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  1. we're not evil. well, maybe before morning coffee... we like to think of ourselves as liberators, not conquerers, and peace keepers rather than messengers of annihilation... and yes, we have learned media tricks from the american republican party. ::devil oh yeah, and i'm a vampire.... ::sarcasm it had to be vampire... *kicks wod*
  2. ::teleport2 stellar frontiers... but i'm biased... ::teleport2
  3. it was actually a while before the characters even found out about the portal... the thing about it is, it's incomplete, not all the parts were found, and occasionally it randomly fires and tends to hit the characters. hence they weren't sure what was happening to them. either that or the crew that operates the portal flings the characters around as experiments. the characters only ever deliberatly used it once, and well, they were in one piece when they got back... interpret that how you will... ::blink they usually try to avoid the portal just on principal, fate, or the st at the time, has other ideas though. none of them like the thing, it's considered risky at best, deadly at worst. places visited: -atlantis/lemuria like place in the distant past -3321 AD in an alternate timeline (ala shadow run/rifts/star craft) -the subquantum dimension that holds the still point -1920's brazil near a tear in reality -2348 AD to catch a time thief (ala quantum leap/alternate trinity)
  4. what our group did was ase our game around a 'portal' a mystical artefact with the power to span space, time, and dimensions. we use the adventure rules and the same characters, but we play where ever and whenever and in whatever genre we please. it's been a lot of fun and proved to be very versitale.
  5. heh, my fiance's broke before he even got out of the store... he was three feet from the door when about 20 pages fell out. the owner of the store felt horrible, but it's a white wolf thing so she couldn't do anything about it.
  6. ::blink *thud* ::biggrin ::laugh ::biggrin ::laugh ::biggrin ::laugh ::biggrin
  7. the Probe Tech and Probe Personel pages didn't work when i clicked on them....
  8. ::smiley5 ::thumbsup ::smiley5 ::thumbsup ::smiley5 welcome everyone, hope you like what you see here and that you know you're all welcome to join in the fun!
  9. Happy Happy birthday from all of us to you, Happy Happy birthday from all the EON crew! Yeah Archer! hope it's a good one! ::thumbsup ::thumbsup ::thumbsup (above song modded from a popular restuarant version of the birthday song)
  10. happy birthday man, hope it's a great one with many more to come.
  11. wow, it's been about a year now, eh? ::biggrin welcome back, we missed you buddy.
  12. ::biggrin ::biggrin ::biggrin ::biggrin *sigh* ::biggrin ::biggrin ::biggrin ::biggrin
  13. sorry folks, been MIA for a few weeks now... looks good, haven't had a chance to read everything in depth, but i'd say it's looking like it'll be great. i just sent of some info to Bahamut on where to start and how the whole e-book thing works. if you guys have any questions, please let me know. ::biggrin
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