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  1. I think i'm a bit late.. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  2. Okay. I'm behind. I worked my butt off and now have a CAR so I will post very regularly. Give me one day to catch up. The library is closing so I'm leaving but i'll post tomorrow afternoon somehow. sorry for my delay.
  3. Loading Up Nodding, Nadya looks contemplative but merely shrugs. "There are other ways." Dimples appear but she tries to keep her calm demeaner. "Never ask a question for which you do not wish to know the answer." She slides the burnt match back into her pocket. "I am not one who enjoys... flying. The gods gave me no wings." ------- Dr. Chase's Wonder Emporium and the Great Blue Yonder Nadya looks intrigued by the goggles but settles for a few extra suture kits before turning to leave. Checking to make sure her bag arrives safely and her luggage is stored in the vehicle before she seats herself. Nadya's blue eyes stare apprehensively at the 'metal bird' as the passengers alight from the automobiles. As the blustery wind pulls at her hair and jacket, she makes a quick protection sign, but keeps pace with the others entering the plane. She'll take her seat, trying to unobtrusively sit nearest an exit. She'll buckle immediately and sit staring straight forward. Dark blue eyes stare unseeing as her lips move quietly. Chanting prayerlike gaelic whispers around her, seeming to give her comfort until finally she'll quiet down and ignore her misgivings even if the pilot isn't as wise. "May his soul rot in Abbaddon for all eternity does this plane take me to my death."
  4. Aware of the confusion, Nadya smiles politely, holds out a single match far from any source of fire, takes a breath then the match lights itself. Gently blowing it out, she watches Odo's actions thinking how ritualistic they seem as she turns to see what Dr. Chase might have.
  5. Sorry, fellow adventurers. The Man made me work 70 hours. The library was closed by the time I got home. This week is lighter. ::closedeyes Or it better or be or there will be a Day of Reckoning! and really... if I mean to abandon you... I'm usually up front about it! ::brick
  6. Having been intrigued by the Ophidian's appearance, Nadya kept her own countanence as she flips through the photographs of the mauled body. Regret and sympathy pass over her face but she says nothing. Listening to the debates and minor arguments around her, she sits back in her chair and reflects on the depth of the cutting on the body, the location, and even the position of the remains. Finally drawn back into the conversation as the contract slides in front of her, Nadya signs in eloquent penmanship after a single glance at each page. ----- Browsing the equipment as the others branch off, Nadya peruses the medical supplies. Taking a first aid bag, and as many swabs and bandages as fit, she smiles a bit at Odo. "Never know when they willl come in handy, no?" Making sure a suture kit is packed with the thread and needle, the ebony-haired woman turns towards the weapons a little distastefully. She picks up knife, looks at it a bit, but its obvious it's not her style. Picking up a slim, but lethally sharp silver dagger, she slides it up the sleeve of her coat. She grabs a gun barely mindfully of what, and ammunition. "Not that it'll do any good," she mutters. "Always miss the dubiina target. What else?... Matches." Grabbing handfulls of the long stemmed matches and hiding them about herself in the pockets of the fluffy fur, she smiles like a kid with a new toy.
  7. Turning at the sound of someone behind her, Nadya shows no surprise, just a understanding nod. Looking up at Marcus from nearly a foot down, she smiles politely, before preceding him into the room. Nadya bites the insides of her cheeks to keep from laughing at the hapless chap. Walking forward into the room, she turns to keep the door in sight but faces the men around her. "Spasibo, I am fine. The air nips a bit here. I am Nadya Cinaed, and you would be...?"
  8. The yellowed light of the street lamp dances over the pale skin of a slender hand. "This is fine, driver." A twinge of Russia brushes the smokey tenor in her accent as the words fall quietly in the frosty cab. Rosy lips twitch as though amused as she exits the gleaming cab in a swirl of black fur. Ebony locks curl around the thin, delicate features that denounce the strength behind the cleft chin of the well-dressed woman. Except for the exceptional quality of the floor length fur coat with a slash of white around the hood, her dress is modern if a bit conventional. The black dress flows gently about her curved figure but neither accentuates her figure nor detracts. Frosty blue eyes glance once more into the cab, before she waves the driver away. Her young face glows with amusement as a fleeting image of his wife passes through his mind to hers before the darkness slowly slides over her and she begins her journey through the dark streets. She smiles slightly at the lingering glance from the balding forty-something man as the taxicab pulls away slowly before turning and disappearing from sight. Negligent to the temperatures, she eyes the darkened shadows of the street before heading down toward her meeting. Her body flows as though lit from a fire within. -----The light taps of high heels echo off the dank walls of the hall. Tapping on the door of J9, Nadya Pajari Cinaed's dark head pokes around the corner, eyeing the room before she steps in. "Am I expected?"
  9. I'm soooo sorry for the delay, guys. Deathbed sick, I swear! Got what I could in, and I'll finish after Shade gets back to me. ::blush
  10. I always lean toward Mesmerist, but I'll have to browse before I'm definite. I'm not one to want to take the lead. She isn't the type to scare easily, not to say that some things don't just get to everyone. I think I may go for the mesmerist with an affinity for the occult. More knowledge in those areas than she'll likely let on, but an interest in strange happenings and finding out if its 'otherworldly.' Raised by a Grandfather with a similar interest known world-wide, but he's gone missing of late, and since she was his apprentice and the second-most knowledgeable in this field she's been fielding the requests that come in asking for his assistance, going herself to investigate. Sound acceptable or do I need to lean in another direction?
  11. I think A! is always popular its just hard to keep it going. Momentum flags down. Doesn't hurt to try though, right? ::wink
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