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  1. Taka watched Zoyu move off after Rin with a slight shake of his head. It was frequently irritating the way Zoyu always assumed she knew best, but perhaps in this case she could help Rin regain her balance - she had obviously been feeling out of sorts since the championship. Rather than follow Zoyu's assumption/suggestion Taka turned instead towards the temple where he meditated for a while in the peaceful grounds before raising a prayer to the Sun as she rose at dawn. After a brief word with the priests to see if more information was available about when the Uba appeared and how widespread the attacks were claimed he made his way back up to the castle for some breakfast and to discuss things with his colleagues.
  2. No problem Noir. This game is the only reason I'm still checking the site at the moment, which I'm doing almost everyday.if you have a particular frequency you would like then let me know. At the moment Taka is in his most uncomfortable circumstance - a high sicial banquet on top of which he knows he can't ask about the things he most wants to as they would be inappropriate. Having said that I do plan to do another post for him later today.
  3. <Of course I knew you'd notice, but of course it's all about you isn't? How someone should have told you first?> Her mother turns away and heads off to make a cup of coffee but her mental voice still comes through just as clear. <Well 'Genius' I suggest you start getting used to how the real world operates away from the Amanda-centred bubble your 'darling' father helped you maintain. You woke up in the First Class lounge at Heathrow airport, while I woke up three hours earlier in a crisis meeting room at the Embassy to find that roughly one in ten our staff and relatives hadn't made it, including the Ambassador. While you've been pissing people off acting like a spoilt brat, raiding bank accounts and buying porsches I've been in constant meetings trying to clear up some of this mess.> She re-enters the room, mug in hand, a mixture of anger and disappointment on her face. <So no, no-one warned you I was psychic, because I've been too busy to tell anyone!> "I only heard from Alex that you were one of the psychic survivors when I saw him on my way out of the office about ten minutes ago."
  4. "From what you have said I fear the farmers will be blamed more than their stories of witches. If you could describe how to find some of these farms I will try to investigate their troubles tomorrow." After receiving what directions the monk is able to provide Taka takes a brief walk through the town, taking a mental note of any folk charms to ward against evil or curses that might be seen. If they are prevalent then perhaps it would be more informing what establishments do not feel the need for such protection. Knowing of Zoyu's love of geisha houses from their time in Tsuma Taka will ask a passing doshin for directions to the towns most exclusive geisha house confident that Zoyu would use her status of being the Topaz Champion to gain entry for herself and any others to have joined her. Staying in the castle was definitely not her style when more refined entertainments could be found in town. Arriving at the geisha house Taka asked for a member of the Topaz Champion's group to come to speak to him, refusing offers to pass a message on to them.
  5. Great, just after the self proclaimed mage goes walkies we get a magic based job, thought Terry to himself. "When you say spotted on a rock ma'am, was it carved into, painted on, chalked on or what? If it was a fairly permanent type of marking method have the previous sites been checked for sigils or glyphs?"
  6. As Lucretia runs for the doors Terry shakes his head slightly as he quietly comments "Great, another SNAFU before we've even set off." Rather than running after Lucretia he opts to 'port to the surface entrance and immediately spots the two chutes coming down. Ignoring the one destined to come down on land he sends a mental message to the other 'chutist "I'm going to keep you out of the drink, just relax." 'Porting closer to the docks he pauses until they are only 100m up before doing a turnabout 'port up to the 'chutist, grabbing a hold of their rig and return to the spot he just left. "Right mate, lets get over to the boss lady." Is his only comment before 'porting the two of them to Lucretia's side as the other 'chutist morphs her clothes asks for Lucretia's name.
  7. Terry had quietly entered concealed by the spectacle the Kitsune had made of herself then spoke up from his place next to Barney, "Sure, if you promise never to do that again?" Turning back to the others he added, "Now the REMFs have dropped their starting SNAFU, what have we got?"
  8. Taka will try to help anyone wishing to learn Tsubojutsu (Rank 2 in it) and Meditation (Rank 3)
  9. "Hai Toshi -san" Taka replied, "I have heard of three methods of creating zombies, although perhaps there are others. Firstly, all humans who die in the Shadowlands rise as zombies within a matter of hours at most, sometimes as little as minutes. Secondly the bodies of the dead can be reanimated by a maho spell. And lastly as we saw today the bodies can be reanimated by the use of an enchanted porcelain mask." He pauses to consider something for a moment before continuing, "Although the ones we faced today are the first I have heard of connected to a scroll and seemed to be easier to damage than those I have faced before. Perhaps the two things are connected and it was simply a weaker spell than those I have seen in the Shadowlands. "
  10. Taka gave appropriate bows to the nobles as they arrived and seemed a little nervous at the prospect of his actions coming to the attention of his Clan Daimyo. However, he was obviously happy at the prospect of becoming a Jade Magistrate. Unlike previous meals Taka was very talkative, asking Hiruma for tips about hunting, athletics and comparing jujutsu techniques/styles. He then approaches Hitoe for advice on how to use a Jitte, the traditional symbolic weapon of a Magistrate, and through out it all is happy to talk to anyone who cares to listen about his store of lore about Zombies.
  11. Whilst waiting for her mother Amanda had casually flopped on a sofa while logging her devices into the apartments wifi, and then realised that the paramedic, Gwyn had sat in the same spot several times in the last week. Not a thought she was happy with. Almost an hour later than predicted Amanda's mother finally returned home, her entrance heralded, to Amanda at least, by the approach of another 'light/spark/glow' denoting another psychic to Amanda's new senses. Suzanne called out as she opened the door to the entrance hall, "Amanda, I'm home." Ditching her shoes and bag in the hall, she went straight into the reception room Amanda was sitting in. "I'm sorry I couldn't get away to met you in person, but you can imagine the chaos we're facing with all this pod stuff happening. It wasn't helped by the Ambassador not surviving his pod. So, apart from the obvious, how was the trip?"
  12. "So", says Klanth eyeing the rest of the group, "Anyone have a decent plan or do we just charge in there and let rip?"
  13. Taka was all too familiar with facing zombies and was justifiably afraid of doing so in such an unprepared setting as this. However, it did not slow his reactions. Plucking the scroll he wanted from within his scroll satchel with long familiarity he quickly cast his spell and a razor sharp obsidian headed Ono formed in his hand. Turning briefly away from the approaching zombies he throws it to Hitoe with a brief "Hitoe, Catch!" as her only warning. Turning back to face the zombies he swings his satchel onto his back as he takes up an unarmed stance next to Hiruma. OOC Fear roll was failed with a 13 Tetsubo of Earth cast 2 turns early and 1 raise to change to an Ono. But 1 free raise to cast using a scroll with an Innate spell and 1 free raise on Earth spell as a Kuni so TN only raised from 10 to 15 Rolled an 18 (witnessed by Noir)
  14. "Well Miss," Terry says as he turns to Sylvia, "There are still some games that are blocky, but that tends to be by design now rather than due to a limitation of the technology. If you don't mind my asking, just how long have you been out of action?"
  15. Terry gives Barney a nod, but doesn't get to say much more before the fog and overly dramatic vampire roll in. His initial impression of a refugee from the New Romantic 80's is quickly revised by the revelation of her vampire nature and comments by the other ladies. "Call me Terry. I'm a psychic and ex - soldier. " He turns to Sylvia, "ISIS, is a fundamentalist Muslim group trying to take over parts of the Middle East. They currently control a chunk of Syria and Iraq. They have a tendency to behead westerners they get there hands on if their demands are not met, but the film doing it and send that to news channels and put it on the Internet. You won't find much about it in the papers at the moment as they are full of the coming election, but if you go back a month or two you may find something. Might be better off looking on line or one of the Middle Eastern news channels. "
  16. James nods politely at the two ladies plans. "You mean you don't already have me on speed dial? No matter. Yes, I can get a lawyer for you if you need one, but I don't see any reason why you should at the moment. And yes, I am aware of why you ladies had to undergo a period of medical observation, so I expect you to spill all the next time we meet Beccy. As for the test pilot role, you're welcome to it. I don't think we will have anything we need testing for a while but you can certainly have the post and keep your hand in until then." He turns to Millie as you get to the front doors and he lifts two small bags off the stack. "A pleasure meeting you Miss, and try not to take anything Beccy tells you too seriously." With that and a nod to Beccy he walks out to a waiting chauffeur driven car.
  17. Playing with his new senses didn't seem to tire him at all and he found that at the moment at least he had three distinct new senses, all of which seemed to vary in the detail they provided each time he activated them. This variability was unfortunate but seemed to be inevitable, perhaps tapping into psychic phenomena was inherently unstable in some way? The first sense was the one he had first noticed while still inside the cocoon, the sort of radar like ability to sense the presence of other psychics and to a lesser extent the use of psychic abilities. Unfortunately the sense didn't come with any sense of scale, just near or further away. However, by calling up Google maps on his laptop and comparing various scales around his location with the mass of presences he felt he was confident that he could cover a pretty large area of the centre of Greater London. His range obviously did not get close to the edge or as far as the M25 as the thousands of presences he felt did not seem to dwindle away as you'd expect at the less populated edges of London. A second sense seemed to be only line of sight, and fairly close ranged at that. This sense was an awareness of the major electrical and EM wave sources in the area. So Desmond could see a light trace on or just above the wallpaper where the power lines run around the walls and a slight pulsing dim glow from across the road where a cell repeater was on the roof of a nearby building. His last new sense is another 'radar' type one since it was a full spherical sense and more easily measured. It was always the same size but the details he could 'feel' with it varied. Out to approximately (he didn't have a tape measure with him) 6m he could feel the presence of all material objects, in a full sphere. So he could feel the tv remote on the bed next to him, the bath in the ensuite and people walking along the corridor both outside his room and in the corridors in the floor above and below him. By moving closer to the walls he could also feel which of the rooms around him were currently occupied.
  18. Terry had spent the day in the area, looking around the National Gallery through the afternoon, hanging out in the local Waterstones book shop until it closed. In his jeans, polo shirt and leather bike jacket he fits in with the mix of locals and tourists that frequent the area. Whilst glancing at the books he was in fact watching the area being shut down and cordoned off. After a late dinner in Prezzo he moved up to the Vista rooftop bar and a couple of non-alcoholic cocktails until he spotted the first two colleagues enter, then finishing his drink he made his way down to the ground floor. Crossing the road he made his way to the nearest guard, pulling his invitation from his pocket as he approached. After a brief check of the invite and a nod from the guard he made his way over to the tent. Slipping inside he handed his invite to the woman he had not seen approaching the tent and nods briefly to the other two. "Evening Ladies."
  19. Terry -Terrance Michael Harmon Appearance Hair - Brown, short Eyes - Blue Hand - Right Height - 6ft = 1.83m Mass - 180lbs - Wiry build but more of it is muscle than fat and so increases his mass. Background Terry and his twin sister Linda are the youngest children of Les and Jackie Harmon, born in Ashford Kent at the William Harvey Hospital. They have one older brother, Brian who is their elder by two years. Les was a police officer in scenes of crime, a police photographer, he has now retired from the force after doing his 30 years service and works as a freelance events photographer, mainly weddings. His mum Jackie worked part-time while they were growing up then went full time when the children left home. She works in administration for a national charity. Brian has shown no psionic ability and works as a teacher in a school in Ealing, London, but does not particularly get on with the twins and there has been little contact for years. He is married to a midwife and has 3 daughters. Growing up the twins were always close and finishing each others sentences etc and it wasn't until they were about 5 and starting primary school that it was discovered by their mother that they exhibited a rare prepuberty telepathic talent between themselves. Initially this was just through contact, but over the following few years this developed into a short range of no more than a mile. Unfortunately they used this to cheat in some school exams, but since they were actually smart enough it made little difference beyond dividing the revision time between them. Once they hit puberty it was Terry who first developed this limited telepathy into a more general form when mildly injured when clipped by a car on the way into school one day and panicked calling for his mother who had not long dropped him off. Up to this point his parents had not revealed the twins powers to anyone and they spent many hours discussing it before deciding to continue this policy. Once Terry had broadend his telepathy his sister Linda soon followed suit. Starting secondary school and puberty triggered a rapid growth in the range if not power of Terry's abilities. The car accident, that broke an arm and bruised some ribs, was followed by some bullying. Reluctant to call on the teachers or tell his parents Terry found that he was soon healing the bruises he received before the end of the day, then before the end of the break in which he received them. Although this helped hide the bullying and was a relief to know the pain would soon go it was still painful to begin with and the bullies weren't happy when they found out that he was more accepting and less fearful of the beatings. It was an occasion when they had obviously got unusually worked up and Terry was worried they would go too far that his teleportation first triggered and enabled him to get away from them. They never managed to get hold of him again, except the times that he set them up to get caught in the process of bullying him or others. With these new abilitiies popping up over the course of several months Terry began actively stretching his powers to be able to do more and more things. In the meantime without some of the same stimuli Linda's abilities concentrated in her Telepathy, increasing in range and related abilities, some of which she successfully taught to Terry. By the time he was 13 Terry had already decided he wanted to serve his country like his father, but rather than the police he was set on joining the army, starting with the army cadets and martial arts after school. Linda on the other hand became more bookish as Terry became more athletic. At this age Terry had discovered most of the core abilities that he has carried on with to the present although they have been refined, improved and expanded with those groups. As he got older he began to stand out amongst his cadet unit in all round ability, although he was still careful to reveal as little as possible of his abilities. Some it was difficult to conceal though, healing scrapes, scratches and flesh wounds in a matter of at most minutes tends to get noticed. By the time he left school with a bunch of good qualifications in which he had no real interest his cadet file had already recommended that he be fast tracked for special forces training. With the blessing of his father, and the reluctant agreement of his mother Terry enlisted in the Parachute regiment the day he received his final exam results, three weeks later he was off to boot camp. His sister had applied to the police and after revealing her Telepathy was assigned to run and monitor undercover officers since her telepathic contact with them could not normally be detected. Terry didn't find boot camp to be as difficult as some of his fellow recruits, partially due to his years in the Army Cadet preparing him so that he knew what to expect and partially due to his psychic abilities reacting to help adapt his body to the demands he was putting it under. Despite not consciously using any abilities during Boot, he soon ran afoul of a DI with a hatred of all non-vanilla humans who had noticed his enhanced healing and faster than normal adjustment to the strength and stamina demands of the course. After making several failed attempts to trick Terry into using his abilities so that he could kick him out the DI in his frustration went too far and sabotaged Terry's chutes on his first parachute jump. Of course Terry's danger sense had kicked off as soon as he was handed the dodgy pack, but feeling secure in his own abilities and wanting to get some concrete evidence for charges against the DI Terry went through with the jump. Jumping from the plane at 5000ft Terry followed all the training exactly, pulling his primary chute which failed as he expected it to, getting rid of it and activating his secondary chute which also failed. Perhaps seeing Terry plummeting towards the ground finally woke the DI up to what he had done as he was white as a sheet when the plane landed a few minutes later. However, thinking fast to try to conceal his abilities still Terry during his fall had steered himself outside the landing zone so that rather than hit solid ground he landed in a lake several hundreds of yards away. In actuality he had waited until only about 30ft above the water then did a short teleport to kill his velocity so that he hit the water as from a 25ft drop rather than 5000ft. The subsequent investigation revealed the sabotage and the DI found himself on charges and then dishonourably discharged while Terry was congratulated on his quick thinking and 'miraculous' escape. However, this was noted in some quarters and added to the suspicions about his healing rate from his Cadet instructors. Eventually someone come up with the suspicion of his having some kind of powers with psychic being the most likely of the list since many others would have shown up on the obligatory blood tests and medicals. Luckily for Terry the sabotage occurring during Jump School put it right at the end of Basic and he had passed out into the Regiment before someone came calling, in the shape of a psionic female Captain from Military Intelligence. After only a short time of being interviewed by her Terry realised that she must be able to tell when he was lying and so came clean about his abilities, or most of them at least. When questioned about why he had withheld the information his only reply was that he wanted to do the training without relying on his abilities, to prove to himself and, as far as possible, others that he could do it himself. Satisfied that he had no intention detrimental to the service he was allowed to continue with his career and training, but had a note in his record to push him through courses and assignments to end up in Special Forces as soon as practical. A year later so him entering the trials for 22 Squadron the SAS (as the only UK Army special forces combat unit) which he passed relatively easily thanks to his continued physical and mental development during his time in the Para's. In fact he was asked to do a number of the challenges of the try outs a second time using his abilities to there fullest. 10 mile forced marches aren't much of a problem when you can 'port to the map reference for the finish. Likewise the 24 hour orientation challenge took him about 30 minutes. It would have been quicker but when one of the DI's attacked him while dazed after an Extended 'port he learnt to 'port short (or long), then move in on foot or using a short jump after checking out the target site first. Having first proved he could pass the course without his abilities he was accepted into the Unit, and then started the serious discussions of how to incorporate his abilities into the Unit's operations to everyone's advantage. This was followed by 10 years in the Regiment carrying out a wide variety of operations in countries all around the world. Having come to the end of his contract Terry was recruited for Sideshow, which he agreed to as he saw it as simply an extension of some of the work he had already been doing but this time with more deserving targets. Sheet Strength 2 Stamina 5 Dexterity 4 Agility 5 Fighting 4 Intellect 2 Awareness 4 Presence 1 = 27 *2 = 54 Skills Acrobatics 1 Athletics 3 Close Combat: Psi blade 1 Expertise: Special Forces 2 Expertise: Mil Intelligence 1 Insight 2 Investigation 1 Perception 1 Ranged Combat : Guns 2 Sleight of Hand 1 Stealth 4 Technology 1 Treatment 1 Vehicles 1 = 22/2 = 11 Advantages Close Attack +4 Uncanny Dodge Precise Attack, ranged, cover Improved Initiative Improvised Weapon Ranged Attack +5 Defensive Roll +3 Improved Aim Evasion Equipment rank 4 = 20 ep Benefit: Security Clearance = 23 Defences Dodge = Agility = 5+4 =9 Fortitude = Stamina = 5+3 = 8 Parry = Fighting = 4+4 = 8 Toughness = Stamina = 5+0 = 5/8 (Defensive Roll) Will = Awareness = 4+4 = 8 Running Total = 54+11+23+15 = 103 leaves 77 Powers Comprehend, Languages, universal = 4 ranks = 8pp Regeneration 5 = 5pp Senses : Mental Awareness 1pp Danger Sense 1pp = 2 Clairsentient Array – 14pp Scouting, Remote Sensing, Visual, Subtle, Range 6 (1800ft) = 13pp Alt - Remote Sensing, Visual and Auditory, simultaneous, subtle, range 3 (250ft) [13pp] = 1pp Teleport Array – Total 21pp Teleport, Accurate, Extended range, Extended only, Range 5 (+8 = 30 miles), Increased Mass 4 (800lbs) = 19pp Alt – Teleport, Range 5 (900ft ), Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout, Increased Mass 6 (3200lbs) [19pp] = 1pp Alt – Teleport, Attack, Increased Range - Ranged, Rank 4 (500ft), Increased Mass 7 (3 tons) [19pp] = 1pp TK Array – 12pp Move Object – Perception Range, Subtle, Precise, Rank 2 (200lbs) = 9pp Tk Shield – Protection 3 [3pp] = 1pp Tk Flight Rank 4 (30mph), Subtle [9pp] = 1pp Psi Blade – Damage Rank 9 (+ STR?) =1pp Telepathy Array – 15pp Mental Communication, Range 2 (1 mile), Area, Selective, Subtle = 13pp Alt – Mental Comms, Range 3 (State/Nationwide), Subtle = 1pp Alt – Mind Reading, Rank 6, Cumulative, limited by Language, Subtle [13pp] = 1pp Total = 54+11+23+15+77 = 180 Equipment = 20 points Bag of Guns Sniper Rifle, Ranged Damage 9, Crit 19-20, = 19 pp Submachine gun, Ranged, Multiattack Damage 4, subtle (silencer) [13pp] = 1pp
  20. Griffin dropped Sakura off at her hotel and made sure that someone helped her with her bags before saying good bye and returning to the car, Amanda and Cheryl. Inside the staff at the reception desk where very helpful and reassuring that the room was still booked, and smoothly handled the outstanding paperwork and whisk her up to her room.
  21. Griffin grins at Amanda's question, "Minder! Me? No, your mum's not such a control freak as your Dad, although she's been pretty disappointed in your behaviour. No, I'm just a junior cultural attache at the Embassy doing your mum a favour. Speaking of which I better get back to the office now I've finally got you here. There should be some spare keys on the kitchen counter along with the home number, your mum's office number and the wifi details." Then with a wave and a final "Welcome to London ", he leaves the two girls in the apartment.
  22. Griffin nods in recognition as Sakura tells him of her hotel reservation, then asks her to repeat the name etc once he has a notebook out so that he can programme the SatNav in the car once they get there. "You shouldn't have any problems with your reservation. This thing has effected everyone so everyone is basically just rescheduling things for a day later as though the day we spent in the pods never happened. Obviously that's not going to work for everything, but for the short-term that seems to be what everyone has adopted. Right, if you're all finished with breakfast lets make a move. " He stands and pays the bill before guiding you out to the car, pushing the trolley of all your bags for you. Half an hour later you manage to pull up in front of Sakura's hotel. Griffin helps her in with her bags after Amanda and Cheryl take their leave of her and all promise to get in touch later. Getting back into the car Griffin pauses before starting it again and looks at Amanda in the rear view mirror, "I suspect you'll run into some restrictions or red tape in trying to clear your account out, especially if your dad is involved with it. You'll need to open your own accounts over here, for which you'll need some proof of address, your passport and drivers license will do as your proof of id. So I think we better swing by the Embassy first then I can make up some kind of proof of address on official paper for you. Then go open an account or two before we go and take a run at your current account." An hour or so later they have negotiated the London traffic a couple of times in order to visit the US Embassy and a couple of UK banks to set up accounts for both Amanda and Cheryl in the UK and arrive at the UK branch of her current bank account. Inside the teller is apologetic, and gets the bank manager to explain that due to the limits on the joint account with her father she can only transfer £10,000 pounds to another account without a countersignature from her father. Amanda agreed, while trying to keep a lid on her temper, and transfers £10,000 to each of her two UK accounts, Cheryl's two UK accounts and Cheryl's US account. Then after getting another couple of hundred pounds in cash from the ATM they leave the branch. Outside Amanda gives vent to some of her anger/upset at the turn of events, but Griffin chips in that he suspected something like this might happen and suggests another ploy. He recently saw in a newspaper article that a particular Porsche model was top of the list at retaining its value when you sold it second hand and reckons that with Amanda's charm she should be able to pick up a new model and sell it in a couple of days or a week for practically the same price. Hence shifting money from her credit card to one of her new accounts. An hour or so later Amanda is the dubious owner of a new Porsche which is due to be delivered the next day to a parking garage near her mothers apartment that Griffin has arranged to be rented in her name. Having concluded their various bits of business they finally make their way to her mothers apartment which is about a mile or so from the US embassy in London. Griffin has had a message saying that she hopes to meet you all there about 2pm, in another hour from their arrival there.
  23. Millie is saved from further embarrassment as they enter the Baggage Claim area and a man immediately spots them walk in the door and calls to Rebecca. "Beccy, over here. I've got your bags already for you." The Baggage Claim hall is strangely quiet with just the carousel for your plane active out of the six in the hall. Some of the passengers have obviously been and moved on and there is an intermittent line of them showing the way to customs and the arrivals gate if you couldn't be bothered to follow the signs. As they reach the man he holds out his hand to Millie, "Hi I'm James, Beccy's brother. I gather you were under this medical observation thing together." He looks over to Rebecca, "I got your texts, although I'm not sure what to do with some of them. I've left a message for the Director of Research with what you said about the meteorites, but I doubt we'll be able to get anything now so I've asked him to see what he can do about the cocoons and whatever material they are made of. As for lawyers we have a legal department if you need them for anything?" He pauses and glances between the two of you, "And what's the story with this paramedic? From what I could look up on my phone there is an ex-Army paramedic of that name who works for a local NHS trust. Did he do anything dodgy, do you want to make a complaint or something? Or did you just want to know more about him?" Rebecca looked over to Millie briefly before replying, "I just thought it was an odd set up having a paramedic with an Army link watching us. Could you find anything out about his Army career?" "No, but then I was just looking online with Google. It could just be coincidence, after all a lot of ex-service people go into the emergency services when they leave the force. Same as a lot of them go into security or get bonuses to go into teaching. I'll see if I can find someone to look into it for you, but it might take a while." He gets his phone out and quickly types something briefly. "Ok, lets see to your bags then miss and we can head out." So saying he leads the way back to the carousel, pushing the trolley with Rebecca's and his own bags.
  24. Dru had spotted the dwarf leaving and had heard the raised voices if unable to make out what was being said while he tried to create a perimeter. He sighed a little as he returned to the tent in time to hear Fatima's invitation and see Ser leading the heavily cloaked and concealed Goblin away. Perhaps he should have stayed to try and smooth Ser's way with the others, but at the time he could understand Ser's concern about being overheard, both for their plans and for the safety of the guide and so had gone along with trying to ensure that. As they leave the General's tent Dru throws a small pouch of money to the biggest of the people he had drafted to watch the perimeter. It contained enough to buy them all the promised pint and perhaps a little more, but they could argue over it themselves while he made his way to Fatima's tent.
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