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  1. Thank you Joseph, I think that was the background behind the basic sentiment of the original problem...
  2. GURPS Timeline is OOP unfortunately, but if you ever have the chance to buy it you should do so without pause and thank Santy Claws ::xmas for having placed it in your path... As well as all of history from the Big Bang though the (late?) 80s (when the book was published) it has Adventure Hooks for all of the time periods in that continuium.... it is a must have for any RPG Library IMO.
  3. OH! I also have found the best (to date) webpage for Dragonstar... Neo's Datalink, it includes conversions for the Alternity and Star Frontiers races, plus many new rules and such...
  4. Dragonstar Homepage Anyone play it yet? Opinions of those who have.... of those who haven't.... Anyone running it currently? Online even? Please reply! It looks great to me.
  5. Hey all, I've been a busy little devil lately... What with the kids and RL and working on a MUSH.... ::devil Yes, I'm working on a MUSH... it is an Amber theme MUSH and no, it is not yet open. I would love to find interrest here however, as we need a fire lit under our butts... ask me questions I'll tell you no lies, but I may not be able to tell you some of the things about the MUSH at this time. When we open (not yet scheduled) I will post an advertisement here (Per CHill's request). -N
  6. That's what I was what I was thinking of when I posted it.
  7. Check out this site!!! I am "The Tumbling Destroyer" and Chill is "The Happy Mercenary" ::hehe
  8. Yeah, that is a great utility Psiborg, my wife's owned it for years. Steffan is a great guy also, couldn't find us after we paid for it (or something) and posted to the usenet, a friend of ours found the post and we got the softwear... read about that story in full.
  9. This webpage allows you to pick obscurity levels, it is an interresting site
  10. ::nerdvana hops into the virtual kitchen to cook a virtual cake for everyone to share with Rosebrair today:: Happy birthday!
  11. This is it, finally, my century mark is hit! (with this very post) Just thought I'd use the thread for what it was originally created for. ::sneaky2 ::sneaky ::sneaky2 (Ed. What shocks me is that I've only been on the forums for 12.5 days... anyone else find 100 post that easy to reach?)
  12. Ok, here is who I see on the cover and their names... Going clockwise from the top right corner of the front cover I see... A figure before the moon, Duke "Core" Barron fighting a nasty sucker (that being either 1. Graydon, 2. A miteoid or 3. I have no clue who else it could be), the central figure is obviously Randal Portman (aka the Fireman), next is Mefistofaleez, above him is a partial figure (will detail that person as a Spine image) killing what I assume are unknown soldiers, next is Mal and finally Pax. On the spine is Totentanz (with his gold mask and the spear we see on the front cover) and some woman with long red braided hair. On the back cover (starting in the top left this time and going clockwise) are a red haired woman (possibly same as on spine), a cigar chomping dude (maybe Lance Stryker?), a butler looking guy, an angry oriental, Antaeus (much better pic than on p36), the guy in green with the woman in silver that Fred can't identify, Alejendra with adoring crowd, Splash of T2M, Corbin, lots of T2M (check below), and Slider being killed before a faceless crowd. The T2M picture: bottom up.... A green guy (Ricardo Montoya-Bernal?), a guy with a red mohawk, a guy with a mask, Skew is in the foreground, a red haired woman (Psyche? aka Allison Pfaltzgraff), a bair chested man (Ewen Banks? aka 'The Apollo Kid') So, anyone willing to fill in my missing ones?
  13. Let me second that.... ::crazy ::butbut What the heck does that mean, really?! ::whatsthat
  14. No, remember the words of the great prophet Henry Higgins about the English language here on the other side of the pond from you Chill...
  15. Anyone want to post or should I post the order/descriptions as I see them to make naming them easier?
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