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  1. Of course it would be interesting to see a pilot attempt to stop a ship as large as the Leviathans if said gargantuan ship was feeling fiesty... hmm I think I see a plot device coming on ::devil I almost feel bad for my gamers now... almost -PP
  2. Just one thought. I always read the section in Luna Rising about the sentience as being that the jumpships have always been self aware, so one could assume that their continued willingness to work with humanity is perhaps a true desire to help humanity. Of course my theory only works with the assumption that the jumpships have always been sentient. -Pax's Pimp ::ultracool
  3. This is only vaguely related to the topic at hand, but what the hell I will post it any ways. I have often found a great difficulty in adapting movies to games if you try and follow the plot as it is presented in the movie for two main reasons. 1. Most movies are centered around 1-2 characters and really leaves other characters by the way side. 2. Most times the group I play with want to deviate from the plot as it was done in the movie so thus with in a matter of 1-3 sessions what started as a game based on a movie ends up being so barely related that you can't see the similarities. Has anyone else had this experience or is my group rather unique in that aspect. -P
  4. I would suspect that novas would crap more than your average humans. I am sure this is going to step well into the world of I don't want to know but who cares. As a medical student I must admit that this is not the first time this thougth has entered my mind. So here goes my logic behind the quantum defecation... People who have healthier bowls will move material more times per day than people whose bowls are not as healthy. (which is why we as a nation worry so much about constipation and small bowel obstructions) So it stands to logic that since novas are "super-humans" then they would have "super-gastrointestinal tracts" which would allow them to move material at a swifter rate through their bodies. Also though on the matter of number of bowel movements per day, I believe that it would also stand to reason that they would have a superb sphincter tone (If you are unsure what that phrase means go look it up at your local library as that I am not going to grace you all with a dissertation on sphincter tone.) So in conclusion I would suppose that though they do not "void" their bowels any more than any humans their amount of material that they void is probably more... Take it for what it is worth. This is just my opinion on the matter. I may be wrong on some of the physiology of GI processes, so if you are better informed then I am please do not be too cruel -P
  5. Though it has been a while since I have played A!, one think I remember that my group really got a kick out of (which could be better translated as were perpetually irritated by) was a mortal villian. One who was not and type of inspired, but was just a crooked cop from Chicago PD who was simply lucky. They were constantly trying to kill him. IMHO the best villians aren't the ones who can stomp all over the characters and wipe the map with them, but one who can provide a constance annoyance and even some what of a threat. You can then not worry about whether this person will kill a character accidentally, unless the player screws up majorly. -P
  6. On the topic of them bringing back the Aeonverse line. I am well aware that I risk evoking the ire of this entire board with this comment but I almost don't want the line revived... *flinches awaiting the inevitable backlash* Here is my reasoning. I am well aware that they are bring back Bates, Baugh, and Blackwelder for this but my opinion is that the Aeonverse doesn't need anything else. When I first heard about it I thought YAY! and such but as I thought about it I realized that I don't think anything is missing right now. I think that if WW turns its attention to Aeonverse games only then the result be an over saturation of material and it will be all to easy for conversations to dissolve into arguments about which canon is better canon since there will eventually be contradictions. I dunno maybe I am just being paranoid but I can see the potential for the whole revival to have a bad influence on the games... -Pax's Pimp P.S. Nullifier just a quick FYI I am actually one of those players who doesn't like Abberrant. So now you can say that you have met one matey. ::smokin
  7. Here are some of my favorite quotes.... "This may be the only epidemic in history in which no one has officially died" - And The Band Played On "You like pain? Try wearing a corset." "I m disinclined to aquiest your request." "It is bad luck to have a woman on a ship. It would be worse luck not to have this one." -Pirates of the Carribean and the winner is..... *drum roll* "THIS IS MY BOOM STICK !!!!!!" -Army of Darkness
  8. I will be sending out the font to all the people listed above Also if anyone else would like the font either e-mail me at circuit_skin@yahoo.com or aim me at circuitskin, or yim me at circuit_skin. Do we see a recurring trend? ::biggrin -Pax
  9. Buddy Pal Chum o' mine take a closer look at the signiture on the bottom of Cali. I already own it. Let me annex Oregon and maybe we'll be talking... *WEG* ::sly Proof -Pax
  10. Welcome everyone sit down and have a drink. ::chillbeer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::cola ::cola ::cola ::cola ::cola
  11. Makes sense, sounds pretty cool. I really like the whole idea of the "special" races vs the standard ones. -Pax
  12. Only if you can throw in some Arizona sea front property then maybe we can talk... ::biggrin Pax
  13. Ahhh my naive wayward brethern, there is one thing that C.O.M. can offer you that you will never find from the monkeys, what is that you ask? Respect. You say you have respect? I will not argue with that but what I will say is that you have the wrong kind of respect. Any quantum hurling buffoon can obtain the respect of the mindless masses of mediocre monkeys, but what I will offer you is the respect of your peers. Fellow Novas like your self who will recognize the true leadership and pedigree that you possess, and will flock to your cause. Do not leave your life of comfort, I ask not for that, but join me and let us show the monkeys that we are the way of the future, we are the next evolutionary step. Like Prometheus we can descend from on high and be their light, their beacon through the dreary existance that is known as life. By rising above them we can act as rulers shaping this world for a greater future, a future in which no nova is oppressed. So what say you my friend? Will you rise above the world of the monkeys? Will you break free of the oppressive chains that bind you? Will you be one of the few and the proud? Come accelerate your life in the C.O.M. and be all that you can be. What I offer you is a doorway into another world. A world where everything is greater, especially you. -Pax
  14. What is this nice word you all keep using and how does it apply to NPC's? -Pax <---- Still in many ways an old skool WoDer...
  15. I personally dig the idea of a chinging device, I think it can be more fun for the player and for the storyteller as well. By trusting you to come up with the device(s) the player has almost said that they have no clue what the device will do all the time. I think maybe some new and cool bio-app that usually does certain things but every so often it will act in new and previously unheard of ways. It can be an awesome tool for moving a story foreward. -Pax
  16. For the psiad sheet wouldn't a general Trinity sheet work? just with differenct dots used? Just an idea I had... -Pax
  17. Of course we know you are kidding *grabs sacrificial knife* Now why don't you lay down on this ergonomically correct stone bed and we can talk about how well we knew that you were kidding... ::tongue ::devil Pax
  18. The closest I ever came was in an Abbie game where I had the players be the ones who broke the story about AEON Society being evil to the world. It worked fairly well. I ended up accelerating the story line towards the end due to impending academic obligations. So anyways the game was pretty decent and I truely learned in that game that I can never trust my players not to find a way to make unstopable characters. -Pax
  19. As of this point InUn is still unreleased but in the mean time if my memory serves me correctly you can find an example of quantakinesis in the powers section these were submitted by Jackson Creed so that may help you out a bit. -Pax
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