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  1. ::biggrin thanks guys! had a good one all around, and planning on having many many more!! ::partyhat1 ::chillbeer
  2. hey guys, i think this one has been beat into the ground.... ...again and again and again and again..... let's all just agree to disagree, shall we?? hmmm? ::biggrin now everyone go and play nice.
  3. ::blink wow that's a big list!!! hi and welcome aboard!! ::smiley5
  4. every hero has their weakness. in the end they may be above and beyond the average human, but they are still human. merits and flaws are used regardless of whether the players get points for them or not, as you said Scorpion. I like the idea of having some written out if for no other reason it gives people new to the game an idea base to work off of. things like that helped me immensely when i first started.
  5. RPGnet forum link there it is. unofficial word from the man himself that aeon will be back in business come 2004, and with the original crew. now if only they'd hurry up and blow up the WoD then maybe we can hear more about this. ::cool
  6. hi and welcome aboard! ::smiley5 ::smiley5 i'm sure someone will be along shortly with better answers and such as i can't rightly remember where that came from or the system we used for it. ::blush IIRC, it was that we let psi work as soak against quantum. (jake, catch me if i'm wrong on that) and it really seemed to work well for us. ::thumbsup
  7. no worries about being a pest, it's been one of those slightly frustrating things anyhow that it's so close to done, and yet so far away. i don't think we can honestly even give an estimate right now, as it's really coming down to the personal lives interfering and such. hopefully it'll be soon, and with eoncon over now and everyone back home, we can focus a bit more on getting this done quicker. thanks for the patience, and thanks for asking. ::smile
  8. through the my controls link at the top is a link called 'edit avitar settings'. that's where you can set up your avatar, and if there isn't one in that list you like and find somewhere else you can send it to Chill and he'll upload it for you.
  9. ...i've only skimmed a small bit of this, but i'm gonna add my two cents anyhow. to each their own. both systems have their pluses and minuses. both will fit better for certain people. when it comes down to it, it's up to the ST or the DM to make the game good. They are the ones who decide which rules are used and which rules are added. A good ST can make any gaming system with even the worst of setups playable, fun and enjoyable. no one system is better than another, they're just different. i've played some games that i've been skeptical of and i had fun with every last one.... and mainly because our group has some excellent STs.
  10. happy birthday babe! hope it's a good one *hugs*
  11. chris, so far it has been really fun. looking forward to what else you have instore for us. ::smile
  12. yes yes...i know what Bahamut's idea of a really hot chick is, but um...that's why we make him a 'special' cake....that's saved until much much later. ::halo ::tongue
  13. ..um, only if there's a really hot chick involved.....we'd have to find one for him first ::biggrin
  14. woot!! happy happy birthday buddy!!!! *big big hugs* ::cake ::cake ::partyhat1 ::partyhat1 ::partyhat1 ::saki ::partyhat1 ::partyhat1 ::partyhat1
  15. i believe the point that was being put out was that it's more dangerous than just where obesity is concerned. it's much more dangerous than just that.
  16. unless i'm mistaken, i believe there's more to the arguement than just it makes them fat. i believe it's supposed to be something dangerous to children in other ways, though i'm not completely sure what the deal is. and legal presedence in court cases is often one of the ways used to foster change.....
  17. ::smiley5 ::smiley5 hello and welcome to the forum! make yourself at home and feel free to ask any questions you might have. ::smile you might also want to check out the getting to know you thread and let us know a bit more about yourself! ::biggrin
  18. ....like you have *any* room to talk there... ::halo ....i did? ::lookaround *panics* i deny everything i tell you!!!! ::ninja ::ninja ::biggrin
  19. *sigh* anything for a beer, eh chill?? ::chillbeer ::chillbeer ::chillbeer
  20. happy birthday buddy! hope it's all you expected and more... ...heh, i'm just glad i wasn't nominated for the cake..... ::blink ::tongue
  21. the link went bad after we had to change forum software a while back. Ten Cent Tales there's the new link...thanks for catching that one
  22. i didn't think rogue was useless, and beyond that she was the center of the first movie. it works well that she didn't do as much or wasn't as vital in my opinion. was definately an awesome movie and i can't wait to see what they've got planned for the next... I WANT MORE!!!!!!!! ::blush ::biggrin
  23. woot! a birthday! yay for birthdays!!! ::biggrin hope it's a good one!
  24. ... ::blink ... we have a staff here? really?? wow, who'd have thunk it! tha's impressive. i thought it was just the crazy brit in the corner.... ::tongue ::tongue ::devilangel
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