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  1. "You talk to a rat and a cat and you think you have any credibility with me?" He chuckled and tossed his can as well. "Let's get this over with, you idiots annoy the shit out of me."
  2. "That's just it," He replied, leaning against the island in the kitchen to face Kat. "Everything around here is weird. I'm not sure what the established baseline of normal is because all of you are so far from my version of normal that I have no basis of comparison. You guys never actually try to be normal, it's always magic his, spell that, spirits, curses, the list goes on. And the bragging about yourselves... it never ends. You guys can't go one conversation without reminded everyone one else about how great with you are with a particular magic. It's sickening. I mean, come on you invited me to hunt boars and bears... in Vermont. There are no boars in Vermont, wild pigs, yes. Plus, there are only about five thousand bears left in this state and you wanna go punch one in the face and eat it because, and I quote 'they're assholes'." He sipped his drink and shook his head. Kat was surprised that there was no snark in his voice, no sarcasm or jabs. He was carrying a legit conversation with her and it almost felt... intimidating? His deep voice and carefully spoken words he was a like a different man. Was this the man that remained hidden under all the baggage that each of them came to this place with? "So honestly... please, by all means... tell me where the bar for weird is set." Warren sighed and set his can down. "Look, I know you guys think I'm a dick, for the most part, by the world's standards I am. Anyone who has been through what I have would have some coping skill issues too, but the truth is, girl, I'm not a bad guy. Three Jay is bullied, and all she does is run from it. If this whole magic thing is real, and I'm not saying it is, then she will snap eventually. Super villain level shit, and I don't want that. Under all her neurosis and issues... she's not a bad girl, kinda sweet honestly. She's a personality, attractive in an Adele kinda way, and she's intelligent. So, I'll push, and she'll hate me... but I'm as mean as they come, so if she can learn to stand up to me and accept how wonderful she really is as a person, then all those others out there who try to bring her down won't stand a chance. And when the smoke clears, she'll have all of you. We'll sacrifice one enemy and she gains the value of four friends... the math is sound." "That's what tough love is, Kat." He crossed his arms and looked o the floor. It seemed like he was thinking of what to say next, but instead looked back at her and smiled. "It's being the worst possible version of yourself to show someone else how strong they can be."
  3. Warren out stretched his hand, pointing it in the direction Cheshire. "Thank you. I stand corrected, one of you possesses some sense. And mad props for beating me to the high horse joke." He raised his can in a toast to her snark. He tucked his laptop in his book bag and few other things, popping his phone off the charger he swiped the screen and killed time waiting for Three Jay.
  4. "I got a better idea, Kat," Warren said calmly. "How about you actually give her the fifteen minutes. There is nothing wrong with Three Jay, her weight, her neurosis, hang ups, they're all in her head. And all you and world the around her does is constantly coddle and reassure he that it's okay to throw her little tantrums so you guys hug her and reassure her that everything will be okay." "But instead of waiting to see what happens, you's rather rush up there and rod her of the opportunity to set her priorities in order on her own. To overcome and over power assholes like me and get done what needs to be done despite how shitty the world around her is being. It's called tough love, hun. Stop pampering her." He opened the fridge and popped open a can of carbonated caffeine. "S'all good Kat, I'll wait. Besides, I talked some shit to her, and she talked some shit to me. Even Steven. If she's so far off her rocker that she has to make things more extreme than that... then she's not really the sort of person I want getting my back if this entire conspiracy thing turns out to be a thing."
  5. Warren rolled his eyes, officially pissed. "Oh, for fucks sake, do they pull women aside and give you special classes in this last word bullshit and storming away and slamming doors? I'm so fucking tired of these games you ladies play." "I'll go ta-" Cheshire started to say but Warren raised his hand to silence her as he walked to the stairs. "No, this one's mine. I'm tired of this sewing circle bullshit you girls have, you're a bunch of drama queens and I'm tired of it." He walked upstairs and knocked on her door. "Three Jay, if you're done throwing a tantrum we're not going to find out anything if you're hiding in here. Was that your great plan? Gt pissed, throw some insults, then go into hiding? Now I'm gonna go down stairs and get my shit together. Dry your eyes, change your damn clothes for fucks sake, and meet me down stairs so we can figure this shit out. I'll give you fifteen minutes and I'm leaving without you." He turned and walked away only to spin on his heel and give the door a few more taps. "And really, I do so love these talks of ours... fifteen minutes, Pumpkin." He skipped down the stairs walking past the other ladies to collect his laptop. Kat glared him. "You're not allowed up there, Warren, you know that." "Seriously?" Was all he mustered as he closed the lid and walked into the kitchen. "She'll either come down or not, frankly, I don't give a shit. This is actually kind of interesting, so I'm gonna go take a look and see what I can dig up."
  6. "Nope, didn't notice," Warren said, closing his laptop. "You're kinda easy to ignore, except, y'know, when you're sitting there heaving in a puddle of your own sweat because you wear winter clothes when it's a hundred degrees outside. Christ girl, get over your hang ups." He got up and walked over to where she was sitting and reading. He leaned over her shoulder, probably the closest 3J had been to a guy her whole life and being an asshole had nothing to do with the fact that Warren was damn sexy in that bad boy way. "Lemme see," his deep voice sounded serious, more so than usual. He read the page she was referring to, flipped forward a page and flipped back a page. "Three, I dunno... this is weak as far conspiracy theories go, we need more than just Barbie and Ken sharing a few words in the kitchen and poor book keeping." "I know, Warren," 3J rolled her eyes, trying to distance herself from him but he was currently smothering her like a guy in those soft-core Demon Hunter novels. "It's weak, and you don't care, and it's lame. I get it, thanks for being unhelpful." "Don't get your bloomers in a knot, Thickness." Warren flipped the pages again with a slight hope that it might turn up something, but it really didn't. "I said it was weak, and we'd need more. I may not believe in all this HooDoo going on around here, but a good conspiracy chase would give me something to do."
  7. Warren was loving it. Detroit was already cold as balls so being able to chill on he deck and eat burgers while hacking into Siobhan's lap top was like the gods of old were finally smiling down on him. As for Siobhan... she was too nice, that girl had to have porn stashed somewhere, probably the good stuff too. "Who cares?" Warren asked, still focusing on his 'game'. "Okay, obviously you do, but what about people that matter, like... everyone else that isn't you, for example. Maybe the brown group is some sort experimental thing... they use them as a way to incorporate us into other groups later, based on academic achievements, virgins we've sacrificed, or love potions we've brewed... who knows. Within a few months we'll probably be in some other group, so they never bother writing it down." "I'd be easier to believe there was some conspiracy going on if the woman presenting it wasn't decked out in winter clothes when it's 90 degrees outside... that's the sorta thing that costs you credibility in the 'good judgement calls' department."
  8. Warren wasn't even trying to hide his smile. "Nothing." He said as calmly as one could trying to obfuscate a gaping a grin on face. "Just, when you drain the body of it's soul to slake your desire for consuming happiness... don't dump it somewhere obvious, I don't want the cops waking us up at all hours of the night. Aside from that have fun." He tapped the corner of his mouth. "Might wanna touch up your scowl a bit and put a bit more hate around your eyes and... what do you shade with? Is that misery or self-loathing? I prefer a little 'diffidence' around my cheek bones, really makes them pop and does a wonder at pulling in those 'I wanna fix what's broken' types. You kids have fun." His pointed a finger at Safyre sternly using a mocking fatherly tone. "Don't stay out too late, young lady. We've laughter to quell in the morning. Joy doesn't ruin itself, we need you sharp."
  9. "Yeah," Warren replied, his deep tone took on that alert street though timbre the ladies had only heard a couple times in the last several weeks. "Why is it a surprise? People shop in markets, this is a market, small town nowhere Vermont. Seems pretty legit to me... unless you and your family don't go shopping in a market for food, in which case yeah, I'd have to consider that surprising." Sure he could have made a big deal out of it all, but if the kid was seeing through the magic he didn't believe in anyway, that just helped to prove him right. For now though, he decided already he didn't like Jace because the kid would rather stand there stuttering and muttering like an idiot instead of getting to the point. While everyone was distracted though he slipped his chocolate milk into the basket in an attempt to trick Safyre to pay for it.
  10. 'Whatever' was Warren word of the century. No matter where they went together or how they bonded, it was always 'whatever' eventually. Shopping for food was no different. Warren was a thief and they all knew it, not a clepto (he didn't steal from them), but when one of the ladies saw something they liked... it mysteriously ended up in the house eventually. Ugh, and the hacking! He never stopped cracking people's networks. When they were out he'd control the auto sprayer for the produce section... why?! Who does that?! He always had money and they all knew it was stolen, so when they shopped they steered clear from him in case he was getting arrested soon. That and he ate like a guy who'd given up on life. "Captain Crunch... Steakhouse Funyuns... Spaghetti O's... Red Vines... well, that was easy." He sighed looking completely underwhelmed. He maneuvered through the market and found Kaitlin looking at what appeared to be food one had to cook... how quaint. "What the hell is that?" He asked. "It's a roast," She replied dryly. She knew he knew, but his ability to act ignorant in all things civilized was quickly becoming his second most used talent, aside from being a jerk. "Warren, it boggles my mind that you are a genius par excellence, and yet you have no clue how to shop for groceries." He shrugged. "Never really had to. We always sorta eat on the move, chips and a sandwich from a store, y'know. I can cook, I just... I dunno, don't." "You can cook?" She raised her brow, smirking skeptically. "It's just following directions and understanding the maillard reaction." He spoke with a nerdy cool, like that rocker dude science teacher that you knew would make class fun. She set the roast into the buggy. "Dare I ask... what's the maillard reaction?" "The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between an amino acid and a reducing sugar in a form of non-enzymatic browning," He was sending a text, or hacking something, (who knew?) while he was reciting the definiion. His ability to multitask she figured came from his work as a program coder. "The reactive carbonyl group of the sugar interacts with the nucleophilic amino group of the-" "It's makes things taste good." She cut him off. "Yeah," He looked up swaying his arms out wide. "That's what I just said," He snapped his fingers and pointed at her. "I just realized I forgt something... chocolate milk." "I swear, your heart is gonna give out before you're thirty," She shook her head. "If I'm lucky!" He shouted down the isle way as he walked off to grab yet more food that would inevitably leave him trapped in a basement playing female characters on World of Warcraft in his late forties. Still though, as the days went on he was talking more.
  11. "Holy shit," Warren looked around but there wasn't many people. "And you people are calling me messed up? No, 'Kat', they aren't 'assholes' they're animals. At least by definition, and bears aren't dangerous unless you fuck with them. Christ, I'd expect the nature girl to have a little more respect for... I dunno... nature." "I'll pass on the invite," Warren raised his hands up, palms out. "There is no reason to hunt, because we have plenty of food here. Why go and kill something when are already have more than we need, seems a little careless for the ecosystem and a bit savage and uncivilized. But you do you, Kat, you do you."
  12. "See ya," Warren said. He was in chill mode and honestly not looking to fight with anyone. Obviously when you give people as shit as he had over the week, he expected them to be on edge. He preferred them that way. Angry people were the most honest people one could ever meet. People were real when they were angry, like Safyre. She was pissed at everything and everyone and she had no idea why half the time. It was beautiful. Warren then laughed. It was an honest laugh and truth be told he had a handsome smile, in fact he was actually cute when he was quiet... and not dressed like a bum, and... okay, there was work to be done. The guy had issues. "Seriously? Teach me to fish? That's what you got from that? Wow... just... wow." He was still chuckling and shaking his head. "Thanks, I... I needed that. I call you 'Hippie' because you're all, I don't know... outdoorsy and... stuff." Warren was a man of the city. Get him out in the wild and he wouldn't last ten minutes. "I know Siobhan is all about animals and plants... but she got 'Disney' so you got 'Hippie'. "How come you don't have a name?" 3J asked, not so intimidated by him now that he was actually talking. "I do," He smirked at her. "You think I don't hear you guys calling me 'Asshole'?" Dismissively 3j shrugged and continued chewing her steak. There was nothing to deny and she had zero cares to offer. "Fair." She finally said, savoring the deliciousness of both the food and Warren knowing exactly what she thought of him... without him yelling at her or calling her names.
  13. "I do my work, I do it well, I turn it in," Warren ate a piece of his steak. "What more of a chance does a school need? They teach, I learn, that's what schools do. The day the school tries to convince, instead of teach, it stops being a place of learning. And why should I give anything to Ravenhurst? They invited me. They are a center of learning, this place is put here for one thing: to teach. I don't owe the place anything. Again, the moment the institution expects or insists on anything from me but my continued learning, which I am doing, then ceases being a school. Their place is to teach, my place is to learn and to question." He was actually talking to them, this was a first. Although no one particularly cared for him, he tended to keep his anger check, only 'defending' himself when people spoke directly to him, he didn't feel the need to chide or berate others around him like Safyre. He was brutally honest though, to the point of full-on rude, and it could cut like a knife. He stood up from the table and wiped his hands... on his pants leg. "Don't be an asshole about it? Kaitlin, that's like asking a bear not to be a bear. I'm an asshole, I'm a poor, underprivileged kid, with zero money, zero future, and nothing going for me," Kaitlin was about to cut in but he raised a finger. "You had your moment Hippie, give me mine." "I don't say those things for pity, or to say that it's not possible to turn my future around. IT's what the world will see, and the world, is where I need to make my living." He picked up Siobahn's and for a moment angry eyes watched him as they all expected him to swipe her food and claim it by right of victory or whatever passed for claiming spoils in his code of honor. He didn't though, he walked back into the kitchen and spoke through the patio door he left open. "I am an asshole, ladies. I-,we, are all still strangers. It's been a week, one week. In that time you ladies have gotten quite cozy. I hear you up there at night, laughing, giggling, sharing stories, ideas, doing homework. I sit, down here, in my room and work on my stuff." He wrapped Siobhan's plate in plastic wrap and slid it in the microwave to keep it warm. He licked some steak juices off his thumb as he closed the door, but he continued. "I can't go up there but you're welcome down here anytime. Sometimes, all it takes is one person brave enough to knock on the bears den and throw him a fish. Instead you all treat me like I'm some sort of leering pervert who is going to creep into your rooms at night. Although implied, instead of spoken, it's still monumentally insulting to both my integrity and my delicate mental state as I transition from the streets to a facility of learning." He smirked. "Okay, a part of that was humor, but you ladies are smart enough to get my point. Look, if you think I'm going to be buddy-buddy with you after a week, you're all out of your mind. I don't trust you, any of you. I don't know you. I don't feel welcome among you, mostly because it appears I have the wrong parts in order to be a part of your gigglefests." He sat back down and began mashing up his potato with his fork. "And don't get me wrong, I don't fault any of you for any of what I just pointed out. Just know that I'm not some leering pervert, or sociopath who is going to choke you out just saying good morning to me. All I ask is that if you're going to dislike me, do it honestly." "I'm not used to... this. I'm used to days or weeks without taking to anyone. I don't have friends. I don't have family who cares or people who love me." 3J this time tried to speak, but Warren just shook his head. "Don't please, I don't say these things to get a reply or pity, and you guys are raised in a society where you are conditioned to 'say something'. Don't. It's not a cry for attention, nor is my attitude. It's simple self-awareness. This is how I am, I'm a scared, angry, sixteen year old kid that when he leaves here is going back to something he'd rather not," His deep voice paused momentarily as he sighed, collecting his thoughts. "We're strangers Kaitlin. You ladies will probably never like me or be my friends, and I don't blame you and nor do I care because you have this preconceived notion that I'm things I'm not. The only truth you have is twofold: one, I'm an asshole. Two, I can carry a rational conversation without losing my shit. See? We're talking. Ain't this fun?"
  14. "See, someone is always ready to White Knight." He smirked and took a bit of his potato. "Quickly, someone needs to run after her and consoled her, to reaffirm that I was the one at fault and her outburst was completely justified. It's a classic cry for attention. A well adjusted person would not have stormed away in a huff, she would have stood her ground and attempted to understand or accept all sides of an argument or opinion." Unphased, he continued to eat his meal. All be damned if something was going to stand in the way of him enjoying a steak.
  15. Warren looked to 3J as he buttered his baked potato. "For what? Treating him with the same level of smug patronization that he walks around treating us with? 3J, no offense, but you're a follower. People say, and you do, and there's nothing wrong with that, live your life, girl, more power to ya. I'm not like that though, people come at me the way he does, I come back at them just as hard. Notice he chose to leave instead of standing his ground, I would have respected him more if he told me what I could go do with myself." "Sweetheart, dealing with people is easy. Basic psychology. Take for example the first day we got here, I used one word in a room full of strangers and your reactions to that word told me everything I needed to know about all of you. It helped me gauge personality types, speaking patterns, education levels, emotional responses. You'd be surprised what you can learn from people when they are quick to play White Knight instead of thinking of what, or how, they are speaking." This was, honestly the most Warren had spoken, to any of them, not just 3J since they'd arrived at Ravenhurst. "You just have to be willing to be the pariah, test the waters, or chum them, and once you've gauged those people, you can manipulate them. Seems shitty, I know, but when you haven't eaten in ten days and you're living under a porch in he middle of winter... you learn not to care what you're doing to people if it'll let you get your grub on. Hustle a store clerk? They might get fired, but at least you eat... yadda, yadda, I'll not bore you with the rest."
  16. "Tell you what, Matt," Warren delivered with all the indignant tone one could muster. Gods did he hate rich people. "I'll try and 'give it a shot' when the day you stop sounding like a damn brochure, how's that?" Matt knew Warren was doing well, hell more than well, if you didn't include the practical application classes, but Warren was who he was and could let a simple bit of decent words pass his lips. "If you can manage to get those lips off the school's ass long enough, how bout you honor those baked potatoes and toss me one."
  17. "Eh, prolly some Waco level shit at some point," He smiled. The guy was constantly cynical. "Milk it for what it's worth, run as fast I can if things get to the sacrifices and Kool-Aid part... if I need to I can trip Safyre up on our way out to save myself."
  18. "I ain't seen shit," Warren said, calmly. "I just do my work, and pretend this place is almost normal. Until they kick me out. Beats behind a dumpster for now. Besides, the ladies are pretty, the weather is nice, and the WiFi is kick ass, so, can't complain." ...was that just a compliment thrown somewhere in there? "Disney's got the right of it," Warren pointed at Siobhan. "Easy stuff, basic, practical application stuff." He was being modest. Warren was a jerk, sure, but the kid was, without a doubt a bonafied genius. He'd never had to actually work at being intelligent, it just came naturally to him. Unlike the others, who could do magic already, Warren understood, grasped and could recall anything they'd studied so far. Magic was lie a programming language, and he'd already effortlessly aced a majority of the written assignments. They could do the magic, but were now faced with the daunting task of learning what all that actually meant. According to the school's policy, all of them had have worked magic at least once, despite Warren's claim of never knowing what any of them were talking about... it made one wonder what the boy was hiding. His housemates were far from stupid, in fact they were all incredibly brilliant, in their own ways (not that he would tell them that). What they had to study for hours though, Warren just read once and wrote the paper. When it came to books, and memorizing, and learning he 'got it'. Much to their irritation sometimes. When it came to actually doing it... yeah, he was an utter failure. "Gotta talk to them about the magic stuff though, I don't believe in that stuff."
  19. Warren walked past the two of them, casually, like he'd just been coming from down the hall. "We got steak sauce?" He asked. Heading to the fridge to collect condiments for the table outside. The plates were gathered, the utensils, all that was missing was steak sauce. "Oh, grab another plate for Cheshire, could ya Matt? You're by the cabinet." Before the twins had the opportunity to recover, he was already on his way, sliding open the door with the toe of his boot. He glared at Kaitlin as he moved to the table to set his contribution to the festivities. He shook his head as he heard her mumble for the D-L. "Not now, Hippie. We talk later." He didn't seem happy, but then again, when was he ever happy. "All of us." Warren quirked a brow at her cooking and made a strange confiession. "Cook mine medium well, I don't like blood."
  20. Warren was easy to ignore, he wasn't part of their anime magical girl clique. He slipped away to his room to get his charging cable for his lap top (because Matt couldn't be right), and stopped suddenly as he heard the twins talking in the kitchen. Years of sneaking and prowling around the streets had left him quite adept at remaining undetected. Quietly, he listened, because eavesdropping was the least of the sins the boy had acquired so far in his life.
  21. Naturally Warren was down a hallway and didn't see any floating eye. He's exited the room to go get a Coke from the fridge right after his long introduction. Once he was away from earshot of the newest of his Crazy Dwarves when he unleashed on himself. "So, yeah. Good talk. Glad to have at least one sane person in the hou- oh, no, wait... you're crazy too. Come to wherever this is, I said, get away from Dad, I said, it'll be fun, I said... Jesus..." He'd even been witty too and all she could do was that weird shit retarded people do with their fingers when you got too close to them. Crazy. They were all crazy. He leaned against the rooms threshold sipping his carbonated sanity juice right as Matt exclaimed it was all perfect. "Of course it was, yaaay," His voice was monotone and the sarcasm of his 'excitement' was, as usual, insulting. He waved about his free hand, as if to celebrate. "Food, now?"
  22. "Oh, for fucks sake, dude," Warren rolled his eyes and turned about face, half shrugging and letting his hands fall to his sides. "You guys play Magic-Play-Land, I don't give a shit about four eyed frogs. I'd rather get those damn steaks cooking so we can eat." He turned to Cheshire. "Sorry, the nerd caste likes to disturb the rational folk around here with stories and pretend time. You get used to it. Everytime they say they see something, there's either no one in the room with them or they conveniently," he air quoted. "Lose the spell. Someone saw a four-eyed frog. I wish I was making this shit up, I do." Since they were away from everyone he took the opportunity to introduce them. It was least he could do. "That one there, Siobhán, pretty cool. Rich brat, pretty, but rich. She's sweet though, and she tries, so be cool with her. Freakishly huge amazon over there is Kaitlin. Also, not a bad person, personable and friendly at least. Over there is 3J, she's alright. Kinda cute and has the whole gamer chick vibe going for her but a list of self-esteem neurosis a mile long. The one who likes to read about revealing, whose face says 'Princess' but her personality says 'Troll'. That's Safyre. She is everything wrong with the world. Her soul was torn screaming from her innocent and baptized in the unholy fires of the deepest darkest pits of the Netherworld where no soul ever knowing love or kindness has ever tread. Aside from that, she's kinda cool. As long as she's not talking, or thinking, or... being." He smiled at his own wit, still breaking the ice, he extended his hand. "I'm Warren, by the way. Yes, I'm only being nice to you because you're hot, and it gets me out of having to be a part of... whatever the hell they're doing. That out of the way... I'm the only man in the house so to hear the women tell it my penis and I are always up to no good. I can be a real dick sometimes, if you can live with that, we'll get on okay."
  23. "That way," Warren pointed down a hall. He wasn't sure if her name was actually Cheshire, probably a code name like everyone else used. Hell, he wasn't one to judge, he went by 'Revenant' as his hacking alias. "C'mon, I'll show ya, it's either that or sit in here and watch these guys play 'Summon the Four-Eyed Frog'." Her look told him everything she intended to say. He waved both his hands dismissively. "Seriously, don't ask. The inmates run this asylum."
  24. "Nah, think I'll stay. If only to piss you off." Warren smirked evilly. "Besides, the Wi-Fi here bad ass. Zero lag."
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