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  1. The large blonde offered his smaller counterpart a soft smile that offered her the familiar feeling of gentle warmth on an otherwise chilly evening. "Yeah, you too. Like Glumsley said, door goes both ways. You need us, text, scream, put someone through a wall, whatever you have to do to get our attention and we're there, kay?" The gentle giant's raised his eyebrows and gave her a glare, like a parent making sure their child understood the lecture they just received and only lifted it after she smiled back and nodded her acknowledgement. Maybe he was wrong to do so, maybe he should have asked her permission first... but Laurel didn't notice the sōwilō rune that burned itself painlessly onto the back of her palm as she let go of his hand and faded from view in an instant. He prayed that he wouldn't need it, but woe to the fool or fools that made it necessary for him to. He didn't know what to think as she walked away. He kept looking at her for a moment before turning back to his band and silently sobering up somewhat as the memories of having a band and a family and people to watch over or watch over him washed over him. He'd not felt like this in years and it felt all too familiar and yet terrifying. Still he put on his best smile and turned his attentions to their newest member. Valerie suddenly found herself consumed by burrito. Dane's greeting hug lifted her off the ground just a bit, and just as quickly returned her to her footing. "By the power vested in me, the Holy Burrito, I now pronounce us Band and Strife, oh angsty one. Welcome to the crazy, Val. I'm Dane, founder of the Church of the Holy Burrito..." His smile could have melted the coldest heart. "Church of the Holy Burrito?" Fisher asked, half-chuckling as he shook his head. "Seriously?" "What?" The ember of godhood protested with a shrug. "I'm an ordained minister! Got it online. It's totally legit." "Don't you need to be eighteen to do that?" Austin asked as much to correct Dane as it was to confirm his own suspicions. Dane shrugged and nodded. "Pfft. They don't check that, I have a certificate and everything. I figured if I was a sun god's son I should be ordained, y'know? In case I need to like bless stuff or whatnot." Darcy raised a finger in protest of the Son of Baldur's logic. After all if he were already the child of a god then, by his very nature he was divine and didn't need to be ordained to bless anything. "Don't," Austin shook his head at her as he tried to unpack the logic groceries of Dane into the pantry of his mind. "Just... don't. He's happy. Just let him be happy." "And I'd like to offer some course correction," he said, he gripped his burrito exterior tightly like he was holding an imaginary lapel. "I plan on reveling m'dudes, then saving the world m'dudes, then reveling more m'dudes. Grimsley is a great planner, but if Mercedes is possessed by a three hundred year-old witch, then I'm gonna need to be good and lit. Just dealing with her while not possessed requires me to be buzzed to keep my inner wolf from throating her." "But yeah," he smiled again, arms out to Val. "Glad to have ya, girl! We'll get you all kinds of spun up later. Like Glum said, all stories for another time. Tonight, we conquer dancing like maniacs in impossibly high heels and bulky burrito costumes, tomorrow, stories!" "...and saving the world from three escaped witches." Fisher added. "...that too." Dane smiled and nodded like it the period to an afterthought he'd not even considered. "Oh... and uh, I'm lost... I thought Mary Poppins was blue... and a dude."
  2. "Can't stay?" Dane held out his arms inquisitively, looking solemn. "Y'mean you're not hanging with us tonight? C'mon, Brightness, it's our first party together, you gotta hang with us!" He tried to fold his arms outside the unforgiving costume he was wearing, layers of fabric and padding did their best to fight him every step of the way. "Wait... you gotta date?" He practically sang as he smiled widely at her. "Oh, who is it? Do I know them?"
  3. "Nads!" Dane greeted his raven haired friend with outstretched arms. "Okay, that nickname is not catching on. Ever." She spread her arms out, punctuating her refusal to accept Dane's granted title. "Like, ever, ever." "Chica, you look fine. Like, fine, fine. C'mere." He hugged her and she joking fumbled to get her arms around his massive burrito waist. "One friend to another, D, and I'm only saying this because I care," she gave him quick once over. "You're looking like you're putting a few extra there, y'know?" "I know," he feigned begin embarrassed. "It's just, all the beans n' cheese. I wanna look as delicious as possible for my adoring Latino culinary aficionados." He stood tall and proudly placed his hands on his burrito hips. "I will not be a second rate burrito. I owe it to my people." Nadya and Dane were like two peas in a pod when it came to shenanigan's and a night like Halloween was almost like giving them permission to act like a couple ten year-olds. Grimsley found nothing humorous while Fisher and Austin seem amused enough. "Guess that just leaves Laurel and Adriana." Dane looked on as even more people filtered into the house with no apparent end in sight. "They shoot anyone a text?" "They said they'd be here," Grim added calmly. "Adriana knows we need her. I trust she is on her way."
  4. "It's a burrito suit. It does suit me," the tortilla draped scion giggled like a fool before straightening and shaking his head. "I dunno Fish, Halloween has always been weird... it's like the weaker titanspawn all just take the night off, y'know? Like they get a break while middle management is going over next years' budget o' evil." "Fate doesn't really make things hard or easy," he shrugged. "It just... is. Kinda weird thinking that everything we do is already pre-ordained, huh? Lovin' the threads my man," he tapped Fisher in the chest with the back of his hand. "Killin' it in two cultures, eh? I'm diggin' it."
  5. "It's goin' brosepe." Dane smiled as Austin approached. They fist bumped and the son of Baldur took another hit. The ember sparked and crackled a bluish color as the the mysticism burned away and entered his lungs, calming his mind and relaxing his muscles. With the drug in his system the wolf's blood was quiet, his strength and speed dulled back down to mortal levels and kept him from accidently hurting others. "Saw a few of those uh, snake haired ladies..." "Medusas?" Austin asked with as much curiosity as his intent to answer his friends questions. "Yeah," the gigantic burrito nodded. His long, bean and cheese filled top bobbed back and forth lazily. "And, full disclosure, the snakes weren't a deal breaker. If you just don't think of it like, snakes, y'know? Then you can kinda picture like... very active dreadlocks. I could dig it." Dane nodded, lost in his philosophy of salon secrets for medusae. Austin just chuckled and shook his head. "Cousin!" Dane chuckled and greeted Grimsley as he approached. "Hey, sooo sorry about earlier, bro. I was uh, feeling like myself." He smiled as most people would have 'not feeling like themselves' while the young man did his absolute best remain so stoned out of his gourd to hide the person he was deep inside. He looked at Grim up and down and grinned like an idiot. "Uh, kinda on the nose isn't it?" he asked, gesturing to Grim's costume.
  6. Dane sparked up a zol and took a large hit from it and closed his eyes and relaxed while the magical cannabis worked it’s way through his blood and brain, calming his nerves and lowering his adrenaline to a more normal level. The wolves blood kept him on edge, he hungered and yearned for action, any kind of action, and it seemed his aunt Ida, who was botanist, had found just the right mixture of herbs to keep the fire in his gut to nothing more than an ember. It had started as a tea, but as the years grew on and his body matured, the blood burned hotter and now he took the mixture directly, but he feared the day when even that wouldn’t be enough. One day, the wolf would win and that thought scared him to death. His mind drifted back to earlier that evening as he and his Aunt Ida ate supper and the laughed over his choice of a costume. She was always a good listener drank in every story he told about his friends and their triumphs. As always though, he’d ask for more of the herbs, which she readily supplied for him, but lately her face had grown heavier with concern for her adopted boy. He was sliding into his massive burrito costume, laughing and shimmying about in an effort to get the clumsy thing on when she approached him and helped, tucking more pre-rolled ‘zols’ as she called them, which was just a classier way of saying ‘joint’ in South African slang, into his messenger bag. “Sweetie, you’re going through more and more. I don’t think it’s working anymore. As you grow older, you grow stronger and these just…” she sighed. “Dane, I don’t know how much longer they’ll help you.” “I know,” he replied sullenly. “But, don’t worry. When they stop working, I’ll leave and I’ll go far away. You’ve been so good to me auntie, I’d never hurt you, I swear. I will be eternally grateful for all you’ve done for me these past years. You’ve shown me love, given me a home… I have no words to express how important your kindness has meant to me.” Ida smiled. “Ever the poet,” she chuckled, pulling the hood up over his head and helping him get his giant costume situated. “Dane, a wolf is no less a wolf because he’s dressed as a burrito and the devil is no less the devil because he’s dressed as an angel.” “I don’t follow,” his expression was quizzical, soaking in his adoptive aunt’s words. She wasn’t one for the dispensation of wisdom, but on the rare occasions she did, she had yet to be wrong. She collected a few of the usual components of his day-carry and began placing them in his messenger bag. Snacks (because pothead), spare bottle of vitamin water, pocket knife, extra lighters, the uge. She turned, holding his massive revolver in her hand, the golden Inn Ganga Ord, and handed it to him. “In your costume. This doesn’t need to be in your bag. Not all the police around here are as understanding as Sheriff Farrow.” As he accepted it and began tucking the large caliber, sun spewing revolver away, she turned away and continued assisting him with getting ready for the party. “I’m saying, sweetie, that you are what you are. Denying your very nature, keeping this ‘wolf’ of yours locked in a cage for… how many years now?” “Not enough,” he said gruffly. Her side glance told him she wasn’t happy with that answer. “It’s rattling the bars of it’s cage Dane because it wants out. It’s a wild animal, the longer you keep it in, the more it yearns to run free. You were young then, but now you’re older, stronger. You can live in harmony with whatever this is that dwells inside you.” “My people… they are not fond of wolves.” He sighed, mustering a half smirk at the irony that he was so likeable, yet carried with him something everyone would revile him for. “A wolf.” She corrected him. “Back in the olden times ‘your people’ did not put an entire clan to the sword for the faults of one. Wolves are no different. They respected and feared them because they were apex predators, but also adopted their pack tactics. Learning, much like the Spartans of ancient Greece, that the brother or sister to their side was as much their shield as they were theirs.” “How did you get so wise?” He chuckled through a dazzling smile. “I’ve been around,” she smiled back. “Seen some things.” She turned and handed him his day-carry and sighed, shaking her head at the sheer silliness of her ward wrapped up as a massive burrito. She laughed. “Now get out of here, you’re going to be late…” Back in the now he watched everyone filter into the giant mansion as the music rattled the windows. He was waiting where Nadya said to meet, directly across from the front door on the other side of the driveway near a couple of trees that were currently decorated with cotton-pull spiderwebs and all manner of plastic spider decorations and strings of Halloween lights. Dressed like he should be dancing outside a Chipotle with a sign inviting people in for a meal, he smoked and waited for the others to arrive…
  7. The large blonde paced for a moment, his blood boiling. Adrianna's grin didn't fade and she watch through the corner of vision, still talking on the phone. "She left us." Was all he said at first. "There were ten of us, after the warehouse attack, five of us were lost. There was just me, Adrianna, Erika, Ty and Kiki. We had nothing, no homes, money, food... and she left us. Daddy was the god of all the riches in the earth and she up and left us for three hots and a cots. We never saw her again after that and the others all just sort of went their own ways. The phone calls became less and less frequent, sometimes a text message... then, nothing. In the end, she didn't care about anyone but herself." "For two more years I was up and down the east coast, two years of scrounging, broken bones, sleeping in filth and wallowing in the muck while she enjoyed every comfort her rich daddy provided for her," he snapped at her, looking her direction as he spoke to Fisher. "She's no friend, she's a coward. She'll sell you out first chance she gets, especially if it wins her daddy's favor!" Adrianna crossed ten paces in five and all Fisher could was take a single step back in shock as her hand crossed Dane's cheek, the smacking sound loudly echoing in the air. Were it a lesser person, their head would have jerked to one side, but Dane's barely moved to the right. The Greek Scion flexed her fingers and shook her hand loosely, showing that it hurt her more than it hurt him. "You unbelievable asshole." If she was afraid of a reprisal, it didn't show. She stood face to face with him, both of them seething with anger. "I didn't leave you because of cowardice, it was guilt. If you had half a brain on those wolf-witted shoulders of yours, you'd have seen that!" "Explain." He growled through gritted teeth. "Zeus's beard, Dane... by eleven you could throw a city dumpster down an alleyway! Flip a car on its side! You were the warrior and shield that the others needed to survive against the Titans," she chuckled. "Think, for once... think! Ty needed you to remain as safe as possible! You would have fought every giant that day to your last breath because you don't know when to back down! Ty locked those others in the office to lure the giants away form us. They weren't trapped, Dane, they were bait. A distraction to thin the numbers so we could pull you out of there and escape..." Dane's expression went white as Adrianna's cheeks were dampened by a few rogue tears. "You're too sweet, to naïve. We couldn't tell you the truth, but it was us or them and Ty made a call. None of us agreed with it, but it was done and everyday after that the guilt of knowing that we left them there to..." she took a step away, wiping her eyes. "I just couldn't stay, Dane. Everyday looking at Ty and pretending like I didn't know what he did, what we did... we sacrificed five children... that's why everyone just sort of went their own way, Dane. After that day, after what Ty did, we just... we just couldn't anymore." The news obviously hit Dane like a piano from the thirtieth floor. "Why didn't you tell me the truth?" He finally asked, his tone softer, more calm but still on the precipice of rage. "Because you would have killed him," Adrianna replied. "Still am." Dane said grimly. "We do not sacrifice our own. We are loyal to the last. Brothers and sisters!" "That's why he did it and we didn't tell you. We're not all Aesir, Dane. We don't wake up and pour milk on our loyalty and courage crispies and thank Odin for another day to be stoic and boisterous. He saved us all, Dane," Adriana's eyes were obviously swirling with conflict. "I always knew it was wrong, but I could never deny that if he hadn't, we'd all be dead too. That's why I left Dane, I had to. The guilt was, and still does, tear at my insides." "But Ty is Aesir," Dane said coldly. "He should have known better. The son of Tyr is a dead man walking. You have me," he said with no measure of decency or emotion in his voice. "When we are done, I will hunt. Grimm and Fisher will tell you the details. I need to be alone." As Dane walked away the others considered for a moment giving chase. Adrianna finished wiping away her tears and composed herself. "Well, sorry you had to see that. I generally do not allow my dirty laundry to be aired amongst strangers. Guess that sort of... solved itself. I suppose you have me and my medallion for chargée d'affaires in all matters of the dead. What's the plan?"
  8. Grim turned back towards Dane and titled his head away from everyone, signaling for tall, broad-shouldered young Scion of Baldur to step away with him. Everyone could still see them, but only those with the most heightened of hearing, like Rachel could listen in, and she did, a bit concerned for them both knowing what she knew of her cousins. They were walking without going anywhere, just taking slow steps in the autumn leaves as lives that ended long ago made up their audience. "We need to talk," Grim stated calmly, the hood he wore seemed to carefully conceal his features as he spoke to the young man at his side. "We need to know, Dane. We need to know everything." Okay, yeah," Dane nodded and sighed. "I'll try. See, our whole universe was in a hot, dense state. Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. The earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools-" Grim sighed, and his frail frame betrayed how fast he could actually move. In a single shove Grimsley had Dane pressed to a tree, his staff cross wise against his chest, holding him there. Surprise owned the son of Baldur's expression. "I grow weary of these constant games, cousin! I do not want jokes, I want answers. Unpickle you brain and find them or-" With a shove Grimsley founds himself staggering back a few steps. He noted the hidden power in Dane's retaliation, no one was that strong who hadn't seen a battle or two. "Get off me, little one." His eyes were cleared, if only momentarily, and his 'surfer dude' accent was replaced by something more... Norse. He sounded, for the first time any of them had heard, like a man. He took two heavy steps forward and shoved Grimsley again, which only resulted in the smaller Scion shoving him back in return. "I am warning you, Grimsley. I do not want this fight. I agreed to help, but this is your war, not mine!" They were collecting an audience from the other assembled Scions. They all watched, not sure what to do as Rachel stood there like a gargoyle on the path that led to them, arms crossed and unmoving. Darcy mumbled something about it 'being enough' and made it two steps in their direction before Rachel, not taking her eyes off Grimsley and Dane, told her, "Stay put." "We shouldn't be fighting!" Darcy snapped at her. Rachel didn't look at her, just kept observing her kinsmen. "We'd make for poor warriors were that true. Let my cousins settle their differences." "-they don't care if it's your war or not," Grimsley snarled, his staff raised in defense as he continued to press Dane's buttons. "I think what you mean to say, is you're nothing but a mewling coward. Stay here then, fade away in obscurity. We've no use for cowards." The tall, smiling blonde was always so gentle and fun to be around, but all that bled away in these last few moments as they all saw his face contort into pure rage at the wiry young man's insults. Grimsley could have done a lot of things, parried, dodged, engaged in full-scale battle, but he didn't. He groaned in pain as his back slammed against the same tree he'd pressed his cousin against moments ago. With a single motion and only one arm, he'd hoisted the skinny boy up and flung him about, slamming him into the trunk of wood and orange leaves. "I warned you," Dane snarled, a guttural growl rising up in the back of his throat. All the cloaked boy in his grasp did was laugh. A low, soft chuckle before his eyes lowered and he met his cousin's eyes with his. There was no fear coming from Grim, as always the entire scene was unfolding precisely as he had calculated it. "There he is. Finally, we meet the warrior. Where have you been hiding, hmm? Do tell." Dane allowed Grim to slide down the tree, loosening his grip and freeing him before turning and walking away from the subject of his ire. With his head down he paced for a moment, the strands of his usually kempt blonde locks had sprung loose in the tussle and his long hair was curtain over act two to his expression. He looked at his hands in disbelief that he'd raised them against his own cousin, and softly shook his head. "It's true," his deep, stern voice admitted. "I am a coward. There were ten of us, two bands." Rachel took a step forward and as she did the other felt it safe now to do the same. On boundary of the small arena for the two she stopped, positioning herself to hear the young man speak. The others did the same, but none of them stepped past Rachel. "I am Úlfhéðnar. Visited young, I lost my parents had to learn to fight the titans early. There were others like me, we band together for strength in numbers, then... then we found Adrianna. She was a few years older, but her father forbade her form helping us directly, indirectly was another matter so she'd often drop hints for refuge or food or 'accidently' drop an envelope of cash for us. All of us became fast friends, but one day we were discovered by giants and harpies... the titanspawn had come for us in this small warehouse were squatting in. Adrianna was with us that day and she tried to lead us all out so we could escape. Later, I learned that she was punished by her father for disobeying him by directly assisting in saving our lives." His eyes glossed over and his voiced trailed off at the memory. "My cursed blood wouldn't allow me to flee. I rushed in hungry for death, theirs of my own, for Valhalla was mine either way. In the battle, five us were trapped in the office. They'd hidden there and were trying to escape but debris and old shelving units, they weren't warriors like the rest of us, they didn't realize we were in over our heads. They were easy pickings and the titanspawn left us alone to go after them, Ty and Kiki, they dragged me out of there kicking and screaming, frothing at the mouth and demanding blood..." he shrugged and managed a smirk. "I think I said some foul things about their lineage too. I was pretty creative back in the day with my insults." "After we escaped," He inhaled and sighed. "We had a big fight. We'd left five of us behind, I blamed myself, they said it couldn't be helped... it was bad. We parted ways, not on the best of terms," he shrugged. "Things were said, you know how it goes. Not long after, Ida, my 'aunt' found me hungry and half dead in Miami, she gave me a home and she's helped me control my rage with," he fished in his pocket and produced his metal case that held his herbal remedies. "Prescription medication. I can't fight when I'm high on this, and I can't let what's inside out." He stepped to Grimsley who stood tall with no worry visible in his expression. Dane places a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, cousin, I've no desire to be that warrior ever again. I will go with you to see Adrianna, I owe you that much." Arms still crossed, Rachel looked at Darcy, the hint of a matronly smile faintly appearing on her lips. "See? Right as rain." Darcy said nothing as a relieved smile spread across her features, relieved that they didn't hurt one another.
  9. Scion Profile: Dane Summers Birth Name: Dane Summers Nick Names: ‘D’, Úlfhéðnar, Wolf-Cursed Aliases: None Occupation: High School Student Legal Status: Citizen of the United States. Minor. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Estrid Summers (mother, deceased?), Baldur (God), Ida Dunmar (aunt) Age: 16 Sex: Male Ethnic Background: White American Nationality: American Height: 6’0” Weight: 186lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Handedness: Left Distinguishing Marks: None General Appearance: The divine ichor that flows in Dane’s veins have blessed with him with an impossibly perfect bone structure and physique that most boys his age could only glimpse on television from twenty-somethings who work out ten hours/day who got cast to play teenagers. Still, he keeps things simple with an average wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts, usually depicting bands, and usually keeps his shoulder length blonde hair loose so in commonly is flowing into his eyes or he’s tucking it behind his ears so it can ceaselessly keep falling in his way. He will sometimes wrap it back into a ponytail. Personality: Dane is a pure heart wracked by uncertainty and guilt, using music as a means of pouring his heart to the World. Selfless and kind to a fault, it’s almost impossible to dislike the big loveable guy. He sees the goodness in everyone and is always encouraging them to express themselves in new ways and try new things that will keep them outside their comfort zone and challenge them to be more confident and secure about the wonderful being of light that they are. Dane is a lover of life and he loves big. Dane appears dim-witted and slow at times and it’s not because he is those things, it’s because he is usually high as a kite. Dane is quite the pothead and has no qualms about experimenting with recreational and designer drugs in the safety and comfort of his own home, nor does condemn others for doing it either. He claims some of his best music has been written because the walls were talking to him. Dane abhors violence. Crazy for an Aesir, sure, but that doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t fight when a battle in unavoidable, he just always seeks to find a peaceful solution to any conflict. Woe to those foolish enough rile the úlfhéðnar blood in his veins. Interests: Music. Dane loves music and jam out to just about anything, from rock to rap to country, he doesn’t care as long as it has a good flow and a killer melody. If it involves people, Dane is there as he loves to be around the laughter and smiles and joy that things like friendships and music can bring to the world. He loves munchies of all sorts, classical piano and violin, and hopes to one day own a pangolin. He dislikes loudmouths and braggarts, violence and people who are mean to opossums. Background: Baldur screwed up. It’s as simple as that. Dane’s mother Estrid was part of a rogue pack of úlfhéðnar, hirsute wolf-blooded warriors. Well aware of the existence of the gods and through supernatural contacts, Estrid discovered when and where one would be. The pack, craving an úlfhéðnar scion of their own, quickly discovered that seducing Baldur while on a sojourn for Worldly business, would be the easy part. It wasn’t until years later and several favors to numerous immortals, that Baldur would once again meet Estrid and they would rekindle their old passion. Well into their cups, and Baldur’s avatar form unable to fight off the potency of the divine drink the úlfhéðnar had imported for the grand scheme against the gods, Baldur met his son while drunker than any divine being deserved to ever be while visiting the World. Overjoyed, the God of the Sun regaled his sone with storied and sagas and informed of his divine right and privilege to one day take his place at his father’s side… if he proved worthy. It wasn’t until morning and the haze of drink was leaving his mind and Estrid and the boy were nowhere to be found, that Baldur realized what he had done: he’s granted an eight-year-old boy a visitation. Odin was furious, to say the least and at his behest Loki and Vidar descended to the World, located the úlfhéðnar pack and destroyed them for their crime of manipulating the gods. They returned, however, with only Estrid, Dane’s mother. She’d abandoned him not long before the gods sent their wrath down upon them and her son had fled as fast as his little legs would carry him. Still, Dane was a child and innocent of any wrongdoing, indeed the blame fell solely on his mother and pack. Baldur pleaded with Odin to spare the boy and Odin’s decree was witnessed by all in attendance: the boy would be spared for as long as he could survive. For years Dane survived as best he could, from giants to harpies and all manner of other beasts of legend nipping at his heels. He’d long gone feral, his úlfhéðnar blood igniting him into blood thirst warrior on par with the berserkers of myth. It wasn’t until he met Ida Dunmar, a botanist and new age naturalist, who took him in and has cared for him ever since. He refers to her as his ‘auntie’ and months after his blood had been calmed Baldur was able to locate him (strangely enough after several years) offer the boy a proper visitation, a sober one, with gifts and direction. He’s since took a very holistic view point on life, meditation, love for his life and the World he’s a part of and has come a long way since the snarling boy who Ida discovered scrounging from a dumpster. After some Drama in Florida, Ida and Dane packed up and moved to Salem not long after the end of the last school year. He’s not a fan of the cold, but he finds the Brightside of everything, like the opportunity to make new friends. Inn Ganga Ord – A massive hand cannon of etched black and gold runes. Along the barrel the runes read 'Can’t outrun the sunrise'. The cylinder of the weapon is still notched and grooved like a standard six shooter, but if opened to be reloaded there is no boring for the bullets to be placed. Instead, Baldur commissioned Fenris Arms to install a chunk of sunstone within the cylinder that channels the power of the purview and causes the weapon to fire scorching bolts of pure, fiery, sunlight. Etched along the grooves of the cylinder, in Old Norse are the words 'Victory' and 'Vigilance'. Spinning the cylinder and slamming it back closed will result one of the two words being visible... Dane uses this technique to decide how he will deal with tense situations. This weapon has +2 damage, unlimited ammo, and grants access to the Sun purview. Algiz Rune – This is a simple rune carved from a polished boar's tusk. It dangles from a corded hemp bracelet around his wrist. This allows access to the Guardian purview. Rondfjor - A bracelet made of sterling silver with detailed engravings of the sun rising over the mountains. The sun is a piece of finely polished orange amber. Within the core of the amber is a single seed from one of Idun's golden apples. This allows him access to the Health purview. EXP Log: Guardian 1 4XP, Sun 1 4XP, Health 1 5XP, Epic Dex 2 5XP, Epic Strength 3 10XP, Epic Stamina 3 10XP
  10. Everyone just stood silently after Darcy's comment, awkwardly looking at Dane like he was the person in their universe and making Darcy feel incredibly small. She knew Scions were a weird lot, but sometimes... they were off the deep end. Not that staring at Dane wasn't a difficult task, after all he was the son of Baldur. No matter how hard he tried he'd always have sun-kissed skin, perfect cheek bones and, most spiteful and jealous worthy feature of all was that he could eat whatever he pleased and always keep that perfect sufer-bod muscle tone. Sure, a part of her hated him, but at least he was nice to look at... which seemed to be what everyone was doing... Dane paced several times as he spoke to the woman on the other end. "Yeah, I know..." he nodded and seemed to have been cut off by her. "...look, it's not for me..." his vice seemed surprisingly sober, having lost the sufer-dude drawl and making sound almost like a respectible young man. Almost. "We could..." he was cut off again and they could vaguely make out Adrianne's voice coming through the speaker of his phone. Talking swiftly, but calmly while breaking her patter or tone of speech. Every word and phrase didn't come close to being second guessed. Whatever she was saying, she meant every word of it. "Enough," Dane almost growled. His teeth were clinched as he did his best to disguise his lack of composure with the rest of the assembled. "We all had to make choices. I no more condemn them for theirs than I do you for yours. I will not stand here and be whipped like I'm being held down by a golden thread, nor will I be judged by you of all people on the choices I've made and the consequences of those choices. Scions need help. We need help. So, I'm calling you in." There was a pregnant pause as the tense moment between the two was shared by everyone in the room with awkward eye contact and shrugs to one another in silent inquiry as to anyone knowing the story behind this obviously juicy story. "Yes. Do this and we are square." He nodded. "Never again." He leaned against the wall, his back to everyone while the conversation calmed considerably. "Yes, the coffee shop, can't miss it. I will pass it on, and thank you." He shook his head as she replied to his expression. "Yes, well, thank you anyway." He tapped the red button on his screen and tucked it away in his pocket, turning to face everyone. "She'll be here tomorrow after school. She said she'll meet all of you at The Drip and..." he sighed, visible distressed about something. He raised his hands and the dropped lazily to his sides, "That'll be that, I guess. You guys can take it from there. Look, uh," he gestured towards the exit. "I think I'm going to head out. You guys can handle all this stuff without me. Good luck with her and text me if you need anything." With no jovial drawl in his voice or Ted 'Theodore' Logan bounce in his stride he offered everyone an exit nod and dismissed himself from the Stable.
  11. "Ohh," Dane sucked his teeth. "Yeah, see... that's kind of the thing... we sort of have uh, history?" It was unlike the golden boy of Baldur to appear at a loss of confidence or hesitate when it came to helping out others, but this time, he certainly seemed put off at the idea of meeting up with Adrianna. "I mean, Adrianna's cool, she's just intense. Her dad has her wound pretty tight, not that that's a bad thing. In return for unflagging loyalty and devotion she's awarded anything and everything she desires. The harder she works, the more rewarded she is, and cousins, she is rewarded, a lot." He shrugged. "Near as I can remember she is a Collector. Not of like Pop!s on her book shelf or anything, like things her father has lost or discovered and wants back or added to his wealth of nick-nacks. If she manages to deliver it we're talking black credit cards, vacations in Cancun, shopping sprees in Italy, you name it. So, bringing this to her attention will set her into business-mode, and more than likely be enough to convince her to help us. I remembering her having a Birthright, a medallion, that allowed her to retrieve objects that belonged to her father or that he some sort of claim on. It could, I don't know, absorb the object into the medallion so she could transport it to her father." "I don't see how that helps us," Grim looked at his cousin. "These are ghosts, not scultures and fine art." "True," Dane nodded. "But her father is Hades, and last I checked the only dead that leave his Realm are the ones he's given his personal permission to do so. I highly doubt Todd filled out the proper paperwork before checking out these spirits from the Underworld. That medallion might be able to pull out the ghost without hurting the person they're inhabiting." Rachel nodded, almost appearing impressed. "It's worth a shot. I have to admit Dane, you have more moments." He smiled to his cousin, appreciative of the praise. "I'll give her a call and text you guys with the meet place. I should probably keep a low profile on this one."
  12. "Giant burrito." Dane announced his presence by smiling wide and patting Wolf on his hindquarters as he walked past him to meet the others at the table. While not an official member of their band, he'd agreed that whatever those witches planned it was bad news for Salem and had offered his help as best as he could provide it. Most often he was one of the only neutral Scions in Salem High and wasn't a native to Salem but had moved up from Florida over the summer to live with his aunt. Other Scions whispered that something had happened down in Florida and the only reason he didn't have a band now was, well, there was nothing left of his old one. Afterwards, it was rumored, he'd turned to copious amounts of weed to dull the memories. Now the calm musician was living his best by simply enjoying all that life had to offer and hoping his Legend faded into obscurity. Nadya crossed her arms. Feeling particularly fiendish she decided to prank Dane, knowing he was well out of wits at the moment. Messing with high people never got old. "We're out of burritos, you ate them all. Besides, we don't have electricity here yet, so we couldn't nuke it for you even if we had them." "No! I mean, me! I'm going as a giant burrito." He smiled again. As expected he was high as a godling could be on something medicinal that not even Nadya could get her hands on. "Why?" Rachel asked, unable to grasp why anyone in their right mind would want to dress up like a giant burrito. "Why not? I really like burritos, man." He nodded along with his proclamation in his southern Californian surfers drawl. Then something occurred to him. "Wait, without the electricity, how are you keeping the burritos frozen out here?" He pondered not realizing there were no actual burritos, nor something to keep them cool in, nor something to nuke them in had they existed to begin with. "Grmsley's icy stare." She said flatly, smirking slightly to see down what avenue this revelation would take his incredibly impaired cognitive skills. He pondered for a moment and then nodded and smiled that Keanu smile of his like everything just clicked into place. He looked at Grimsley and pumped a fist of appreciation towards his fell Aesir. "Right on, brother. Doing your part for Burritodom. Respect." Through pursed lips of appreciation for Grimsley's frigid sacrifices to Burritodom across the World, Dane approached his 'brother' with arms wide open, meaning for a brother hug of solidarity: the burrito lover, and the burrito... freezer. "Don't touch me," Grimsley said softly and without a shred of emotion or concern for his words. He looked to the moronic blonde Scion and couldn't help but hate the fact that he couldn't help but like him. Despite how perfectly designed, perfectly idiotic, and perfectly annoying Dane Summer was, the Son of Baldur was never anything short of absolutely likeable. Others would go through life scarred and broken. Wracked with trials of pain and misery in a vain attempts to earn the favor of a parent that would never care, Dane's father would shower upon him all the nicest toys and the finest gifts Asgard had to offer. Don't even get Grimsley started on Dane's Grandmother. He changed his posture to look up at his stoned cousin. "Well? Did you handle the one simple task you were given?" "Totes." He grinned, unphased by Grimsley's lack of love (it was early and he was cranky, he'd hug him later). "And nadda. Went over the whole pier, and zilch, bruh. Things are definitely spooky though. Dead birds falling from the sky, and Mrs. Cunningham's garden shriveled up and went 'pffft' over night. Seriously bad juju, hombres. Oh! I did run into Chelsea, from school! I was coming out of Drip with snackisfaction for maximum grindage ops, and she was like 'oh my gawd, Dane' and I was like 'oh my gawd, Chelsea' and we got to talking." He nodded and looked about as everyone waited to see where the story was going. Finally he just shrugged and shook his head. "Th-that's it... Oh! Wait, no..." Everyone looked with anticipation as Dane could have found the lead they were looking for. "She rescued a kitten last week. She showed me pic on her phone, and named the lil' guy Milo. Really cute." He nodded, proud that he could relay that to the rest of them.
  13. Let me know when you come up with something for the rest of us to do. The story seems to be more about 'Delilah and Kyohei' than anyone else. The best I seem to get is talking rodents who ignore my PC and you doing ST posts that are pretty much the equivalent of 'go talk to Delilah and Kyohei'. I'd prefer not to have my PC talk to those two right now. Now, if you'd like me to just do my own thing with her I can but then I'd ponder the question of what I'd need an ST for if I'm just going to be writing by myself. Let me know when you are ready for my PC to participate.
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