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  1. Originally Posted By: Mr FoxApparently, it all started as a fan-driven support project for the Trinity Universe products (Aberrant, Adventure, and Trinity); I've still not figured out exactly what Eon refers to, but that may be a fun thing to explore. If its the naming anyone's curious about then I can answer that. EON was started as "Europe-net", and it slowly morphed into 'Europnet'. By about version 3 one of our moderators at the time suggested rethinking the name as the site had grown way beyond my original ideas for a 'European Opnet Node' into the premier Aeoniverse support site. AEON...E.O.N.... it made a kinda sense. It become EON with version 4 and went to the old chill.uk.net/EON URL at the same time - version 5 being the blue and white one, some graphics for that version of the site are still around *points to the EON link above*. I did have an aborted version 4.5 somewhere too when I was messing about with a lot of flash... came to my senses though and dropped the flash, went all white and blue and stuff with v5. ------- CHILL - still playing Trinity after all these years Gimme my Bright Continent, damnit -------
  2. Hi gang! I'm really interested in grabbing a copy of this and the link no longer works Does anyone out there have a copy the'd be willing to email over to me? Thanks.
  3. Just passin' through and I spot its the man from up north's Birthday. Hope you had a good one matey ::wink
  4. Wow, thanks everyone. Life's been somewhat busy (got married, changing jobs etc) so I've haven't been around for a while (and regretfully, won't be for a longer while - real life ::biggrin ). Great to see the site running smoothly, and the forums as busy as ever! Thanks again for the messages, take it easy all ::thumbsup
  5. Heya, sorry for not posting earlier, real life and all that. OK, I took down the original because it was largely based upon another source on the net, with a bit of expanding. Also, because the settting had changed drastically in my own campaign (errr, 4 campaigns) and I'd basically re-written a lot of it, and finally, cos I thought the book was awful. It was thrown up as a footnote for my own players originally and then this ere little website got busy and the like, and well, people other than my players downloaded it (though why I have no idea, it really was that bad). The new and improved version was around 80 odd pages long last time I worked on it, had stacks of colour art (I figured out how to use 3DSMAX amongst other things since I did the first one), and has contributions from Aninemity (opening fiction and about a third of the content)and others (kick ass NPC artwork by Victor Frost that you'll love im sure, for example), and editing by Tooho. When I get the new one done, it'll be straight over to EON for submission to the site, but I really don't want the old one around if possible.. It makes me cringe when I think of it. ::biggrin Thanks guys Hasta!
  6. Heya guys, sorry I havent been around much, its been riddiculously busy. I took down the original AZ PG from EON for specific reasons, so please do not repost it to the site or distribute it in other ways if you still have it. Thanks. As for the revised Players Guide, when i last worked on it (around May) it was about 60% completed or thereabouts, including a good chunk of artwork... no more work has been done on it since then due to the increasing demands of real life. I'm hoping to get back to it some day, but I doubt it will be in the immediate future; although I remain hopeful ::smile If I do get it completed, I'll bounce it over for hosting on EON of course. See you around.
  7. Hope it was a good one Kev ::thumbsup
  8. ^---- what he said ::thumbsup
  9. Keep an eye on the 'EON TO CLOSE' thread for details concerning _any_ content on EON, both current and future.
  10. Happy 22nd Birthday for yesterday to EON Staffer Aninemity ::biggrin ::biggrin ::biggrin ::biggrin ::cake ::cake ::cake
  11. Closet Brits ::wink *nods emphatically* ::biggrin
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