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  1. Very belated, but best wishes mate.
  2. Good luck chap. Can I be your agent?
  3. Pirates tbh! Cheers guys. ::beer30
  4. Hadnt heard of it either... How do you judge that....?
  5. Aeon


    Its probably actually spam bots, but as your require registration they wont post....
  6. Where did you go for you honeymoon...?
  7. Lovely pics - wedding ones always are! ::smile
  8. Sorry to hear that buddy, hope things improve soon.
  9. Aeon


    Yeah, I was though that game never really took off iirc. Had some fun times on EON though! ::ultracool Suppose I'll stick around...
  10. Aeon


    Yup, I was the very first staff member back when Chill launched the site - I'm a proper veteran... I ought to start posting here again - always a brilliant community - but I'm very rusty on the rules... Which game are you STing Blue Ninja?
  11. Aeon


    Hello all! How are all you fine folk doing? Just passing through on a boring Friday afternoon (graduated and have a well paid, but usually stressful marketing position now) and thought I'd say hi! Whats up with the game lines atm? Are they totally shafted by WW? I haven't actually played an RPG for two years now, but keep an eye on the news. Been swallowed by World of Warcraft lately, in between work, gf and all that jazz. Anyway, hope you're all well! Sometimes feel nostalgic for the days back when I was one of only about 3-4 people posting here and was a staff member! ::beer30
  12. Aeon


    Bit belated - but a huge congrats to you and all best wishes for the future! ::beer30
  13. That's more like it... ::wink
  14. I appear in ghostlike fashion and there is no great fanfare....?! Disgrace!
  15. Hehe, and you weren't here *way* back in the day, when it was truly manic...!
  16. What me doing? One year to go off my Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree, look set to get a 2:1 - after that, roll on a career in Public Relations... Also have been with a gf for 18 months, and shes lovely.... ::blush
  17. I thought Dawn of the Dead was funnier due to the shocking acting.....
  18. The comp game was really, really deep and intelligent - its a shame it didnt get the recognition it deserved (PC Gamer UK named it 18th best game ever tho in their top 100 last month - huzzah!)
  19. I am fairly country bumpkin-ish too - Selby, outside of York nowadays...
  20. Where are you from Prof - are you Scottish? Im from Edinburgh originally...
  21. The best advertising tagline in history IMHO!
  22. I like this boy... American beer is weak as piss. British ales are brilliant - Kent's Spitfire, and Yorkshire Terrier are two other fine ales. Am a good whisky drinker too (being Scottish and all...) London is not brilliant in itself, but I will be working in Parliament for an MP (graudating in a year Heritage...) That said - pretty good for young 'uns, and the nightlife is ace, if not expensive. Know someone who owns a really nice club in Chelsea that I can get it for free to, so may frquent there...
  23. Med School?! Another reason not to trust doctors. Next year I am living with 3 Medical students (all girls, 2 americans!) and they get bladdered all the time - not a chance in hell that I will ever trust a doctor ever...
  24. Air India is fine - I have used them when I travelled during my gap year - not the best, but they are safe, good pilots. Food isn't exceptional, but is certainly do-able. London is great - but expensive to say the least, and I'd say more confusing than any American city I have ever been to. Very worth a visit though - email me at ds143@york.ac.uk if you want any other advice - I know London very well - I will be moving there once I graduate.
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