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  1. Everyone just stood silently after Darcy's comment, awkwardly looking at Dane like he was the person in their universe and making Darcy feel incredibly small. She knew Scions were a weird lot, but sometimes... they were off the deep end. Not that staring at Dane wasn't a difficult task, after all he was the son of Baldur. No matter how hard he tried he'd always have sun-kissed skin, perfect cheek bones and, most spiteful and jealous worthy feature of all was that he could eat whatever he pleased and always keep that perfect sufer-bod muscle tone. Sure, a part of her hated him, but at least he was nice to look at... which seemed to be what everyone was doing... Dane paced several times as he spoke to the woman on the other end. "Yeah, I know..." he nodded and seemed to have been cut off by her. "...look, it's not for me..." his vice seemed surprisingly sober, having lost the sufer-dude drawl and making sound almost like a respectible young man. Almost. "We could..." he was cut off again and they could vaguely make out Adrianne's voice coming through the speaker of his phone. Talking swiftly, but calmly while breaking her patter or tone of speech. Every word and phrase didn't come close to being second guessed. Whatever she was saying, she meant every word of it. "Enough," Dane almost growled. His teeth were clinched as he did his best to disguise his lack of composure with the rest of the assembled. "We all had to make choices. I no more condemn them for theirs than I do you for yours. I will not stand here and be whipped like I'm being held down by a golden thread, nor will I be judged by you of all people on the choices I've made and the consequences of those choices. Scions need help. We need help. So, I'm calling you in." There was a pregnant pause as the tense moment between the two was shared by everyone in the room with awkward eye contact and shrugs to one another in silent inquiry as to anyone knowing the story behind this obviously juicy story. "Yes. Do this and we are square." He nodded. "Never again." He leaned against the wall, his back to everyone while the conversation calmed considerably. "Yes, the coffee shop, can't miss it. I will pass it on, and thank you." He shook his head as she replied to his expression. "Yes, well, thank you anyway." He tapped the red button on his screen and tucked it away in his pocket, turning to face everyone. "She'll be here tomorrow after school. She said she'll meet all of you at The Drip and..." he sighed, visible distressed about something. He raised his hands and the dropped lazily to his sides, "That'll be that, I guess. You guys can take it from there. Look, uh," he gestured towards the exit. "I think I'm going to head out. You guys can handle all this stuff without me. Good luck with her and text me if you need anything." With no jovial drawl in his voice or Ted 'Theodore' Logan bounce in his stride he offered everyone an exit nod and dismissed himself from the Stable.
  2. "Ohh," Dane sucked his teeth. "Yeah, see... that's kind of the thing... we sort of have uh, history?" It was unlike the golden boy of Baldur to appear at a loss of confidence or hesitate when it came to helping out others, but this time, he certainly seemed put off at the idea of meeting up with Adrianna. "I mean, Adrianna's cool, she's just intense. Her dad has her wound pretty tight, not that that's a bad thing. In return for unflagging loyalty and devotion she's awarded anything and everything she desires. The harder she works, the more rewarded she is, and cousins, she is rewarded, a lot." He shrugged. "Near as I can remember she is a Collector. Not of like Pop!s on her book shelf or anything, like things her father has lost or discovered and wants back or added to his wealth of nick-nacks. If she manages to deliver it we're talking black credit cards, vacations in Cancun, shopping sprees in Italy, you name it. So, bringing this to her attention will set her into business-mode, and more than likely be enough to convince her to help us. I remembering her having a Birthright, a medallion, that allowed her to retrieve objects that belonged to her father or that he some sort of claim on. It could, I don't know, absorb the object into the medallion so she could transport it to her father." "I don't see how that helps us," Grim looked at his cousin. "These are ghosts, not scultures and fine art." "True," Dane nodded. "But her father is Hades, and last I checked the only dead that leave his Realm are the ones he's given his personal permission to do so. I highly doubt Todd filled out the proper paperwork before checking out these spirits from the Underworld. That medallion might be able to pull out the ghost without hurting the person they're inhabiting." Rachel nodded, almost appearing impressed. "It's worth a shot. I have to admit Dane, you have more moments." He smiled to his cousin, appreciative of the praise. "I'll give her a call and text you guys with the meet place. I should probably keep a low profile on this one."
  3. "Giant burrito." Dane announced his presence by smiling wide and patting Wolf on his hindquarters as he walked past him to meet the others at the table. While not an official member of their band, he'd agreed that whatever those witches planned it was bad news for Salem and had offered his help as best as he could provide it. Most often he was one of the only neutral Scions in Salem High and wasn't a native to Salem but had moved up from Florida over the summer to live with his aunt. Other Scions whispered that something had happened down in Florida and the only reason he didn't have a band now was, well, there was nothing left of his old one. Afterwards, it was rumored, he'd turned to copious amounts of weed to dull the memories. Now the calm musician was living his best by simply enjoying all that life had to offer and hoping his Legend faded into obscurity. Nadya crossed her arms. Feeling particularly fiendish she decided to prank Dane, knowing he was well out of wits at the moment. Messing with high people never got old. "We're out of burritos, you ate them all. Besides, we don't have electricity here yet, so we couldn't nuke it for you even if we had them." "No! I mean, me! I'm going as a giant burrito." He smiled again. As expected he was high as a godling could be on something medicinal that not even Nadya could get her hands on. "Why?" Rachel asked, unable to grasp why anyone in their right mind would want to dress up like a giant burrito. "Why not? I really like burritos, man." He nodded along with his proclamation in his southern Californian surfers drawl. Then something occurred to him. "Wait, without the electricity, how are you keeping the burritos frozen out here?" He pondered not realizing there were no actual burritos, nor something to keep them cool in, nor something to nuke them in had they existed to begin with. "Grmsley's icy stare." She said flatly, smirking slightly to see down what avenue this revelation would take his incredibly impaired cognitive skills. He pondered for a moment and then nodded and smiled that Keanu smile of his like everything just clicked into place. He looked at Grimsley and pumped a fist of appreciation towards his fell Aesir. "Right on, brother. Doing your part for Burritodom. Respect." Through pursed lips of appreciation for Grimsley's frigid sacrifices to Burritodom across the World, Dane approached his 'brother' with arms wide open, meaning for a brother hug of solidarity: the burrito lover, and the burrito... freezer. "Don't touch me," Grimsley said softly and without a shred of emotion or concern for his words. He looked to the moronic blonde Scion and couldn't help but hate the fact that he couldn't help but like him. Despite how perfectly designed, perfectly idiotic, and perfectly annoying Dane Summer was, the Son of Baldur was never anything short of absolutely likeable. Others would go through life scarred and broken. Wracked with trials of pain and misery in a vain attempts to earn the favor of a parent that would never care, Dane's father would shower upon him all the nicest toys and the finest gifts Asgard had to offer. Don't even get Grimsley started on Dane's Grandmother. He changed his posture to look up at his stoned cousin. "Well? Did you handle the one simple task you were given?" "Totes." He grinned, unphased by Grimsley's lack of love (it was early and he was cranky, he'd hug him later). "And nadda. Went over the whole pier, and zilch, bruh. Things are definitely spooky though. Dead birds falling from the sky, and Mrs. Cunningham's garden shriveled up and went 'pffft' over night. Seriously bad juju, hombres. Oh! I did run into Chelsea, from school! I was coming out of Drip with snackisfaction for maximum grindage ops, and she was like 'oh my gawd, Dane' and I was like 'oh my gawd, Chelsea' and we got to talking." He nodded and looked about as everyone waited to see where the story was going. Finally he just shrugged and shook his head. "Th-that's it... Oh! Wait, no..." Everyone looked with anticipation as Dane could have found the lead they were looking for. "She rescued a kitten last week. She showed me pic on her phone, and named the lil' guy Milo. Really cute." He nodded, proud that he could relay that to the rest of them.
  4. Let me know when you come up with something for the rest of us to do. The story seems to be more about 'Delilah and Kyohei' than anyone else. The best I seem to get is talking rodents who ignore my PC and you doing ST posts that are pretty much the equivalent of 'go talk to Delilah and Kyohei'. I'd prefer not to have my PC talk to those two right now. Now, if you'd like me to just do my own thing with her I can but then I'd ponder the question of what I'd need an ST for if I'm just going to be writing by myself. Let me know when you are ready for my PC to participate.
  5. I'm a little lost. One second Meru is talking to a talking squirrel and since she replied it doesn't seem to want to say anything back, it's not even mentioned in the reply to her... in fact the whole scene seems to have 'why don't you just go where I'm leading you' all over it. If you want me to go hang with the others Justin, just cut the B.S. and in bold letters have the squirrel shout "Would you just talk with the other PCs so I can get this going already!" complete with a huge gust of wind that blows her hair back while she looks stunned and confused and its little squirrel tongue waving about angrily and all its fur spiked out as it levitates in air, its little squirrly paws clenched in rage as it screams. Woulda been easier than completely ignoring my response...
  6. Originally Posted By: Justin OOC"No, he has not said you could go home. He is fine, he just called to let me know I'd need to watch for you, since you bore easily." There was a slight chuckle, "As to who I am, I am known as "The Keeper." It's my job to keep the more important students from being too foolish." "Oh..." She sighed, slightly depressed at the thought of having to stay at the Academy. Solemnly she added, "I suppose if he's okay, that's something, right?" "I-I'm not all that important Mr. Keeper-guy, I'm just Meru." She blushed and slightly giggles a bit, embarrassed now that she got caught cat-napping. "N-no foolishness going on here. Hehe..."
  7. Originally Posted By: Justin OOCMeru had just gotten to sleep when something stirred her. With her eyes just barely open, she saw a squirrel sitting there in front of her with glowing red eyes. "You know Meru, skipping school isn't a good idea. Your father sent you here for a reason. Sleeping in a tree isn't part of it." The mouth didn't move but she heard the words clear as day. The voice was familiar, she'd heard her Father speak to someone with it before, but she couldn't remember the face. Half asleep and half awake, Meru was in that blissful state of near euphoric paralysis that comes with noon-day naps. Her eye lids flapped lazily a few times; the primitive part of her brain telling her that someone was trying to communicate with her and to wake up while the other half of her mind was blissfully ignorant... Sudden;y she realized she was being spoken to by a squirrel and woke up like a shot. "Woah!" She sprang upright in her branch with amazing balance, eyes opened wide and senses alert. "A talking squirrel!? Awesome!" She thrust her face as close as possible, their noses rubbed a bit as she looked at the rodent surprised curiosity. Then her mind registered what the squirrel had said a moment prior and her wide green eyes narrowed into a cautious glare. "Meow wait a second... you mentioned my father. Who are you, is he okay? Can I go home now!?"
  8. Justin, Meru is most likely to sleep for a couple of hours unless disturbed. Chances are she'll be found drooling on a branch and lazily wasting the day away.
  9. They'd spent a good portion of their time talking about cheerleading stuff. Admittitdly Meru had no real interest in it, but it was still nice to talk to someone about, well, anything. She was just about to answer Delilah's question about being raised in the Monster World when suddenly the world went 'poof' and she found herself warped several moments ahead in time and standing in the lunch line, she was absolutely confused as all get out... Her eyes darted to the left... then the right... wondering if the Warlock guy she saw earlier was playing pranks on her. "Ooookay, kinda freaked out a bit..." She murmured, wondering again how she lost almost an entire class and woke up in the lunch line. A bit depressed that she didn't get to finish her conversation before the temporal teleporting began, she found that food was always a great way to break her out of a funk. She found a table, and despite the SCE helping themselves to the good stuff everyone quickly learned that Meru didn't discriminate when it came to food. She had four plates, seven drinks, one desert and something one of the staff referred to as 'left over mystery meat' before she even began to slow down with the shoveling! She did leave her dinner rolls, as she'd been trying for the past few weeks to watch her carb intake. With reckless abandon she dove in and the piles of food slowly shrunk smaller and smaller until there was nothing left but crumbs and an innocent blue haired, purple furred young nekojin girl licking her claws triumphantly and briefly considered skipping the rest of the day if she found an adequate sun spot to nap in. "Meow I'm ready for a nap..." A content rumble rose up in her throat as she longed for a nice sun spot...
  10. "Hmm?" Meru looked up, a bit shocked at first that Delilah was talking to her. She was so lovely and popular and... well, purfect, why would she bother making nice with the new girl? Meru's opinion of Delilah, in just the short time she had witnessed her antics, was that she was a bit too full of herself, but still she found herself envious of the demoness nevertheless. A part of Meru, the woman hidden beneath the childish hunter wished she could be as desirable as Delilah was. Wait a second, n-no she didn't! 'Pretty' didn't food in her belly. Boys oogling over someone never got anything done, like the tents up or the perimeter secured for the tribe to camp for the night! Feh! Beauty was so... so... Her wide kitty eyes looked up Delilah and she found herself ensnared by her eyes' abyssmal spell. Beauty was so awesome! "You're Delilah," She asked bashfully. "At least I think I remember them calling you that. Running? Ugh, this is dumb! I mean really, who makes someone run laps in a sweater, I mean, duh?!" Her legs were spread out in a 'V' on the grass as she plucked up blades of the turf out of boredom mixed with frustration. "This is no way to teach people to be athletic! My Papa always used to unleash an Albedo Razor Wolf on us when he wanted to train us for stamina. I mean seriously, what's running laps compared to be chased by thirty-two rows fangs trying to nip yer tail off!" She plopped back into the grass, laying down and gazing at the sky. She sighed a longing sigh. "That was the most fun I ever had learning to climb trees, imminent death for failure is such an awesome motivator." "Oh, sorry... I'm babbling." Once again she took in Delilah perfect frame, noting the way everying strangely giggled on it's own when there was no for it to do so. The slightest breeze seemed to make her breasts wobble in a strange manner that drove the surrounding men crazy. She rolled her eyes at the gawking male monsters and sighed. "Fast? That wasn't fast. But Papa told me I'm not supposed to move as fast as I'm really able to because it makes his head hurt and eyes go crossed. I have a feeling I'm going to regret asking you this but, what's a 'mounter' and what would I have to 'mount'?" Coach Goakju approached them and spoke. Meru grumbled and stood up, dismissively waving off her instructor. "Running in circles, or writing a paper about running in circles... it's no wonder my people broke away from the other monster clans we were the only ones with any sense." Without further complaint she walked back to the track. Her homesickness was making her a touch bitchy, but the last thing her father said to her was eating her up inside. We're going to war". His words echoed as she walked... if he left her here than as was customary for her tribe... he didn't plan on coming home alive. "You can run with me if you want Delilah, I'll go slow."
  11. Running was not something Meru had a problem with... running in a circle for no reason other than to run in a circle though... that she didn't seem to grasp. She was familiar with the term 'running in circles' as a negative saying, a way for someone to state that they were doing something but not getting anywhere. So if they went out to run in circles, and not get anywhere... what would the teacher be comparing? "Excellent work Meru," Coach Gokaju said in her mind. "You got nowhere in the start of the semester and you still excel at getting nowhere now. Great work!" She scratched her head and pondered what the point of all this was... was this really what the others in the World of Monsters called an education? She hadn't learned anything yet. She couldn't climb any faster, she couldn't hunt any swifter, and the tales of the past were shared in such a meaningless manner... where was the feast to honor the deeds done by those long gone, the festive dancing, the head dresses or ceremonial painted patterns on the student's bodies? Education outside the Savannah seemed rather... dull. But she was dutiful nonetheless, her father had left her here and so she was to 'blend in' as much as one could. As her feet padded upon the track she let the world around her fade away. She was back on the Savannah chasing down lontos that had strayed from the heard. The gazelle-like beasts were plentiful back home, with their tan fur and scimitar curved silver horns that were capable of impaling a novice hunter who wasn't careful. She seemed to be content in her little world as her strides were sometimes full out leaps as she pretended her fellow classmates were obstructions to be bypassed in the hunt for her prey. Like a blue dart she streaked past Aria, bumping her slightly, with a swiftly screamed "Sorry!" in her direction. In the end though, lap after lap, her hunt drug on and on. She grew tired and hungry and the dream she was in withered away. Eventually too tired to run she plopped down on the grass and looked around. There were no lontos, no savannah, and there was no prey at the end of her hunt. Tired and hungry, Meru sighed. She was right... round and around she went and still she got no where. I wanna come home pappa... she thought softly to herself as she watched the other students run. Click to reveal.. (Meru) rolls 2d6 and gets 6+3=9+4=13.
  12. Physical Education was next on Meru's schedule. She didn't mind this class after several boring hours of that Itchy-monkey's class. All she did was talk and talk about things that had already happened. She changed into her shorts and t-shirt, forgoing socks and shoes. Her feet were wrapped tightly in garuk hide, a tough leather that her people used in place of shoes so they could retract the claws on their feet for climbing. She padded her way out into the gymnasium and looked as all the other students were doing their own pre-class thing before their instructor arrived. This place was weird she couldn't help but thin to herself. All these people locked themselves in a building and learned in little rooms and exercised in a massive one that was far to small to fit all them doing their own thing. Where was the hunting? The playing in the trees? The lessons they'd need to know about staying hidden so they could catch their own food when they grew up? At this rate, none of her classmates would survive a winter outside the school. Once again it appeared Delilah was quite popular. "Get physical?" She murmured softly to herself; unable to resist her anime urge to repeat everything that was said around her. She wandered about the crowds of classmates, listening for everything could that would garner some clue as to what the class would be doing in this 'Physical Education' class. Her ears twitched once or twice as she fluttered them about in everyone's business but no one seemed the wiser... Click to reveal.. Stat Roll: Listening - (Meru) rolls 2d6 and gets 4+6=10+10= 20.
  13. Her shimmering, feline eyes darted back and forth between the 'welcoming committee' and the wizard guy. Magic? Woooooow. she said to herself, awestruck at the magnificent power the Warlock commanded. Soooooo cool. I wonder what magic tastes like... Suddenly the beautiful woman was talking to/at her and she found herself unable to think of a good reason why she'd be showing Meru any kind of attention at all. "Uhh...," she said bashfully, cheeks reddening as she attempted to make eye contact. "I uhh... don't um... read very well..." she admitted, embarrassed. Her people were tribal by nature, and had their own language. While she'd learned the basic means to communicate with others (which was mandatory among her people) she'd never really been very good at reading the script she spoke so fluently. Meru didn't think she heard her. By the time the poor nekojin girl had managed to stumble out the words Busty McBoomboom was already back to flirting with her admirers. She's so pretty. I see why they like her so much... glancing down at her own 'assets' (or lack thereof) she was momentarily jealous until she wondered how she would hunt effectively with utters as large as Delilahs'. Quietly she sort of just sank back into her chair. This place was wrong. The scents, the sounds, the people. She missed the Savannah of her people and longed for the open sky and miles of open terrain across the Gazun Height Plains.
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