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  1. Well, as a good friend here once told me, "It's a game. If you are not enjoying it, don't do it." It seems I have zero tolerance for crap, and little ability to just let things go, so I've got to let this place go. I am dropping out of all my games, retire my characters, or do what is appropriate. I need to move on, maybe for a while, maybe forever. Even this stint has been a lot of fun. It was a few small things. It is the way I am, and how I perceive the world. I do deeply apologize to all those I've left in a lurch. I hate it. I don't like it when it happens to me, and I am not a fan of me doing it to you now. If there is one thing that has come about from all my frustrations here, it is that I've finally started writing that book I've been meaning to do since I came back. This site has helped me get creative again. I'm at 136,000 words and climbing. So, this is not me jumping off the deep end. I'm doing some anxiety management. I hope when I come to grips with things, I'll be back, maybe run a game again. We'll see. Take care everyone. This place means a great deal. And always, Thank You Chosen.
  2. In Rivets' simple mind there were the three basic elements to any encampment: Sight, Security, and Sustenance. You had to be able to see around you. You had to be able to keep whatever you were guarding safe, and you needed food, ammo, and water, in reverse order. Without water, you could cook out any position in a matter of days. Any site that didn't have at least two of these covered was in big trouble. A field could provide security, but it was shit on visibility, and there was no water close by. The problem was, the ground sloped down to what must have been the local waterway. The lower the land, the less the visibility. Rivets wasn't too worried about it. His officers knew what they were doing. All he had to do was follow orders.
  3. Well, there was more beating his head against the wall, and against the mats, and against the ceiling in one unfortunate maneuver, but Shaman was trying to learn the basics of human combat. His teacher was undoubtedly learning the finer points of patience. Finally, they both noticed a servant standing at the edge of their small training area. "Take a break," his sensai told the Prince. Shaman rolled up and walked over to the servant. One aspect of his nature was that he almost never sweat. Well, accept that one time, recently, but that wasn't really combat, was it. Or was it? He realized the man was holding a card and a bouquet of flowers. He reached out and touched the flowers dwindling, but still vibrant life force. There was no regret on his part. Flowers were born for a fast existence and a quick death anyway. Shaman took up the Crane Origami first. It was Kamiko's OpMail address in her paper crane, and a few words reading: "Shaman... I can't ignore it any longer. We should get together. Outside of duty and commitment, even if only for an hour. Let me know when and I can open my schedule accordingly. -Kamiko" Unfortunately for the two of them, Shaman totally misread Kamiko's heartfelt plea. Seriously, what girl would be wanting him for him? It never occurred to Shaman that there would be another Infinity in his life, and Kamiko was promising even more. Worse, he chose that moment to get poetic. He went over to his computer and typed a response. "Any time your heart desires. My schedule is open." Shaman She was one of his best buddies, right? How could he not make time?
  4. Zephyr Zephyr grins at the name 'Zeph', as it is normally reserved for those closest to him by age, but in these circumstances, they all must be a bit old, shouldn't they. "A pleasure to meet both of you ladies." Looking to Butch, "Good to meet you too." Then to Cora, "How many more are we expecting. I don't have good news yet, but I think we are getting close." Zephyr remained hovering off the ground, seemingly more comfortable in the air. Shaman He smiles to Kamiko. Why wouldn't he. They were good friends. Besides, he wasn't making a fool of himself around Cora, and Kamiko felt ... comfortable. "It's good to see you again, Butch. Nice to meet you for the first time, Marina. It is good to have you here." Shaman wiggled his toes in the Martian sand and winked conspiratorially to Kamiko, "Beats the mud anyday, eh?"
  5. Zephyr A strange, swirl of symbols appears in the air, signalling a warp portal opening. (Hopefully) Before someone panics and starts shooting at it, Zephyr floats through. He smiles to those he knows, and nods to the person who is new to him. "Hello, have I missed anything?" The warp collapses behind him, the symbols of a hundred languages and a crazy series of equations disappearing. "Time required me to let one other know of the meeting, but not of the members or consequence. I will promise you this, they risk much by aiding us. I trust them with my life." Shaman Shaman's enterence is less spectacular. Coraline is familiar with the Horizon Portal he steps through. The creator does not follow. She has little doubt that the nova has safely absconded himself in a local bar while his charge is Node-knows were doing Node-knows what. Horizon can keep the secret because there is no secret for him to keep. So what if the King's crazy Son wants to hop to Mars for a bit. That's not his problem, sorta. "Hey Stars? Okay. Kamiko, Major, Sonja, Cora, and ... " he smiles warmly at the stranger, "and I don't know you. Nice to meet you. I'm Shaman." First Impression First Impression in effect. Normally Zephyr would be more suspicious.
  6. Suragygh stretched as much as he dared. "All that matters is when do we go, and what will we need on the journey?" There could be other platitudes about - Save the City - Doing what must be done. For Sur, it was enough to be taking a positive action. "Thank you for your blessings. We will need the aid of the Gods before this is over, I have little doubt."
  7. Rivets popped to attention and looked to the Captain. Barring any other direction, he moved to the point position. That was the place you sent grunts after all. In the great circles of modern command, you put your privates on the outside, next to an officer, or the Sergeant. If he, or she, stumbled across something, it wouldn't be a catastrophe. Likewise, you kept someone in command close, because you couldn't always rely on your grunt to think things through. That wasn't his job. He picked the clearest route out of town, with the widest avenue to move the squints through. That accomplished, he waited. It wasn't like he was choosing the actual direction. It was just that when they called on you to do something, it paid to be right there were you were needed. If they couldn't remember your name, all they had to do was motion toward you and say, 'Hey you, do (insert command)', and voila, you had something to do. Rivets wasn't smug about it. He really didn't have the capacity for an over-inflated sense of self-worth. He was simply well-trained, which in his mind was the thing that factored in the most.
  8. "This storm must be our first issue, Ausar, but you need not stand alone against your fate. If you have need, I owe you for what you have done for me, more than I think you know." Sometimes you had to say things. Ausar had set him upon the first step toward what he wanted to do. Now, if the sorcerer needed aid, he would give what he had. Boasting was a young man's game. Keeping your word, and your debts, was the mark of maturity.
  9. A thought came to mind. Sur mulled it over and then crushed it. If he was to be true to his word, and himself, the mission came first. You fought Chaos, not bickered about which God did right by his/her own. It would be arguing with a Thayim who was jealous of his wings and iridescent scales. What could you say. Part of him knew what he wanted to say. He wanted to remind the Murg of the fire, and how they had risked much for little gain. He would try and be the better Being though. Berating someone for his own personal feelings on the matter would have been fine for the old Suragygh. The new one let it go. The War against Chaos was the focus. Remembering that was a battle within itself. He listened to Gral's words. He declined the offer from Ausar's daughter with a courteous bow of the head. When the Aunpan arrived, he listened to his news as well. It was neither welcome or unexpected. He held out his hand and took back the pearl. The put the cord around his neck and placed the pearl inside his tabbard. "We each do what we can," he offered Ausar. Even as he wanted to ask more, he knew it was pointless. You had to rely on an expert to be an expert. Magic as an art was unknown to Sur. He felt his best efforts would be spent on deciphering the visions granted. Who could help with that? One thing did occur to him at last. "Ausar, what vision did you receive?"
  10. Shaman didn't say anything for the longest time. It was Horizon who broke the silence. "What do we do?" "We go home," Shaman replied. "This is done, though I feel dirty having done it now. I don't even know why this happened." "Living is learning," Horizon told him. "You lived. Learn from it and go forward." Shaman looked to his guardian and nodded. He was the one left alive. "The Palace," Shaman said quietly. "I'll clean up and then go tell Esperance that Uganda is better off now. It will clean itself up in a matter of weeks. As for me, I think I have other things to take care of." "Like what," Horizon asked, trying to be upbeat. Shaman didn't take the bait. "Other things."
  11. Shaman gulped. The air left him and he was starving for air. He felt his heart pounding and the world skewed off-kilter. 'She's touching us.' 'What if she ...' 'Can we affect her?' 'If we can't, how cool is that?' 'Just go with the moment.' Shaman hugged her back softly. He was afraid she would dissipate into stardust. "Your welcome," he whispered. "I never had a doubt you would be the one." 'Don't ever let this moment ever end.' 'No.' 'Please.' 'She isn't for us.' 'Yet.' 'Okay.' Knife to the Heart Spend a Willpower to break away from Her. Shaman steps back. "I need to tell the people back home that the mission is accomplished. You need to slip back to your life before too many figure out what you've done. I don't think they are ready yet. I'll tell them whatever you want." He is honest and pained at the same time.
  12. "I can't say much for magic, but I can offer something about people. If someone means me and mine no harm, and loves the World, it makes sense to let them be. There are too many that distrust and hate already. Why add to the misery." He drinks deep before putting the cup down. The amount was so small for his frame, but it was welcome for what relief it brought. For his part, Sur had no problem with Ausar, or his daughter. He didn't know enough about Anupans to fill the cup he had just put down. He wasn't one to put too much stock in things beyond his horizon. He had one goal to hook his star to. He would deal with what was, and saw no reason to make himself more trouble than what presented itself. "There is honor and courage here. That says a lot about any man, and something held by too few." Then he kept quiet. Suragygh figured he had said too much already.
  13. After a moments' contemplation, Shaman nods, "You're right, I am corrupted by my ignorance. I'll never have that perspective. It may be possible that I have the rush of something akin to an eruption one day. I don't know. Most people don't seem to think that being human once is a strength. I think it is. You'll have something, a tool set, that I'll never possess. Knowledge is power." He keeps his calm, friendly expression trained on her, "It only matters as much as you let it, Morrigan. Sure, the Eagle may have been a fledgling once, but to the fish, all that matters is the Eagle. You are that Eagle. It can pretty much nest were you chose. You may hunt were you chose. You've earned that right."
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