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  1. I remember you, Prodigy. You were a real mainstay of this site. And knowing you, you still are. ~ Min
  2. Awesome! Thanx! ~ Omeri
  3. Yeah, sure, that would be great. I would have logged on as "Minerva" but I forgot my password... I wonder why... ~ Omeri
  4. Does it still exist? I mean... that was like... ages ago. Like 2001 or 2002 right? ~ Omeri
  5. The reason why I mentioned the name "Minerva" was I was wondering if anyone remembered me from those days. I was the one who took a drive and visited Hastings, Nebraska (the home of the mutant Kool-Aid man) so many years ago. ,,~ Omeri
  6. It has been a while since I have been able to get back online. The last time I wandered around the web I went by the name "Minerva". Now I am looking to get slowly back into Aberrant, I hope I can get some help figuring out how to make sense of some of it. The information in the books can be a bit spread out and contradictory. I shall be sure to ask as the need arises. ~ Omeri
  7. One thing I have learned about any website is that all of the HTML tags are in English. Period. It doesn't matter what language the pull downs are. The reason is that the conference that standardized HTML tags was in the US. That may be a little bit of help. For other help, feel free to either E-mail me or PM me... I'll see what I can do, Pengyou. I'm not surprised it looks like a manga by the way. Its pretty standard in both Japan and Taiwan (island living, go figure). Just take it one day at a time. Hopefully you'll meet up with some people who can speak English (seems to be a sort of measure of status from what I understand). Otherwise, we're here for your sanity check! ---Min
  8. Okay I know this has been brought up before. But, of course, I could not help myself. We all know of the fight between Pax and Mal... and we all know who won... (for those poor souls who don't know, go to page 147 of "Aberrant World Wide Phase I" to find out). But what if other opponents are thrown up against each other... who would win? So without further adeu... Who do you think would win? Godzilla vs. Totentanz Legion vs. the Colony (okay so I'm a Toho fan so sue me) or some more traditional versus... Kikjak vs. Gothic Night (I swear it is not a Batman reference) Teen Tomorrow vs. N! (oh come on... they are a PR dabocal waiting to happen) This is all in fun... if you have your own versus... please feel free to add them on!!! ---Min
  9. Happy Birthday... Try not to have too much fun. ::devil ---Min
  10. I'm glad sweety... I speak Manderin Chinese from time to time... Taiwanese Chinese is a little different then Mainland though... *Shrug* Ah well... it helps translating those annoying Trinity things anyway... ---Min
  11. ::offtopic Um... sorry to bring this up... I've actually been to Hastings, Nebraska (i.e. the Wycoff explosion site). Two things I found there: 1. The only true mutant who makes his home there in real life is the Kool-Aid man (Kool-Aid was invented in Hastings, Nebraska). 2. The state insane asylm is located there too. Gives new meaning to Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid gang, huh? ::laugh ---Min P.S. For the curious visit the Hastings Nebraska Website
  12. Zaijian pengyou!!! ---Min
  13. Nadrakas, my dear, Quantum beats all... Let me beat you my love slave. Yes, Bahamut810, my purifyer, make all the monkeys understand the wrath the Quantum. ::devil (Sits back looking bemused) But, mortals never understood the Quantum might of the Gods of old. It saddens me to think that no matter how evolved a monkey becomes, it is still a monkey. (Sigh) Oh well, might as well start putting them out of their misery. ::ohcrap ---Min
  14. Look... trying attempting .... wanting to return to topic... My issue is not with the D20 system, honestly. My real problem is finding stuff hidden in remote portions of a book. Things that would have been nice to know and should have been emphisized somewhere else... For example "Adventure!" Page 264 the whole thing about Annabelle Lee "Crackshot" Newfield and her "unrequited love for Dr. Primoris" was never mentioned anywhere else in the book! Or a more amusing example: "Aberrant Players Guide" Page 80 under Dormancy in the story about Geryon's ability with said background (hmm... nice to know... thanks guys) Or perhaps my most favorite: "Aberrant Project Utopia" Page 11 is the only place ANYWHERE that mentions the real name of Caestus Pax which is Shelby Eisenfaust. They don't even mention it under the T2M segment. I'm not saying that the refreshing new look at the Aeonverse is bad. In fact I hope it does what I think White Wolf is hoping it will do, which is to bring in that larger audience of D20 gamers into the decent world which is Aeonverse. It also means they think that the world is worth saving and that, from White Wolf, is saying a lot. My only issue is I hope they put information in places that make sense. If they don't, I hope they have a damn good index because D20 gamers hate having to look for things on the fly (When I play D20 I'm definitely like that). One thing I hope they do is to put the eruption date of at least all their main NPCs for Aberrant. That would make roleplaying games that don't start in 2008 a tad bit easier in my book. ---Min
  15. Hey Phoenix! ::smiley6 ::fencers ::ohcrap Stupid Monkey... ---Min
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