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  1. Yseult's uncanny eyes tightened, her gaze sliding from the Jaffa to the altar, and suddenly, her vision shifted. To her sight, everything was painted in a variety of distinct hues, her acuity sharpening until she was able discern everything down to the molecular level. It was very similar to her Biological Awareness, except now she was able to witness the chemical composition and properties of the inanimate and unliving. She focusing even more intently on the altar, poised to reach out with an infinitesimally fine touch of telekinetic power, just as she would have to manipulate a biological system. The lovely doctor quickly searched for the power source, seeking to quarantine it from the rest of the altar, hopefully negating any other potential surprised while still enabling them to study it and perhaps backtrack any signals. Click to reveal.. Spend a point of Quantum to see the chemical composition and properties of any substance within 140 meters. She is focusing most on the Altar. Perception + Molecular Manipulation (1st...) = 4 successes Rolling Intelligence + Engineering (Alien Tech) to make heads or tails of it, and hopefully figuring out the power source. Int + Engineering/Alien Tech (1st 3 Dice...) = 6 successes Provided that is enough successes to figure it out, she's going to use Molecular Alteration to change what is connecting the power source to the rest of the altar into a material that won't let the power flow through. Int + Molecular Manipulation (1st 3 Dice Mega): 10d10.hits(7) = 5 successes QP: -11|WP: -0|HL: -0
  2. Yseult flinched at Harkin's painful demise, dropping the items she had retrieved from him with her telekinesis, hand going for the Zat at her hip. She focused on the new threat, instinctively analyzing trajectories and angles, and possible means of a direct override for the Altar-weapon. There is must being some manner of remote control for the weapon, for Mott to accurately aim the weapon, or at least, an artificial guidance system keyed to Harkin's bio-signature. Click to reveal.. (Initiative) Initiative: 1d10+8 = 16
  3. "Perhaps it is being so," Yseult agreed in a hard tone as she pulled the signaling device from his belt - along with any of technology he had close at hand - with a small effort of telekinetic will. "But it is being direct at you, Harkin, and against Mot and Astarte, for losing the willing collaboration of the misguided people of Truskat." Yseult was calm, cool, her breathing steady. Despite having only basic training field operations, her enhanced physicality had helped her penetrate the Temple with surprising ease. It was a slightly heady sensation for the woman who used to be a five foot tall researcher. "Mot will not be terrorizing these people through this farce, and they will not be saved by 'Ba'al,'" Yseult said, accented alto dripping with contempt, as she glanced around, looking for anything else of note, especially for any crystal technology information storage devices.
  4. Yseult walked cautiously around the perimeter of the village with Wakiki and Cole. Though having learned only the basics in stealth, the enhanced grace Yseult had developed while pursuing Aradia's lessons in shapeshifting, along with the tremendous beauty and stamina, made up the difference. Her keen, uncanny eyes surveyed the grounds, innate sense of space and dimension intuitively calculating where there was empty space amidst the architecture to hide the passage from this side. Click to reveal.. (Eye Spy...) Perception + Investigation (first die Mega): 9d10.hitsopen(7,10) = 6 Successes
  5. While waiting for Aradia to return from her scouting mission so they could determine their plan of approach, Yseult took a look at the rest of Major Lorne's team. None were near as bad off as Corporal Chapman, but they still various amounts of minor - and not so minor - injuries she could tend to, using just the medical supplies in her kit, instead of biological manipulation. Though the soldiers protested the need, they finally submitted under the stunning woman's unrelenting, odd-eyed regard and her sure, gentle hands. After some time, the soldiers were moving easier, moderated amounts of pills giving them a boost of energy, wounds carefully bound so as not to hamper while still providing support and the wound clear of potential infection.
  6. January 30th, 9:30am Yseult moved smoothly around the house, cleaning up after breakfast, picking Loric's toys, smiling as she saw Monique had already squared her drawings, her colouring pencils precisely put away according to colour. Engaged in the simple domestic chores, a portion of her hyper-active mind reviewed each of the numerous cellular manipulations she needed to accomplish to alter her physical form. Aradia's method wasn't feasible with her own capabilities, so she had to adapt the methodology. It had been two weeks since she had Aradia demonstrate the shapeshifting abilities within the confines of her home. They had met again for their respective private lessons since then and both of them were approaching true aptitude with their studies. Despite Aradia's protests and occasional fits of temper, she was learning the Goa'uld language at a more than fair rate. As for herself, after the aborted attempt last time, where she had tried to manipulate her bone structure too directly though her telekinetic ability, she believed she knew how to correct the error this time. It would take her a series of steps, enough to tax a super-computer, but one her enhanced grey matter could follow. Hearing the knock at the door from the other side of the house, Yseult passed through the kitchen on the way back, flicking on the coffee-maker with a thought. Walking down the main hall, the front door opened apparently under its own accord, Yseult offering her guest a welcome smile as the smell of a raspberry-vanilla blend of coffee drifted pass her. She had recognized the pattern of the knock. "Good morning, Aradie. I am thinking I am knowing what went awry last time." Yseult gave a brief shudder. "This time, it will work. And you, you are ready for your test, yes?" "Morning, Yse," Aradia said, stepping inside, her smile a little forced. "Right. The test. I've been studying, really..." Aradia peered around as she took her shoes off, noticing how quiet the house was over the soft rock coming from the computer in the study room upstairs. "Where's François and the kids?" "Oh, François, he is taking Loric et Monique to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for the day," Yseult said cheerfully as she lead Aradia to the kitchen. "Hey, if you want to spend the day with them instead, I'm totally okay with that," Aradia offered, looking back at her shoes. "We can reschedule the tests and all." "Non, non!" Yseult laughed. "It is being okay. We went last week, but Loric, he is very much loving animals." She arched an amused brow at Aradia. "We should not be telling him you can be assuming such forms, or he will never be leaving you alone, yes?" In the kitchen, pristine and gleaming, the fridge covered in Monique's drawings and Loric's cropped photos of animals, Yseult poured both of them cups of coffee and began cooking breakfast for herself and Aradia, if she wanted. "So, are you wishing to start?" Yseult asked, nodding at a dark-blue duo-tang sitting at the island. "Or shall I?"
  7. Yseult gave Major Lorne a nod. "We are understanding, Major Lorne. Still Harkin, he might be having some information we are able to be using to approach Mot surreptitiously." As Aradia flexed her wings, preparing to take flight, Yseult said in a near echo to Wakiki's projected thoughts, "Be careful, Aradie." She tilted her head slightly at Wakiki, tapping her lips with a finger as she pondered the limits of his capabilities. "Wakiki, are you being able to remind in mental contact with Aradie, perhaps as a second set of eyes hidden behind her own? Or at least capable to relaying what she is seeing, so Ryan, he is being able to give suggestions on what to look for?"
  8. Yseult stood up smoothly from where she was kneeling at Chapman's side and joined the others, lips pressed into a straight line. She had been contracted to the SGC long enough to know that sometimes, violence was a necessary measure, but it didn't mean she had to be content with it. "Your honesty, we are appreciating it very much, Wakiki," Yseult said, briefly laying a hand on his arm. "It is, without having the ability ourselves, it is being hard to intuit how telepathy is actually functioning. Unless you are capable of showing us, of course. Kyria, she was being able to project her memories onto others, perhaps your are being able to, as well." Her oddly intense turquoise eyes flicked rapidly side to side as she placed a slender finger to her lips, pondering. "Major Lorne, where are we being able to find this High Priest, Harkin? If Mot is being secure inside his fortress, perhaps Harkin is having another way in so he can be 'defeating' him, yes?"
  9. Yseult nodded back at Ryan, then turned a cool, professional smile on Major Lorne. The Major blinked. Being part of the StarGate Program gave one a high tolerance for the unusual and the impossible, still Yseult's new, raven-haired beauty was a remarkable sight to behold. Her skill in medical matters was even more wondrous. "Please, you will be leading me to the casualty*, yes?" Yseult asked confidently in her smooth soprano. "He is being in good hands, now." "Of course, Doctor DL, right this way. And thank-you for arriving so quickly. We put him near the fire to give him what comfort we could." Behind his tight, military bearing, Yseult to could the relief in the set of his shoulders. Yseult followed Major Lorne then knelt gracefully by her patient's side. Her face was calm, controlled, though her faint smile wasn't unfriendly. "Hello, am I being Doctor Yseult Dionne-Langlois. Who are you being and can you be telling me how long you are having your symptoms?" As she began to take her case history, she unwrapped the coverings on his foot. Other than her nostrils flaring, Yseult kept her expression unchanging. The extent of his frostbite was quite severe, the flesh a waxy white and hard to the touch, save for a few faint traces of purple-blue. She was reasonably sure once his skin started to be rewarmed, the blood-blisters would swell and necrosis would set in, the skin turning black and dead. "This is not being good. Fortunately, I am believing I can restore full function to your extremity." She reached out with infinitely fine tendrils of telekinetic force, her own cells shivering in biological sympathy. Click to reveal.. Diagnosis Check Int + Medicine Roll (First 3 dice Mega): 13d10.hitsopen(7,10)= 5 successes Biological Manipulation Check Health Manipulation (First die Mega): 8d10.hits(7)= 3 successes Note: Can Heal up to 3 levels of damage at the cost of 1qp per level, and suffering 1 Health Level of damage per 2 HLs healed. Q: -6 | WP: 6/6 | HL:
  10. Clinging to Ryan's back, she had to admonish him to slow down to a degree, she couldn't move Wakiki nearly as swiftly as he could fly. Holding Wakiki aloft with her telekinetic ability was not a kin to pulling him along by an invisible tether. Instead, moving him through the air was a wholly independent of her position, relying solely on his. Thankfully, with her intuitive sense for space and distance, she was able to keep him in a steady positive on her flank. Unfortunately, with her focus split, she wasn't able to keep a sharp eye on the terrain passing below and around them. Click to reveal.. Perception + Awareness: 7d10.hits(7) = 0 successes but not a Botch! Q: -5| WP: 6/6| HL: -0
  11. "Pardonnez-moi," Yseult whispered softly before stunning the Jaffa manning the cannon-emplacement. She efficiently removed the mushroomed slugs embedding him, sutured his wounds, then rejoined the others. The Jaffa were barely susceptible to infection. "If you are preferring Ryan, I am being able to support Wakiki with my telekinetic ability while you are carrying me," the statuesque doctor suggested. "It will be less cumbersome and leave you better able to defend yourself, yes?" The major quickly considered, then nodded. "Very well, climb on." Ryan turned his back to Yseult, crouching slightly. Yseult's cool expression was momentarily marred by a faint frown - she hardly found this decorous - but she hopped up onto his back after only a brief hesitation. Her slender arms went over his shoulders and her shapely legs clung to his waist with a surprising, if not inhuman, strength. From her perch high on Ryan's back, Yseult glanced towards Wakiki standing next to Aradia. "Wakiki, are you being prepared? I am assuring you, you will not be dropped." Wakiki suddenly felt... something around him, somewhat similar to the pressure of being underwater, but he could still move freely.
  12. Forcing herself to respond to Ryan's orders instead of listening to her doctor's instincts, Yseult leveled her Zat'ni'kate at one of the reeling Jaffa and squeezed out a pulse of blue-white energy. Then she stepped tentatively forward, intent on tending to the Jaffa that Ryan had shot. She was a doctor, despite everything else she was. Click to reveal.. Zat Shot (First Die Mega): 7d10.hits(7) = 3 successes
  13. As the wormhole stabilized, the team's BDUs paling under the bluish-white light, Yseult flexed a mental muscle, an invisible field of kinetic force surrounding her. She flipped her short, glossy, raven-black braid over her shoulder, pressed her full lips into a tight line, then strode smoothly through the tingling miasma of the StarGate, her Zat'ni'katel held up and steady in both hands. Sure her telekinetic field would protect her from the majority of Staff-fire, the flawlessly beautiful doctor glided forward to give cover to anyone else coming through the StarGate. The Staff-Cannon filled her with more concern. She reached out with her telekinetic grasp and tried to rip the Staff-Cannon out of the embankment with crushing force. Click to reveal.. Activated Force Field the round before going through the Stargate. Stamina + FF roll (1st die Mega): 7d10.hits(7) = 5 successes Total Soak: 21B/18L Brute Telekinesis to move and crush the Staff-Cannon. Dexterity + TK Mastery (1st die Mega): 8d10.hits(7) = 3 successes 3 Successes + Quantum Rating 5 = 10,000kg mass, 8B Damage (soaked as normal) Initiative: 1d10+8 = 14
  14. Yseult was done in the lab for the day and was in her quarters, preparing to head out for an early dinner than an evening out with her husband. She had finally managed to learn a limited form of Aradia's metamorphic capabilities and her and François were still in the first flush of renewed intimacy. And tonight, they had a babysitter. She switched her sensible work shoes for a pair of classy, high-heeled pumps, then altered Eufiber gifted to her from the Asgard from casual slacks/blouse combo and labcoat into a figure-flattering skirt-suit, which revealed the the dark stocking and garters she was wearing. A few deft touches with her elegant, precise fingers and several pin swept her hair up into a simple, attractive updo. Then she took a deep breath and focused inward, down to the molecular level, and gave a nudge here and there. Slowly and steadily, Yseult's honey-hued locks faded to a glistening black, as her golden skin lightened to fair, creamy perfection. Then she glanced in the mirror. She saw the face she had accepted as her own, with a multitude of subtle changes refining it to flawless beauty. Yet with the simple alteration in colour and some faint touches of cosmetics, she could see more than a hint of her former appearance. Even better, so could François. With the soft click-clack of her heels, Yseult sashayed to her door, then cocked her head a moment before opening it. A second later, there came a knocking at her quarter's door. "Oui?" she answered coolly, pulling open the door. Airman Doug Gilmour swallowed. He had been at the SGC as long as Doctor Dionne-Langlois and he remembered her when she was a bland-looking researcher. Then she became a blond-haired, half-Asian, gorgeous Specialist. A now, she was even more striking and statuesque, with the vaguest hints to her former plain appearance, and dressed to the nines. It was taking him time to keep adjusting and at the moment, he was wondering why he even bothered going back home to his shrew of a wife. "I'm sorry to interrupt your afternoon, Doctor Dionne-Langlois," Gilmour managed to say, his voice a bit thick as he managed to pull his eyes away from the inviting depths revealed by the undone buttons of her turquoise blouse. "But the General, he's requesting the presence of the Specialists in the briefing room." Merde. Yseult couldn't conceal her disappointed frown, then sighed and gave the Airman a nod. "D'accord, yes, I will go see him, right after I am calling my husband to postpone our evening, yes?" Airman Gilmour felt a pang at disrupting the stunning, elegant doctor's plans, but nodded sheepishly and left. She called François, explaining the situation, and who seemed to take the disruption with greater understanding than she did, and made her promise to call him back as soon as possible, their night could still be salvaged. Promising with a grateful sigh, a smokey chuckled, and a heartfelt, 'Je t'aime de tout mon coeur, Yseult hung up and swiftly made her way to the briefing room, her heels rapping sharply against the cement floor. Yseult was the first one there, the General looking regretful for interrupting her evening, and privately even more regretful about what he was going to reveal. She murmured a soft thanks and a cool, polite smile, but waved his concern away. "It is being a part of the job, yes?" Yseult sat down primly, crossing her legs, silently hoping everyone would arrive soon and that the meeting would be over soon. When Wakiki entered, he received a small nod and a slight, distracted smile, as she occupied herself by replaying in her mind the night she and François had renewed intimacies in vivid detail. She had a night to enjoy and a husband to ravish.
  15. Yseult sat gracefully, legs crossed as she listened attentively to the mission parameters and her team-mates questions. Brushing back a strand of sable hair obscuring an eye, she stifled a melancholy sigh. Despite the renewed intimacy with her husband, the formerly blond doctor was afraid they might be growing more apart than before. Her and Aradia's mutual lessons had left their distinct mark on her. With Aradia's help, Yseult had achieved her goal of being able to reshape her physical appearance into an approximation of her original one. Admittedly, she looked more like a too attractive cousin - she could only alter her appearance so far - but it was close enough for her, and François’, purposes. However, her method of manipulating biology and Aradia's way of altering her own physical structure were distinctly different in the fine details, if not in base effect. There had been... consequences she hadn't been able to mitigate or foresee adequately. Now, the already impressive beauty of the body foisted upon her by Me'chello's device was refined into exquisite perfection, with a naturally elegant grace to match it. It was something else that those in Cheyenne had to grow used to, after her initial transformation, then Aradia's enhanced attractiveness. And the changes went beyond the merely superficial. Her statuesque figure possessed a strength to rival the peak of human achievement, despite its shapely svelteness. It was quite odd to be stronger than her husband, though she had to admit, it was pleasant to be able to support her growing children with such ease. What troubled her the most was how the stress of physical metamorphosis had increased her physiology to superhuman levels. She barely ever got winded anymore, temperature extremes weren't even a nuisance, and most disturbingly, no longer required sleep or sustenance anymore. François seemed at ease with it, but after driving her husband to exhaustion after a night of passion, it was an effort to simply stay in bed with him, content with the warmth of his body. But all this was a concern she intended to keep to herself; it had no place at work. Still, to some who knew her well, they could see the apprehension concealed behind her smooth expression. She gave Carter a gracious nod. "His foot, he will not lose it," she stated with calm confidence, her velvety, accented soprano holding a new, rich timbre. Even if I have to build him a new one - I believe this is possible.
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