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  1. I'm withdrawing from WS, since my mental health issues prevent me from being around all the time and that apparently means I don't count anymore. I've filled in the ST on Lona's immediate plans and otherwise given him free rein to do with her as he will. Thanks for the fun times, guys. I've enjoyed Lona but all things end.
  2. HEX is on hiatus until January 5th as I get through the holidays, work out how to move forward with two less PCs than planned (not upset, just saying I need to adjust), and dealing with moving. Yes, finally, we plan to move the 2nd and 3rd, so I'm giving time for that to pass as well. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
  3. I'm out for the weekend in a self-care way due to site toxicity. I'm unavailable for RPG Post stuff until Monday. Have a good weekend.
  4. I'm out for the weekend in a self-care way due to site toxicity. I'm unavailable for RPG Post stuff until Monday. Have a good weekend.
  5. I'm out for the weekend in a self-care way due to site toxicity. I'm unavailable for RPG Post stuff until Monday. Have a good weekend.
  6. While we do have people willing to pick up the game, can I ask that we all take twenty-four hours to stop and let things cool down? Emotions are running high, and what seems incredibly intense right now could feel better tomorrow after food, rest, and reflection. Can we call a cool-off break?
  7. Juno, Siobhan, and Jimmy are up now.
  8. Round 2 is done; Teagan is the first post of Round 3. I don't know if this fight is going to last more than another round or two; feel free to engage in pulp action fun! Init order: 5 - Teagan 4 - n/a 3 - James & Juno & Siobhan & Giant Spiders (will all act at the same time) 2 - Ali & other prisoners (just lumped all together) 1 - Nazis
  9. As the spider went down, the prisoner reacted three different ways. Those hiding continued to hide but dared to peek out. Carl and Jeanie jumped forward, she with a stone in her hand, and he with his boots, to attack the down spider and keep it down. Graham and one other man dashed toward the wagon, grabbing pick axes to arm themselves. At the far end of the company, a half-dozen gouts of flame erupted from the Nazis, bathing the spiders in a sinister purple flame. The monstrous creatures retreated, screeching as their caraprise smoked and turned black. Ava, Chase, and the brunet recruit still went back to back, firing at the spiders in a group. The blond Nazi stopped his charge toward the prisoners’ attacker and turned to scan the room, looking for other targets. Felix followed Siobhán closely, his eyes widening in alarm when the spider dropped on her. Ali’s intervention earned him a shove when Felix bumped him, dropped his rifle, and grabbed the spider in his gloved hands. Ripping it from the lovely singer’s shoulder, he dropped to the floor and pinned it under his knees. “Get out of here!” he yelled to her valiantly (at least that’s how he pictured it in his own head).
  10. Post is updated with result of the WP contest. Jer, Ali is now up.
  11. The spiders rallied brutally, striking out at the Nazis. Thanks to the efforts of the prisoners and the musician Bride, they were spared as their spider had collapsed, but the arrival of new spiders into the ranks of the Nazis left their captors struggling. Siobhán felt something drop onto her left shoulder, about five pounds worth of an eight-legged nightmare. She looked and saw an iridescent red spider about the size of a breadbox clinging to her coat. It had eight eyes, but two were larger than the others and pure white, and as she instinctively looked at those pale orbs, she felt her will draining away as her muscles locked in place… The caverns and the spider faded, leaving her standing on a stage in a crystal city. Tall, beautiful people turned their eyes to her, waiting for her to begin. Her guitar was in her hands and a microphone in a stand before her. Performance was as instinctive as breathing, and Siobhán started her concert. To all others, Siobhán and the Spider were locked in a staring contest, neither moving in their battle of wills
  12. I've posted NPC information for those NPCs you are interacting with the most. If anyone wants to engage the NPCs, I have left notes so you can write for them. I've also included Skills, so feel free to have them mention a factoid or something relevant in your posts, or have them come up with ideas or say something. The Fanaticism score for the Nazis is how difficult it will be to turn them against the Reich. I welcome interaction with the NPCs if you want it.
  13. Nazis Ava and Chase Hamill Ava and Chase, along with their younger siblings, were raised in a white supremacist militia compound in Idaho. Their family has recently developed a relationship with the Third Reich, a group who claims to be the continuation of the 1000 year Reich. Ava and Chase are the first to pass their loyalty tests and be invited to join them at their secret headquarters, Chase as a soldier in the military, and Ava with a future husband. Ava is bubbly and excited for her new life, eager to help strengthen the Reich and prove white superiority. Chase is quieter and far more willing to let his sister do the talking when they're attempting to recruit -- especially as he's secretly starting to question it. Ava's skills: athletics, Survival (Foraging); Chase's skills: Firearms, Survival (Hunting) Ava's Fanaticism: 9 (Die-hard Patriot); Chase's Fanaticism: 7 (Raised in the life) Ryan Schmidt Ryan came to the Third Reich from a Odinist MC called the StormBringers. He caught the eye of a recruiter and put through their loyalty tests. Once he passed, he was offered membership in the Third Reich, and woke up on a train in a Nazi uniform. Despite his sometimes hard demeanor and dedication, Ryan betrays signs of being emphatic to others, often showing concern for people who aren't of the Master Race. Skills: Con, Drive Fanaticism: 10 (Believes in his cause) Felix McCall Born in a poor part of Jersey, Felix grew up knowing that he was being held back in life by Affirmative Action and political correctness. After complaining on many message boards, he found like-minded kinship with a Third Reich recruiter. Snarky and geeky, Felix has a deep respect for authority and fascists. Skills: Computers, Firearms Fanaticism: 8 (Personally bought in) Simon Taylor Simon joined Ava and Chase's militia group after his wife was mugged by Latino men and badly injured. It changed his worldview on minorities and he sank into white supremacy. His anger at what happened to his wife made him an easy mark for recruitment. Simon rarely speaks, focusing on his job as a Reich recruit, but he can be a chatterbox on his favorite topics, which include his family, football, and guns. Skills: Firearms, Survival Fanaticism: 6 (Came to beliefs through trauma)
  14. Round 1 is over. Teagan is up at the start of Round 2. Init order: 5 - Teagan 4 - n/a 3 - James & Juno & Siobhan & Giant Spiders (will all act at the same time) 2 - Ali & other prisoners (just lumped all together) 1 - Nazis
  15. The hairy spider recoiled from Ali, raising one leg to run the bristles of its leg over its eyeballs. As Lana pushed her brother under a wagon (despite his attempts to Do Something™), Jeanie screamed like a banshee and began to club at the spider’s closet leg with a rock. “GET! AWAY! FROM! MY! SISTER!” Graham pulled Ali back, growling, “Medics in the back!” Other chained prisoners grabbed rocks and started to throw them with varying degrees of accuracy, including Jenny after she scrambled to her feet. The remaining prisoners hid under the wagon, shivering as the spider backed into it, fleeing the barrage of stones. Felix snapped off a shot at the spider with his rifle, spraying the air with ichor and drawing a pitched scream out of the monster. Chase and his sister went back to back with the brunette Nazi, firing at the two spiders closest to the Brides. The blond Nazi turned away from the group and bolted toward the chained prisoners. He didn’t cover the full distance, stopping to shoulder his rifle and snap off a shot. Ichor splashed over Jimmy, Graham, Jeanie and Juno (OOC: that’s a fuck-ton of J’s, ya’ll) as his shot hit its bulbous thorax. That screeching cry filled the air as another spider was badly hurt.
  16. Captives Jenny and Jeanie Shang New York natives and daughters of Chinese immigrants, the two sisters share an apartment in Queens. Jenny works as a paraprofessional at the Queens High School for the Sciences. Jeanie has a culinary degree, and works at an upscale French/Asian fusion restaurant. They are still close, but both have boyfriends and are starting to talk about splitting up their households. Jenny is the quiet twin, generally following Jeanie's lead in stressful situations. Jenny's skills: Science (Chemistry), Athletics (Running); Jeanie's skills: Crafting (cooking, preserving food) Carl Smith Carl is from Atlanta, where he works in construction as a drywall hanger. He has a girlfriend who came with two kids that he treats like his own. He was visiting a friend in New York for the holidays. Carl is pretty easy-going and light-hearted, but will fight for himself if he believes it necessary. Skills: Crafting (Construction), Brawl Graham West Native to the Rockies, Graham has always loved the outdoors and physical activity. He joined the Army out of high school and saw combat in Afghanistan. He didn't integrate back into civilian life very well, ending up homeless in New York. Gruff and surly, Graham is a pessimist, quick to see the worst in a situation and in people. Skills: Firearms, Survival Lana and Shawn Lana and her brother have been struggling to care for their mother, who is suffers from advanced Lupus. She works multiple jobs and he even has a part-time job at a greenhouse after school. Their night out on Times Square was supposed to be a break from the constant care required for their mother. Lana is protective and vivacious. Shawn is just as outgoing as his sister, though he's a little more nerdy than her. Lana's Skills: Medicine, Bureaucracy; Shawn's skills: Science (Botany) Sarah Harrison Montana born, Sarah grew up on her parents' ranch. They raise show horses, cattle, and bison. Sarah's got a knack for dealing with animals, and her family was in upstate New York at a Paint Horse show. After Sarah's Paint won Best of Show, she took the train into the city to see the ball drop. Sarah is an all-American Midwest girl. She is friendly with everyone, though she can become quite catty if people don't fit her preconceived notions. Sarah's skills: Riding, Animal Handling
  17. Ali, you're next in the combat.
  18. “Nice shooting, kid!” Felix whooped even as he lined up a shot of his own -- a shot that was interrupted by the spider closest to him lunging for him. Felix leapt back, pushing Siobhán away from the pinching mouth parts as well. "Watch out!" he yelped belatedly. Graham stared at the spider hovering over him, and he just knew that with his luck, the fucker was coming for him. Sure enough, it dove at him, dripping mandibles gaping wide, and the former soldier rolled back. Jenny yelped as his movement pulled her to her knees by their chain, looking up at the monster with wide eyes. It was pure chaos, and in the bedlam, Morgan took her chances. She had her bag on her, and she slipped into the shadows, and away into the darkness of the cavern. Better to be lost and alone in the dark instead of raped by a Nazi. Besides, she had faith in her ability to survive, find her way to the surface, and make it home alone. I’ll send back help, she thought as she disappeared into the darkness.
  19. James's eyes fell on a bunch of handles; he pulled on one and found himself armed with a pickaxe.
  20. I'd like all the PCs acting on 3 to work out who goes in what order, please. The spiders will go last on 3.
  21. Nina, I'm sorry to see you go. I understand having to drop games when you have too much. You can come back later, if you want.
  22. Init order is: 5 - Teagan 4 - n/a 3 - James & Juno & Siobhan & Giant Spiders (will all act at the same time) 2 - Ali & other prisoners (just lumped all together) 1 - Nazis Teagan, please post rolls for your actions here, and post a narrative in the main thread.
  23. I have three Init rolls. If the remaining PCs in the scene haven't posted their Inits by tomorrow noon, I'll be rolling Init for them and starting combat.
  24. Current Combat: Spider fight! Roll Inits below, please.
  25. “Ziehen! Los Los!” The shout was taken up by one Nazi and echoed by the others quickly as they started to wave for the chained people to start pulling. The “mules” find that the wagons roll easily once they get moving, though they are also hard to stop. For the Brides, it’s simply a long walk. The four soldiers they traveled with on the train take turns carrying the gurney with the unconscious Bride, who still hasn’t woken up from being drugged. A medical officer travels with them, monitoring her vitals. For a time, their path followed the train tracks that continued down the tunnel. After a couple of hours, the chained prisoners without adequate footwear were starting to show the first signs of pain, but no one dared to say anything. The only lights came from the soldiers, all of whom were equipped with flashlights. The tunnel itself was cool and dark, almost pleasant after the bitter New York winter and perfect weather for heavy labor. The atmosphere among the soldiers was casual, with some of them chatting and even joking. No one had problems determining which way to go; the train tracks continued down the tunnel, with more than a few prisoners quietly grumbling that the Nazis could have brought the train further down the tunnel instead of making them walk it. Gradually, a rumbling sound gained in volume until all could hear it, and it climbed steadily to a roar. A pinpoint of light ahead became a daylight-bright glow, and revealed a massive work party. Running off of a generator, workers in gray outfits used various tools to widen the natural tunnel enough for the train. Another team was laying tracks, while another set of workmen (though there were some ladies in the mix) worked to even out the floor for the tracks. As the new group dragged the wagons past them, the workers spared them brief looks of knowing sympathy. The soldiers didn’t halt, though the sharper-eyed among them noticed the Major stopped and speaking with some other Nazis. The rest pressed on, organizing the prisoners into a rough column with the Brides in the first third of the column, followed by the wagons. The tunnel was now mostly natural rock, with only a few scars on the rocks to show where it was widened to allow the carts. The remaining troops brought up the rear. Now they were quiet and watchful, alert for any danger. The passage remained close but occasionally widened naturally. Tunnels in the cavern system opened randomly, and at these junctions the soldiers became especially alert. Breaks happened every few hours, the troops stopping to sit and rest. Trail food and water was offered to everyone, including the chained prisoners. After hours of walking, the cry of, ”Halt! Brechen Sie das Camp für die Nacht.” rang out and the troops fanned out into a large cavern. With sharp gestures and lots of shouting in heavily accented English, the chain-gang was instructed to guide the carts into a rough circle. Once the wagons were literally circled, the prisoners were herded inside and left under guard. The soldiers who weren’t guiding the prisoners set to making camp; throwing up tents, collecting fresh water from a nearby stream, and establishing a perimeter. Fires were lit and soon the cavern glowed with warmth and echoed with the bustle of life. The Brides were given their own tent and fire, with their four companions sharing the fire but given only bedrolls on the ground. All of the enlisted seemed to be without tents, while officers and up merited privacy. Enlisted men started to cook, opening large cans of soup and putting them into big pots over the fire. Cups of water were filled and passed out to everyone. The smell of chicken soup filled the air. Over the heads of the watchful Nazis, the ceiling started to move. Long legs extended from perfectly still hairy bodies, gripping the ceiling easily. Each of the silent hunters picked the perfect spot, then twisted around and dropped in one practiced move. The giant spiders landed on their chosen targets, attempting to bite and ensnare their victims. The Brides find themselves between two spiders, though not the target of an attack, while the chained prisoners find Graham being targeted by one of the monsters.
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