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  1. I'd say it depends on what question you're asking... If playing Adventure! as a stand-alone game, not worrying a whit about what goes on in the future of the trilogy (and why should you, after all!) then go ahead and include magic. I suggest a variation on the Trinity freeform psionics rules as a jumping-off place. If playing Adventure! in a more "purist" vein (and why shouldn't you, after all!) then one would have the pesky problem of explaining where the magic went in 2008 and 2120. So my vote would be "Yes and No." How's that for fence sitting? ::ninja
  2. http://www.kleimo.com/random/name.cfm is another random name generator based statistically on US Census data. Not terriffic for generatic Chinese names, but roughly suitable for US, UK, and parts of Europe.
  3. History Channel's \"This Date In History\" Better? I'll not judge. But useful!
  4. One of my Webpages has an idea I had regarding the Rapid Recovery of Quantum. It might make Taint a wee bit easier to come by. Thing is, the only "easy" way to get Taint is from the XP spending. Anyone got any house rules for "affirming one's Archetype while spending XPs?"
  5. Taint can be channeled into Chrysalis if the Taint is gained while affirming one's Architype. Temporary Taint is gained by botching a roll on a maxed power (very low to exyremely low statistical probability) Permanant Taint is gained by purchasing Powers, Quantum, or Mega-Attributes at a reduced XP cost. I can understand the affirmation of one's Archetype in the use of a maxed power, but how does one affirm one's Archetype while spending XP? Can one even channell Permanant Taint as opposed to Temporary Taint? Is the Rapid Recovery of Quantum the only real way to earn Chrysalis points? ::huh
  6. Back in late July, author John R. Snead got tire of waiting and decided to spill a couple of beans from the AsAs project. It's on one of those god-awful Yaphooey groups, so there may be a hoop or six for you to jump through to get to it, but here's the addy: Yahoo! TrinityRPG Group (message #4794) Sorry, no Ministry stuff there, just Nippon an Novas and NEW CHARACTER TYPES, oh MY!
  7. I was under the impression that printing and shipping costs were extremely variable. Do not details such as quantity of the run, size & number of pages, and quality of binding all have an effect on per-unit cost? I've seen hardcover books with twice as many pages sell for ten bucks a pop. I am mightily hesitant to suspect anybody of conspiricy to commit Trinicide. I am also hesitant to suspect industry professionals to make "huge mistakes." I am much more likely to believe that things I really like are seldom as popular with the masses as things I sort-of like. KT, don't blame WW, blame the pedestrians! (Assuming that there's a need for blame in the first place...)
  8. Intriquing ideas from both Harl and Pax! Regretably, my discretionary time for the afternoon is at an end. I'll get back here as soon as I can to offer more thoughts.
  9. Nonsense! Nadrakas only runs the forum. Minerva has all the REAL power! ::minrules ::cultofminerva And what the heck, since Pax is buying... ::withbeer
  10. ::withstupid ::minrules ::cultofminerva ::baaa
  11. He're Señor Mauled's good side! http://www.dribbleglass.com/subpages/strange/chicken.jpg
  12. Only time I've tried it was for a one-shot at a convention. One of the best gaming quotes of my experience came out of it. "Of course I know what a bomb is, you monkey-loving gwaichan!"
  13. Aberrant canon? Screw it! ::devil I've been toying for a month or so with the idea of a major revamp of the whole Aberrant thing. Call it an "alternate setting" if you want to. I'm trying for something that will fit in with Adventure! and Trinity backstories. 1970's are a good start. I'll need to devise what was going on then and why - as well as what would be popularly known about the era. The Æon Covenant will need a write up too - with "a touch of gray" this time instead of Machiavelli's School for Evil Genocidal Conspirators. I like the idea of the Fireman - I wonder if I can keep him as the first "publicly errupted" nova. The Aberrants need a lot of fleshing out - they need to have the spotlight instead of Divas and his Merry Band of Adolescent Godlings. (Even if it is the Terragen that's being referred to as "Aberrants" in the Trinity core book.) Taint needs a complete overhaul. It needs to be the price of too much power instead of the candy-coated path to ascension. (Not that I'd neccissarily do away with Chrysalis, mind you.) There needs to be something other than XP savings and botched rolls that piles up the taint. Taint also needs to be much more poorly understood prior to about 2012, too. Need to take away some powers in exchange for amping what gets left. Psi powers were never supposed to be on the list of Quantum powers. Makes no sense with the whole "mutually opposed forces" thingie in place. Moving mountains? no prob! Reading minds? Huh-uh. Second generation would have to be more in line with what gets described in Trinity. So then, any constructive ideas for this Heresy? ::devil
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