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  1. For anyone who has never suffered through a business meeting or Governmental meetings, this is exactly what they are like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKorP55Aqvg
  2. Character concept sliding a bit - still a half-elf rogue, probably with the Charlatan or Urchin background (or possibly Entertainer), grew up on the streets of Waterdeep, and dreamed of a better life as a Noble, either faking it or marrying in. Hasn't worked out as well as she wished, so adventuring, while still looking for opportunities. Originally was going to multiclass as a Warlock because sneak attack Eldritch Blast, bitches! but adding the extra skill as a multiclass Bard (Jack of All Trades, Skill Expertise, College of Lore) is getting really tempting too. At the moment, I'm willing to see how the game goes, and see which way Allyria goes during the game. She'd be handy with her Rapier or a dagger, but will have some sort of bow or crossbow as a back-up range weapon.
  3. So far, my idea for my PC is a Half-Elf Rogue who will later multiclass as a Warlock. Considering taking either the Entertainer or Noble Background, or the Charlatan Background and pretending to be a Noble. If a Noble, she's adventuring because she's bored and wants the personal fame and fortune, if a Charlatan, pretending the same, and using the wealth hopefully gained adventuring to further her ploy as a noblewoman. Let me know here or in chat if this tromps on anyone's toes, or if anyone wants to make some character connections in the background.
  4. I might be tempted to make a character for this. At the moment, I'm inclined to make a Rogue or Warlock, depending on what other people want, but I'm flexible.
  5. Looking forward on hearing more about your game and how it goes, and seeing more setting details as they arise (and don't spoil anything for any of your players who may be watching).
  6. Feel free to use Bombshell and/or Katya Skovskaya, if you liked either of them from 200X or QF. As for the setting, depending on how canon you want to keep it - I always had one idea that I thought would work and was a reasonable work-around the whole sterility/fertility/motherhunter issue... Novas don't breed true. Novas can have children just fine, but there is no guarantee that their kid will erupt or even have the latent capability to erupt (thought they might have a higher chance). There is really no such thing as a second gen Nova. This adds another issue as it forces Novas to need baselines to a degree, if they want to increase their numbers. The Teragen's hidden daycare is instead made up of children they have found to be latent at a young age and are raising to hold their values. Proteus, instead of hunting down breeding novas and their progeny, instead are looking for latent individuals and either eliminating them, trying to steer their lives to their own ends (like the Teragen), or trying to find a way to turn off Latency (I think one of the fan books for Aeon/Trinity said someone had developed a vaccine that forever turned off latency). Just an idea.
  7. Man, I haven't played Star Wars in about 15 years or more. Only ever in one D6 game (I've looked at the various d20 versions but never played). Can't remember if there were other Jedi in the game, but mine was a fallen or grey Jedi. Don't remember if that was a modified template or not, she could use a lightsaber, and may have had some sort of Combat Sense power and able to deflect blasters, and a dark side point or two, but was about it. She was also a drunk, having lost her padawan among others in a disastrous mission she blamed for by the Jedi council that happened before game start. Blamed herself, because she felt she was a gimped Jedi, only able to use a lightsaber and nothing else. Was seeking a goal or mission to find redemption and help her off the bottle... However the GM was a complete nob and tool and none of her background mattered to him except she was a drunk, so he made her roll like 20 times to stagger her way make to the ship during an emergency. He also made our pilot roll 3 times every single time he left a planet or station, even though his skills were so high, he couldn't fail the routine rolls. And lets not even talk about the Wookie riding the crimson wave or the pigmen (I forget their real name) sliding in bacon grease, or the other alien race which supposedly worked for the emperor (Nogri? something like that), but we have a mutant one on our team, who apparently raped and ate his enemies... Ugh, looking back, that game infuriated me so much... but I got to play a sort of Jedi.
  8. ^----- This! Pretty much every point I was thinking about for an updated system. But I'll add one more. 11. Make it more desirable to take dots in a specific power rather than Megas associated with the linked attribute. In many cases an extra dot in a power just gives you one more regular die to roll. Compare that to a mega die that provides two or three times as many successes and can be applied to multiple powers and skills and/or provide other benefits. A quick fix would be putting a cap on the number of mega dice that can be applied to a power roll equal to the rating in the power.
  9. That's rough man. I can't begin to understand your loss. You have my condolences and best wishes for you and your family.
  10. For my part, I love your writing WhiteRain and look forward to reading more. Yeah, QF ended with a fizzle, but I'm glad to see someone still cares enough about it to continue writing for it. ,, Had many more things I'd have wanted to write for and with Bombshell, just never got around to it. Wished we could have more deeply developed the relationship between Bombshell and Chang, whatever it would have turned out to be, that started way back in 200X. ,, If you plan on writing more for your closure of QF, instead of ending it with the legion of Lucreszias traipsing across Chang bridge - which is a fine ending on its own - feel free to use Bombshell in whatever capacity you wish.
  11. My bad. Meant to post either friday or on the weekend and ended up b being lazy. Will remedy after work. Promise.
  12. Yes. Carver's uses just the Sense power options as is, mine adds a few Flaws to take into account some of the flavour you mentioned, giving you a few extra virtual pp to play with.
  13. For this, I'll have to see how my Vegas trip goes, how much a flight would be and other travel details (like getting to and from the airports), and whether I can get more time off - there's some big changes going on at work.
  14. Rev - Where you compared the probabilities of a base stat of 10 and skill 5 with base stat 5, skill 5, and M-att 1, failed to take in account that for the same number of NPs, the guy with the base stat of 10 still has 4 more dots to assign. ,, And if it came across as people attacking your character after creation, at least on my part, I humbly apologize. I honestly thought, up to that point, everyone in CN at least had been using Improved Attribute as written in the TNF, so didn't think it needed reinforcement that attributes can't go above five. ,, As I'm not playing in A&A, I did not feel it was my place to propose how to 'fix' your character. I just offered the one suggestion in chat that would work using the rules as written.
  15. I would tentatively support IA, with it costing 1np per dot over 5. I would consider it even cost more, but 2np seems too high, and fractions are just an annoyance. ,, However, my remaining concern with this is that it effectively changes the understood scale of attributes from 1-5 (except in very rare circumstances like Q-rating over 5) to 1-10 one, regardless what the NP cost at creation is. When you have to spend XP on it instead, there's much more effort into earning the 6th or 7th dot, IMHO.
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