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  1. Travis is using a move to get up and away from the crowd. He'll attack prime with a TK swat, perception range so no roll needed, it auto-hits with a damage DC of 25
  2. As the people below argued and asked questions Travis found himself at an utter loss. The questions were coming faster than he could answer, and even had he been able to he simply wasn't prepared for this. Gamma rays? Comic books? People actually wanted this burden?! Don't they understand? ,, When Prime and the others showed up Travis actually felt relieved. "Thank god," he said under his breath as he shot upward, dodging out of the darkness effect that engulfed the crowd. "Jer!," he yelled, "Think you can do something to negate that cloud? Make sure that these people see the truth with their own eyes?" ,, Without waiting for a reply Travis looked upward, locking his eyes on Prime and putting everything into his speed, intent on body slamming Prime at a few times the speed of sound. ,, Combat stuff [jameson] 12:03 pm: Dodge Check jameson *rolls* 1d20: 11: 11 +8 makes for a 19 ,, [jameson] 12:03 pm: Will Save jameson *rolls* 1d20: 13: 13 +10 makes for a 23 ,, [jameson] 12:03 pm: Initiative jameson *rolls* 1d20: 14: 14 +6 makes for a total of 20 ,, [Asarasa] 12:04 pm: Hey aJim [jameson] 12:04 pm: hi ,, Hero Points: 2 Condition: Fatigued
  3. How many Hero Points should I have at the moment? I'm assuming this is a "new session" and thus we have only the default 1, but I figure maybe the sudden ambush might grant a 2nd?
  4. Travis' jaw dropped as the people around the edges started taking photos and asking questions. Are they really so asleep? He released the others, maybe they could convince the rest that what he did was real. "Or maybe not," he muttered to himself as he reached out the the crowd around him. "You want to take photos and videos? Well fine, let me give you a better view!" ,, Travis reached out to every man and woman holding a cellphone or a camera, and lifted them into the air. Each felt as though a thousand invisible hands were lifting them, grabbing their bodies at every surface, and raising them up five feet, ten, fifteen. When they were all on level with him Travis raised his hands up. ,, "We are your brothers and sisters and sons and daughters, but unlike you we are different, we are gifted with powers that are beyond what you know. I can move objects with but a thought, I know of others who can move with the speed of a jet, or project energy from their bodies. We are ..." Travis stopped, unwilling to say mutant. If what Lamia said was true they had been around for thousands of years since man was man, that was not mutancy, that was something else. "Your governments and corporations have been hiding us from you. Capturing us and keeping us. Forcing some to work for them, coercing others, and being joined freely by some. Around the world thousands of us, tens of thousands perhaps more, are prisoners and slaves. ,, "We are different from you, in our abilities, and for some in our appearance," Travis wondered if Tengri would make himself known or not, he didn't know which was better, or care. He started to pick up other people from the crowd as he saw cameras and phones appear, and others just because, just as demonstration. "I come here tonight to reveal ourselves to you, without malice, without intent of harm, though perhaps some may find that hard to believe. An agency, spanning the world and funded by all the governments of the nations that you call home, has made an enemy of our kind by their actions of capture, enslavement, mistreatment, and murder. We will tear down the Department of Extra-Human Affairs, and see it brought to an end. After that the choice will be humanity's to make whether we become your enemies, or your friends." ,, Travis looked down, the street was clear, the intersection was empty of people, they all floated around him anywhere from five feet to fifty, a cloud of humanity and at the center a space, the the eye of storm with Travis at it's center, looking at the scared and the astonished, the awe filled, and the doubtful. With a sigh of resignation, he set them down, all of them, in ones and twos, and in groups of five and ten and twenty, until only he remained aloft. He looked down at them an waited, unsure of what else he could do. ,, deets Travis is fatigued after his power stunt prior. He's got plenty of TK to go around though, so picking up there people is relatively easy.
  5. Nobody paid any heed. A few people shoved him as they stumbled out of bars, or into them. Several called him a tosser. "Damnit. Hey!" Travis quickly grew frustrated. The crowd flowed like a tidal surge, and Travis moved as he could through it to the center of the intersection, trying to gain the attention of the crowd and failing miserably. Frustration grew to anger, and Jeremy and Tengri both saw Travis flush with rage; this operation would turn into a shit-show if Travis lost it. ,, "Goddammit STOP!!" Travis' fury overwhelmed him, and he loosed his rang into a hammerstroke of kinetic power. In an instant all motion within twenty yards of Travis ceased, nullified or absorbed, leaving a still zone that encompassed the entire intersection and froze hundreds of people while hundreds more bumped into sudden obstacles created from their co-revelers. Travis, for his part, heaved deep breaths as he fought to calm himself, maintaining the improvised anti-kinetic field he'd created. He stepped onto a sewer cap and bid it to rise into the air, very much glad that he was practiced splitting his attention. ,, Fifteen feet into the air he stopped, hovering in place, looking at the people outside the zone he'd created as they looked up at him. "Hey," he said lamely, "Umm ... I come in peace?" ,, Power Stunt STOP! - Affliction 10 (hindered, immobile, paralyzed) [resisted and overcome by fortitude] • 4 points per rank +2 pts = 42 points Concentration (+1/rank) Instant Recovery (-1/rank) Affects Objects (add) (+1/rank) Distracting (-1/rank) Cumulative (+1/rank) Burst Area (30 ft radius) (+1/rank) Burst Area (60 ft radius) (+1/rank) Subtle 2 (flat +2 pts)
  6. Travis stood on the sidewalk at a corner. The pub behind him disgorged partons much like its patrons disgorged excess alcohol in the alley a dozen yards away. The occasional drunk stumbled into him, rebounded, and moved around him like eddies in a stream swirling around a rock. Travis paid no heed. He was given the task to make a spectacle of himself, call attention to mutants, and do so without hurting or scaring people. At least that was what David had said. What he hadn't said seemed to indicate that there was some measure of acceptable error in his plan, especially around Travis' part. ,, As a result the mutant stood unsure of what to do. There were cars, people aplenty, garbage bins, and any number of other objects, that Travis would demonstrate his powers on. He could fly. He could do so very much more than any of the pathetic blips that surrounded him in their drunken stupors and yet he was paralyzed by not knowing how best to do what needed to be done. Travis felt helpless. He was used to acting on rage and instinct, and having to fall back on forethought and reason was proving to be damn near impossible. ,, Travis looked up, seeing the barely there shadowed outline of Tengri, a barely there shadow that would have been overlooked entirely had Travis not felt him there as well. Travis turned and through the crowd he saw Jeremy blending into the background like a wallflower, doing his job as ringer as well as Tengri was on backup. Travis sighed. ,, He looked around at the people in the street, the ones in the pubs and restaurants, the carefree and so very human lot of them. They weren't even aware of him. He couldn't even get his rage up at these people unaware as they were of what was really happening around them. He was impotent to the only things he knew well; being angry and killing. He wanted to rage at them for what they had done to mutants, to him, to ... Travis realized, quite suddenly, that these people were just people. They didn't know about mutants, and they didn't have any hand, directly at least, in all that had been done to Travis and the others. To his mother. ,, "Goddammit," Travis muttered. "Fine. Ok, fine, fuck it." Travis stepped out into the street, forcing a car to stop short. "Hey! Hey all you ... people!! Time to wake the fuck up!"
  7. "I know," Travis finally replied after some time. "I was only six, I didn't even know what was going on. I didn't understand what I was doing as I fought back." He shook his head, staring off into nothing. "Glad to know at least that those bastards died." He laughed bitterly. "It's ironic, ya know? Without them I might have never become the killer they fear. I guess karma really is a bitch." ,,They sat in silence for a while, May resting her head on Travis' chest, the room quiet thanks to the thick stone walls blocking out the activity beyond them. "At least now I can get a picture of her. Keep it with me." ,,"That'd be nice, your mom would like that," May said. "Maybe you can ask Mary to make a locket with the picture inside it, she could probably whip that up with barely a thought." ,,"Maybe. I ... I'm not sure I want to share this with them ... with the others I mean." ,,"Why not?" ,,"Because it would change how they look at me. I'm not sure if that would be a good thing or not." ,,"You're not the monster they think you are. You know that, right?" ,,Travis chuckled, "If you say so. I don't mind copping to it, and that probably means that it's not so ill a fit." ,,May sat up, pulling away from Travis a little in doing so. She jabbed a finger into his chest, a futile act, but the point was made regardless, "Listen mister, you have done horrible things, and, sure, you are violent-" ,,"I think you've confused which side of the argument you're on dear." ,,"BUT!" she said, grinding her finger into his chest, "I have seen what you seem to actively avoid admitting. You've gone out of your way more than once to help another mutant from the DEHA. Sure, you claim that you did it for the violence, to get the chance to rack up the body count and take another payment on the debt of vengeance, but I don't think that;s they truth of it. I know that's not the whole truth of it." ,,Travis scowled, "Maybe. Maybe not. Even a weapon can be used to protect." ,,"You're not a weapon, you're a person. I don't need a weapon, I need a person. I need you." ,,"That's where you are wrong, I am a weapon. I'm a person too, though they don't see it as such, but to be sure I am a weapon." He chuckled, wryly it seemed. "Sol told me he doesn't need a weapon of mass destruction, but I think he's wrong about that. I think that in the end the only way to deal with the DEHA will be scorched earth and utter destruction. Nothing short of that will suffice. They've earned it, and they won't go away any other way. ,,"I'm that weapon. One of them anyway. Fahrenheit is one too. Sol may be, in the end, if I'm right. Maybe Mary, though I don't think so, not after Germany. She has the ability, but not the mindset, not the temperament. Grav, probably. Maybe some of the others, I don't know. When all is said and done when the war is over, regardless of how it ends for us, maybe then we can stop being weapons, but until then ..." ,,"I'd slap you if there was any point to it. For saying that." ,,"I know. It's true though, and sometimes the truth hurts more than anything else." ,,May fell forward into his embrace again, her muffled voice followed, "I know."
  8. I think David must have hit his head. Or had a stroke ... ,, Alzheimer's? ,, Seriously, this isn't the plan is it?
  9. "Oh, for fuck's sake." The words came from above, and all but the newcomers knew Travis' sardonic voice when they heard it. A shadow momentarily blocked the sun in a disc as Travis descended, May at his side. "You ask 'what is right'? I know killing a mother because her child is different isn't right. I know enslaving people and breeding them like animals to work and fight for you isn't right. So, when it comes right down to it, it seems to me like humanity is in the wrong here." ,, The disc settled on the ground with felt-more-than-heard thud, and Travis and May stepped off. "The DEHA is our enemy, no argument will convince me otherwise. My personal grievances aside, that institution needs to be destroyed, utterly and completely, with no remnant allowed to remain. Its legacy will be to ensure that such things never grace this world again." ,, Travis took a deep breath, he didn't really care for this much talking, especially with so many people around. "That's the case that I see. Whether or not the rest of the blips learn from the mistakes of those few, and from the lesson of the punishment we dish out in retaliation for our mistreatment, well ... that's for them to learn. Giving them a chance to learn? Well, I guess that's right, even if I don't like it much myself."
  10. ** Later ...** ,, Travis heard the door grind open and glanced up from where he half sprawled half slumped in an old arm chair. May slipped in quietly and closed the door. Turning she saw Travis prodding at tablet computer, a small USB drive protruding from the side. She felt her stomach sour, a knot forming in the center of her gut because she knew what was on that drive. "David gave you your files," she said with resignation. ,, Travis nodded, continuing to poke at the screen in near silence. May glided over, and, leaning over the back of the chair, put her arms around him. She could see the file open on the tablet, "I'm sorry. Not that he gave these to you, but, well ..." After a moment she turned to look at him directly and for the first time noticed the tears and red rimmed eyes. Concern gripped the knot in here stomach and twisted it, she could never recall seeing Travis look so forlorn as he did right then. "What's wrong?" she asked, unsure what in his file could have done this, nothing in there was information that would be terribly new to him. ,, Travis shuddered, drawing in a ragged breath. "I ... I'd f-forgotten ..." His head sagged till his chin rested on his chest, and his eyes squeezed shut for a moment, forcing the tears out. He opened them again and stabbed at the screen, loading an image, a picture from his file. May bowed her head; it was Travis' mother. "I couldn't ... I didn't even recognize the picture at first. I'd forgotten what my own mother looked like. They took me away from her, and took her away from me." Anger now tinged his voice, and May could feel the odd pricking sensation as Travis' TK began to bleed randomly around him. Tugs and pushes, and tiny motes of stillness. ,, May released Travis and came around to the front of the chair. Taking the tablet from him she put it on the table nearby and climbed into the seat with him, drawing him close. "It's not your fault, you were just a child."
  11. The two sat in silence for a time, Sol resuming his reading, Travis running the malformed lump of stone through aerial acrobatics in a fit of boredom. Finally he swiped the lump from the air, squeezing it in his hand and feeling the primal stone flow around his fingers like modeling clay. "Soooo," he drawled the word out long, "when are people getting back?" ,, David looked up slowly, "Bored?" The tone betrayed his utter lack of surprise. ,, "Only entirely." ,, Sol dug into his pocket and tossed something at Travis. The object neared the telekinetic then slowed to a halt, floating and tumbling lazily through all three axes. Travis recognized it as a memory stick, though it was smaller than those he had seen before his capture. "Your DEHA files are on there, those we could get anyways. Like I said, there appear to have been some number of highly controlled files that May wasn't able to gain access to. Read them if you like, though you may not like what you read." ,, Travis considered the other man, the drive floating between then in a no-man's-land. "You read them?" it was less a question than it was a statement. Sol nodded. "May?" Again the older man nodded. "Doing your homework before you committed to freeing me?" ,, "May had me fairly well convinced beforehand, but ... yes. The fact that you were held in the same location as Gold, Mary, and Lamia certainly made it all but a foregone conclusion, but ..." David spread his hands as if to say that Travis could fill in the blanks. ,, Travis nodded, "Always a but right? It's like I heard somebody say once, 'Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink.' There's always a 'but', and they always stink, no matter how reasonable, or understandable." It was David's turn to shrug. "Well ... okay then." Travis propelled himself to his feet, then paused. "What about the others?" ,, "When they get back, we're gonna have a big pow wow, let everybody look at their own files, if they want. Nobody is forcing anybody to do so of course." ,, "Yeah, sure." Travis gingerly took the drive from the air before him. "Maybe I'll wait 'till May gets back, might be good ..." ,, "We all need a shoulder to cry on, or to help us channel the pain, I think that's a good idea. You're not a monster kid, no matter the front you put up, or the way you've been treated. Trust me, I've been there." Sol, shook his head, "I had to see the past for what it was before I moved forward, once you do the same, you can change ... if that's what you want to do." ,, Travis nodded and walked out of the room. There was nothing more to say.
  12. Travis' lip curled into a scowl. After a moment he sighed. "I suppose it doesn't matter. Either way I can't stop it, can't fight it, and either way I'll use it as best I can." At that he smiled ghoulishly, "Might be fun to reshape somebody's bones like clay." ,, David shook his head, "Some of the others, they may not understand, or approve, of the casual way you kill. The way you enjoy your vengeance." ,, "Real shocker there," Travis snarled derisively. "Half of these people still don't get what the world has done to me, to us. The other half, they probably want to hold onto the idea that that's some kind of isolated case." He shrugged spinning the misshapen clump of stone through arcs in the air. "They'll learn the truth in time, and if they still think me a monster," he paused, letting the thought linger, then looked up with a grim grin. "They'd be right." ,, "You aren't exactly making a strong case for me to put you out with the others here kid." ,, "Meh." ,, David chuckled, "You really don't care about much of anything do you?" ,, "Outside of my freedom, May, and a little bit of mayhem? No, not really I suppose. I haven't been given much cause to." David nodded. "I'm broken I guess. A sociopath or something maybe?" ,, The older man shook his head, "No, I don't think so. I think maybe if that were really true you'd not have included May in that list. You'd have stayed alone after your first escape, and you'd likely have blown us all off when we broke you out. No, I think you're just scared." Travis just looked at him silently, the rock continued its dance through the air. "If you let yourself care then you have more to lose, and you've lost everything you've cared about in one way or another, at one time or another. But if you don't care, you may as well be dead already. What's the point of continuing?" ,, "Umm ..." Travis frowned, loosing a heavy sigh, "Fine, yeah, whatever. Maybe you have a point." ,, "How gracious of you to concede my victory." ,, "Shut it bright boy." ,, "That's more like it."
  13. David's face was expressionless as he studied the younger man. "I'm not sure I know what you mean," he said finally. ,, Travis scowled, "What I mean is that my powers are ... are changing. I'm able to do things I couldn't before, I noticed it almost immediately after you broke me out of that meat locker they had me in. I can feel stuff with my TK, like I was using my hands, but ... not." Travis was studying his hands, then he looked up and shrugged, " I can see better too. Farther. Smaller. Microscopic." The kinetic narrowed his eyes, "And I can do this." Travis dug his fingers into the arm of the stone-hewn chair he was sprawled in, his fingers sinking into it like it were clay. He pulled at the rock twisting a lump of it and separating it from the chair like he was pinching a handful of clay from a larger portion. ,, David watched and listened, face impassive at first but slowly betraying more shock. "I see," he breathed quietly, staring at the lump of stone. "I'm afraid I don't have any easy answers for you. The records that May had access to were frustratingly incomplete, enough that it was clear they were keeping a second set of eyes only data. I don't know that they did anything to you, apart from using you as a test subject for their cryo procedure." ,, Sol pointed to the misshapen lump of rock Travis had dropped onto the arm of the chair. "I have my guesses about that however. That's all they are though, guesses. I think that maybe the scope of your powers is more than you have yet discovered. You're reaching another plateau of power. Going from passive protection to active telekinesis when you were a child, to being able to directly manipulate molecular motion now." Sol shrugged, "Of course I don't know why. Nor do I know if that is your limit. One supposes that if your control of motion were to develop far enough you might even be able to manipulate atomic or subatomic levels, though likely nowhere near to the level that somebody like Mary can. ,, "When the DEHA took you you only had the one power, a complete physical immunity. You telekinetic powers didn't develop until you hit puberty and-" ,, "And they pissed me off. I know that already. It is a rather fond memory of mine." ,, David chuckled, "Yes, well. Still you may have already been at a transition point, or maybe the change was brought about by that emotional catalyst. Were you younger it might have been easily linked to additional puberty changes, like a growth spurt, but you were too old for that to make sense. So the latter would seem more plausible. Alternately, perhaps the cryogenic testing process is to blame. You were frozen for an extended time after all, and subconsciously perhaps your kinetic powers began to adapt to it; to develop a way to protect you. It may also mean that their cryo process isn't perfect, and another mutant might not survive. ,, "Then again, maybe they did experiment on you, to try and figure out the way your powers worked. I would imagine that the DEHA would be more than happy to gain somebody with your power that they could control. A weapon that they could wield against us rather than the other way around." The older mutant shook his head, "I just don't know the answer to your question."
  14. Travis awoke to an unusual level of silence. The temple, with it's thick solid stone walls, hardly tended toward an excess of noise, but it seemed more still than usual. The space beside him was both empty and cold; May had been awake and away for some time it seemed. He sat up and worked his tongue around his mouth as he brought a glass and a pitcher of water to the bed. Such casual use of his powers was so ingrained in him now that it as as unconscious as flying across the room would be to another, or creating the drink from nothing was to Mary. He drank his fill washing away the thirst before stumbling out of bed and into the bathroom. Half an hour later, washed, dressed, and feeling hungry, he shoved aside the door to May's room, their room, and went looking for something to eat. ,, In the kitchen, such as it was, he found some fruits and some not entirely stale bread. Travis snatched up a little of each and set them orbiting him as he started on a banana, likely fresh from nearby. Floating through the halls he finally caught up with Sol in one of the larger gathering rooms. The kinetic suppressed a frown, "Hey, where is everybody? It's like a ghost town around here." He really had no idea what to think about Sol at this point. In two weeks he'd more or less gotten over the fact that the other man had been with May while he was frozen. After that he had found himself regarding Sol as one regards a figure of legend or history, but David quickly proved himself entirely more real than that. This was no towering God or Titan, he was just a man and a mutant, the same as Travis, and that meant that he really stood above Travis by way of power and position. Maybe they weren't equals, but this man was certainly not one to worship either. That left Travis unsure of their relationship, and the lack of communication between them had not helped to establish a course. ,, David looked up, "They're all on missions, or dealing with the needs of supplies and the like." He went back to reading the sheaf of paper in his hand. "Take the chance to enjoy the quiet," he added as an apparent afterthought. ,, Travis' frown deepened. "Why am I here then?" ,, "What?" David looked up and seemed to actually notice Travis for the first time. "Come again?" ,, "Why I am apparently left to loaf around, if everybody else is out on missions and stuff?" Travis was more than ready, willing, and able to kill humans, especially DEHA agents. ,, It was Sol's turn to frown. The expression slid into place like clouds crossing the sun before it melted away in similar fashion. "Because your talents weren't required this time out." ,, "Oh." Travis took a deep breath and chewed on a hunk of something that tasted like a pear. "Is this about the thing in Germany?" ,, Sol's frown made another cameo, "Kind of, but not entirely." The older man put the papers he was reading to the side, "Listen kid, honestly you weren't needed. A bunch of them were sent into a city to scout and secure some living space, another couple were sent on an infiltration, and I sent Fahrenheit and Grav out to deal with Silberman, mostly cause I didn't figure that Fahrenheit would rest until she did. That's her revenge to get and the two of them are more than enough to deal with him." ,, "And?" Travis asked around a mouthful. ,, "And, yeah, a little of it is because of Germany. Don't get me wrong, you probably did more to save everybody than not, but you also lost control and put the others at risk in the process. You crippled that kid, he might have joined us otherwise, and ..." ,, "And so now none of them trust me right? I'm just the psycho who lost control." TK dropped into a chair, "You know what happened to May and I. You know that that leech was there. It's no different than what Fahrenheit wanted to do to Silberman, I just-" ,, "You just put your fellows in harms way in the process." David shook his head, "I get it, I do, but they don't. These people are your people Travis, and I'm sure they'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but try and see it from their side. Heck, try to see it from my side. I, they, need to know that you won't cause as much mayhem to our own as you do to the DEHA. You've got amazing power and potential, but I can't make use of that if all I can do is drop you like a bomb into an area I need blasted into rubble. I need you to be a weapon, but not a WMD. OK?" ,, Travis sighed, frowning, and ripped a hunk of bread in half, stuffing a portion into his mouth. He nodded though. "Besides," Sol continued, "by keeping you behind, if the others get into trouble and need extraction, we have somebody ready to lend a hand, and for that you do seem more than capable. Your hatred of captivity, understandable as it is, makes you ideal to keeping our people, and yourself, out of DEHA hands." ,, "Ok." Travis left it at that. They sat in silence as he finished his meal. Finally the younger mutant broke the silence once more. "I have a question, and I don't think I can ask May." David looked up, surprise on his face. "What did the DEHA do to me while they had me?"
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