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Mutants & Masterminds: Mecha Mayhem - Mecha Game

Justin OOC

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Have you ever wanted to blow things up with a ginat robot? If so this game is for you.

I'm looking to run a Mecha game using the Mutants and Masterminds system, and looking to see if there's interest in this.

The general premise is that Mecha pilots and their machines and mothership get sent back through time with seemingly no way back to their own time and must now make the best of their situation.

I'm in the processes of designing Stock mecha using the system, which I will post when I complete. You will not have Stock Mecha, in that you will be able to spend your PP to enhance them as you wish.

The PC's will be normal people though I'm not ruling out some ST aproved Genetic engineering, or possible cybernetic enhancements.

Originally I'd set this game to take place in the Dark Ages, but I'd like to hear what you all think.

It can be set in any period of great wars, some of which I've had mentioned to me include

World War I

World War II

The Roman Era (BC and AD)

The Trojan War

Feudal Japan

The Mongol Invasion

The American Civil War

I personally prefer to avoid any war that occured after WWII, as I want the setting to be fairly historic. (not a slight against Veterans of those later wars, I'd just prefer a different setting.)

So thoughts, Opinions, Questions?

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Anything before WWII and there will be nothing but other Mecha's that could even hurt them and even in WWII they'd have to run into a divison of tanks to break a sweat.

Or is your plan to have mecha from the future fighting on both sides of whatever war is going on?

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That is correct. There are three factions in the world the PC's come from. One is the American Alliance, a Union of all the American Countries, The other The Eurasian Dominion. The Third Faction, (ideally the one the PC's are from, but not required) Is Pantheon Enterprises. It's a globe-spanning conglomerate that leads the race for new technologies. One they develop is the Warp Engine. They build a Massive Ship known as the ARK around the prototype engine and make plans to leave the world behind for a world without the endless struggles of the AA and ED.

They have their own mecha and a handful of ships, beyond the ARK.

The ED and AA both send a fleet of ships and mecha to claim the Ark for themselves. The result is a three-way battle that results in the Ark making an emergency jump, taking along everything within fifteen kilometers of it. It arrives in the past alone, with generally only it's mecha around it. However they do know both enemy warships and mecha were within the area of effect when the ship's drive engaged.

This is at least the beginning of this idea.

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Yeah Jim, but which Civil War? nearly every country has had at least one or two wink

If the players are going to have Mecha and some of the equivalent high tech goodies to go with it, I think the 'natives' should at least have access to firearms. That I guess would make it at least the 1700's? Sorry my history isn't what it should be wink

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Originally Posted By: Justin OOC

I'm in the processes of designing Stock mecha using the system, which I will post when I complete. You will not have Stock Mecha, in that you will be able to spend your PP to enhance them as you wish.

The PC's will be normal people though I'm not ruling out some ST aproved Genetic engineering, or possible cybernetic enhancements.

Are the Mecha going to be Devices (uncommon equipment) or Equipment (as in 'every day Mecha')?

I just want to know how many points I should save for 'my' Mecha.
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I don't want to overextend myself again, especially with M:C starting back up... but I could think of a couple 'unique' things to do with a mecha...

The Crusades lasted a good long while and had lots of fighting... though feudal Japan/China (assuming we could jump/fly/swim from one continent) to the other would be very interesting... as could the wars among the Incas, Mayans, etc... those don't usually get a lot of coverage, and there'd be lots of terrain (dis)advantages to use.

Question, 2nd ED? Also, what powers/types of powers would/wouldn't be able to be gotten for our Mechas?

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Are PCs going to be allowed design Mecha's that are exclusive and engineered specifically for them or are they all going to get 'basic models' assigned to them?

How do you plan on solving issues with PCs whose mechas conflict in functionality thereby negating the 'each PC is unique' method of play, or are you even going to go that route at all?

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I am creating the mecha for the game. The stock mecha will all be built with the same point values, barring anyone actually wanting something bigger than a gundam/Veritech. They will be given "Free of Charge" to the PC's, who may then proceed to spend their own PP on the mecha (per Device rules) to customize them as they wish beyond that.

Tentative PL is 7

I'm working up at least 8 versions of mecha, so unless you all pick the exact same model, there will be something unique for everyone, because I doubt you all spend points the same way.

I'm willing to entertain just about any effects for customization, especially on Super robots. The Exceptions to this are Any Psychic power, Teleportation, and Magic. This is a game of science, though there will be times That the Laws of Physics may not apply.

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Power Level (PL) is on page 24-25 of the core book. Basically, it limits your Attack Bonus by your Damage Bonus, and your Defense Bonus by your Toughness Save (Ability to avoid getting hit by Ability to avoid taking damage).

At PL 7, you have a maximum of +7 attack bonus/+7 to your DCs. You can take trade-offs when you generate your character, if you want someone to be more accurate or deal more damage. This is at a 1-for-1 exchange, so your limits could be +5 attack/+9 DCs if you want.

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OK, So WWII is seeing some support. I can work with that setting easily.

The Mecha

American Alliance

Gundams- These are the Alliances Super robots (though still at most 60 feet tall) They are fairly rare, extremely fast and tough machines. The Average cost in Credits to build one ins thirty times that of a normal Mecha. Made of ultra hard Gundanium, their armor is impervious to most attacks, while remaining very lightweight. Most Gundams are equipped with beam weaponry, be heavy rifles, or beam sabers, though not limited to them.

Standard Mecha

Murasame- The Murasame are the variable mass-production unit of the Alliance, with a fighter mode capable of achieving mach 4. Lightly armed, they carry only beam machine guns and a single beam saber.


Slaughter Dagger- This is the standard suit for the Alliance, they can be outfited with many different weapon and equipment backs depending on the mission. The one shown is equipped to hunt Pantheon's Valkyrie fighters.


Eurasion Dominion

Huckebein Series- The Dominon's premier mecha, the 00 seres of Huckebein are piloted by their top aces and each one powered by experimental tech reactor, all the way to the 008L's Black Hole reactor. They armed with a variety of weapons, from light machine guns, beamsabers and missile packs, all the way up to the 008L's Black Hole Cannon.

Bartoll- "Quantity has a quality all it's own.." The Batoll are cheap to make and solid machines of primarily Russian design. They mount heavy chainguns in each arm, and have built in flight capability.


Pantheon Enterprises

Super Robot- Grungust The Grungust is one of the largest robots at 160 feet and 357 tons. It boasts extremely heavy armor, and advanced weaponry, and two alternate modes, a jet and a huge tank. It boasts rocket punches, Eye Lasers, A hyper blaster cannon mounted in its chest, and a massive Victorium sword. As a fighter (albeit a huge one) it increases it's maneuverability, but looses access to much of its standard weaponry, relying on missiles and it's lasers. In Tank mode it gets SLOWER, but gains access to it's two long range weapons, a pair of Fusion cannons.


Valkyrie Variable Fighter- The Valkyries are three mode transformable mecha of almost infinte versatility. Like the Slaughter Daggers they can be equipped for a variety of roles, ranging from Recon and infiltration to heavy fire support. They are quick and agile craft, but this comes at the cost of relatively thin armor.

Standard Valkyrie (battloid (humanoid) mode)


Super Valkyrie (battloid (humanoid) mode)


Jet mode


guardian mode


ATAC- large and well armored, the ATAC's are a very general purpose ground mecha used by Pantheon to trasport things, in addition to providing heavy firesupport and close in support.

Hovertank mode


Firesupport mode


Battloid mode


Go ahead and make your characters and submit them to my OOC account

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Guest Anonymous

Hey, Kultra told me about this game. I've been looking for an M&M game, and I love alternate history. Mind one more player? Call me WarDragon.

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Stats for the Pantheon Mecha

Assume all mecha are sealed against the environment, have bardar and radio systems ejector seats and other standard mecha equipment (basically if it has it normally it has it here Special equipment unique to the particular mech will be listed

Valkyrie Str 35 Dex 18 Toughness 10 Size: Gargantuan Handling Modifier: +0 Speed: 45 ft.

Base Features: Advanced Onboard Computer System (+2 to Computers), Armor 4,Flight Systems 7, Mechamorph 2 (walker and space fighter, Precise Handling, Target Tracking Interface (gattling gun pod) Neural interface

Complementary Features: Countermeasures 8 (heat-seeking missiles), Countermeasures 8 (radar-guided missile, Improved Control Interface, Jamming 4 (radar), Profile Database, Zero-G Thrusters

Weapon Systems: The Valkyrie has the following weapon. Gattling Gun Pod: Blast 10 (handheld, ballistic; Autofire; Improved Critical 2 (18-20), Improved Range [250 ft.])

Combat: Attack +01, Grapple (pilot’s attack power+24), humanoid and walker forms), +32 (space fighter mode), Damage +12 (unarmed), +10 (laser cannon, space fighter and walker mode only), +10 (micro missiles, space fighter and walker mode only), +10 (guided missies, space fighter and walker mode only), +10 (gattling gun, humanoid and walker mode only), Defense +0 (humanoid mode), –2 (walker form), 6 (space fighter mode), Knockback –17 (Battloid and Guardian forms), –22 ( fighter mode)drawbacks: Control Requirements (pilot requires Mecha Pilot Proficiency feat or suffer a –4 penalty to all rolls, –1 point), Exposed Cockpit (partial concealment without cover, –2 points)

Fighter mode Strength 50 (+20), Speed (flight) 12, Defense 6, Toughness 11, Gargantuan; Mechamorph 2 (humanoid and walker), Advanced Onboard Computer System

same complementary features as humanoid form;

Weapory-mongoose missile pods: Blast 10 (explosive; Cluster, Fades, Fast Fade; Alternate Powers: guided missiles Blast 10 [explosive; Guided by radio, Fades, Fast Fade], anti-aircraft laser cannon: Blast 10 [energy]);

same drawbacks as battloid form.

Guardian mode

Strength 30 (+10), Dexterity 14 (+2, handling penalty –2); Walk Speed 20 ft., Toughness 10, Gargantuan; Advanced Onboard Computer System, Armor 4, Environmental Seal 2, Flight Systems 9, Mechamorph 2 (humanoid and space fighter);

same complementary features as humanoid form;

Weaponry- micro-missile pods: Blast 10 (explosive; Cluster, Total Fade; Fades, Fast Fade; Alternate Powers: guided missiles Blast 10 [explosive; Guided by radio, Total Fade; Fades, Fast Fade], anti-aircraft laser cannon: Blast 10 [energy]);

same drawbacks as humanoid form plus Disability (walk speed halved

Cost- free

Super Robot

STR 50 Dex 20 Base Toughness 25 (15 impervious total) speed 120 feet

Base Features: Armor 15 Impervious Precise Handling, Water Speed 4 Flight Systems 5 Zero-G thruster 2 Mechamorph (currently deactivated)

Complementary Features: All-Terrain 3 (mountains, thick woods, cities)Free bearing Hip Joint 2 Improved Control Interface, Improved Leg Actuators 7 Reactive armor 4

Weapon Systems: The Grungust has the following weapons. Boost Knucklle Strike 15 (mounted, bludgeoning, fists fly out at a target, replaced by a normal set of fists; Thrown) Omega Beam: Blast 12 (mounted, shot from the eyes,) Strike 20 Mighty (Calamity sword), Blast 17 (Hyper Beam mounted)

Combat: Attack –7, Grapple (pilot’s attack bonus +31), Damage +15 (unarmed), +15 (rocket fists), +12 (omega beam), +17 (hyper beam), Calamity Sword +40 , Defense –7, Knockback –23, Initiative +2

drawbacks: Unstable Power Source (common, major –4 points),

Cost 25


Str 35 Dex 18 Toughness 10 (total 15) move 70

Battloid mode

Base Features neural interface, targeting tracking module (ion cannon) improved leg actuators 3

Weapons Heavy ion cannon Blast 12 Penetrating improved range 400 fet , Beam machine gun Blast 8 autofire improved range 300 feet

Combat Attack +0 Grapple (pilot's attack + 24) Ion cannon +12 Machine gun +8 Knockback –17

drawbacks: Control Requirements (pilot requires Mecha Pilot Proficiency feat or suffer a –4 penalty to all rolls, –1 point), Exposed Cockpit (partial concealment without cover, –2 points)

Guardian mode Everything remains the same except it looses it's land speed, and the Ion Cannon's effectiveness raises by 4 ranks to rank 16 It's walking speed is halved

Hovertank mode

stats remain the same as battloid except it gains 3 ranks of landspeed and can traverse any terrain including water as it now has movement mode (hover)

Cost Free

submit characters to my OOC account please

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  • 3 weeks later...

The CB's will be helping, as ordered (the attack portion of the squadron is already on their way). Josh will also (as he's heading towards the American Fleet) scan the enemy fleet with is improved vision (telescopic & spectral) to see any tell-tale signs of upgrade (specific radiation type, etc.) and will relay it to Omom via his data link for distribution.

And yes, he'll use his nanos on the American fleet. He'll even see if they can raise and salvage some of the ships that Omom destroyed.

I'll post this sometime Monday as I don't post IC on Sundays (just wanted to let you know because this game moves fast). Justin, if you need to, feel free to take charge of the CB's until I can post on Monday (probably in the afternoon/evening EST).

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Ok, question for Justin. I've stated in my last two posts that they were going to repair the carriers that were afloat and then try and salvage and repair some of the sunken ships, starting with the Subs. Josh even set aside two ATAC's for the specific purpose of raising the subs (I'm assuming there are two by language/memory). Yet you haven't acknowledged that at all in your replies. Is it not possible, were they unable, did they just not do it?

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The subs and sunken ships will require much more than two ATACs and command is far more worried about the surface ships thant bringing up any damaged ones.

I haven't forgotten, but there's a limited number of ATAC's available right now and most are being used to get the 3 Tenders and the Carriers back to sailing shape.

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I think some of the confusion has been that not much comment has been made of the Ark's 3 Tender ships that were also damaged in the time warp. Thus SG only considered the US fleet after dealing with the Ark, not knowing/remembering about the rest of our ships.

Or maybe I'm wrong and should keep my big mouth shut wink

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