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  1. The door into the temple opened, and within was a silver light, waiting for the two to enter, and once they did, the light expanded and both saw a vision, of a throne that transcended every meaning of throne to the point that even calling it a THRONE seemed to be missing the true depth of it's meaning. It was empty, yet not, for the WORDS which both fae queen's embodied seemed to fill their vision, and for a moment they could not see anything but those words, before the vision vanished leaving only a empty room with a single sentience written in the silver in the air. To be a True Goddess of the Fae Is to find a different way And take up more then Faery as your Domain Embrace all who seek to fealty to your Reign The High Court is your path now Simply declare your new vow
  2. As the godbound all saw to their various duties and desires, focusing on the things they chose too, the evening turned to night and the party in Dread's place began to spread out beyond the shrines limits, but also those who had chosen to be his followers paid close attention to what their new god was saying and doing. It seemed that the god of war embraced strength and discipline as well as honoring those who had fought in battles past, though he had yet to actually codify his expectations of his followers, and no one knew if he would, his words were already being spread to others, and would continue to be over the days to come. Not that he was the only one who was paid close attention to, Aurea's followers, both fae and human were also watched, and they paid close attention to what she did and wanted. Meanwhile, Maia and Kamela were making a different kind of impact, the two goddesses working together to bring hope and healing to those who needed it, healing those who had been hurt in battle over the last few days, the arcology might be safer then outside, but only because of those who made it so, as the actions of the various godbound rescuing the convoy had proved. And that was not the only damage that people had taken, there were those hurt from patrols, and a number of other injuries, even a few infections and diseases that Kamala could deal with. Were as Maia used her own powers, of light and passion, to keep people from crowding the healer goddess. Norton and Sota, both as having been more invested in the Arcology then the other members of this new pantheon, focused on the arcology itself and their own infrastructure within it, while encouraging those who were interested in their various disciplines. Day turned to night, then night to deep night, and then to morning and midmorning, before the various godbound gathered once again, to seek out the genesis seed and create their divine realm and the mystical pathway to it.
  3. So, been a hectic work week for me, but I have time in the next few days, so I will be posting to main thread in the next day or so, and the last thread for our faery queens. [That means today or tomorrow is the plan] Also, lovely roleplaying everyone, enjoying reading your responses.
  4. The Network Greater Gift 'Web Weaver' is a constant gift, extending a continual network around the holder of the of that particular gift, in essence, Sota is a huge server and wireless access point. Also, Godbound, Paragons, and other supernatural beings know it's happening, ordinary mortals however, just know that they can get web access from anywhere in that radius, and it seems normal to them. On a flip side, that means that both the good guys and the bad guys can do it.
  5. Light gleamed upon the alter and then dawn flower within Aurea's hair shifted and changed, growing to become what appeared to be a crown made of flowers, a moment longer then the fruit in Sigil's hands changed into a what appeared to be a wand, and the air around her became filled with the scent of fresh apple blossoms, almost as though the fruit and flowers, and the garden changed, blossoms became fruits and flowers grew into vines, fruits and berries could be scented everywhere. Every Choice Shapes the Soul What you are Makes you Whole You have Chosen well for Fruit and Flower But what Price is paid for your Power What do you Give and what do you Command? What Sacrifice does your Power Demand? Now a temple appeared to growing where the altar had been before, rising from the garden around them, with those words burned into the doorway, and beside it, a feather quill and a writing board, though there was no sign of any ink to write with.
  6. You DESIRE is answered. To the children DESTINY shall you go, follow their guidance Those who remain have chosen the path of the Pantheon Embrace your Choices The gem shown bright for a moment, and suddenly they were once more before the gates of the archaeology, minus Tanith, and nothing had changed, but the gem or jewel or eye, or whatever it was, was now cradled in the hands of Sota, now silent and no longer glowing, once more seeming like nothing more then an nonliving object, though now those present knew better.
  7. On a note, folks, Tanith's player is withdrawing from the Game, she's going to depart in my next update and you folks will find yourselves back at the city, with a bit more information due to the outburst, if anyone wants to respond to the changes before that, you have until Thursday, then I'm moving things forward.
  8. As Tanith made her attack on the gem, there was a moment of silence, then suddenly everything around them became dark and then instead of in front of the arcology the group find themselves in complete darkness, the only light from the gem, and the relentless power that had been there a moment before became dull and quite, no bell tone, but it still has a certain cadence and purity of tone. We are the Eye of one of the broken Orphanium, the wheels before the THRONE... What you desire, unbound goddess, is retribution from those who have damaged your world, which is not US, for the ones responsible for the damage to you world Were the hands of mortal man, a price of murder and blood. When the anchor of your world, Merlin was murdered within his crystal cave By the hands of Mortals sworn to serve the Unending Night The Veil between mortal dreams and reality broke, and the barriers were broken Heaven was shattered, Hell was Broken, and the Mortal Realm torn from it’s bearings, though how that came to be is another matter. And now only those filled with the Divine power from above can do so, power from the Heaven's that now fills the Pantheon before you but only if you Chose to. Most Sacred to the THRONE, is not love or faith or hope, though precious these things may be, but CHOICE, We are a Vessel of Choice... When the Wheel was Broken, This Eye fell to this sphere When Divine Hand touched and Divine Desire was embraced Connection was made once more. If you wish stars, you must forge them to the sky once more, though we can show you the tools If you wish your realm safe, you must make it so, though we can guide you in the path... Or not, if that is your DESIRE Even as these words were spoken, clarifying in the midst of the choices made, stars appeared in the darkness around flickering in and out, before the light faded, leaving only the barely glowing jewel, and them surrounded in darkness.
  9. Just so you know, the Trials of the Dawn are presently only open to Aurea and Sigil, though if that remains so.... well, it depends. Time wise, everything within the trials happen between one instant and the next... Fairy and Time have an interesting relationship.
  10. Faery Queens Only Even as the light of the Gem takes the divine beings and infused them with power and knowledge, those who were Fae Queens who choose to embrace Apothesis found themselves clothed in nothing but the warm air, nothing made by mortal hands remaining with them, only themselves for these trials, and standing in a beautiful garden filled with flowers and fruit trees, but not natural trees and flowers, some of them were made of flame or ice, or had fruit and leaves of glowing moonlight, and a altar of shimmering silver and gold before them. Words in Fire were written in the air, floating above the Altar, leaving a clue as to what needs to be done next Where there is a Will, there is a Way Choose the Path for Heart and Soul Faery, Queen, Goddess, which Heart to Obey? Or Forge three into a single Whole? Your first Trial, to the Altar of Heart be True. Find the Fruit or Flower that Most expresses You.
  11. The Uncreated The endless chaos of Uncreated Night gouts forth strange life from time to time. These creatures curdle into existence deep within the void, but sometimes they find a way into more terrestrial spheres through the Night Roads, or infest shards of Heaven or the outer precincts of Hell. Some sages believe that they are a product of the friction between the created world and the void beyond, which explains why they so often have shapes and minds that are at least partially comprehensible to humans. Unfortunately, they are universally malevolent and hostile entities. Uncreated look like warped and monstrous creatures, often assembled from seemingly-random parts and misshapen fragments. They usually have an overall theme to their outline, like that of a human or mundane beast, but the individual components are mismatched and twisted. They are innately horrifying and disorienting to behold, their very presence curdling the mundane reality around them. Uncreated have strange and hostile purposes within the realm, clustering around Night Roads or striking out to defile places that are important to a realm’s coherence. They seem to exist for purposes of entropy and negation, with this world’s natural laws as loathsome to them as their own congealed madness is to humanity. They appear to have human intellects, if not more so, yet their reasoning is often bent to purposes that appear arbitrary or pointlessly sadistic. Uncreated are known for sometimes striking bargains with reckless sorcerers, offering secrets from beyond the borders of the realm and liberty from the constraining laws that fetter their magical powers. While the power they offer is real, the price in obedience's and transformation is often an unendurable one. Many people associate these beings with Cthulian Mythos and they may not be entirely wrong to do so. Undead The undead of the realms are products of fear, longing, and dark sorcery. The prospect of an agonizing afterlife has filled countless men and women with dread. While certain the ancestor cults, and other true faiths can serve to anchor a soul to its native realm in peaceful sleep, not every spirit has the advantage of that shelter. Those who die alone and far from solace might still cling to this world for fear of what comes next. Others simply cannot endure the idea of leaving their work unfinished, and are sealed to their decaying corpses by their unquenchable will. Even when a spirit is absent and only the dead flesh remains, a skilled sorcerer can imbue the husk with a kind of half-life to create a mindless servitor. Undead come in two kinds: lesser and greater. Lesser undead are purely corporeal in nature, dead bodies animated by magical power and imbued with a kind of half-intellect by the spell. They are not sentient, nor are they aware of the corpse’s prior life save in vague, brief flickers of habitual action. Lesser undead obey their creator. When left to their own devices, they ape the habits of the living as their animating force expresses human urges in strange, dangerous ways. The urge to eat is a particularly violent one, but their other fumbling efforts can be even more horrific. Many socities would outlaw the creation of such lesser undead, if the world wasn't in such dire straights that every assistance is needed. As a result, while necromancers are not encouraged, they are an accepted part of the world in many places. Greater undead are qualitatively different. They have a human soul at their core, either animating a decaying corpse or manifesting as an insubstantial wraith. Their minds are usually dulled by the decay of their flesh or the confusion of their death, but they can remember their living days and reason as humans do. Spells to create them are substantially more difficult, and most necromancers must take care to keep greater undead safely bound. Supreme Undead are the most powerful greater undead in existance known as Undead Monarchs (Undead King Word), and are the most powerful and terrifying of their kind, they are for all intents and purposes, undead gods, they often create themselves. Monsters A multitude of monstrous beings have filled the world since the cataclym, some less friendly then others, from creatures gown to giant size, of which spiders, wasps and rats tend to be the most vicious, though megalodon's are rather dangerous, but also such unnatural things as chimera, manticore's, kraken and levathans, and ancient creatures such as dinosaurs of various sizes have returned to the earth, but so have such creatures as mammoths, sabertooth tigers and the like. As a further problem, there are also werebeasts of various kinds, few of whom tend to look at humanity with much favor, though some are less antagonist then others. If that were not enough, there are belligerent and antagonistic races such as orcs, goblins, trolls and frost giants as well as the less friendly races of dragons to name but a few.
  12. Cults & Apotheosis It is never necessary to purchase apotheosis gifts, once the godbound decides to accept apotheosis, all gifts of the word are gained automatically at each level. Should they refuse apotheosis, they become a free divinity as indicated below. Free Divinities Not all Godbound are suited to having followers. Some might be naturally independent, while others might have players who don’t want to bother with a cult. At the player’s discretion, a Godbound can become a free divinity rather than one that cultivates a faith. This decision is made when the character reaches second level, and may only be changed afterwards if the GM finds it appropriate. Even then, a great deed or adventure might be needed to change it. Free divinities lose all the usual gifts of the Apotheosis Word. Instead, they preserve their own celestial force, becoming self-generating fonts of Dominion. A free divinity gains one point of Dominion each month, plus one more for each three full character levels they possess. No cult is necessary to generate this power, and indeed, free divinities cannot even have true worshipers, though they might have a few devoted allies and enthusiasts who consider themselves faithful. If their pantheon forms a Paradise, they can participate in it as usual. Apotheosis Once the Apotheosis gift Receive the Incense of Faith is obtained at second level a Godbound can accept willing disciples and begin to benefit from the reverence of their faithful. This worship strengthens their divine authority, allowing them to form a cult faction and use it to gain Dominion points each month, quite aside from any Aid an Ally faction actions the cult might perform on their behalf. The more demanding the faith, the more abundant the Dominion it grants its god. The Faithful Any intelligent mortal being may choose to become a worshiper of a Godbound possessing the gift Receive the Incense of Faith. The Godbound need not be present, or even in the same realm; all that is required is that the aspiring devotee know who the Godbound is and voluntarily choose to pledge themselves to the divinity. This choice cannot be magically compelled, but more mundane inducements can be used to "encourage" a new believer. The Godbound can always tell whether or not a given person is their worshiper. This dedication can take place without the Godbound’s specific attention. If the Godbound is then displeased with a devotee, they can always reject them at any point. Once rejected, the worshiper may not return to the fold without the Godbound’s specific permission. A mortal can be dedicated to only one Godbound at a time. If they give worship to a full pantheon, their devotion is given over to the Godbound of the pantheon most fitting to their personality and desires. If there’s no obvious reason to rule otherwise, a group of mortals pledged to a pantheon are evenly divided among them. Once pledged to a Godbound, a worshiper cannot voluntarily leave their service. They might leave the cult, they might serve a new faith, they might make war on their former deity, but they are still treated as worshipers of the Godbound for purposes of their gifts of Apotheosis. This leaves apostates in a very vulnerable position, prey to whatever rebuke their gods might deliver to them. Only by finding another Godbound or divinity willing to accept them as a worshiper can they be free of their former allegiance. Forming the Cult A Godbound needs at least one village worth of devout adherents before they can form a useful cult. Smaller numbers may provide all manner of useful mundane services, but a minimum of one village's worth of believers is needed to fuel their patron with a flow of Dominion. These adherents must be willing to accept the rituals, sacrifices, and laws of the cult. Backslidden, suppressed, or careless believers are still believers, but only religiously-active worshipers count toward a Godbound’s cult. This number of believers forms a faction with a Power of 1 and one beneficial Feature related to the Godbound's values and beliefs. Thus, the devotees of a Godbound of the Sword might have the Feature, "The cult has a strong martial tradition.", while one of Wealth might be "The cult is very wealthy." The player chooses the Feature with the GM's approval. This new faction has no existing Problems, except for those burdens that the Godbound might choose to deliver as part of their new holy writ. Cult Power increases at the GM's judgment, when the PC has managed to accrue enough new believers to merit a Power increase. They must have some formal association with the existing cult to count. Holy Laws and Dominion Gains Once the Godbound has mustered a cult faction, they can begin to give them holy writ, sacred teachings, or other religious instruction. For some Godbound, these religious strictures are very much about living a life in line with the hero’s beliefs, dutiful obedience to a moral code, and outward-focused obligations to the world around the believer. For other Godbound, these strictures might involve meditation, group worship, glorification of their name, or more ego-satisfying demands. A Godbound can lay almost any set of rules or demands on their cult, so long as the focus is ultimately the Godbound and their glory or desires for the world. The more exacting and demanding the cult’s strictures, the more generous the flow of Dominion it grants. A Godbound decides how harsh and demanding their holy laws might be, and the cult gains a number of Problem points related to these requirements, as described under the faction rules on the following pages. These Problems can never be solved or lessened; they're intrinsic to worshiping the Godbound. A Godbound can spend a faction turn changing their theology, but this stress inevitably costs the faith one point of Power as it shrinks due to the loss of traditionalists and the surge of heretical interpretations. A Godbound who makes only nominal demands on the worshipers in terms of sacrifices and personal behavior doesn't need to add any Problem points. Worshiping them is easy and low-commitment. Their cult grants them Dominion equal to its Power each month. A Godbound who makes only a few sharp demands from their believers, such as occasional costly sacrifices or some firm, restrictive code of personal conduct will have a cult with related Problems equal to a quarter of the cult's action die, rounded up, increasing as it grows in power. These cults grant an extra point of Dominion each month, however, compared to more clement faiths. A truly grueling faith with many harsh requirements has Problems equal to half the action die but grants an extra two Dominion points per month. Cults with so many requirements and sacrifices that the believers can hardly function without direct divine oversight have Problems equal to three-quarters of the action die, rounded up, but grant an extra three points per month. Such cult factions are likely to need their patron to actually get anything done, and can explode into chaos if they suddenly get a few more Problem points from some cause.
  13. Player Dominion (Will be updated as used, gained and lost) Dread: 2 Dominion Tanith: 2 Dominion Sigil: 2 Dominion Gary: 2 Dominion Kamala: 2 Dominion Maia: 2 Dominion Aurea: 1 Dominion Sota: 1 Dominion So What Can I do with My Dominion Points? Dominion is the most powerful means of altering a fact, and represents a Godbound's direct mastery of their Words of Creation. Utterly impossible changes and wholly magical alterations can be performed by spending Dominion and invoking a suitable Word, though the most drastic changes will require some heroic deed to be accomplished to clear the way for the new fact. Example: A Godbound of Health who wanted to maintain a village's health in perpetuity could spend Dominon to banish sickness entirely from the boundary of the village forever after. The locals would simply never grow sick again. Optionally, he might share his powers in a limited way with chosen acolytes among the villagers, granting them the ability to cure any sickness and accomplishing the same general effect in a different way. The more drastic, expansive, and impossible a change that Dominion makes, the more costly it is to enact. The opposition of other supernatural forces in the area can hinder these changes, as can the presence of mundus wards in the area to be affected. If these limits are overcome and a sufficient amount of Dominion is expended, almost any change can be wrought on a group of mortals or a piece of terrain. Dominion expenditures take time, and generally aren't fast enough to be useful whenever time is an issue. Dominion expenditure can't imbue an army with permanent water-breathing abilities when it's suddenly crucial they pass a strait, but given a few weeks of divine manipulation and a sufficient amount of Dominion, the change can be worked. Most Dominion changes take no more than a month to accomplish, and that only for the more complex and involved alterations. Once a Dominion change is enacted, it remains until some power destroys it. If this involves Dominion expenditure, then the opposition must spend just as much Dominion as the creator did to undo the change. If it involves more physical violence, the enemy might have to simply kill all the acolytes of Health or strew the village confines with magical curses. A splendid magical academy established by Dominion might be undone by a rival spending enough Dominion to blight its students and curdle its teachings, or they might simply march an army through the halls, knock down its towers, and kill all its faculty. Without organized opposition, however, a change made with Dominion will persist indefinitely. Dominion changes that alter living creatures are constrained either by location or by lineage. The power either changes the creatures so long as they continue to be born in the same area, or it changes them so that so many generations of their offspring will share the blessing. In both cases, the scope of the change determines the breadth of the effect; a hero who forges a race of intelligent animals could extend the effect to an entire region, causing their offspring to be born intelligent so long as they are born inside the region, or they could extend the power to a region's worth of descendants wherever they may be born. In the latter case, the gifts of the bloodline would gradually fade out of following generations once the population maximum was reached. Domionion needed for each change Scope Cost Discription/Area/Population Village 1 Villages, a few square miles, 1,000 people City 2 Major city, ten miles square, 100,000 people Region 4 Province/Arcology, a thousand square miles, 1 million Nation 8 An entire kingdom, 100 million people Realm 16 The whole world, Billions of people The basic cost of a change depends on how far-reaching it is. As seen above, A change that affects only a village, neighborhood, or other small community of people, or no more than ten or twenty square miles, has a base cost of 1 point of committed Influence or spent Dominion. One that affects an entire city or a hundred square miles or so has a base cost of 2 points. Affecting an entire province of a nation, a small nation-state, or a geographic region within a state costs 4 points, and affecting an entire kingdom worth of people or land costs 8 points. Attempting a change that reaches an entire realm costs 16 points, and doubtless requires many great deeds on the way. Once the base cost is decided, this is multiplied by the difficulty as the GM sees fit. A change that is modest and plausible, that does not require violating the laws of nature or angering local powers is a Plausible change with a x1 multiplier, costing no more than the base cost of the effort. Convincing a lord to take a course of action that is not obviously harmful, establishing a new industry in a location that might reasonably support it, banishing a harmful social custom that doesn’t underpin local society, or discovering new resources that might possibly be found all are all examples of a Plausible change. Implausible changes that require bending the rules of nature or human behavior are Improbable, and have a x2 multiplier. Convincing a lord to take a course of action that probably will bring him harm, establishing a new industry that the locals have no original skills in whatsoever, adding a new social custom that harms the elite of society or would upset the common people, or calling up new resources that have no natural place anywhere around the site would all be changes of an Improbable level. Complete violations of nature or political behavior aren’t possible at this level, but most acts that don’t rise to that pitch of implausibility can be done with this expenditure. Extraordinary changes that are politically unthinkable or physically impossible are Impossible changes that add a x4 multiplier. The only limit to this level of change is what the GM finds plausible in a hero’s description of their efforts, and even then a sufficient number of great deeds and mighty labors can overcome reservations. Convincing a lord to undertake a suicidal crusade, establishing a new magical industry that produces something impossibly advanced or enchanted, upending a society’s entire value structure in favor of a radically contrary model, and calling up miraculous new resources that have some magical effect are all examples of this kind of change. Impossible changes usually require at least one mighty deed to be accomplished in order to find the necessary components, persuade reluctant locals, discover needful lore, or best an opposing force. Particularly dramatic impossibilities might require several feats. Create Artifacts When a Godbound hero wants to create an artifact, the first thing they need is a justification. They must have a Word or a Fact related to the artifact they intend to create, and its powers must reflect their abilities. Godbound of Artifice are particularly talented with artifact creation, however, and are treated as having justification for almost any artifact, though they can't create ones that allow free miracle access to other Words. Creating an artifact costs Dominion. The various options listed on the adjacent table describe those costs. At least half the cost of an artifact must be paid by its creator, though allies can help with the rest if they have some justification for it with their own powers. Once the total Dominion necessary to craft the artifact is determined, the creator needs to assemble the raw materials. A suitable physical shell for the artifact must be fabricated or found, but this is usually a relatively simple matter. More difficult is the acquisition of the necessary number of celestial engine shards to connect the new artifact to the primal power of the Words. Every artifact requires at least one celestial shard, plus one more for every six full points of Dominion it took to build it. These shards are destroyed in the creation process. A single artifact can contain only so many gifts and special abilities. The artifact can contain as many gifts as the creator's level. Conjuring any miracle of a Word counts as five gifts, a Word's special abilities count as two, and greater gifts or dispelling powers count as three. Effort is capped at half the creator's level, rounded up. Most artifact powers are broken down into two basic forms. The artifact grants access to a gift that the wielder may use as if they have mastered it, allowing them to Commit Effort from the item or automatically gain the steady benefit of a Constant gift. • The artifact provides a pool of Effort that can be used to fuel the gifts it contains. This Effort can't be used for other purposes, such as powering the wielder's own gifts, even if they're the same. Artifact Dominion Costs 2 Dominion For each lesser gift 4 Dominion For a lesser gift that is Constant or requires no Effort 4 Dominion For each greater gift 8 Dominion For a greater gift that is Constant or requires no Effort 3 Dominion Gives the special abilities of a bond to a specific Word 6 Dominion Allows dispelling effects as if with a specific Word 10 Dominion Allows any miracle permitted to a specific Word 2 Dominion For each point of Effort contained by the artifact With a Paradise Seed, create other worlds, cost for the size of creation is indicated below, more details can be found within the Deluxe version of the Main Book. 7 Dominion - Village, a few square miles 14 Dominion - Major city, ten miles squares 28 Dominion - Province, a thousand square miles 64 Dominion - National size, An entire kingdom (Australia Sized at the Maximum) 112 - Realm - A whole world NOTE: Influence can also do some these things, but is more limited, as it can not do anything permanent, so nothing with paradise seeds or artifacts it only continues as long as the Influence is dedicated.
  14. Even as Maia and Sota began to speak to one another, their words were overlaped with something else, the glowing increased, spreading to every divine being who heard the bells, each of them glowing in turn. Followed by a a gong that everyone could hear, divine or not, set a hum in the air that vibrated though every divine individual within range, and slowly each of you began to feel each other and one another's nature, and distance to one another, then everyone is pulled together, a moment later, all divine beings find themselves standing in a circle around the glowing gem at the Arcology entrance, the now floating in the middle between them without anyone touching it. For a moment, it seems to be part of a wheel of fire within a wheel of fire, then there is an explosion of amber light, and all of you hear the following words inside your minds.. Pantheon Formation Confirmed by War God BY THE WILL OF THE THRONE And Choice Freely Made Let Apotheosis Begin Genesis Seed Pathway Unlocked & Location Imprinted Location of Genesis Seed found and locked to Pantheon Collection of Genesis Seed required Creation of Divine Realm awaiting Collection of Genesis Seed and dedication of Dominion All Pantheon Members Requested to Indicate Dream/Desire/Delight for Divine Realm Meanwhile, the only Hooters within the arcology suddenly became a shrine to the god Dread Delgath, with the words 'Titties and Beer for the War God' set into the base a large statue of him that appeared on the center of the restaurant. Delgath himself could feel a number of new worshipers form those around him that had been rescued as well as some of the inhabitants of his new temple/shrine lifting up a beer in cheers to his name. Knowledge floods your minds as to what a Genesis seed does and how to use one fill's the mind of everyone present in response to Sigil's question, because of the link between you, as a pantheon you know that you must activate it together due to the invocation of power here. As a result, a pathway is imprinted into every divinity's mind that leads away from the city and deep into what appears to be a vast underground catacombs that leads to a destination several miles away from the city all underground. [OCC NOTES: Ok, so much is happening here that I decided that this needed a fairly major info blurb in the post itself, something I don't normally favor, but feel it's necessary here. So, everyone now gets 3 experience points and 1 dominion point, which puts you all at level 2, gaining all of the associated benefits, which includes the Word of Apotheosis, though everyone except Delgath can refuse it if you don't want a cult, though you remain part of the pantheon regardless. PM me in your character sheet with what your spending your gift points on. All deities who take that word of Apotheosis can all now form cults of believers, feeling their prayers and protecting their souls, if you take the Apothesis word. About a thousand worshipers are needed to begin gaining dominion, but that shouldn't be too hard for you folks. Faery Queens and Peak Humans need to discuss this with me if you choose to accept Apotheosis SPECIAL: Since Delgath is the only one who indicated desires for things, he already has a shrine (it is not yet sanctified, you need to be at level 3 for that), at the local Hooters since that is what he asked for , if that's a good thing or not is up to you. Your cult only has about a dozen semi-committed followers, so It's not yet large enough to collect dominion from, but it's a beginning. Due to the way this particular artifact was activated, non of you can activate a Genesis Seed by yourself until after you do so collectively as a pantheon, which also grants you enough time to gather dominion for a larger realm then just a small village, you instinctively know how much dominion is needed for the size of each realm. A divine realm is like Olympus or Asgard, your PC's presently have the information regarding Paradise by Creation & Godbound Within A Paradise imprinted on their minds, if you want more details, check page 222 of the Deluxe version of the book or send me a PM, below is how much dominion is needed to create a Paradise of a particular size. 7 Dominion - Village, a few square miles 14 Dominion - Major city, ten miles squares 28 Dominion - Province, a thousand square miles 64 Dominion - National size, An entire kingdom (Australia Sized at the Maximum) 112 - Realm - A whole world If your wondering, nope, future levels won't jump in levels this way, but this is where it was going, congrats to Delgath for leaping in head first, you managed to surprise and amuse me at the same time. ]
  15. As the various beings gather around the rescued party, the gem in Sigil's hand at first did nothing, then it's glow began to grow stronger, amber light cascading all around, and a wreath of flame flowers wrapped in shadow formed in the middle of the gem, and Sigil herself began to glow like the gem. A chime filled the air, heard only by those with divine Word who were within the arcology or on it's outskirts, reached out about 10 miles. A moment later, a voice that seemed both sacred and almost like a computer spoke out, like the chime, heard only by those who possessed divine Words, all of the words could be understood by them, but they all were spoken at the same time, everyone heard the same series of words, though not necessarily in the same order. Multiple Divine Presence's detected. Pantheon Potential found: Sequence bEgIN: What Do YOU Want?||Who Are YOU?||Why Are YOU Here? || DREAM?DESIRE?DELIGHT? QUERY? FORM PANTHEON? UNLOCK PATHWAY TO GENESIS SEED?
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