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  1. Strawberry gave her a sly smile. “I may have left a step out of the description. I’m sure someone will demonstrate for us. There is always a volunteer.” Everyone was chained now but young Shawn. His hands shook so hard he couldn’t close the manacles, and Lana watched him, anguished. She knew she should help him but her entire being faltered at the thought of putting her brother in those chains. Somberly, Carl reached over and helped the boy, their manacles clinking against one another as he secured them. “We’ll stick together,” he told the siblings softly, “and we’ll walk out of here together.” Seeing that everyone was secured, Strawberry stepped out through the door. Five terse moments passed before he returned; as he opened the door, two gunshots barked from outside the car, and a woman started to scream. Several others joined her in screaming, as Strawberry said, “Line up, single file.” He showed no reaction to the sounds of pain and fear coming through the open door. “Come, come, we must offload so the train can return.” Through chance, Juno found herself first on the chain, or last, perhaps, but seeing that Lana held the other end, she went first. Every muscle in her body tightened with reaction as she walked between the armed soldiers but they left her pass between them without further harm. She stepped through the door to a small room with bunks and gear. Six Nazis were pulling on boots and gathering up their gear, and she realized that they had had two shifts on the train. How long had they been unconscious? Twelve hours? Sixteen? Longer? One of the soldiers pointed to an open door that led to a bright area. Juno squinted as she stopped in the door, peering at their location. It was a… train station. In a cave. It looked as if someone had transplanted an old-fashioned train station into a large cavern. Its dark brown walls and red shingles were lit with large lamps that hung from girders overhead. Up and down the train, people in chains were climbing out of their cars, while armed Nazis watched them. Juno counted six other chained groups. “Move on,” a man barked, and Juno looked down just as the Nazi by the train grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. She stumbled and caught herself on the steps set under the door. Jerking herself free, she continued to disembark, staring. The screaming had died down but now it intensified again as a woman with shattered knees was dragged away from one of the chained groups. She reminded Juno of the mothers of the kids she used to run with, a middle-aged woman hardened by a life of poverty and scraping by. Two Nazis hauled her away from the train station, out of the lights and into the dark. They hurried back, looking nervously over their shoulders. The screams reached a crescendo, then died with a loud crunch. Juno realized Graham and Jimmy were standing next to her, having seen it. “I really fucking hate these guys,” Graham rasped, leaning hard on the other man. “Quit staring!” the Nazi at the door snapped. “You’re offloaded, go join the other slaves.” He pointed to the spot where all the chained groups were being directed.
  2. Major Gerst Ignored Siobhán, and nodded at Morgan. “Stay close to the Schutzstaffel while we travel, and do what you are told. It will all be for your safety.” Turning to Teagen, he stared at her for a long moment before stating, “Many come here with bold declarations of never being a Nazi’s wife. They curse and flail and scream, and after a while, those denouncements fade once they see the world they are in now. Honestly, if you truly don’t wish to be wooed and become a mother of the sons of the Reich, then don’t. Once we reach Helleberlin, you may become a slave if you don’t wish to become a wife. Before you joyfully flip me off and skip off to be chained with the others, you will wish to see what life would be like for you. ” He smiled but this time there was an edge to it. “As for history, Fraulien, I would suggest that you learn what is the true history of this world and the false history planted by those who fear the power of the Aryan Race.” As Teagen rolled her eyes at that, he merely pulled out a set of keys and opened the door. “Ladies, regardless of how you feel at this moment, you cannot stay here.” His statement was punctuated by two gunshots from somewhere outside the train. The four soldiers who had ridden with them jerked at the screams that erupted, but Gerst didn’t react. “Come along, we have a three day walk to the Elevator, and no time to dawdle.” “Fine, let’s go,” Siobhán growled, pushing past him and storming through the door he’d just opened. She found herself in a room full of supplies -- foodstuffs, raw ores, and more. A door to the right was open and flooded with light, the kind of bright lights that you find on a sound stage. Forcing a good-natured smile for the camera she presumed would be on the other side, she stuck her head out the door. There were bright lights on girders overhead, but that was the end of the scene matching her expectations. A cavern ceiling arched high overhead, with an archaic train station in front of her. Stepping off the car and onto the platform, she saw that the engine was to her left and to her right was the line of cars. The platform didn’t extend very far, and most of the other cars were offloading their people using wooden boxes as steps. “Hey, get yer ass in gear, hot stuff,” Chase grumbled from behind her. Siobhán automatically stepped to the side, moving more out of an ingrained societal response than any desire to follow Chase’s orders. As the others filed off, she could hear screaming down near the end of the train -- screams that ended suddenly.
  3. The train lurched once and brakes squealed. The uniformed soldiers and the brides-to-be alike stumbled at the sudden movement. There was a long moment of deceleration, then the train stopped. “Finally,” Ava said, grinning widely and missing that the door had opened while she was talking. “I can’t wait to meet my husband! I hope he’s a hero of the Reich.” “All of our soldiers are heroes of the Reich,” the newcomer said. He wore a Nazi uniform, and all of the men snapped to attention. He was older, with a number of medals and rank markings on his shoulders and chest. “At ease, Schützen.” The soldiers relaxed into parade rest. Warm brown eyes turned to the women, and he was almost pleasant aside from the uniform. “Hello, I am Major Friedrich Gerst. I understand that you are alarmed and afraid. You will come to learn that you need not be. You are a treasure of the Third Reich, and will be cherished as such. “In the past, we have had violence from the Brides when transferring them from the train to the elevator.” He smiled benignly and continued, “In the past, we have sedated women who have been violent. You are allowed to say what you wish to any member of this expedition but you are not allowed to commit violence on anyone, soldier, other Bride, or slave. Do you have any questions?”
  4. The train lurched once and brakes squealed. The Nazis compensated, though Graham hissed in pain as he was jerked sharply. After a long moment of deceleration, the train stopped fully. Light poured in through the slats with the sharpness of floodlights. A strange hum filled the air, and voices barking orders in German could be heard. With a grunt, one of the guards started to shove the chains through the bars. In the car, the captives turned fearful eyes to Strawberry Hair. “Put on the manacles,” he told them brusquely. There was no malice in his tone, only a simple expectation that he would be obeyed. “Anyone not locked in when it is time to offload the car will be left behind to feed the spiders.”
  5. Both threads will likely be updated tomorrow or Friday. Just an FYI for those who want a little more RP.
  6. Another whistle shrieked from further ahead on the train, and all the occupants felt the train began to slow. The man who had left earlier returned with a length of chain and manacles, which he dumped on the floor of the train. The other soldiers pulled back the cooler and started to repack it. It seemed their stop was coming.
  7. Ava stepped back cautiously from the other women, moving to the bars. Chase found a cloth and passed it to her, looking at her nose. “I think you’ll recover,” he told her. “Nice punch. Dad would be proud.” “Dad wouldn’t like me hitting another white person,” Ava sighed. She felt her face. “Ugh, I’m going to meet potential husbands with a shiner.” “Probably two,” the blond man said before pointing out the supplies on the women’s side of the cage. “You make a sandwich while you can see.” Grumbling, Ava went to make herself a sandwich. In the distance, the train whistled again, then lurched as it started to slow.
  8. Ava didn't attack again, turning her angry eyes to Morgan to see if she was done or ready for more.
  9. Morgan lunged to grab Ava and choke a bitch out. She got an arm over the other woman's shoulders, but Ava spun awkwardly and dodged away from the grab.
  10. New round, Nina please get with me about Morgan's actions for Round 2.
  11. In the shocked silence after the hit, Teagan giggled. Chase gripped the bars and shouted, “Hey!” Ava’s hands went to her face for a split second, then anger clouded her features and she drew back her right arm, her hand curling into a fist. Morgan and Teagan both moved to intercept her, with Teagan managing to grab her arm. Ava still connected with Siobhán’s jaw, knocking her backwards into the wall of the car. The singer bounced off the wall and collapsed to the floor. Chase whooped in support of his sister, while Felix shouted, “Rip her shirt off!” “Any of you other race-traitor bitches wanna take me on, then come get me,” Ava growled at the conscious women. The still-crying woman looked at the unconscious Siobhán and quickly shook her head.
  12. Mala is also holding (while giggling because punching Nazis is hilarious). I'll have a post up no later than tomorrow evening.
  13. Morgan is holding, Mala please get with me regarding Teagan's actions.
  14. Init order is: Morgan Teagan Ava Siobhan Nina, please post your action and get with me about the necessary roll within the next 24 hours. If not, please let me know you can't.
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