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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Monster Academy

Justin OOC

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Ok, I know I said I was gonna wait, but I had a good response and managed to finish one of my two papers ahead of schedule so I can handle this, I'm looking at starting another game.

Monster Academy

There are three worlds, the World of Monsters, the World of Man, and the World of the Celestials. Integration has always been a big problem. Monster spur great fear from mankind, and Celestials are always seen as messengers from higher powers. Humanity is known for leaping to fairly absurd conclusions and acting impulsively.

Some Time ago, the Celestials created their own Elite school to Educate their children on how to behave in the human world, and have enjoyed some success.

The Realm of Monsters, led by the Six Monster Lords, is a much darker place. It really isn't safe for humans at all, as many monsters are drawn to the taste of human flesh and blood. That said, a decision was made to create a school along the lines of the Celestial's model. Humans were expressly forbidden at the school, with stiff penalties to be imposed should one be found.

For the past century the school has done well, teaching monsters a semblance of self control. Most of the staff at the Academy have lived successfully in the human world, managing to be among the best at hiding in plain sight and being able to be true to their monster selves.

There have been problems however. There are monsters that do not feel the need for this, and they only attend school because they are forced. These monsters hate humanity for hunting them, and gladly attack those who would seek coexistence.

Character generation

This story takes place at the Monster Academy

BESM 3rd edition

400 CP

You may be any type of monster ( I reserve the right to say no if I feel it's inappropriate)

Greater Demons and Celestials will be accepted on a case by case basis. I don't want more than one celestial, as they have their own school and would have to go to this school as a special consideration.

No Aliens

Possible ideas

Dragon (Chromatic for Monster, Metallic for Celestial) Faeries, Centaur, Vampire, were-creature, Kraken, Lamia, Siren, Witch, Succubus, Fox Spirit, Seraphim, Dark Elves, Snow Maiden.

Many of these have some base templates as a guide in the book, but you don't have to use them.

I am allowing Power Flux, but reserve the right to determine the level(cost) of Minor, Major, or Primal as relates to the game.

Witches will be HEAVILY Ostracized by pretty much everyone in the monster world. They're looked down upon as the halfway between Monsters and humans.

There are no halfbreeds amongst the PC's This means no half humans, and no mixes of different monsters (I have my reasons)

A Single PC (3-4 player) or if there are 5 or more Players, a Pair of PC's may choose to play humans. Humans cannot become another kind of monster. This accounts for them getting the same starting points. Also they can only buy abilities marked with an asterik on page 17 of the core bookto the levels listed on Page 16. The exceptions are Tough, and Energy bonus which are unlimited. Getting found out that you're human is a bad thing.

*The Six Monster Lords *

You MAY play the children of the Monster Lords, which can explain why you are stronger than most of the monsters there. You don't have to do so. The parent will be of the same type of the Child.

These are the types of the Six Monster Lords

Dragon example- eastern or western, generally using the ones from D&D as a base

Vampire example- Alucard from Helsing, the Vampires from Vampire Knight

Were-creature (giving the PC the option of playing the child of this lord, they'll be what the child is)

Elemental example- The NineTailed Fox from Naruto is a great example

Greater Demon example- Aion or Chrono's true form in Chrno Crusade

The Final Monster Lord has not revealed his true nature in a century, as such most living Monsters do not know what he is. You may not play his child.

*House Rules*

6,6 always hits and does double damage for PC's

6,6 is auto hit for anything attacking

6,6 auto defense for anything defending

1,1 always misses for attacks

1,1 always fails for power activation

1,1 always hit when rolled for defense

Defender always wins

reduced to negative HP

characters with regeneration regenerate all negative HP in one turn, regardless of how deep they go, so long as they do not die.

The use of a healing power on somone in negative heal will always bring them up to at least 0 hp, regardless of how deep into the negatives they are.

There is no limit on Tough, or Energy bonus.

I am changing their costs to 1 cp per rank.

Each rank gives you 10 hp or 10 ep.

Regeneration can be used for EP or HP, but must be decided at Character creation, You may have both kinds.

I will be using the Spirit Commands from Nexus Earth. Only those in the first post are available at the start of the game.

The characters start with 1

additional ones may be purchased independantly for 15 CP each


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The Staff-

Head Master- No one knows his name, everyone knows he doesn't hesitate to expel problem monsters, and the few times someone has actually fought him, he didn't even have to break his human guise to handily beat them.

School Doctor- Yayoi Sanzenin- Yayoi is an accomplished doctor and knowledgeable about all species of monster. She is capable of treating almost any wound, though no one to date has guessed what sort of Monster she is.

Gym Coach- Reagan Keid- A tall man who's thin frame leads one to believe he's not as strong as he really is. He's Dark and Mysterious, and many a female student dreams of being held in his arms.

junior homeroom-Grammar teacher- Ms. Nekomone The only memeber of the staff that people know what she is,(Nekojin) She's the Sponsor of the Newspaper club and one of the kinder members of the staff

Art Teacher- Saya Yumeo Art is life, and Saya expects her students to live this concept while in here class. She has little tolerance for those who don't appreciate art.

Math Teacher- Arado Bangala Arado can be somewhat harsh at times. He often picks at his students for not being able to solve problems, even those he hasn't shown them how to yet. He expects his students to Think, those that don't are graded much harder than others.

Science teacher- Garod Rand Garod is idealistic and believes that science will provide the means for successful integration. Pessimism isn't tolerated, and though Garod is relatively small, he is immensely strong and fast.

Sophmore Homeroom-Grammar teacher- Mutsuki Ichimonji Mutsuki is virtually indistinguishable from a human. She's one of two members on staff that were personally requested by the Headmaster. Beautiful by most standards, her male students obey her requests without fail. Most think she is a form of succubus, but the female students do it as well which generally rules that out.

Math Teacher- Maki Ruino- Maki is very no nonsense, but she genuinel has a great passion for teaching and blames herself when a student doesn't do well, taking it as she didn't do her job.

Science Teacher- Ninomai Kisaragi Cold and Emotionless, Dr. Kisaragi never smiles. Her voice is a dull monotone, and her intellect is incredible. She often expiraments on her students, always finding a way to reverese them, and explosions are commonplace in her lab. The Head Master indulges her because her brilliance has led to several key discoveries about classified subjects, and generally she manages to restore her test subjects to their original forms, usually with some improvements.

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The School is in the Monster realm

North of it lie snowcapped mountains

South lies a blasted barren desert

East is a large freshwater lake

West is a Deep Forest

Somehow the school catches human TV broadcasts

The Students are not allowed to leave the School unless with a Teacher

A Student Cannot leave the school grounds without permission from a teacher

There are Large Dorms that serve as homes to the students

There are sporting events

Each Grade Level has a Set and a Coach

There are Four sets of teachers per grade

Homeroom contains 64 students

Classes contain 32 students each

Each Homeroom is a Team

Sports are same sex, and mixed depending on them

At the End of the year, there is the Grand Tournament where all students compete against each other regardless of gradelevel.

Other Clubs

Newspaper Club- Investigate strange happenings in the monster World, and in the Human World. They are the most likely to get permission to go off campus. They publish a biweekly paper for the school

Art Club- Hand picked artists by Ms. Yumeo.

Science Club- Dr. Kisaragi helms this club. If radical expirments are your thing, and you sign a waiver that the school is not responsible for any results, You too can push the envelope in this club. Those with regenerative powers are almost always welcome.

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I'm a little lost. One second Meru is talking to a talking squirrel and since she replied it doesn't seem to want to say anything back, it's not even mentioned in the reply to her... in fact the whole scene seems to have 'why don't you just go where I'm leading you' all over it.

If you want me to go hang with the others Justin, just cut the B.S. and in bold letters have the squirrel shout "Would you just talk with the other PCs so I can get this going already!" complete with a huge gust of wind that blows her hair back while she looks stunned and confused and its little squirrel tongue waving about angrily and all its fur spiked out as it levitates in air, its little squirrly paws clenched in rage as it screams.

Woulda been easier than completely ignoring my response...

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Let me know when you come up with something for the rest of us to do. The story seems to be more about 'Delilah and Kyohei' than anyone else. The best I seem to get is talking rodents who ignore my PC and you doing ST posts that are pretty much the equivalent of 'go talk to Delilah and Kyohei'. I'd prefer not to have my PC talk to those two right now. Now, if you'd like me to just do my own thing with her I can but then I'd ponder the question of what I'd need an ST for if I'm just going to be writing by myself.

Let me know when you are ready for my PC to participate.

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I will be wrapping up the day in Planning by the end of the week.

The next part will involve the meeting with the theater club, and rehearsals and part assignment.

If you have anything left that day that you wish to accomplish please do so by Thursday night.

I know there is alot going on, but I would like to continue things, and get the group back together on whole as it were.

if you wish don't hesitate to continue things in a fiction, but keep in mind the story will progress some.

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