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  1. Wa'ne was not in the mood to discuss logistics, having just been severely chastised and made to be nothing more than a hand maiden to this group of miscreants. However, commands were to be obeyed, especially considering the source. The relatively young Nay'fen raised her head from where it had been staring in self-pity at the floor and spoke quietly at first, but regained some of the lost confidence as she went on. "With the modifications to the ship, besides ourselves, we should not need more than two or three crew, but I leave the choice and expertise of such a decision to our good Captain. Perhaps after a review of the Wake's capabilities, a better decision could be made." Nodding, she continued, "There are plenty of lodgings down at the harbor, and the small marketplace there will be sufficient for what we need, unless you have more extradordinary requests, then we should hurry, as most places in the Bazaar will be closing for the night with the Twin's slumber. Or we can lodge in the city, or arrangements could be made here at the College and you can make use of the Bazaar in the morning." She paced a bit, tapping the staff gently against a cheek as she walked, "Judging by your talents during the fire and the looks you gave the floor," she gestured with the staff towards the floor, "You understand something of Pattern magic, probably the Skrofan's derivative line of thinking. Which is quite striking, your people have been ingenious in the development of some uses of the talent on living objects. I would be interesting in discussing this with you on our journey." She waved a hand, as if clearing a muddle of thoughts from her mind, "But that shall be a topic for later. What shall it be, where would you like to proceed?" The Nay'fen glanced at Arak, striking a pose that seemed to accentuate her nakedness, but also show that the lines of Tattoos did not terminate where little cloth began.
  2. Wa'ne closed his eyes and leaned on the staff that was braced on the ground until his head stopped spinning. The Ten smirked at Arak's exclamation and briefly remembered his own reaction on his first trip. At least they are not alone. Shaking his head, Wa'ne began the short walk to the steps that led up what remained of the small temple. Pondering the many footsteps of uncounted ancestors that had climbed the stone to wear the blocks round. He was sure, that at that time, there had probably been a good deal less moss, and definitely not any Muthay in such a holy place. "At your leisure..." Wa'ne said, barely turning as he continued his ascent. "Bopa.*" he muttered under his breath. * Fen word that translates to literally to 'child-like'. Equivalent to calling someone retarded or ignorant in this sense.
  3. "Fools." Wa'ne spit. "The man was not tainted by Chaos. It was quite obvious that my 'superior' is attempting to make a point. It is all unfortunate that you are here. This could be time spent on repairing the ship." Wa'ne started to walk towards the door, "It is obvious the Captain was attacked by something born or created by Chaos, nothing more." The Nay'fen brandished the staff and knocked on the ghost wall, "How long will we be made to suffer this mockery?" No response came.
  4. Wa'ne had already been heading down to the docks when the bells rang signaling the fire. Knowing that there was only the one ship in port and it was the one that was the object of the trek down to the harbor, Wa'ne immediately began sprinting down to the ship. As Wa'ne got closer, and began running along the front of the buildings along the water, the approaching crowd of fleeing gawkers threatened to overrun the Ten'ray. Knowing time was critical, Wa'ne sprinted down a short alley, hopping over accumulated trash and dove into the river. Wa'ne passed a few A'fen retreating from the harbor and they gave quick nods of respect as they passed, but the Nay'fen didn't spare a glance, clutching a large spear to the side and kicking ferociously. The water around Wulkyn's Wake was a torrent of action as A'fen continued to work to keep the flames from spreading. There was so much turbulence and foam worked into the river water, that even with the Pattern enhanced vision, Wa'ne couldn't make out anything. Knowing it was futile to attempt much from down here, Wa'ne dove down to the bottom and found a rock near one of the pilings. Coiling up, Wa'ne launched and rocketed up and out of the water, landing smoothly on the dock much to the surprise of the bucket brigade. Wa'ne quickly took stock of the situation as water dripped steadily from the long blonde hair atop the Ten's head. "Move back." Wa'ne said forcefully and tapped the spear on the dock once. A large animal seemed to step out from behind the spear and started to growl ferociously at the sailors and dockworkers that formed the brigade, forcing them back slowly. Turning attention to the fire, Wa'ne concentrated and a rune pattern on the Nay'fen's back lit, starting a reaction that soon had a coil of tattoos illuminated around the Ten's body all the way down to the bare feet planted on the dock. Seemingly prepared, Wa'ne took a two-step hop and leaped onto the ship. The flames almost seemed to pause for a moment as though confused by the new guest to their party. Then, their decision apparently made, the flames began to gravitate toward the tall elf, releasing their feeding frenzy on the ship. As the fires enclosed, they seemed to hit a barrier and began to form a shell of plasma that writhed against the invisible barrier.
  5. Niiice. While having become less of a fan of Christian Bale since his set behavior hit the web, I am still looking forward to this movie. Because even a stuck up actor can't ruin the brilliance of Nolan in my eyes.
  6. S'ur skyline...soon as I can get the map to load without timing out, I will have a map of the city up.
  7. Pattern magic was born of the Fen and their Ages of trial and error. First came the study of Alchemy. They learned that certain ingredients taken from the world of Iannin, when combined properly, could produce various effects. This allowed the otherwise nomadic people to create poultices, potions and treatments for whatever ailed them, allowing for quicker healing times, or to stave off death. As time passed, more experimentation developed means in which they could use them for more advantageous means. A temporary boost in strength, speed, stamina etc were developed. Soon it was common that most of the Fen were covered in various tribal markings of these alchemical creations in an effort to make themselves more powerful, and their lives easier. The downside to this is that they required being reapplied frequently, if not constantly kept up. Eventually semi-permanent applications were developed with heavy dyes, but they too required upkeep and were no match for the heavy sweat of a long day on the Flatlands. Soon thereafter, permanent tattoos were tried, but many of the developed applications were not optimal inks for tattooing and did not function as well, or at all. Through more years of trial and error, Alchemical Inks were developed that would take in the skin. Many colors were developed and by this time, many different applications had been discovered and already people were foraging into the lowlands in seek of new plants, minerals or animal parts they could experiment with to make new or better creations. As the Tattoo Artists became refined in their technique, some noticed (those with magical talent) that they could follow the lines of Elan's blood on their fellow Fen. At first artistic, for they created intricate and beautiful work, the tattoos were sought by all that had the open area for the work. It was soon noticed that tattoos performed in this way had more power, or functioned better. Many ages later, with more experimentation and trial and error, the Fen learned that location on the body could have an effect upon the work. For instance, most 'offensive' tattoos seemed to function better when applied to the forearms or lower legs than elsewhere and some tattoos, like the ability to breathe underwater, could only placed on the neck if it were to function properly. As time passed, the Fen further refined their techniques and the Artist of the clan/tribe became one of the most esteemed positions next to the Leader. So skilled did they become at their craft, they would tattoo hair-thin lines with detail that could only be seen up close. The tattoo's in later years would not only imbue the tattooed with the ability, but also, slightly alter their personal ley lines to accentuate the Tattoo itself. This new method would require a recovery period for the soul of the Fen as they adjusted to this new flow of life and this practice is continued today and is the reason that all Fen are not covered head to toe by their first hundred turns. Much knowledge of the Art was lost with the atrocity of the Fen. The A'fen, being a stubborn and resentful lot, had abandoned most of the Art when they went underwater, finding it resentful to go to the surface to have tattoos done. Since the Nay'fen have resurfaced and the formation of the Sen'ten, much has been regained, but lost is the golden years of the Art. What might have once taken up only the arm of one Fen, would now take the canvas of two Nay'fen. Graduation from the Sen'ten College as a Ten'ray (Sen=warriors, Ten=mages) requires the development of a new technique or tattoo.
  8. Thank God!...whoops... "Great to hear boy...just follow the path...it will be revealed when you are ready...but you might want to take a shower first..." Mulligan said with some hidden relief. The world went out of focus slightly and when it came back, the orange fur-clad man was gone. Leaving David alone with a decision and a mess.
  9. "Well, if you don't want to...and you aren't serious, then we can finish the discussion at the station. Your choice to save the world or not...shouldn't have stipulations, or worries of some comic-book facade. It is more important to consider the fact of the world you live in and whether you like it...wouldn't you think, boy?" Mulligan unfolded his arms and one half of a pair of handcuffs dropped him his hand. The polished metal caught the light as it dangled and swung slightly from the older man's hands.
  10. "You save the world...we'll forget...all of this ever happened." Mulligan said, waving a hand to encompass all that was around him.
  11. "Actually...you do have a choice...this can all go away...But you have to agree to the terms...its up to you." he replied, giving the young man a stern look. He was clearly uncomfortable, the cause was not readily apparent, but he seemed like he was two breaths from leaving and wanting to get this over with.
  12. Mulligan smirked again. By the way his face crumpled up, it showed that it was probably a rare occurrence. "You remember you said that...when the time comes." Mulligan responded, his face going sober once again. He stood up and looked past Lizzie for a second, "You have visitors..." When she turned around to follow Mulligan's gaze, she didn't see anyone, though her eyes seemed to get fuzzy for a second, and then they were fine again. Lizzie turned back and Mulligan was gone, along with everyone else. The gym was empty.
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