about

Computers: I adore my computer, and try to be online at least once a day.

Religion: A proud card carrying Athiest but I love to study it and debate it.

Politics: The world is messed up and politicians are sending it down the drain faster than you can blink...

Scottish History: Well most history actually but with an emphasis on Scottish History.

Cars: I spend probably far too much on my car just to keep it running, and despite what I say about it he is still a good machine (for a FORD) I dream of some day owning a car that is too fast for my own good.

Motorcycles: Similar to the last item. I prefer Cruiser style bikes but lately I have been seriously considering a Sport Bike.

Game: I love game it is a wonderful way for me to relax.


Aside from being a student I have to finance my life style so I work as an Inventory/Shippijng Clerk for a Sewer Camera Company. We make Video Pipeline Inspection Equipment.

Other Pertainint Info:

I am a Cancer. I am deathly afraid of Crickets (don't ask) but not much else.

My measurements are 36,24,36 just kidding...

Oh yeah Word to yo motha

Paxs Pimp

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