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  1. *In a completely joking manner because I think that's probably better than staying and getting KO'd* ,, Wimp! Leaving the fight as soon as they hit you back! ,, Anyway, my rolls, for the record: ,, [stargaizer] 7:32 pm: Toughness save vs. DC 28 Stargaizer *rolls* 1d20: 1+13: 14 2 degrees of failure: dazed until the end of My next turn (only free actions and 1 std action) and a –1 to future toughness checks (effectively +12) ,, [stargaizer] 7:41 pm: Will save vs. DC 20 Stargaizer *rolls* 1d20: 11+11: 22 1 degree of success
  2. But we do have a portable snow-cone maker... it walks, talks and wears an advanced metallic suit. ,, As for other stuff we could've been doing... there's only so much we can do before we need ST intervention. By doing what we've done, we've been able to keep posting and interacting more with each other without sitting idly by and waiting for an ST post. I've purposefully stayed away from skill checks for that very reason.
  3. Fine with either. About 49% option 1, 51% option 2. So, yeah, slightly more interested in option 2, but I'm fine with RR'ing this back on track.
  4. Jordan, you know, I thought about that. I have no answer as to why he's not in there, but it just makes sense that he'd be at least mentioned. Maybe he's been replaced by Falcon; I don't know how much room they have for non-super super sidekicks.
  5. I like Jordan's idea. That sounds cool. ,, Dr. Northlight, with Gatekeeper around, I don't know that we'd think about it that much... but after this we just might.
  6. Well, my guess would be that since your sorta playing Superboy, and you sorta have a wolf teammember, that you would get a sorta sphere that could sorta turn into a flying motorcycle. I'm thinking an egg or a cube that turns into either a bicycle or car. ,, Just my guess.
  7. Agreed with those above. Jumping us through the fight to us having to explore a little bit might be good. ,, -OR- ,, I'd be happy waiting through the rest of the initiative and have us finish the fight. It's up to the temp ST.
  8. I've always said that my family and I enjoyed AoS. We still do. Though I have to agree with Jameson... having watched the big fight for SHIELD on AoS before we watched CA:2... it gave us a head start on the intrigue front. ,,
  9. Ummm... Since Paul is neither girl nor gay I guess I make lucky #7. A guy surrounded by women... I can actually RP that from experience... and keep it completely platonic (also from experience).
  10. Ok, got powers, the majority of a backstory, and an in costume look. Just gotta put it all together and out of the excel sheet and into a readable format. Don't know how much time I'll have tomorrow, might have to wait until Monday.
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