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  1. As for schemes, I was thinking of knocking over drug cartels and criminal organizations as a way to very big money very quickly. Read a few minds to find out where they stash their cash then get a few of them to load the money and valuables into a truck and drive towards the coast. Load the cash into a cargo ship and repeat until you have a few billion dollars. Sail to where you can unload that cash into an offshore bank that doesn't report it to the US. Have some of the remaining guys go to war with the rest of their organization to cover your tracks. I read that IRL, one Chinese drug lord in Mexico who was importing pseudophedrine was found with $200 Million cash in his house, and he wasn't even a cartel, just a guy bringing in drugs TO Mexico. That would definitely take some mental gymnastics to go from person of conscious, to mind controlling people into killing their companions, even if they are bad people who kill and commit violence on innocent people for a living. Would probably have to only do it to those who were killers and rapists in order to be able to sleep at night.
  2. I was envisioning it working like Noir describes, surface thoughts are like talking aloud for the telepath, they can't not hear what is said around them. Of course, Dave's graphic account does have some definite validity. Anytime the telepath goes deeper than just listening that's a violation every bit as serious as rape. The telepath would need to wrestle with whether they were ok with that or not. What happens when the teep, new to their powers, is just minding their business walking down the street and overhears a rapist planning to assault some poor woman when he can find the opportunity? He'll pull her into an alley and then leave her for dead when he's done with her, and what he plans to do is every bit as graphic as Dave's description above. The teep can't call the police, they couldn't arrest someone for having bad thoughts, and the teep is someone of conscious, they couldn't let the woman be assaulted just so the cops could arrest him; assuming they would even arrive in time. The teep could take care of it ... they have the power to make sure the creep never hurts anyone again. But what if it is the guy's first time considering something like this and he's otherwise innocent? The teep's powers are pretty permanent, wiping his mind will leave him a drooling idiot, but should he teep do it? So they take that first step down the slippery slope and invade his mind to see if he is really a bad person or not. He is. He's a serial rapist and a killer, he's done it before and plans to do it again as often as he thinks he can get away with it. Ok, now the teep doesn't feel so bad about invading the guy's mind, he was Evil with a capital E. But what do the teep do? The teep attacks his mind, ripping his mental landscape apart shredding everything that he was, and oops, that caused an aneurysm and the rapist drops like a stone in the middle of a crowded New York sidewalk. People scream and call for an ambulance, but it doesn't matter, he was dead before his body hit the ground. And that is how even a person of conscious begins that downward slope Dave mentioned, one way at least.
  3. This isn't a rules question but rather a strategy question. If you had telepathy (including the ability to read minds, alter memories, and mind control people), how could you use that ability to get rich, like billionaire rich? I'm curious to see what you guys think up.
  4. Well, a dwarf having the hots for arguably the hottest elf in Middle Earth is understandable, but "having the hots" for her might not be entirely accurate. "In awe of", might be more accurate, and that would indeed be understandable, she is one of the oldest living and most powerful elves outside the blessed realms. She lived in the light of the two trees, she saw the Simarils and probably held them in her hands before they were lost, she sat at the feet of the gods/angels, whatever you want to call them, for thousands of years. Then when Melkor, Sauron's master, destroyed the trees, she returned to Middle Earth to make war on him along with her kin. She lived through the entire war and the destruction of Angband that resulted in half a continent being sunk beneath the ocean. She was the cousin of the guy, who along with Sauron, created the rings of power. She also watched the enitre history of Middle Earth pass by as she lived there. Yeah, I'd be impressed too, even if I were a dwarf. ,, To me she is one of the most interesting characters in Tolkien's books, despite her minor role in them. In a moment of familial loyalty/heat of the moment, she left the land of the gods (I use that term loosely, knowing it's not truly accurate), and swore a terrible oath to make war on the most powerful and evil of all the gods, and all his minions which included Sauron, balrogs, Ungolant, the mother of all giant spiders, and dragons. Although she did not personally take part in the kin-slaying that earned her branch of the elves the displeasure of the gods, she and her family didn't turn back despite being stranded by Feanor's sons. Instead, they walked back to Middle Earth via an ice covered land bridge, in the dark the whole way since the Sun and Moon didn't exist yet. They arrived in Bereland finally just as the Sun came up for the very first time ever, and flowers sprang up at their feet, and that evil god, cowered in his fortress at their coming. That's pretty hardcore badass right there. She then lived through a losing war for centuries watching more and more of her people die. Saw the arrival of the first humans. Witnessed the attacks of dragons. Saw the pairing of Beren and Luthien, then later of Dior and Elendil, then about 6 thousand years later, of Aragorn and Arwen. She saw the rise and fall of Numenor, and pretty much all of history, and along the way she hid the three Elven rings of power from Sauron, to keep him from gaining total dominion. And stubbornly refused to go back to the land of the gods even though she could have done so, until Sauron and the last of the remaining evil of the first age was broken and gone.
  5. ********SPOILER ALERT********** You've been warned. ,, I've read the Hobbit probably 25 or 30 times. It was the first fantasy novel I read, and what got me hooked on reading. When the weather changes and we get the first cool snap of fall, my heart always feels the pull to reread the story. ,, From that you would think I would naturally HATE, in big flaming capital letters the movies. They go off the rails early on, and never come close to getting back to the original work. I went into the first movie with a bit of trepidation, and I was disappointed and more than a little annoyed by the changes to the story, fairly minor that they were in the first movie. So this time around I went in with the understanding and expectation of hating it, because I knew from the previews that the changes were going to be massive and even more off-book than what came in the first installment. ,, I will agree with the sentement above that the movie gives a theatrical case of blue balls. That was a rather abrupt ending to the movie, and one I wasn't actually expecting. I don't know how I missed it, but I had not realized they were breaking it up into three. I had expected the movie to wrap up and be finished. So for it to just suddenly end where it did shocked me to say the least. ,, That said, I didn't hate it. It was a drastic and in my opinion unnecessary adulteration of my favorite story, but Peter Jackson did it well, except for the ending, or lack thereof. He has taken the original work, the Hobbit, and completely rewritten it and turned it into a trilogy, with a much more adult focus, and plot. It mostly retains the same basic concept, and as a movie completely divorced from the original work, I can appreciate it. It is visually pretty stunning, it's got good action, and the dragon is pretty damned cool. I didn't hate it. ,, Still, there were some things that just went completely against the grain, and should never have been. Period! An elf falling in love with a dwarf and vice versa? Oh fuck no! Pardon my language, but seriously, that is something that would never happen in Tolkien's world. There have only been two unions between elves and humans in all of history, and those were epic big deals, and those two races don't have any built in animosity, unlike Elves and Dwarves who have thousands of years of not quite trusting each other. (*edit* Ok, 3 when you count Aragorn and Arwen at the end of LoTR...) It was what made Gimli and Legolas' friendship... FRIENDSHIP, so impressive and unique in LoTR. ,, Then there were other issues like bilbo rescuing the dwarves from the spiders, which in the book was a much more impressive feat, and really showed his growth as a character. Bilbo is a much flatter character in the movie than the book. I did love the Elven King's hall though, that was pretty neat visually. ,, All in all, it is a good story, and decently done with some exceptions, it's not however, the story Tolkien told.
  6. Yeah, I do still check in on the site pretty regularly, but since i'm not actively playing in any games at the moment, I tend to be mostly lurking until I see something that needs my attention or catches my eye. I miss it, but until things settle down a bit more after the move this is probably how it will be for me. Although, at some point in the not too distant future I'd like to find a game to get involved in again.
  7. No problem. I do still try and look in on the game as often as I can but, my time has been really really limited the last few months after selling the house and moving. On the bright side, we have found a new place that we really like, and we've got a contract on it. Have the inspections Tuesday and hoping that comes back clean. If so we're hoping to be in there by the end of the year or early Jan.
  8. I'm fine with it. Interesting character by the way. The only gotcha I saw was I didn't think we were allowing eufiber without approval. The only source of it was basically the refugees and that supply was limited.
  9. I'm interested. Not sure on class or race yet, but the nation building idea is appealing.
  10. Ok, let me know when you want me to jump in on the thread. He wouldn't be bringing his ship near tranquility base anyway, too much chance of disturbing the site with engine exhaust and such. Having it remain in lunar orbit, close at hand but not a primary location in the scene is fine.
  11. It was created via the rules, and as you can see, waiting "a few years down the road" would mean it would never happen. There's barely anything happening in the game right now as it is.
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