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  1. Yeah man, sad to see it end. The game was some seriously crazy ish. Well, I guess someone else has to find an interesting Trinity story now. ::devilangel
  2. Simon yawns and sits up on his bed. He stretches his arms out, muscles visibly changing shape to give him the best possible extension. He stands up and walks over to his closet, pulling out some casual work clothes, which consist of slacks and a shirt in a very modern design. He puts them on before talking. "That isn't my problem man...." He looks at Alex with a sorry look, but then snorts and starts to laugh. "No, I'm just kidding. Let's check the places you left them first, maybe you can try and contact them? Did they have locator chips in them?" Simon heads for the door, finally, a break from routine.
  3. I'm gonna pop in late: 1.) Transhuman Space (and to a lesser extent other GURPS games, like Gurps Voodoo) 2.) Shadowrun 3.) WoD (especially Vampire and Mage) Dislikes: 1.) Mechwarrior (Battletechs RPG)- I just never liked it. 2.) Engel- THEY KILLED EVERYONE IN AFRICA?!! 3.) Cyberpunk 2020- Seemed rather... bland, too generic of a setting. It had more potential if the setting wasn't so childish.
  4. Just got back from Florida/ Studying. What did I miss in a nutshell, it seemed like some technical problem happened that Mendez wouldn't be aware of happened. Did I miss something?
  5. During the Meeting. Madina closes his eyes and simply nods. "I understand. Low Profile." Madina remains quiet for the rest of the meeting. On the London Bound Flight Madina sits quietly on the plane, eyes closed, and slowly breathing. The sensation of feeling the air around the plane whoosh by, and the feeling of being thousands of feet up can be disconcerting but at the same time, it is an extremely good time to think. Madina had packed light, carrying mostly money to buy some English clothes. His own possessions were in a large millitary style duffel bag. Standard things that he could carry across borders, three sets of clothes, 'The 4 Rivers' By Baha'u'llah and 'Some Answered Questions' by Abdul Baha. Daniel always prefered 'real' books over the digital format. To top it all off Daniel had brought some recreational equipment, a tricorder (hope that's the term) and the necessary equipment to make sure it worked properly. OOC: I'm back from my stressful AP test cramming session the past few weeks. Sorry about the delay.
  6. Thank you all, thank you all. and Ayre al KaBeer, I'll assume your able to speak Arabic, so Shukran. I am the youngest, yay-hay.
  7. If Mendez doesn't get put on the mission, he's going to pee in everyone put Alex's Gatorade.
  8. Simon rolls his tongue across his lips in thought. "Okay, it's like this, I go and get my brain or cellular structure or something reconfigured in a tank. That isn't what makes me think differently though, imagine half the stuff I see or do doc, I'm basically sworn to secrecy about. For all I know your intentions are good, but when it comes down to it, I'm really not cleared to talk about much of anything. I'm sorry for being so vague, but that's the best I can explain I guess." Simon gives a weak shrug. He makes sure all of his things are on, adjust his shirt collar, and starts to walk out. "Doc, also, thanks again for the best news I could ever desire. The clean bill of health." Weak smile.
  9. Simon shrugs. "I'd find it disturbing if I had mental stability that would be considered normal. Regardless, even if something was wrong, I wouldn't talk to you about it, not because I don't like you, but because I can't trust you. Thank you for the report of my clean bill of health." It's funny to hear Simon have his few lucid moments in 'secret agent man' mode. OOC- I'm Sorry, what's the Ship Councilors Office?
  10. Name: Mendez, Simon Bolivar Date of Birth: 2094/06/7 Place of Birth: Bogota, Columbia Nationality: Columbian Marital Status: Unmarried Employer: Newsday Sudamerica Position: Field Journalist Languages: Spanish, Portugese Combat training: Known to have a background in Capoiera, and basic firearm training. Skills of note: Some training in Computer skills Some training in Security Systems Previous Work- [2120-Present] Newsday wins numerous spaces for reporters on a number of Jumpships. Bolivar is chosen to work, along with Alexander Yi, on the Kai Xing. [2118 - 2120] Despite having been away for a year, Bolivar is mysteriously promoted, and continues working across South America. [2116 - 2117] While on assignment in Venezula, Bolivar is approached by a Norca agent. Takes a year long sabbatical, presumably in Brazil. [2114 - 2116] Works internship at Newsday. Uncovers a lead about an FSA Diplomats love affair with a Columbian Business Woman. Hired full time for newsday. [2111-2115] Introduction to Journalism in High School. Meets Alexander Yi in College.
  11. Rooms were meant to be for storing your stash of semi-legal pills of a various natures but noooo..... Had to have them confiscated along with a biotech laser which was smuggled aboard. Silly laws.
  12. Daniel is dressed in a semi-biotech-looking pants, and a Green shirt with a Proteus Badge over his right breast. He gives a smile, and nod to Taka. "Trust me, it was a harrowing experience none the less. I'm just glad that we've all been given a chance to our communal homeland, and the birthplace of our species." Daniel "turns" his attention to Oswald, the way he talks is rather strange, since he doesn't always look in the persons general direction when he starts talking. His Clear mindset is clearly coming more into play in this less stressful situation. "Doyen, that sounds like the type of grand murder mystery I've always wanted to hear. A house of secret masters attempting to play the Messengers of God. They sound vaguely transcendant. Do they manifest any other modes besides Telepathy, and I'd assume Clairsentience?"
  13. Inhale, exhale. "Well, firstly I'm a reporter, I report, and my friend Alexander records. The images of this planet aren't charted to our knowledge and when we return to Earth media stations will gobble this up. Secondly, I have assorted skills in a variety of areas that could help the mission, least among them that I am biokenetic." Simon grimaces, he rarely ever brings up the fact he's a psion. It's not that it's a secret, but he prefers not to bring it to anyones attention.
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