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  1. Someone please PM me (or Krugar) when this starts back up if it does.
  2. Due to the inactivity, I am bowing out of Tara.
  3. I have no preferences. For all I care, a monty python type foot can come out of the similar-type clouds and boot us to the other party with the power of handwavium. edit: or we can just two man it, or three man it, or whoever is really 'here'. I just haven't posted to be polite and let others speak up. I'm more than happy to just steamroll them along and assume they are oddly self-absorbed most of the time.
  4. "Now is as good time as any to test the leg. I'll find out if anything is gonna go wrong faster if I use it." Morgan answered. "Though I do need to get the buggy back to where it is suppose to be. Surprised no one has thrown a fit already about it just being parked in the middle of things." "I greatly appreciate the help, Doctor. I'm sorry I was careless. So much to get used to." Morgan said, relieved the pain and irritation was subsiding. "But anyway, I don't want to take up either of your time, I'm sure you are both quite busy with others who need you more. I'll handle the land leech if you can point me at the Commander's last known location." If you start changing into something on the full moon, I'm leaving you.
  5. "Whatever you think is best." Morgan said, returning the smile. "This is not really my area of expertise. Should I be worried about the bite, you think? Regardless, thanks for the help." Morgan accepted her help getting upright and did a light-step dance as he made sure his leg could still hold the weight. "Time could be of the essence, so I should go see that blonde."
  6. Seeing no one rushing to him as though they knew something was wrong with him, Morgan sighed and started limping through the area while he shouted, "MEDIC! MEDIC! I NEED A MEDIC!" The thing squirmed in his hand suddenly and he overreacted, throwing himself off-balance. Coupled with his attempts to keep weight off his leg, his short dance sent him to the ground ungracefully. I can feel its crawling around inside me! This is awful. "You're awful." he replied under his breath as he tried to hoist himself up without dropping his squirming package. "MEEEEEEEDIIIC!"
  7. Should I post wandering for a medic/doc? Or should I wait to have Polina post at me? I can wander and spook people with my rock lobster I suppose and hopefully not die.
  8. Morgan's heart jumped in fear and he instinctively grabbed the thing and tossed it to the ground. The shell was hard though he likened it to leeches he had read about as a kid. "This is bad, Cass. Something just bit me." You should bring it back. If it is venomous, having a sample could ensure your survival. He reached back down and snatched it up with his cyber arm and threw it towards the passenger seat. He did a full-body heebie jeebies shiver before getting behind the wheel and heading off as quickly as he dared to the other side of the ship. "Well, at least if I die, I did after we got here and I got to experience life as it was meant to be." Morgan said as he maneuvered around larger rocks and piles of dirt from the crash. He glanced over at the land leech and it begun to crawl off the seat. He swiped at it and knocked it back into the seat. Another shiver went down his spine. "Now I know I don't like bugs. Especially big ones." He kept driving until he found medical personnel, knocking the creature back into the seat every time it looked as though it might escape.
  9. Morgan had missed most of the commotion as he worked on the buggy. He only decided to crawl out when he saw Bria scamper off. He watched the drama unfold and shook his head, "I though the psych evals had matched us to prevent crap like this?" Nothing is perfect. "Ah well, glad it's above my pay grade." Morgan wiped his hands off and then realized he also needed to brush off nearly the entirety of his coveralls. He smiled and took a moment to smell his hands as he climbed into the driver's seat. "Never gonna get tired of dirt. Now let's see if this thing does more than drive left." The steering was difficult to adapt to at first. Driving over rock, plants, and really just uneven terrain was wholly different than the sterile metal holds of a station. After a minute however, the initial shock wore and Morgan calmed his nerves. "We better thoroughly test this, we need to make sure." You're going to get in trouble. "Nah, I won't go that far. Just a quick lap around the camp and back." Morgan said, "I want to feel the wind."
  10. Morgan walked back around from the other side of the ship mumbling to himself, “Mountains…” They’re just really big rocks. “There is a bit more to it than that, but you have to have eyes.” Ouch. “The truth hurts, Cass.” Morgan replied, smiling. “We need to finish that rover. They want to start scouting permanent sites once they have sat data.” You’re the one with the legs. Morgan smirked as he made his way to where the vehicle had been set aside for him. “How am I suppose to work without a lift?” You can squeeze under there if you suck your gut in. “How do you even know if I have a gut?” Morgan snapped. I just imagined someone that had been laying on their back the whole way here would be fat. “I’ll fit just fine, thank you very much.” he replied. Morgan sighed as she surveyed the odd arrangement of tools compared to his workspace. Not to mention the lack of a diagnostic pad. “I need an extra pair of arms…” Morgan shielded his eyes with his hand and surveyed the crash site. Temporary shelters were starting to form and everywhere people were in motion. He glanced back to the ship, wondering if he risked wasting the time to find some kind of hand jack he could use when he saw a person in a sitting sprawl not doing much. “Cass, I think I found some hands sitting in the shade.” Morgan said. They’re probably for a Hardhat. “No, organic ones.” Well, that’s just gross, probably a victim. You should probably tell someone. Morgan sighed and shook his head as he approached the girl. She had her eyes closed so he scuffed his feet to get her attention. She looked like she wasn’t feeling well, probably why she wasn’t doing anything at the moment. "Hey, you alright?" I’m fine. She shaded her eyes with her hands and shrugged. "Nope, but hopefully I'm dying a little less than I was on the station. You?" "Trying not to panic about the lack of walls, honestly. Look, I'm not sure how awful you feel, but I know sometimes it helps to distract yourself and I could use another pair of hands since all the rest are being used. Think you're up to it?" Morgan smiled and absent-mindedly scratched his arm. She watched him suspiciously for a moment, then started to pull herself up. Getting to her feet was a dizzying, unsteady maneuver, but once she was up she was able to keep her balance. "Yeah, sure. Just...slowly, 'kay?" Morgan extended an arm which she accepted. "Once we get there, you'll have a seat. One of the buggies wasn't happy with our landing. I don't have anyway to hoist it here, so I have to crawl under. Helps to have a hand to pass tools and monitor the dash. I know you can handle it." She nodded and gave him a weak smile. "Thanks. Nice to know not everyone thinks the stowaway is useless." She’s going to kill you in your sleep. Can’t trust criminals. "We lost many more than I care to think about. We'll all be needed. If we lost too many, then it won't matter what we do, accidents and nature will ruin us. Pure numbers game. But even so, the brightside is fresh air, dirt, a sky, real plants, real water...mountains! Never thought I'd see real mountains with real snow." Morgan tripped on a rock but easily caught himself with their pace and laughed. "Guess I need to get used to things being in my way, not that I'll miss sheet metal." Morgan stopped talking for a second, but then started right back up, "My father always said the only thing that's useless is that which sits in a corner forgotten." He shrugged. "Don't get stuck in a corner.” That was awful, who taught you to flirt? “Cass says I should probably shut up. I guess this open air has me more on edge than I'm willing to admit." "Cass?" Morgan kinda lifted the arm she was holding. "Cass is a Jeeves that lives in my arm.... Is that what I am to you? “Yes, I know you are more than that...Mostly, she gives me a hard time." You deserve it. Gabriela laughed and for a moment she looked almost healthy. "Wow. That's pretty cool. I didn't know they did...put Jeeves in things other than androids." Morgan smiled along with her laugh, "Well, I did it. My arm is a replacement, paid for by the bonus. I lost the original in an accident. Lucky though, my brother lost a leg. Way harder to learn to walk again. At least I think so." "Also, weird to have your leg talk to you," she grinned at him. Morgan chuckled, "Yeah, don't need more reasons to make people think I'm crazy. I'm Morgan by the way. Friends call me Bot." "Gabriela Silva. I don't have any friends anymore, but you can call me Bria, if you want." “A pleasure, Bria.” Morgan responded as he helped her slide into the rover and started pointing out console lights and his small spread of tools and their names. In your sleep. I warned you.
  11. I much prefer for you to choose and surprise me as I have no strong feelings one way or the either.
  12. Morgan turned and started to walk away slowly with Michael, "Seems stupid knows no bounds in the verse." His brother huffed in agreement, "I take it you wanna take a look at structural integrity closer to the bit where it might be connected?" "Yeah, it looks like we have a much better chance in the skirt section." Morgan said, gesturing vaguely ahead as they walked. "Try and find a welding kit to start. We can worry about securing it once we have something traversable. I'll scout us a landing and start clearing a workspace." Hope they figure this out soon. Not waking people and we'll have too many dead to build anything viable. I bet those backups weren't designed to operate these popsicles for extended periods of time. Supplies or not, we'll need the manpower.
  13. Alarmed, Morgan pulled back his arm with a surprised yelp. He looked at what startled him and immediately dashed back and away from the pod, "What the fuck is that!?" Combat Using movement on both action ticks to get as far away as he can and putting something between him and the tentacles. Not running, just moving twice.
  14. "Sir...If I may ask..." Morgan started. "Later, Chief. The Commander can fill you in on essentials." Sarr said. "Yes, Sir." Morgan saluted and turned. He was annoyed he didn't get to talk to Ferro but evidently something was going on that superseded the crash. Probably what was causing the odd noises down in the cryo bay. Morgan quickly retreated back the way he came and met up with Yuan, "At your service, Sir."
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