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  1. I've not yet decided if I want to return to this game or not, but I figured I would ask first if that door is still open or not. ... That wasn't phrased as a question ... Is the door still open to come back if I decide I would like to? ... there, interrogative, better
  2. Gary's Mind Reading Check was a 24 so a 12 fails by 3 degrees. For simplicity I'll just copy/past the mind reading table: So Gary can do everything under the first three entries, he is only unable (at this point) to delve into Bumps' deep subconscious, which is fine because he really has no need to go there at this point. The team can all hear each other, but the only private conversations would be between Gary and somebody else since Gary is the controller/hub. Its also rapid now taking 10% of the normal time to pass information. His comms were always part of his array and would go down when he used his other mental powers, so that's unchanged.
  3. Sorry, I've been busy. I'm still waiting for my last post to be resolved so I'm not going to be posting again. I'll wait for you.
  4. Has anybody actually played with this game at all? I recently got the PDF version of the products (much cheaper) and the system seems like it could be fun to play, though I can also see and agree with all of Dave's negatives on the sets. The set 1 GMs book is a joke for anybody who's ever GMed before. Haven't looked into the 2nd set GM book yet. The Player's books seem pretty good content vs size though. The artwork is generally good, the layout clean, and its full color, so that's pretty to look at. GR announced that they were mashing sets 3 & 4 into a single product which is nearing completion. It'll cover lvls 11-20 and has an open Beta sometime this year IIRC. I'm not sure how much of the timeline of these products has been stretched by Bioware (getting a licensed product approved can take time) or Green Ronin (small company with limited resources) but set one was copywritten in 2009 and set 2 in 2011. So, does anybody have any actual play experience with this game/system? I'm curious because GR also announced plans to decouple the system from the license and release it with a game setting of their own creation for release in 2013.
  5. They aren't really aimed in either direction. Use isn't factored into the discussion heavily, per se, though some powers obviously lend themselves to non-lethal attacks (for heroes), and the like.
  6. "There is no need of that. I welcome my end as a freedom from this life." Ausar did seem pleased, and even Gral wore a grin; clearly there was more to the situation than Sur knew or understood. "Ah yes," Ausar said in reply to Drage's comment, "I wish I could help you more, but since I know not what your eye sees, I cannot advise you further. I suggest that you be wary. If it bodes ill, as you believe, it will likely not be a journey undertaken lightly." The man stood up, "I can offer only my services or wares if you have need before you go, or when you return." "And I can only offer a blessing to go with the Light. If you go into darkness, may it offer you some protection." Gral laid his hands on each in turn and chanted a small benediction. "May you find the answers you seek, and return in safety." Blessing The blessing will function as a Luck point for this Arc in the same way that the Luck Advantage does.
  7. Ausar waived his hand, "It is nothing. A personal matter, a glimpse into my future. I am sure it has nothing to do with this storm you saw." He took another drink, he looked uncertain, pale, but also excited. The constant calm, and almost aloof state of poise that Ausar had show previously was missing, whatever the vision was had shaken him to the core. Surprisingly it was not Drage, nor Sur, or even Gral, that broke the silence. "Father? Are you well?" There was no mistaking the hint of worry in Haru's voice, even despite the hollow quality of the dead woman's voice. Ausar looked up at his daughter, and the others could see an impression of immense age and world weariness. Haru looked as though her bones were decades or more without flesh, but suddenly Ausar gave the impression that he was truly aged enough for that to be possible. "I am to die daughter," he said, and to the surprise of the others he smiled, and tears welled in his eyes. "After so long, I know not at least that my exile will end someday."
  8. looks like she stole that outfit from Kate Beckinsale
  9. "Sur has the right philosophy, there are many gods and they teach many things, no one is more correct than another." Gral's grin faded as he saw Drage's expression, "I am sorry I should not have laughed, but you would do well to see the folly of your argument. The gifts of necromancy that the Reaper have given the Anupans is no more or less natural than your own abilities granted by the Twins, or the knowledge of Prophecy that the Skrofan Gyre Master's possess." The old monk shrugged, "But your beliefs are your own, and I cannot change them. Only you can do that, and only if you wish." After some time Haru returned, "My father will be with you shortly, is there anything else I can get you?" "No, thank you, we have enough. Your hospitality honors us." Gral's reply was oddly formal, and in return the skeletal woman merely inclined her head in a slight bow. Without flesh there was no expression to be read, and the woman could as easily been furious as pleased, or otherwise. Gral turned back to the others, "If the Twins will it we will learn what your vision has beheld." Ausar's footsteps preceded him. He sat slowly, looking tired, and poured himself a glass of the cold beverage. After drinking it down he sighed, "There is something to be said for a cold drink on a warm day, but I would welcome a cessation to this weather." He placed the gems onto the table and stared at them as though both had offended him. "They are unknown to me, impenetrable. Only the gods or the First could weave an enchantment such as this. If the jewel would grant visions to any but you I believe it would need to be worn as an eye to do so, as you do. The pearl however showed me something of the future, though I know not if it must come to pass, or only may do so." He shook his head, "All of my knowledge, and I cannot lend you answers that you did not have when you came here. I am sorry."
  10. Very cool, thanks for the link Damon.
  11. Gral laughed uproariously. After a while he finally subsided, "My friend, you don't understand at all do you? The Reaper himself taught the Anupans mastery of the dead. So says their religion at any rate. Haru or Asuar would be better suited to tell you in full their beliefs, but suffice to say that, to them, necromancy is little different than the healing touch the Twins provide you, or the Truthsense of a devout of Ankassar." The monk shook his head, "It took me time to find the humanity in their kind, but they are little different from you or I once you get past the state of their being." He gestured with a slice of cheese, "And their rumored immortality is not what it seems, the enchantments that bind soul to bones does not last forever, even the Honored Dead join their lord in the afterlife in time."
  12. The Anupan accepted the two gems, "I was certain that we removed all trace of chaos, but perhaps some residue remains. Or there may have been an unforeseen effect of the cleansing, it is rare that the item ... bah, never you mind, I will check them. Thoroughly. Haru, my guests are no doubt hot and thirsty, could you prepare some repast for them and see to their comfort while I work?" Ausar's daughter inclined her head, "As you wish father." A skeletal hand gestured to the stairs leading up to the second floor, "Please follow me." She proceeded them up the stairs, moving silently. The second floor was open, with stairs to a third floor beside the stairs they came up. There was a small kitchen area where a fireplace sat cold, and on the opposite side of the space a fat iron kettle stove likewise sat unused. There were bookcases on every wall where a window was not, and low cushions and pillows were gathered into clusters, apparently seating was done on the floor and not in chairs. A low broad table with short legs sat in the center of the room with more cushions and pillows surrounding it; a meal table apparently. Seeing Drage's sour expression Gral whispered, "I am aware of your dislike of the Anupan people, unwarranted though it may be by their actions and predicated only by their appearance, but remember that you are a guest here." He smiled and sat down, taking a pile of cushions near the table, and gesturing for the other two to do the same. Haru moved into the kitchen area and busied herself there for a few moments. Presently she returned, a tray was placed onto the table with a pitcher of pale yellow liquid. The glass pitcher itself was graven with runes and coated in a layer of thin frost, as were the four glasses placed on the tray. There was a small cutting board with dried meat and cheese and some thin bread as well. "Please enjoy, father will be with you soon I imagine. If you have need of me call." With that the Honored One left them, going down to the store below once again, perhaps to aid her father. Gral did not wait a moment more, quickly pouring some of the drink into three of the glasses he passed one each to Sur and Drage before taking one up himself. The glasses were cold to the touch, not uncomfortably so, but it seemed an arctic chill after the weeks of heat and still humidity. The drink was sour and sweet both, though moreso the former by far. It was cold as well, and refreshing, and tasted of the citra fruit that were used on ships to avoid yellowskin rot. After a drink, and a bit of the food Gral broke the silence, "Do you think you could find the source of this storm Drage? If it is dangerous, as you seem to think, and none but you can perceive it, there may be a clear and present need for your services once more."
  13. The problem is that Habro is a toy company. Toys are an inherently physical product and not a product prone to epidemic levels of piracy. Even WotC was started with that same mindset. CCGs are a thing that people want to own physically. Heck they even managed to create a rarity and collectability factor that led to people buying extra of stuff on the off chance that they would get a harder to find card. Its genius on one hand and evil in the other. RPGs are not collectible (not in the way a CCG is), nor are they something like a Nerf gun, or GI JOE figures that are kinda a one-person per toy use. RPGs are books of ideas, and once one person shares that idea with a group of friends a single physical product can be used by multiple people for play as intended. Hasbro and WotC aren't used to that, they didn't start as those kinds of businesses. As for PDFs vs books .... Green Ronin does rather well with PDF sales, and they are teeny tiny compared to WotC/Hasbro. Their weekly PDF villains from 2011 did well enough that they are going to be putting out a weekly "Power Profile" which will be kind of like 2's Ultimate Power, but specific to a concept and applicable to 3rd ed. GR also has a nice pre-order programme where you get the digital for a book for $5 when you pre-order the hardcopy. It's a way to get product to fans sooner (since PDFs are released when the book is done and don't have to wait for printing and shipping), while also giving people incentive to double dip without feeling ripped off. I don't know if White Wolf has done anything to compare, though I do recall that the Scion Companion book was incrementally released via PDF as it was created. They offered a subscription for all 6 parts on PDF, all 6 parts plus a hardcopy, or you could just buy as you liked when they came out. Not sure how much success they had with it though. Small press and independent authors are proving the model works though. Look at the stuff available for just about any game line and you can see mods, settings, adventures, and other stuff that people are producing are selling. Wizard's may love their hardcover rule books, and their Volumes 1 thru 100 for whatever it is, and the old guard certainly still like that and buy that way, but if they want to be able to stay relevant they need to embrace digital books. If Max is right that may require a different way of thinking for the men in charge, or it may require that the IP goes to a company that does get it. I doubt though that a CEO Toymaker will understand that in order to make a million dollars, he needs to not make 10 million dollars. These people aren't wired that way.
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