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Aberrant: Children of Heaven - OOC Thread

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I've got six players right now. I'd be willing to take more, but there's a few warnings for this:

1) I as an ST don't do well with long pauses between posts. Much of the decision about who to contact regarding joining this game was how often in a day these people post on a regular basis.

2) I'm a hardass as an ST. I am very picky about the characters I let into play and have very strong rules about character creation. I will work with you, but I will not put up with being badgered at all about the character. If I say no to a power, it's a no. I don't care what the book says, I don't care why you think I should let it happen anyways. Dealing with belligerent players is what killed my desire to deal with MCoH.

3) I'm a hardass as an ST. If I get multiple complaints about a -player-, I'm not going to have a long debate or hand out more than one second chance. That's a good part of the reason this is an ST game and not an open world game.

4) I am pretty much the antithesis of a rules lawyer and am not greatly proficient with mechanics. I will ask people for help and their expertise on such things, but once I've made a decision on how something works in my game, I don't care what the book says anymore. I'm a storyteller, not a mathematician.

5) I run mature games. This doesn't just mean sex. In fact it rarely means sex or sexual scenes not initiated by players. This means dark themes, cruelty, and subjects not usually welcome at the dinner table. I'll back off on delving into areas specifically requested by players if it is so disturbing to them as to ruin their gameplay, but I don't much censor my NPC's or the stories told by other PC's otherwise.

6) Everyone gets one appeal to any decision I make. One. And if I let it stand, then that's it. See #2 for specifics.

7) This is an extremely low powered game and will not be advancing at the usual rate of games on this board (unless it ends up like DR and explodes all over my plot). This is also a game of tight character themes and no 'everyman' or 'I win' characters. Characters should have weaknesses. Characters should have flaws. Otherwise they are boring and I won't have much for them to do.

8) No one gets to play their normal themes or powersets in this game. If you've played it habitually or are know for a certain type of character, you don't get to play it here. I want different group dynamics and I want people to stretch some as writers and as players.

All that being said, I will be willing to take on new players per all the restrictions and caveats above. If you would like to make a character for Children of Heaven, here are the basics:

1) 10 NP's, no taint, and everything about your character should tie into itself. This means no wildly divergent power/personality sets.

2) All characters must be approved by me before they are allowed to enter play. Period.

3) You will be making a baseline that has no idea about their power yet. Discovery of powers will be conducted in the preludes.

4) This is not Aberrant, it is only the rules systems. The setting is our current world. Timeline will not stay concurrent, but in general: there are no novas, there was no Galatea, and superheros have only been the comic book variety here.

5) People are playing themes and group positions, so please talk to me about your character concept before you make it. I am trying to help people integrate well and create a good unit of characters.

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I don't care. While it's fun to "spring" stuff on the other PCs, it's also fun for them to tap you privately and say, "Hey, when I do this, it could have this reaction on you. Wanna work with it?" I'm good either way, to be honest.

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So helpful, both of you. :P

Well, okay, I'll say this: I want everyone to make a character profile thread and preface it with the character icon and [Profile]. This must contain: physical description, name you go by, anything anyone could tell about you just by seeing you.

You may also include background information, mechanics, pictures, whatever else you want.

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I'd like to have it up and running by April 1st, though I'll start earlier if people are ready. So far I have characters from the following players:







While I have concepts from most everyone else, I don't have character sheets. This includes:



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Okay, after Zoey warps you guys over to Moira's, I'm moving you guys into chapter 1. For those of you stuck in the time-line waiting line, I'm getting them to you, I promise!

For everyone else, I know we have some stuff to deal with (like John's parents/the police showing up), but I'd like to move everyone back to the point of being able to interact (ie Eddie and Xavier). To this end I might be inserting 'time jump' ST posts that fiat some of the interactions. I'm going to try not to, but that depends on people posting quickly and covering a good amount of ground in their posts.

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Okay, Mala did inform me that Moira will only be out for a few seconds, so I'll leave it open for response till tonight, and then post from there. If you respond, make it only be what your character could do in the space of a few seconds or so (like Forge did - IE no picking her up and carrying her to the couch or anything.).

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I would prefer to let the conversation proceed at least a little ways, seeing as this is the first time we (most of us) are together. The RP we do here can be the basis for interactions later, first impressions and all that social nonsense. laugh

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