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  1. OH! And Appleseed, can't believe I forgot Appleseed. Either movie is good ref, the recent one is obviously more flashy, but they're both good.
  2. There is also an X tv series that takes things a bit slower and has an interesting difference in the ending from the movie. I haven't read the manga so I''m not sure which of the two is closer, but yeah, both are pretty over the top in regards to power level. There's also an anime series I believe regarding Subaru (from X) in specific, though I can't remember for the life of me what it's called. Other movies I thought up in the meantime... Returner (general whacky sci-fi) X-Men (general Aberrant ref) Imposter (not good, but somewhat entertaining, general sci-fi refrence) Double Vision (more a horror ref, but good for creepy Aberrant inspiration) Earth 2 (an older, and not per se exceptional TV show, but the opening premise and some of the colonization woes might be inspirational, and it's on DVD now strangely enough)
  3. There's a lot to pull from, depending on the kind of Trinity game you want, but as an off the top of my head list: Blade Runner (duh) Minority Report (Clears, some cool tech and a little bioware inspiration) Equilibrium (general near future action eye candy) Fifth Element (arcologies, some tech, hover cars) Alien & sequels (classic sci-fi horror/action) Earth: Final Conflict (in the begining an interesting resourse for Qin and bioware, less so the goofier it got, stick to first season) Spriggan (excellent resource for Superiors) Top Gun (Pheonix Squad but in atmosphere) Basic (general Legions/military refrence) Cowboy Beebop (general sci-fi and mood refrence) Ghost in the Shell 1 & 2 & TV (quintissential source for Japan in Trinity) Confesssions of a Dangerous Mind (oddball Norca refrence) Spy Game (another Norca/spy refrence) Lain (wierd, but a lot of strange and intruiging ideas) Read or Die *R.O.D.* (innovative neo pulp stylings and Aberrant level powers, general refrence) Pitch Black (darker, more gritty sci-fi) Firefly/ Serenity (similar to Beebop in some ways, a space western) Event Horizon (space horror done fairly well) Farscape (every hair-brained fantasy you EVER had about space and aliens) New Battlestar Galactica (complex story, excellent Legions source) Blue Sub 6 (post apocalyptic bent with some Aberrants in there, good for a France campiegn) Aeon Flux (the movie at least has a TON of bioware and a fair amount of other cool gadgetry, I'm told the series is good if you can stand the animation) Incredibles (more for Aberrant, but still decent for some tech ideas) Well, that's off the top of my head anyway. I know there are a few serieses and TV shows in there, but even most of those have a movie component you can watch to get the gist of what the series will offer.
  4. Thanks all for the B-day wishes. It was quite good and as abonus it seems George Lucas has released a movie this week just for me! Well, maybe not JUST for me, but still... Jake
  5. This question kind of depends on what you're including in 'personality'. Assuming you mean simply emotional state minus tampering with memories or perceptions of the world (as in making someone think car batteries are houseplants) then the effect is going to be reminiscent or certain emotional side effects of brain surgery or anti depressants. Often after taking such medications or undergoing such treatment friends and loved ones will complain that the person is simply 'different'. They respond in ways they normally wouldn't reacting more harshly to some stimuli and less so to others. Ultimately this sort of thing would be mostly a social effect. It might change the character's outlook on things like politics and social interactions but it's unlikely to alter them to the extent of animal behavior. Jake
  6. It's one of the listed examples under 5 successes on psychnending with one of the upper powers (I don't remember the power name and don't want to look it up). I'm pretty sure that one is meant figuritively to suggest the gravity of the changes that can be made. As I recall the other example is something about being born thousands of years ago on Yugoth or something to that effect. Like Nullifier said even if you did that to somebody it'd only be until they passed out and normal body functions resumed. I seriously doubt they meant that as a tactic to be used in game. Jake
  7. Heya and welcome to the boards, Hidden Hives is a section in India Underground(begins on page 53, a slight error in some of the references), not a seperate book. Also, the proxies were created by the Doyen without any Aeon involvement, see The Story Thus Far section in the Trinity softcover rulebook for details on the how's and why's of all that. Essentially the proxies (and the Orders) are one Doyen faction's attempt at destroying the aberrant menace by using the source species (hummanity) against itself. There is another faction within the Doyen that decided this was a dangerous idea, and they opted instead to use the Chromatics as their weapons to destroy aberrants (though they have a more total goal of wiping out humanity altogether to stem any future spread of taint) and thus transformed that species from stone age to space age in a matter of decades. Jake Writer, Artist, General Voodoo Man: India Underground
  8. Ahh ok, a few from my long running Trinity game. (after totally taking an NPC the wrong way and completely assuming him to be Ming the Merciless class evil, the pcs decide to break into his home for clues) Daniel: Of course, we'll have to cover this up somehow, the guy is a cop. Kael: Ok, we'll break in, go through all his things, rifle through his computer, then burn the place down. Daniel: Why would we do that? Kael: It'll throw them off, we'll burn it down, and make it look like arson! *a moment of silence from the group, followed by me nearly falling down laughing* Kael: What? Me: You're gonna burn the place down. It IS arson! *still no one finds this funny, I continue to laugh* (Kael and Daniel again, discussing their proffessional lives, i.e. living as spooks) Daniel: So, does it ever bother you that we kill so many people indescriminately? Kael: No, no it does not. We DON't kill indescriminantly. We aren't lunatics; we're very very specific about who we kill. (Classic line from Vella, the mother of all naively innocent pcs, and I swear to god this was not a sarcastic conversation in the least) Vella: But he's so misunderstood, he's had such a hard life. Me: He's an insane Quantakinetic bent on destroying the Telepath order in its entirety. He's killed over a dozen people that you know of including several before your very eyes. Vella: Sure but he's got his reasons. He's just a little stressed out. He needs something to take his mind off it. Like a pet! Oooh, can I give him puppy? Me: I....yes.... if you want you can give him a puppy. (same game after the party has transported the aforementioned QK to a holding facility, all the while fearing his imminent escape, myself making the trip extra long and ponderous) Me: You arrive at the station without incident. Janie: We arrive at the...we what!? I thought you were going to kill us all! Me: Not today. I'll kill you all tomorrow. (In Slag's adventure game, my roguish pool shark encounters the nefarious Dr. Mephestos) Dr. Mephestos: You have no authority here little man. Livio(me): Little? I'm taller than you *&^%$! *I proceed to be owned* (One as yet unused bit of dialogue from the same game) Max: Buddy, I'm gonna punch you like it was my job! Livio: Max, not to interrupt here, but you're a Fed, I think that IS your job. Max: God bless AMERICA! (my adventure game, after the party has aquired a book akin to the necronomicon and is keeping it in the basement of their mansion) Kyle: Anyone smell the stench of death out here? I'm smelling dead people. More when the come to me. Jake
  9. Ok, I'm really not trying to sound picky here, but why does your players knowing their adversary's soak bother you? In story terms the characters will know after their first encounter with Baron Titanium that he's a touch bullet resistant anyway. They'll know to bring bigger guns next time. In game terms the auto soak cuts the ST think time almost in half. Unless there's a misc modifier the players can then totally keep track of the damage they deal and you can keep track of the damage the NPCs deal, streamlining the whole process. And if there's anywhere in a game that streamlining is handy it's combat. I dunno, I just don't get it. Victor
  10. Crosssovers are tricky, but I've done a few that turned out quite well so I'll throw in my two cents. The first thing you'll need is a good working understanding of what rules exist and how they apply to your st method. If you can't find a copy of the tpg I'd recommend you have somebody at least send you a copy of the rules set for psi and taint interaction (though the entire book is worth it, aside from the core the single most useful resourse for me as an st). I know there are pdfs of the thing floating about and since it's been discontinued its going to be about the only place to find such info without paying an arm and a leg. The whole how they apply is important as well. How does mega str work with regards to vehicles? In Trinity terms what is taint and is it the same as quantum? Do psions get the psiad extra soak vs abby attacks? That sort of thing isn't directly covered anywhere but has to be worked out for a game to progress. ***As a note, generally I run games where the mega str gives one die of extra damage per level when dealing with vehicles, therefore a ms lvl 3 punch would have a str+2(standard punch)+3(mstr level) damage pool against a vehicle (before soak). I also run it where tiant interference is based on quantum score and not taint and give the psions the soak that psiads get. It tends to even things out a bit between the groups so that aberrants get appreciable bang for their buck but are not unstoppable (they are still hella scary at times, so be sure to monitor your players). Oh and the doubled psi pool option is a nice idea as well. I suggest toying with it a little.*** Something else to remember is that Aberrants, no mater how cute and fuzzy are not well liked in the 22nd century. Player have to be careful of their actions if they want to be part of the world and one wrong move will literally land you in front of most countries's military. That said, people individually aren't all that reactionary, and its reasonable for characters, both pc and npc alike to accept an abby given the right situation. Really aside from system issues, of which there are a few (thank god I never had to directly deal with agg damage) the rest is just knowing the story that's there already and the one you want to tell alongside it. I promise you crossovers can work, and are quite rewarding at that, they just take a little more planning and a little more care. Victor
  11. My roommate (Slagheap in case anyone has been here for awhile and remembers him) is really into Planetary and I've read most of what he has from the series. It's pretty good stuff. I like the Doc Brass character but a few of the other homages kinda bug me. It's not that they aren't well done it's more that I've seen them too often in Elliss's work to find them quite as original now. Something else to look at in a similar vein is Global frequency which to my mind is kind of the better parts of what he did on Authority and Planetary in one book. It's about this group that I kind of picture as a sort of teched out Aeon with a little more interest in taking part in world affairs. Actually come to think of it it's a lot like a followup to Stormwatch. Ehh, whatever. Jake
  12. Ah see, this is when you've really got to put that extra mile into your npcs though. Keep in mind there's more than one way to skin a cat, or in this case a pesky nova. Give this quickness monkey a nemisis that will come back to haunt him, someone either equally quick or better yet, built to defend against his quickness (i.e. the stealth nemisis, the one that doesn't outdo you with your trick, but has a new one up his sleave that negates it, like time dilation). Moreover you've got to keep in mind that your npcs aren't fools, and they will at some point catch on to the fact that this guy throws more punches in a second than a hummingbird flaps its wings. NPCS that know this will take precautions, such as never engaging this guy in close quarters combat. He can't hit them from range twenty times a round, he can only pummel stab or slash them. They'll carry guns, or have qbolt, and they'll use the hell out of the range those weapons give them. It's hard to advance on an opponent when nine out of your ten actions are dodging. That or they'll have goons as was suggested earlier, and they'll use those poor souls as nice fleshy shields for ths guy to wade through. To deal with quickness it's a matter of wearing him out, slowing him down (called shots to the legs anyone?) or simply not putting him in a situation to use it. I've had a few sessions end when the big fight was in fact more or less a verbal battle, a test of wills and not fists. Every now and again it won't matter how fast the character is, it just won't be applicable to the situation. I don't think allowing him to split is a bad thing, just don't forget he can do it. The biggest challenge of any rpg, but Aberrant in particular, is remembering everything your characters can deal with and tailoring a game with that knowledge. The game is built for the players and their characters, and there's no reason to hide that fact. Jake
  13. As I recall quickness does allow you to split extra actions normally, however you can only use quickness to get extra physical actions. i.e. he can't use quickness to fire q-bolt or antyhing like that, whether he splits or otherwise. Now if he just wants to pummel somebody two dozen times in a round and he's got the dice for it, that's acceptable. Jake
  14. There is of course the unified Experience chart, and I think that's floating about this site somewhere. Because there were some hefty differences in the standard xp costs between trinity and the other games. Jake
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