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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Bleach - Mutants and Masterminds: Bleach

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Currently I'm working up a background for another game, based on the anime and Manga series Bleach. There's the Spirit world Soul Reapers live, Our world, and Heuco Mundo, The Hollow world a world where demon like creatures called hollows usually reside.

Soul Reapers are spiritual beings who hunt hollows who come to the human world, and ensure the balance of souls between the living world and the spirit world is preserved.

Hollows are souls that became monsters feeding on souls when their own soul core was devoured by a hollow. Generally they reside in the bleak world of Heuco Mundo, but they can easily go to the human world, where they kill people to eat their souls, or hunt the souls of the deceased who haven't passed on.

This story will tell of a group of people Won't rule out PC's being soul reapers) who discover special abilities they have and joining the fight against the Hollow menace.

The Main characters from the actua Bleach series will be absent

I am still in the early stages and currently trying to decide whether to make this a BESM 3e game, or a M&M 2e Game.

Both have their benefits and the system doesn't matter as much for the story, thus I want to hear if there's any interest in a game like this, and what system would be preferred.

edit M&M seems to be more popular so I'll go with that.

The general premise is something is making the hollows attack the town it's set in more than normal, Any "humans" would be witness to this and have their powers awaken.


Soul Reapers would be sent to restore the balance between the worlds and find things were far more

interesting than they originally thought

I'm fairly against "Hollow" PC's It's just hard to justify. (Sorry Kult No Aranacar Kenichi)

PC's can be less than "Lawful Good" in alignment... There's a number that are at best chaotic in the series.. and many I'd never call good.

If human the PC's would be students or teachers at a Yet to be named school. They can literally have almost any power in the book.

If a PC is a soul reaper their powers are somewhat more limited. Soul reapers are generally good with their swords called Zanpukto.

Zanpukto are physical manifestations of the warrior aspect of their souls. They have three stages of activity. The First they simply look like a normal sword (Of asian theme) The Second stage, Shikai (initial Release) is more powerful and reflects the warrior aspec. Many zanpukto gain special powers and attacks at this stage as well as becoming more dangerous. A few Soul Reapers (Non officer) will have access to the third stage Bankai (final release) This reflects ultimate mastery of the zanpukto and all it's power and is the truest reflection of the warrior within. It takes a long time to attain bankai, and at least a decade using it to be able to truly control it. (it isn't likely the PC's wil have Bankai to start)

Soul Reapers also have three forms of Magic. The first is healing magic which is self explanatory.

The Second is Bakudo The way of Binding. They go from 1-99 with 1 being the weakest. Generally these spells don't inflict damage but immobilize the target. There are some however that are incredibly destructive.

The third form is Hadou, The Way of Destruction. These go from 1-99 and are generally ranged attacks. they have many different elements, depending on the caster, and a wide range of extra effects largely depending on the level of the spell.


All the ones we've seen


These are videos of various things from the series to give you an idea of how some things work, what some monsters look like and such

(some may not be worksafe)

Soul reaper fighting the spirit of her Zanpukto


non soul reaper human with special powers (vs soul reaper)


another one vs an ascendant hollow






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character creation rules (send characters to this account with this subject format [M&M:Bleach] character name

PL 10

Soul Reapers- use device to construct your Zanpuktou. It can only be used by you, but this costs no extra points. If you ant it to have Shikai, make sure it has the battle form power from the Mecha and Manga book. if you plan on the zanpuktou still being a weapon remember to include appropriate ranks in strike..

You may also purchase Kido spells 1-4 ranks in an appropriate power equates to a level 20 at most spell. 5-10 is a level 40. 11-15 is a 60. 15-20 is a level 80. Level 80+ Kido are not available at character creation.

Non-Soul Reaper characters You can just get your powers, or have had them for some time. You all get the ability to detect Spiritual presences for free, though only out to 50m. (Soul Reapers all start with this as well.) You may of course buy more ranks in this supersense to extend the range. Beyond that there are no banned powers, just mind the PL of the game and try not to go to nuts... laugh

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A consideration for all interested. This will be a game that is based on anime. It's not a story of supers. While sicence can explain alot, there will be things that are unexplained.

I don't mind thus far with some minor tweaking all the ideas I've been told are fine. I just want you all to understand that part of this.

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The 13 court guard squads

Each squad is commanded by a Captain and a Lieutenant, these are generally the most powerful members of the squads. Overall command is held by First Captain Genryusei Yammamoto.

Squad two is an enforcement squad favoring speed and finess commanded by Captain Soi Fon, also commander of the assassination and stealth force.

Squad 3 is Captained by Gin ichimaru, a mysterious man never lacking a smile. Generally favors lethality in combat.

Squad 4 is the support squad led by Retsu Unohana. Non combat powers are the order of the day. They are the healers and logistics personnel of the squads

Squad 5 led by Sousuke Aizen. He has risen through the ranks and commands the loyalty of his squad. He is a Captain of balanced capabilities and hs Squand reflects this.

Squad 6 Byakuya Kuchiki, head of one of the four Great houses of the spirit world commands this squad. Finesse, power and speed, Byakuya is a master of them all, often called the Perfect Soul Reaper. His Squad aspires to be as good, but few can meet his standards

Squad 7 Kommamura, a man totally loyal to Yammamoto, he commands a heavy battle Squad

Squad Eight commanded by Shunsui Kyoraku. Somewhat lazy on the exterior Shunsui is among the most powerful captains with a keen intellect. He generally lets his Lieutenant Nanao Ise run things.

Squad 9 Though Blind, Kaname Tossen commands this Squad, and he is a known pacifist, always looking for the plath of least bloodshed. His Squad excels in quick combat that leaves foes alive, or kills them mercifully fast.

Squad 10 Commanded by the multigenerational Genius Toshiro Hitsugaya. he's a stern young man supported by an impulsive and vivacious Lieutenant Rangiku matsumoto. He usually does the paperwork. His squad excels in combat, though Kido is readily used by most members.

Squad 11 Kenpachi Zaraki commands this squad. Kido is looked down upon, only the strength of one's Zanpukto and one's skill laying foes with it is a measure of power in this Squad, with the captain reigning supreme.

Squad 12 Mayuri Kurotsuchi commands this squad He is a hacker and mad scientists often viewing his subordinates as research subjects.

Squad 13 Commanded by Captain Jushiro Ukitake. One of the to eldest and most powerful Captains. He has a rare condition that limits his time in a battle and renders him bedridden often. His dual Lieutenantd run the squad for hi m for the most part. He has a strong sense of what is right and fair, and is among the most personable and approachable of the Captains.

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Question: Is this going to be a primarily combat-focused game? Will there be plot/activity available that is not a lead into combat or that can be solved without combat?

I love the Bleach setting and cosmology, as well as the main storyline, but an endless stream of combat in an rpg (as a most of the show was), can get boring very quickly. And specifically incredibly frustrating and un-fun for me.

I'm intrigued by the set-up and setting, but I don't want to drive both of us crazy by wanting/expecting game elements that really just aren't going to be there. I don't care really either way which game system is used. I've only ever played BESM once before and I remember that it seemed rather simple, but I've also been told that M&M is a great system for flexibility and play, once you slog through it enough to understand it.

Also, given that M&M seems to be the system for the game, who's still interested? If I do play, I wanna know who to pester for backstory stuff. laugh

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There will be combat. There will however be parts without combat or rather meant to not involve combat ( sometimes it just happens). I fully plan on there being "Free time" sections where I just allow the PC's to interact with each other and the world without the running of main plot.

Combat was a major theme of the show, and I will not deny that there will be a fair share here. I currently have 3 PC's submitted.

I highly reccomend the players read the Mecha and Manga book, at least the new feats and powers before completing their characters.

There will be nonmbat plot both at the school, and in the Soul Society (spirit world)

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Okay. Thanks for the clarification!

I think I'll see if I can put together a Shinigami for the game, with a preference for Squads 4 (if we need a healer) or 9 (if there's a desire for primarily combat effective characters).

Is anyone else making a Shinigami (Soul Reaper)? What other roles have already been made for the game and what are still needed?

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The Setting

I'm going to leave it as Karrakura Town. Karrakura High School is the school mentioned that the Human PC"s attend or work at. It is a School known for excellent Sports programs, and mid-level academic programs. It Covers 10th-12th grades and Currently has about 1200 students as it serves the Southern sector of the city. (there's a school in each of the four Cardinal Direction based Sectors.)

The teaching staff are of fair to good qality with a few notable exceptions. The Principal is known as a Fair and even-handed man, who tries hard to provide the best for his students.

The studens come from all walks of life, and most also attended the other Southern Sector schools. There are a number of sudents from Both Eastern and Western Sectors at the school.

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Suggestion on how to model Kido in M&M:

Buy each spell as an array, like so:

Hado #4: Byakurai, 11pp

(Blast 10, Flaw: Full round action, 1pp/rank) 10pp

- AP (Blast 5, 2pp/rank) 1pp

This means you can either take a full round to cast it (ie - use the chant) at full power, or cast it as a standard action (no chant) at half power. You could also apply a small Drawback to the cost of the array because you need to be able to speak (even if it's a very short "hado 4" instead of the full chant) to use it.

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  • 1 month later...

OK, right now that leaves us with three active PC's. Davenrell, Max, Jeremy, I'm gonna put this to you.

Do you wish to continue or not? We aren't far enough in that halting the game is an issue, but losing two players completely so fast from a small game made for more is going to take some time to reconfigure the game for a smaller playerbase and require more posting from the remaining players. I'm open to new Players, and if you guys wanted to switch this over to BESM I can do that.

I'll leave this up to you guys.

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