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  1. CHILL's message-box is full, but I need to get in contact with him, or whoever's the overall moderator of the forums at the moment... but CHILL too. CHILL, if you see this: Contact me on AIM. Anyone else: Tell CHILL he needs to contact me on AIM. Sorry to make such a meaningless post, but there are things I must do, and those things require contacting him. And if you've been around long enough to have a guess at what "things I must do" could mean in relation to my presence on these forums, you're probably right. That's all I'm saying right now.
  2. Alright... time for the enigmatic Floss to take a turn. ::Pulls up a chair, snatches a can of Dr Pepper (there's no dot! hehe... look at 8-Bit Theater for this and other fascinating revelations), and proceeds to ramble.:: Forum ID: Mental_Floss Known elswhere as: Mental_Floss (almost everywhere), Ice_Blue_Eyes (GameFAQs forums... considering changing all my forum IDs to that, though) ....and in real life?: Joe (thus why I prefer being called Floss... there's too many Joes out there) ....and about me: Lessee... easy stuff first. I'm 20 (I've always been younger than almost everyone I associate with, for some reason...), and I live in the town-sized torture chamber known as Nashville (the one in Indiana, not the one in Tennessee, though the former does try its best to imitate the latter -- more country music than you can shake a large, painful, blunt object at). This place is so technologically backwards that the phone lines are still incapable of handling modem speeds over 28.8, or less on a bad day. Fortunately, I'll be moving to Florida in a month and a half, to be with that wonderful woman I like to call Jen (primarily because that's her name... heh). Seems I was lucky in the "significant other" department, because unlike others who have been mentioned, mine actually "gets" and enjoys gaming. Woohoo! ...Sorry, self-indulgent tangent. Like Chill and practically everyone else on here, you can see I'm exceedingly tangent-capable as well (seems to be a required trait for being a gamer, hm?). Fortunately, I sometimes (note: sometimes) put that rambling ability to good use by writing something cool, or something to that effect. Thus I tend to get stuck STing/GMing/whatever-ing virtually any game that I play. Ah well... such is my lot in life. Occupation-wise, I'm presently unemployed, but unless things go horribly wrong, I'll have a Quality Control job with a web service provider company as soon as I hit Florida. Hobby-wise... well, this will take a while. Anime, video games (primarily RPGs -- makes sense, eh?), reading virtually anything I can get my hands on, drawing (and occasionally overcoming my natural laziness to actually CG-colorize them), music (playing guitar and listening to my immense collection of CDs and MP3s), yadda yadda, blah blah blah... and of course, GAMING GAMING GAMING! I've been a gamer for 12 years. Yep, you read that right, since I was 8. I started with AD&D 2nd Edition (of which I still have a whole freaking lot of books), and moved immediately on to Werewolf: The Apocalypse late that year. I suppose this would explain a lot of things, now wouldn't it? Of course, I'm also a fan of Lovecraft and other bizarre things, so that must play some part. Primary gaming interests are everything which White Wolf makes except Vampire (die, die, DIE! you pretentious, annoying, no-PC-is-ever-allowed-to-be-more-powerful-than-our-beloved-NPCs, oh-look-how-tragic-I-am-as-I-casually-toss-aside-yet-another-mortal-corpse GAME! ...er... heh... sorry, got a little carried away there), that one multi-billion-dollar d20 game (yeah, that game... though Ravenloft is the only really cool setting, to me), the new Star Wars d20 game (I will make my players play that sometime... this I swear!), Unknown Armies (if you haven't seen it yet, go find it, it's cool), Godlike (if you want inspiration for WW2 Aeon stuff, this is the book for you), Spycraft (finally, I can act like Solid Snake and not look silly!), and Nobilis (just finished reading 2nd Edition recently, and... oh, my, god... that's all I can say about it, it's just that good). I'm sure there are others, but my feeble old-man memory (hey, 19 is a man's sexual peak and I'm 20... it's all downhill from here, someone should just shoot me before I go senile ) can't manage to remember any more than that. And... um... wow, that's a lot of rambling. Last couple notes... as the sig thingie says, I'm now working on an Aberrant-based project called Terminal -- if you haven't seen the stuff on the EON forums about it yet, DO SO! And, taking a hint from the other Joe here, I'll go with my zodiac sign as a closing... I'm a Sagittarius, and apparently I act the part, or so I'm told. And just for a bit of one-upmanship, I'll also include my Chinese zodiac sign, both animal and element... according to that, I'm a "metal rooster". After reading some stuff about it, I can most certainly agree with that analysis. And... that's it for now. The podium is now open. Or something.
  3. Everyone's favorite (and only) Terminal developer here. Alright... you're here on the EON forums, so you're probably already quite familiar with Terminal, or at least vaguely so. As a recap: it's being hosted here on EON, and will eventually be a free PDF eBook when it's finished (I may also host it on a webpage for those without PDF-capable computers for whatever reason, but that's a question for the future). If you want to know what it's about, because you missed the original message (it's right here in this forum!) go here: http://www.chill.uk.net/cgi-bin....=2;t=36 But that's not why I'm posting this message. This is a call for all the creative people out there on the message boards, anyone with literary or artistic talent, or just anyone who thinks they have some good ideas to contribute to Terminal and a creative enough mind to keep guiding the project throughout its creation. Do YOU have what it takes? Head on over to the Terminal section... or just go straight to the message here: http://www.chill.uk.net/cgi-bin....=39;t=3 Ask not what Terminal can do for you... but what you can do for Terminal.
  4. "TERMINAL" - AN INSIDE LOOK FROM THE DEVELOPER Latest Terminal news: new, massive spoiler planned for sometime next week. History of the Supremacy War. The Supremacy War is the main event that sets the stage for the "modern world" of Terminal, my upcoming Aberrant alternate-world project. In a functional sense, Terminal is my upcoming e-Book to be hosted on EON. I've got most of the ideas set out, but details are still flexible. I'd be the "developer" sort, and most likely the primary writer... but I'd still need others. In a story sense, Terminal is completely separate from Aberrant. The only similarity is in the abilities exhibited by the characters. There are no "novas"... only Conduits and Hackers (the latter term may change, but it's suitably appropriate, and there's no such thing as "computer hackers" in Terminal, since communications networks don't exist). The former are "reincarnations" of one-thousand people who were strong enough (or lucky enough, who knows?) to be able to survive the Absolute Consciousness Event (more details in a moment) and use the power provided by the Absolute Consciousness planet-mind. The latter are post-AC Event humans who have learned to use the power of human will to harness the Absolute Consciousness. Their abilities are less intuitive, automatic, and powerful than the Conduits... but far more varied. Now, backing up several steps... the Absolute Consciousness Event is what happened when the number of fully-developed human minds on Earth reached the same number as the neurons in the human brain -- around 100 billion. Through the medium of the Schumann Resonance (an electromagnetic field around Earth resonating at 8hz -- the same resonance as is used by communicating neurons), these 100 billion humans were joined in "Absolute Consciousness" -- what one perceived, all perceived. What one knew, all could access. Obviously, the human brain isn't designed to handle this, and most of these people were... fried, to put it lightly. Of them, 1000 managed to "survive" the AC Event... either by force of will, dumb luck, or some act of the nascent planet-mind... nobody knows. The others became the "Information-Blasted", or IBs... the force of their minds became little more than neural parallel processors, capable of manipulating the basic elements of reality through electromagnetic force. But who would direct that force? That's right... the 1000 who "survived". They were called "Conduits", and each of them had access to 1/1000th of the full power of the Absolute Consciousness -- or more if they worked together, as they would find later. These Conduits quickly found that by concentrating on a certain "aspect" of reality-manipulation, they could greatly increase their capability... and in fact, it was almost impossible for them to operate without specializing. Thus, they came to be categorized by "Masks"... the aspects of reality which they could manipulate. The Mask of Thought, Mask of Velocity, Mask of Fire... so on and so forth. (Mechanics-wise, a Conduit has no limit to the dots in a power which fits in his/her Mask, but is limited to 1 dot in any power outside of it. Harsh, but makes for well-defined power sets.) They went on to do great things... but eventually, by old age or other causes, one of the Conduits died. With the death of the first, all the others felt... stronger. That Conduit's mind was set adrift to await reincarnation, and the power it controlled was divided amongst the survivors. This led a number of the Conduits to wonder how powerful they could become, if more were to die... if *all* the others were to die... It started out small, but escalated rapidly... with each death, the amount of power involved in each battle grew larger. The innocent fought for their lives, and the greedy fought for power. Some would band together, and rough groups would be formed along ideological lines. Eventually, the conflict of these varied groups came to be known as the "Supremacy War". It lasted for a hundred years, and inflicted countless wounds on the Earth itself, scarring the landscape beyond recognition. Eventually, as all wars must, the Supremacy War came to an end. The Conduits, and humanity itself, were destroyed... or, as those who have read the mini-spoiler know, there was one left. The one, the "Last", was Jaya, Mask of Connection. Truly, the meek had inherited the Earth... Jaya was the foremost opponent of the war itself, and her grief upon seeing the destruction was immeasurable. It is theorized that she survived only because she was "hiding" -- still working hard on her underground complex, where she had moved the Information-Blasted for safekeeping and study almost a hundred years before. There, the IBs were preserved... not that it mattered, as she would find later. Their minds were absorbed by the Earth planet-mind, and were forged into the Absolute Consciousness. But what would Jaya do with the power of the Last, the supreme power of the Absolute Consciousness? She would withdraw. That's right... for a thousand years, she remained in a stasis of her own making, allowing the Earth to heal its grievous wounds. At some point, somehow, humanity reappeared... not the humanity of the Conduits, or the IBs, but pure, untouched humanity. Among them, however, were the Conduits... though they knew nothing of what came before. These Conduits led humanity to build a great empire with their power. Things from the past would return, but not in the form they were once known. Words, terms, phrases... but all applied to new things. The massive continent on which humanity reappeared was named Lemuria -- for comparison, it's something around the size of Africa plus the Eurasian continent. Empires rose apart from each other, and distinct cultures emerged, bearing marks of the past in a synthesis of the future. Eventually, humanity was whole again, as the various cultures came into contact with each other. War was surprisingly rare... perhaps as a result of the deep, unknown sorrow in the hearts of the Conduits, left over pieces of fragmented memories from the Supremacy War. In this time, Jaya is unknown, and the concept of a "Mask of Connection" is unheard of. This is, of course, Jaya's work. She subtly discourages the creation of communication technology via her power, mixed as it is through the whole of the planet-mind. And why? Because she wants to avoid another Absolute Consciousness Event... she believes that the initial AC Event was not solely due to the Schumann Resonance, but also due to its synthesis and absorption of humanity's worldwide communication network. In preventing a second AC Event, she believes she will prevent a second, more terrible Supremacy War. Unaware of Jaya's subtle, subconscious influence, humanity continues... sometimes in ways far beyond what we know today. Communication technology is limited, but many other aspects are highly advanced. Another thing which seems to be neglected is sea or air transportation. Those ships which have traveled far from Lemuria have found a sort of "barrier" -- different in each description -- which prevents them from going further. It corresponds roughly to the Prime Meridian, with Lemuria evenly situated in the center of one "side" of the Earth. Lemurian physicists -- though discouraged from such theories by the Mahayana Foundation (more on that shortly) -- theorize that due to the mass of Lemuria, there must be another similarly large continent on the opposite side of the world, or the Earth would spin out of orbit. But for now, and until someone can pierce the "barrier" (needs a name...), that remains only theory. This is most likely where Jaya's underground facility is, housing both herself and the IBs in suspended animation. But what else does the "other continent" hold? Who knows... On to the Mahayana. As humanity grew and expanded, Conduits came into contact with each other more and more often, and quickly realized a common bond... and they all realized the potential they had to aid humanity. The Mahayana Foundation is a paramilitary organization dedicated to peacekeeping and aiding the development of humanity. It has a vaguely religious feel, where the Conduits are venerated as the "directors" of the natural order... but for the most part, it's more like a lawmaking organization. It is believed that the highest ranks of the Mahayana have access to some sort of technology or power which allows them to communicate instantly... telephones held as religious icons? Perhaps. But humanity at large, and even most Conduits, have no idea what a "telephone" is. So, back to Mahayana. Besides their duties as defenders and guiders of humanity, they also have another, somewhat darker duty. This duty is to uphold the natural order, by discouraging "Hackers"... non-Conduits who have learned to use the strength of their will to create effects similar to those of the Conduits. They are clearly less powerful than the Conduits, but more versatile... and impossible to spot, because they don't "resonate" like Conduits do, which allows Conduits to always sense each other. Mahayana publicly states that Hackers weaken the power of the Absolute Consciousness, by "usurping" the divine right of the Conduits... but there may be a darker reason, spoken of only in private. Many possibilities exist, and I plan to include them all. And then we come to the crux of our story, the event that sets off the "modern era" of Terminal... Throughout "new" human history, the Conduits had reincarnated quickly upon death... though "reincarnation" is rather like in Exalted, wherein the power is passed on, along with some possible memories, but not the personality or anything else. But... recently, Conduits have been taking longer and longer to reincarnate. Eventually, it seems that they just... stopped. One had died, and the others felt the loss. The Conduits felt the stirring of old memories, the Supremacy War looming darkly in the back of their minds... it was just like this, and yet entirely unlike it. This time, the consciousness of the dead Conduits couldn't even be felt in the Absolute Consciousness... it was as if they had disappeared entirely. Were they being snuffed out by some other power? Or was the Earth planet-mind, the Absolute Consciousness itself, coming full-circle by absorbing the Conduits into itself, finally preparing itself to awaken to full consciousness? Or perhaps something else, something more terrifying than even the Supremacy War and the finality of Absolute Consciousness? And thus begins our story... the story of Terminal... and soon, your story.
  5. Yes indeed... that spoiler was only the beginning. Or, perhaps you could say that this spoiler is the beginning. For everyone who was wondering what on earth Terminal is, and even for those of you who weren't (I promise you, you'll be at least vaguely interested by the time you're done)... here's the log of last night's "developer chat" on the EON Chat with Defender, Jackson, CHILL, Aninemity, and others... and of course, yours truly as the guest of honor. As some of you may have noticed, there is now a Terminal forum. All further Terminal business will be conducted there, including but not limited to: -Recruiting writers, artists, etc -Planning, brainstorming, and filling out the details left open -Discussion regarding the story of Terminal -Any questions you may have for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man... er... developer -Excited hooting noises (I thank Exalted developer GCG for that term) -And of course, RAMPANT SPECULATION AND INSANE THEORIES! I hope you people enjoy this as much as I did... and I hope you're going to continue enjoying what comes in the future as much as I plan to. Particularly my development team, whoever that ends up being... I promise I won't be a slavedriver... ...much... ::devil
  6. When Jaya, Mask of Connection, became the Last, she gained control of the Absolute Consciousness and the entirety of the Earth planet-mind -- but in return, it gained control of her, and her indomitable force of will. She saw joy and triumph and marvelous things... but more than anything else, she saw sorrow, pure and crushing, stored from the beginning of time within the depths of the planet-mind. She felt the wounds of every soldier who ever died in every meaningless war, and every soldier who truly believed in the cause; she shook with the impotent rage of everyone who had ever been abused, cast aside, or sacrificed for the good of a greater cause; she listened to the death rattle of every creature that noticed the looming, unstoppable predator behind them just a moment too late. With every nerve, with every sense she possessed, she experienced the scream of the planet. She was destroyed by the cruel hand of injustice. She was reborn in the fires of purest, howling agony. ... ... ... What is "TERMINAL"? ... ... ... Hope you enjoyed this painful little teaser, folks... you'll be seeing more of these, and more about Terminal, throughout the next several months or more. Just wait and see, wait and see... heheheh... A bit more detail... Terminal is my upcoming project on EON, a completely new story world based on the mechanics and powers of Aberrant, but with a completely different twist on things. More info... eh... well... whenever I feel like tormenting you people again. Or whenever one of the staff members of this project (once I get some) decides to spill the beans. Don't ask Chill about it, though, as he already knows a lot, and I don't want to put him in the position of having to continually refuse people's requests for info. Just wait and see, wait and see... ~Doctor Flossenstein
  7. Why yes, I did mention writing something for the site. It's something of a secret for the moment, being as it's still in the conceptual stages of development... that, and I don't like giving away secrets until I can offer a sizeable teaser to make everyone drool all over their electronic equipment. The resultant sparkings and short-outs are quite interesting to watch... ...wait, what was I talking about again? Ah, right, my writing project. It may not go anywhere for a while, but I can say this much about it. It will be a fully realized alternate Aberrant setting, with absolutely no story relation to the Aberrant world itself (no "novas", no Divis Mal, etc), using Aberrant simply because the system and mechanics fit so well. It will be thematically Victorian, Incan/Mayan/Aztec, and feudal Japanese/Chinese... and completely unique. Those who have watched Serial Experiments Lain and paid close attention to the pseudo-science in the last four episodes or so may know where I got the inspiration for the base concept, but it takes a completely different and unique direction from anything you've ever seen before. And it will be called... "Terminal". The potential double-meaning is entirely intentional. More on that in the future. Enjoy the concept teaser for now. Anyone who wants to discuss (particularly the people in charge of this site, so I can see about making it officially resident on EON), feel free to e-mail me... I'm fairly certain you can find my e-mail in my profile or somewhere. If not, complain loudly at me and I'll fix that problem. ~Doctor Flossenstein
  8. No, no, no... it goes like this: And with strange EONs even death may die [/shameless-asskissing] Heheh... sorry, I just had to say it... being both a Lovecraft fan and this site's newest supporter. And soon to be a contributing writer, if I have any say in the matter... ~Doctor Flossenstein ~Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.
  9. Well, I'd be glad to offer immoral support... but then, I'm good at that, or so they say. Who are "they", you ask? Ah... wouldn't you like to know... hehehe. Remember, I have an Insanity Index of 8.74. Be afraid. Ah yes, and harle... now howsabout we make some plans to... I dunno... enslave the world via innovative application of the powers of various forbidden tomes and elder scrolls? Or maybe just summon up a few forgotten gods to end reality as we know it? You failed. Nyah. Now see what you've done? Let this be a note to all those who oppose me: Do not tempt the irretrievably insane individual! KehehehahahahohoheeheehoohoohahaHAAAAAAAAAA! ~Doctor Flossenstein ~A bout of maniacal laughter a day keeps the doctor away... no, wait, it doesn't.
  10. Apparently, I'm the only one here who would be happy -- nay, ecstatic! -- to see Vampire go. As far as White Wolf games go, I've found that Vampire possesses the single most static, stagnant story of all possible game lines... after all, what's the fun in playing a game which fairly explicitly states that the PCs will never have the power to have any real impact on the overall politics and shape of the world? Of course, if you were a psychologist, you would blame this on my multitude of bad experiences with Vampire in the past... but that would be foolish, as I'm not the sort of person to let a few idiots (people I've gamed with) ruin my view of a game. I own the 2nd edition Vampire core book, and I've thoroughly read the Revised core book, and I have to say that I am still unimpressed. The players are still relegated to the roles of helpless pawns, watching their sires and the other elders perform the intricate dance of politics while they go out and run errands for those with more power. Bah... I don't remember where this message was supposed to be going... so I'll just stop now before I confuse myself or anyone else. ~Doctor Flossenstein
  11. Those among you who know me were probably already quite aware of this. I do not regret leading the life of a madman, only that I have been able to show the truth to so few in my time here. :alien One of these days, I'm going to write something (fiction, alternate Aberrant setting, whatever... who knows?) for this site, and then you'll *really* be scared. :sly ~Doctor Flossenstein: Mad scientist. See, it says so above!
  12. Scratch that, I just found the write-up in "Your Favourite Superheroes". I'll hafta think about it some later... might even add some of my own that nobody's done yet, if I get bored enough at some point.
  13. (I must be a glutton for punishment...) Let's see that Ryoko. You may officially call me an obsessed Tenchi Muyo fan... and it's really interesting to see just what other people can do with Aberrant when they're willing to break the setting and do something unique with it. Speaking of which... I may make "Terminal" into an Aberrant setting some day... (If you don't know what "Terminal" is, don't worry, nobody else does either. Except me, of course, but that's because it's a product of my twisted little imagination. More on that later. Maybe.)
  14. Oops. Thought you had a copy, from the way you were talking about it. Supposedly, I'll be getting a copy of first edition sometime in the not-too-distant future... whenever Zach gets around to passing it along to me. Of course, we all know that people are generally lazy creatures, and slow about getting things done, so this could take a while. But if Nobilis is anywhere near as good as it seems from what I've read about it (hunt around and you can even find a webpage that summarizes much of character creation and the plot... can't remember where), it should be worth the wait. Of course, with that quote, I may very well have the new edition from my local gaming store before I have first edition. Ah well...
  15. Wow... someone else has actually heard of Nobilis besides me. And it's TM. So what hoops did you have to jump through to get a copy of first edition, TM? I'm still hunting for one, and it's beginning to get depressing. Know of anywhere that might have one? And of course, I'm eagerly awaiting the second edition... but Hogshead is beginning to remind me of the people who did the Lunar and Lunar 2 Playstation remakes... pushing it back, and back, and back. Of course, I'm quite willing to wait, since I'm already in over my head with games I'm running, but it would be nice to have the book just to read over sometime soon.
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