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  1. Now available: Book of the Fallen! Now in PDF and print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG. Are you predator or prey? For the Nephandi, that’s a simple question: They embody the Abyss, and you are their next meal. You probably won’t see them coming, but they noticed you a long time ago. Now they move in — so sweet, seductive, and friendly, offering whatever it takes to make you love them, trust them, and forget who and what they truly are. Until the moment when you can’t ignore what you see. By that time, it’s probably too late. Eaters of the Weak So easily dismissed as wicked caricatures, the Fallen Ones move among the shadows of our world. Their influence expands with every crime, every falsehood, each time hatred and despair grind hope into the ground. In the war for reality, they’re winning. This exploration of the Fallen, their Arts, and the ways in which they prey upon us includes: Cults and Characters A glance at real-life evils right next door Metaplot Options and Roleplay on the Edge New sects that dominate the new millennium The Qlippoth and its influence upon the Fallen Infernal Investments, malignant paradigms, Nephandic Arts, dark heresies, and more. Content Warning: This Book Contains Material of a Dark, Mature Nature This book deals explicitly with abusive people, activities, and cultures. Not to glorify them but to expose them. This book features graphic depictions and discussions involving abuse of children and adults, trauma, war, bigotry, blasphemy, torture, human trafficking, sexual violation, and other forms of human malignancy. This is your chance to turn back now. Things only get worse from here, and while we handle such subject matter with maturity and sensitivity, we strongly encourage readers to consider their limits before going forward. Sales Only a few days remaining in DriveThruRPG’s New Year, New Game sale! We’ve got an amazing Scion 2e Bundle with four Scion PDFs for only $12.99! Scarred Lands products for Pathfinder (the Scarred Lands Players Guide and The Wise & The Wicked 2nd Edition) are upwards of 90% off from Indie Press Revolution! Both products are an incredible $5 each! Kickstarter Update The Kickstarter for Cults of the Blood Gods for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition finishes in just under 24 hours. After hitting its $25,000 funding goal in just 47 minutes (and doubling it in under 10 hours), we currently at $141,253, or 471%. Thanks to our 2423 backers! We hit the following stretch goals: Trail of Bone and Ashes: The Ties That Bind, a playable Hecata story; Old Wounds, exploring the enmity between the Cappadocians, Lamiae, Giovanni, Samedi, and Harbingers; Open Your Eyes: an examination of Golconda; The Wellspring: wherein the coterie take over an abandoned cult Blood Gods Backer T-Shirt Blood Gods Desktop Wallpaper Forbidden Paths: Pathways to Power: cults dedicated to power through fear, influence, or devotion, including worshipers of the Nictuku, errant houses within the Tremere, and the ancestral obsession of the Ventrue. Dreams of Golconda: A number of cults who believe they alone know the path to Golconda. Eschatological Thought: About those cultists who want to bring an end to everything. Ruinous Beliefs: Infernalist vampires. Faithful Undead: Undead Disciples: Storyteller characters. Art budget increase & creative team reward! Did you miss one of our previous Kickstarters? The following Kickstarted products are still open for preorders via BackerKit: Scarred Lands: Creature Collection 5e They Came from Beneath the Sea!: They Came from Beneath the Sea! rulebook Trinity Continuum: Trinity Continuum: Aberrant Dystopia Rising: Evolution: Dystopia Rising: Evolution rulebook Realms of Pugmire: Pirates of Pugmire Exalted: Lunars: Fangs at the Gate Chronicles of Darkness: Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2 Chronicles of Darkness: The Contagion Chronicle Community Spotlight The following community-created content for Scarred Lands has been added to the Slarecian Vault in the last week: Your product could be here! Have you considered creating your own to sell? The following community-created content for Realms of Pugmire has been added to Canis Minor in the last week: Your product could be here! Have you considered creating your own to sell? The Storypath Nexus is now open to Trinity Continuum and Aeon products! The following community-created content for Storypath has been added to the Storypath Nexus in the last week: Trinity Continuum: Trinity Continuum Layout Templates Trinity Continuum: Trinity Continuum Art Pack 01: Core Rulebook Trinity Continuum: Player Tools: Cards & the Core Mechanic TC: Æon: Trinity Continuum: Æon Layout Templates TC: Æon: Trinity Continuum Art Pack 02: Æon TC: Æon: Endless Frontiers Vol 1: Humanity Your product could be here! Have you considered creating your own to sell?
  2. In advance of the upcoming release of Chicago by Night, please enjoy these story hooks from the upcoming Chicago Folios stretch goal: V5 Chicago Folio illustration by Michael Gaydos Dearest Club Member We would be delighted to see you at the annual Evening of the Flesh this coming month. We, the Black Roses, will be arranging the meet-up this year, and can truly say, it will be even bigger, even better, and even more interesting than in years prior. We have special playtoys we cannot wait for you to get your hands on, and I am sure they will happily oblige your every desire. If not, we will make them — like we always do. Per our code, this event must stay strictly confidential. We wouldn’t want any disturbances to ruin our night (no one could forget last year’s near slip-up). This year’s theme will be “The Blood”, so please dress accordingly — think of something that reminds you of what gives you life. Perhaps, a red dress? Maybe a burgundy tie? Even shoes count! As long as your appearance channels that which we all burn for. The guests this year will be young, so please be on your best behavior. We don’t want to scare the poor things, at least not until reach the end of our little ordeal. After all, they are not used to the ways of our club. Still, they did not earn their blood, and make better meals than anything else. Remember, you can always bring a plus one. But make sure this individual is ready for all the fun controversies we will be embarking on. Most importantly, they will have to keep quiet. We don’t want a certain royalty to hear about our games. We look forward to seeing you, The Black Roses Exclusive Invitation Cast: Annabelle (Chicago by Night, p. XX), Karyn Stanislava (p. XX), The Black Roses — a secret society within a secret society What Happened: Every year for the past decade, a group known as the Black Roses assembles in Chicago for a debauched party in which they enjoy every pleasure flesh and blood can give. Though many such parties take place across the States, the Black Roses’ events are a special kind of depravity, as the members of the secret group test each other’s Humanity and attempt to tease the Beast to the surface with every sinful act. Though rumors of the Black Roses have extended beyond Chicago’s boundaries, few know the identities of vampires within the club. The Toreador Black Rose known as Karyn Stanislava is only known because she often organizes the more palatable entertainments and has to coordinate with other vampires to hire gifted retainers and Kindred-aware security. Karyn is sworn to silence on the matter of the remaining names on the guest list, and it’s possible she doesn’t even know them. The club insists its members wear masks and are forbidden from uses of their vampiric Disciplines (at least from using them on each other) when the Black Roses come together. The group name implies a largely Toreador society, but Annabelle has voiced her displeasure with the vulgar club for its acceptance of diablerie. An invitation found from the last session discusses feeding from the young, which turned out to be thin-bloods imported into the city, one of whom escaped. The Prince would like this group shut-down completely; while a secret society for now, the longer the festering debauchery remains contained, the worse the explosion when someone finally penetrates its shell. What Could Happen: • A member of the coterie receives an invitation to attend a party with the Black Roses and finds themselves in an exclusive soiree where no sins are off-limits. Thoughts fly to the debased practices of the Sabbat and the Church of Caine, and any vampire experiencing these “pleasures” runs the risk of falling to their Beast. • Annabelle recruits the coterie to infiltrate the Black Roses’ next party, reasoning that if everyone remains masked, they should find doing so no trouble at all. The party is horrific in every way, compelling vampires with higher Humanity ratings to burn the whole thing down before leaving. During the party, it’s possible one of the members of the coterie might discover a known (and ostensibly humane) Kindred is one of the other guests. Keeping their identity a secret is enough to command a boon or gain a Contact, though that vampire might subsequently become an antagonist. • One of the coterie’s thin-blooded associates disappears, with rumors abounding that the Black Roses are snatching up thin-bloods for party food. Annabelle tips the coterie off to Karyn Stanislava’s location, giving them the opportunity to get even or gain information. Attribute Focus: Social Karyn Stanislava Clan: Toreador Sire: Hathaway, “The Menshevik” Embraced: 1930 (Born 1907) Ambition: Make the Black Roses more impressive year after year Convictions: Never let them know your true power Touchstones: Arturo — loyal, long-time retainer Humanity: 2 Generation: 9th Blood Potency: 2 Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2; Charisma 4, Manipulation 4, Composure 2; Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 3 Secondary Attributes: Health 5, Willpower 5 Skills: Athletics 3, Melee 2, Stealth 1; Animal Ken 2, Etiquette 4, Insight 2, Intimidation 1, Performance 3, Persuasion (Seduction) 4, Subterfuge (Innocence) 5; Awareness 1, Finance (Investments) 3, Medicine 1, Politics 1 Disciplines: Auspex 2, Celerity 2, Obfuscate 1, Presence 2 Help for Hire — Warehouse Rebuild Several able-bodied and robust younger people are needed for a complete rebuild of my warehouse in Lincoln Park. The warehouse was previously used to store auto-parts but has been empty since 2001. It is now needed for a new project, and therefore, I seek help to spark life into the old halls once again. The warehouse refurbishment needs to be ready in a very short span of time. In order to be a part of the project, you need to meet certain requirements: • You will need to be available sixteen hours a day every day for two weeks. This may seem intense, but I need this job done as soon as possible. You will be paid very well for your time and effort. Therefore, I seek individuals who do not have immediate family to attend to and are currently unemployed. • You will need to be between the ages of 18 and 40. • You will need to be in a physically good condition to perform the job. My only requirement is you are not currently sick. • You cannot bring any cellular devices or means of communication. This is simply because I need your full attention while you are here, and I do not tolerate sloppiness or distractions. These requirements must be met for you to seek this position. In return you will get: • Full housing and accommodations during your two weeks. A trailer with everything you need, including kitchen and bath will be available to you. • $50/hour + an additional $10/hour during night and weekend shifts. • A starting bonus of $1,000 with a signed work contract. If this catches your interest, please contact me on the enclosed cellphone number or send a letter to my PO Box. My personal assistant will be answering your calls during daytime since I am often busy or out of the office. I will be available for brief questions or any other inquiries typically from 9 PM – 11 PM, as I will be in office. Kind Regards, Amelia Locke Seeking Employment Cast: Amelia Locke (p. XX) What Happened: It’s a simple enough sounding ambition: Amelia Locke, childe of Joseph Peterson, wants to create a new Elysium. She has the property, which was an old warehouse near Lincoln Park gifted to her by her exiled sire. Now, she just needs to figure out what to turn it into. Her lover, Tatyana, suggested a club, but there are already plenty of those in the city. She’s reached out to Annabelle and Kathy Glens, who suggested a gallery or an auditorium, respectively, but neither prospect appeals. This vampire journalist is hard-nosed but willing to listen to ideas. All she needs is a good one. Something that might leave a new mark on the Chicago map. It’s the kind of enterprise any aspiring Camarilla vampire might get behind. What Could Happen: • The coterie provides Amelia with financial backing for whichever venture she decides to undertake. Doing so earns them Amelia as a one-dot Mawla, but the investment takes a long time to yield results as the Ventrue’s many advisors suggest everything from a theatre to a board game café. • The coterie attempts to directly influence Amelia’s decision, living their fantasies through her. Unless they’re subtle, she rebukes any attempts at control and becomes a one-dot Adversary for each member of the coterie. She’s not interested in being someone’s puppet. If they are subtle, they may convince her to invest in a business that matches their interests. • The one idea Amelia hasn’t considered but would gain the backing of the Hellenes and the Tremere of the city, is a new city library. It would appeal to her journalistic desires, and if other vampires get their way, could even provide a secret study and reading room for Kindred texts. It wouldn’t make a massive splash on the social scene but would provide a place of quiet contemplation for vampires of the city. Attribute Focus: Mental / Social
  3. "She is," Davian said, sidling up to the group after having heard Bastion's suggestions. "Trying to help, I mean. She's been spending a lot of her time trying to figure out how to make new technologies that'll give lots more than just one person at a time those homes, food, medicine, all of that. She just does also sometimes needs a, what did you call it, Deezy, a brain cleanser?" He pointed over to the drinks. "For example, the whole thing with the alcohol? It's not really about getting drunk. It's about medicine for people that can't take a Tylenol or get anesthetic now. Imagine if one of you all with superquick healing needed surgery to remove an object that got stuck in their body and healed over. Or just needed their gallbladder or appendix removed. Right now, they'd have to do that without anesthetic and with constant cuts to get it done. But Deezy's hoping her bubbles can be used to get anesthetic that will work, maybe even something that could slow down or stop the healing factor long enough to get the medical work done. Or be used for psychiatric medicine, given how much the world is looking to all of you to solve their problems and be their boogie man at the same time." He pointed up at the mech costume. "She got plans on her work desk for using variations of that to do underwater exploration, search and rescue in caves or forest fires, dangerous places. She's got some larger plans for ones that can function sorta like cranes and roofers on their own, keep people from having to climb up on roofs or beams to do construction. Those go along with these modular home designs she's been working on to use with the souped-up 3D printer idea. Trust me, she's trying to save the world. She just also takes a little bit of time to herself so she doesn't burn out before she makes good progress." "One person, one blanket, one dose of medicine, it can make all the difference to that person," Davian said with a nod to Bastion. He gave Deezy a look that had hints of both a crush and wonder in it. "She's trying to change the whole paradigm, though. Change the world on a grand scale so that there are always enough blankets, houses, medicine, presents - all of it."
  4. So, I'm upping the monthly XP to 2 XP. 8 months of activity to be able to buy at Quantum dot seems fine. I'm also giving another XP out for Peers. At this point people's XP gains should be: +2 for October +2 for November +1 + Benny from the Storm threads +2 for Peers for everyone but Steve and Kyria +1 for Close Quarts for Karrie, Steve, and Kyria +2 for Assessing Assets for Steve/Kyria +0-5 XP for Casting Call! I'm going to change the point break you get for buying a power with Transcendence. Instead of "half" - because I mucked with the costs - taking a dot of Transcendence lowers the cost of the whatever by -5 XP. This does mean that a character can flat out purchase a Mega/Quantum Edge dot with a dot of Transcendence. I'll even allow multiple tradeouts on a singe thing, like getting a dot of Quantum for "free" by taking 3 dots of Transcendence. Just be careful, this can put your character at risk of Full Transformation.
  5. Pugmire Dog Dice illo by Pat Loboyko Happy Wolfenoot! (Technically November 23, but who’s counting?) From November 21-28, Onyx Path and Pugsteady are having a sale on all our Pugmire products, with all digital products at 50% off! Additionally, 50% of all proceeds of the sale will be donated to the Guide Dog Foundation. Check out the Wolfenoot sale here! Please give your good dogs a snoot boop from all of us at Onyx Path.
  6. A few weeks ago we had Deviant: The Renegades developer Eric Zawadzki on the Onyx Path Twitch channel to run a game of Deviant for a collection of friends who stream other Onyx Path games. That video’s now up on YouTube, which you can watch here: You can preorder Deviant now on BackerKit!
  7. "Sir! Sir!" Sebastian asked the man sobbing on the floor. "Are you alright?" The man just sat there, back to the wall, blubbering. "Dagumit..." He stepped from his room to look around at the chaos. He needed to find that voice. No one was getting eaten on his shift. Jael glanced at Zac and smirked. "Well, I think we just got called out. Wanna go see who's calling us?" "Am I the gone man or the little wolf ?" Zac shook his head. The painkillers were actually stronger than he expected... Zac slid his left hand under his armpit, feeling with a reassured sigh the grip of his Beretta M9. His left ear was ringing after what seemed to be hell through the speakers to him, but the pain was definitely gone for a moment. "I guess we could have a chat with that ourodiets screaming around..." “You’re clearly the gone man, since you only stick around for money,” Jael said with a caustic smile. She waves at her front. “Also, I am no man. C’mon, let’s go.” Together the assassins eased into the hallway. Jael hadn’t pulled her weapon yet, but Zac could see her hand hovering near it. They’d only gotten a few steps before they spotted the big kid from the crash. “Hey, hot-stuff!” Jael called, glad to see the Strong Man. “Wanna be the big damned heroes of this place?” "Reckon I would, ma'am." The big kid said with a determined nod. "You know where that voice is coming from?" "Not a clue," Jael said with almost cheerful indifference, "but I suspect it won't be hard to find him. He's a patient here." Zac almost stumbled into Jael who had stopped but managed somehow to dodge her, stumbling then into Bastion. "Hello, big boy. I... think I have a clue of where the freak is. I don't know how, but I have a rough idea. Also, we just have to follow the personnel rushing towards him..." Zac was following Jael's steps, a bit lunatic, fascinated as he was by what he felt at the moment. Something terribly... wrong was closing in on them, but further into the hospital, he could feel movement, things being drawn to a greater... thing. There was no word to fully explain it. Surprised by Jael stopping, he almost stumbled on her, dodging to instead stumble into Bastion. There was something frightening with him, though he could not explain what. "H- Hello, big boy. I- I think I have a clue of where to go. Don't ask me how, but I got a rough idea. If we get lost, we can still head towards the personnel apparently rushing to the freak's room..." The trio paced an erratic line through the hospital, eventually ending up in the main cafeteria. A wild-looking man, weirdly reminiscent of Jafar pretending to be a starving prisoner at the start of Aladdin, was lounging in a “sexy model” pose on top of one of the food-serving carts in the middle of the cafeteria; he grinned maniacally as they came through the doors. Behind him, dozens of medical machines had cordoned off about a quarter of the room, pinning in several dozen people and menacing them with various protrusions and tubes. Most of the people have a leg or arm wrapped in tubes to keep them from being able to leave. The unlucky few had needles stuck in them instead, their eyes glassy and expressions slack.
  8. October 26 - 27th, 2019 Marama, Cook Islands The suggestion of a Stormer get-together had been an off-the-cuff remark by Davian in a meeting about how to market Nova Solutions as a corporation to work for. Ideas were bandied around and finally Davian laughed and threw out, "Well, it's October. We could throw a Halloween Stormers party." He should have known better. Ryan should have stopped him - teleported him out of the room or to another continent before the words escaped his lips. But he didn't and Deezy heard them and now Davian was making invitations and arrangements after convincing his father to let him use the private island they owned in the Cook Islands. Deezy and Ryan were responsible for getting the physical invites out, but Nova Solutions also made a press release (using Layton Industries media arm for now) inviting "all Stormers, regardless of nationality" to the Nova Solutions Halloween Storm Bash on October 26th and 27th. The island was in three parts, with the largest speck of land hosting an amazing stretch of beach with the sprawling beach house nestled just under the canopy of palm trees towards the center of the island. Cabana were set up along the beach along with a large tent home to a massive buffet. Everything was festooned in Halloween - spiders, skeletons, witches, zombies, and ghosts peaking out from every corner; candy apples, mummied sausages, and smoking punch bowls with witch's brew were tucked in with dozens of other Halloween'd gourmet foods. Inside the house, bowls of candy were scattered around, cobwebs dripped over the ornate surfaces and the servants were dressed like dancers from Michael Jackson's Thriller. Davian was dressed in sandals, a simple Grecian toga with gold braiding, and a laurel crown around his head; he looked every inch the young godling he was honestly raised to be. We've got real gods, now, he though ruefully to himself and chuckled. No more pretend. As the first guests began arriving through Ryan's portals, he effortlessly took up the duties of host, greeting and making people feel at ease while also making a mental list of just who all actually did decide to show up. "Welcome, everyone! Happy Halloween!"
  9. Max, can you edit a date in on Mergers and Acquisitions? I'm updating that calendar and that's the only one I can't pin to a day.
  10. There was a scramble at the base as the shockwave hit, soldiers diving to pull down the civilians and try to shield them from the blast of sand, sound, and force. The more aware ones did their best to drag people behind Deezy's shell instead of letting their clothes take the brunt of the mini sandstorm. Lucia popped her head up at Deezy's comment, eyes wide. "No shit. And I thought my stuff was scary. Guy could set off an earthquake." "Kid is an earthquake," Leo, the shipwright from Connecticut, muttered as he peeled a soldier that had rather laughably attempted to keep the much larger man from being scoured by the sand off from him with a grunt. Dr. Ballard was off to the side, conferring with several people and checking the feeds from drones that were little more than scrap metal and plastic now. The Colonel called over, "Get what you need, doctor? 'Cause I think that boy needs to get home before he takes out half the state." "Yeah," Ballard waved the soldier off. "We've got the readings. Some weird spikes, but nothing that looks like it's going to mutate the public. I want him to have some follow-ups with his PPC, make sure he's not having more weird side effects. We're going to need more drones if everyone else is going to show off like that." His tone was pretty neutral, just recounting a fact and not giving an opinion on such overwhelming use of power. Next to him, Wendy was more wide-eyed, quickly scribbling notes down a tablet and and blinking sand out of her eyes still. Several soldiers jogged into the yard, meeting with the Colonel and getting reassurance that things were indeed okay and the sandblast wasn't Storm Round 2. They disappeared back around the building, going over to the larger second group Ryan had caught sight of in his short flight earlier. The others with them in quarantine gave their own performances: Chula Mercier from the bayou who could warp and stretch her body, playing at being a marionette on invisible strings. Sora Matsuda, who healed those with cuts and sand burns with a touch and seemed to awe the soldiers perhaps even more than the flamboyant shows the others were putting on. Vanessa Carmichal, the Mean Girl from the west coast who spent the whole time trying on different glam faces and bodies, watching the soldiers to see who was watching her like they should be. Alejandro Juarez, the Latino dancer that played with the drones, sending them spinning around him in their own intricate dance without ever touching them or their controllers. Deliah Palmer, the middle-aged Black woman with kids to get home to, stood with a flame dancing over her palm and dared anyone to ask her to do something flashy just for the amusement of their military captors. Cynthia Richardson, who was grinning the entire time others were doing their bit, waiting to see when people would notice there were a dozen of her spectating around the yard - and one more sneaking around the side of the building to see what was going on on the other side. Leo Walker the shipwright shrunk down to child-size and then grew until even Sebastian and Emily could see him towering over the yard as they trekked back from their desert jaunt. As Balard cleared each person, the Colonel sent a soldier to show them back into the base. There a team of bureaucrats were waiting with paperwork, a recap of the world over the past four days, and an offer. They went over each person's current state of fame and what life back home was likely to be like, and then offered for them to go home and deal with that or go into WitSec until the world recovered and adjusted to the new status quo. Ryan was also requested to ferry those people that wanted to just go home all over the country - otherwise a plane trip to Tuscon later that day would get them started on the journey, and plane or train tickets would be provided to get them the rest of the way. Quarantine was over; now they just had to face the rest of the world.
  11. I don't know that Sprockets even checks here anymore. Again, this project has been defunct for years.
  12. For clarification of those in Peers & Pressures: You guys will be let out of quarantine just a little bit after where Peers is now. Literally a meeting with a bureaucrat that'll boil down to "Here's what we were able to do to preserve your privacy while you were here. If you go back to your life you will/won't be able to hide that you're a Stormer. Do you want to go into Witness Protection instead?" Ryan will be asked if he's up for 'porting people home, otherwise it'll be a little time waiting for mundane transport to Tuscon and then wherever else.
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