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Primeval Thule - A 5E Sword and Sorcery Game


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the above is a primer for the setting if you would prefer to get it from an official source  it is available Free of Charge from DriveThruRPG at at this link  http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/129630/Primeval-Thule-Travelers-Guide?term=thule

it is a very good overview of the setting with a good amount of information

If there is any interest in playing in this setting i am willing to run it.

post comments, interests, or questions as you see fit.


I have added a second PDF that is a player handout which gives a little more detail on the player race/types that can be played

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Have some interested parties so I am going to move ahead with this Game.

Character Generation follows the rules set forth in the D&D 5E PHB with a few changes.

Characters should be created as 1st level

Stat Generation

Use the following method to Generate your six basic stats.

Heroic Stat Generation - roll 3d6 drop the lowest rolled and add 8 - this will create a number from 10 - 20, do this 6 times. You may assign the numbers to the desired stat as you wish. Make your rolls in Chat and if i'm not around follow the normal procedure for witnessing rolls.

Choose a Race from the Primeval Thule Campaign Setting. Apply any Racial Modifiers to Your Character from Both the PHB and Primeval Thule Setting. Note stats can go over 20 with racial bonuses.

Since Feats will be used in this game the Human Variant Traits rule will be used. Instead of receiving a +1 to all stats they receive the following: +1 to two different ability scores,gain a proficiency with one skill of your choice, gain one Feat of your choice.

Choose a Class -  the following class are prohibited: Paladin and Monk. All other classes are allowed, see the Primeval Thule Setting Book for how the classes may differ from the PHB

Choose a Narrative - Narratives replace the Backgrounds from the PHB. Each Character should have a Narrative which enhances his/her class. I want the Narratives to be unique and defining for your characters so I am limiting the narratives to 1 Character only ie there can only be one Bearer of the Black Book or one Myrmidon as PCs.


Starting wealth and equipment are as stated in the PHB unless otherwise noted in the race and class section of the Primeval Thule Setting book. Check the Thule Book for a list of prohibited equipment.


So Far I have the following Interested Players.




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Characters will be starting in the City State of Quodeth

Give me a Good Back ground story getting your character from his/her beginnings to Quodeth and It will be worth  enough xp to move your PC to second level possible even more :P


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Okay, so statblock here so I can reference it wherever I am...


6#3d6: 6 # 14 [3d6=6, 4, 4] 9 [3d6=1, 6, 2] 10 [3d6=4, 2, 4] 7 [3d6=4, 2, 1] 12 [3d6=5, 6, 1] 9 [3d6=2, 6, 1]

So that's: 18, 16, 16, 14, 19, 16

Good lord, that generation method is kind of insane. lol

Str 16

Dex 20

Con 16

Int 14

Wis 20

Cha 16


Thule Halfling Traits

+2 Dex, +1 Wis

Speed 25'

Small Size

Lucky (reroll a natural 1 on attack, check or save)

Brave (adv vs fear)

Nimble (move through enemy spaces if they're larger than you)

Thulean halflings can attempt to hide in any forest, jungle, marsh, or swamp setting, as long as they have partial cover or are lightly obscured by their surroundings.

Languages: Dhari, Urgan, Low Atlantean (Int check for literacy (DC15): 1d20+2 17 ...so she can read, against all odds)

Narrative: Beast Friend

Skill Training: Animal Handling +5, Survival +7, Urgan language

Animal Rapport: Use Animal Handling to influence domestic and wild animals.

Class: Ranger

HP: 13


Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields

Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons

Strength and Dexterity Saves

Skill Training

Athletics +5, Perception +7, Stealth +7

Favored Enemy

- Humans? Elves? Not sure, depends on backstory and area of origin.

Natural Explorer

Favored Terrain: Forest

Starting equipment

Coin: 25gp

Studded Leather Armor, 45

2 short swords, 20

Longbow w/20 arrows, 51

Quiver, 1

Antitoxin, 50

Explorer Pack, 10


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mala, jer there is room


1 hour ago, SalmonMax said:

Okay, so statblock here so I can reference it wherever I am...


6#3d6: 6 # 14 [3d6=6, 4, 4] 9 [3d6=1, 6, 2] 10 [3d6=4, 2, 4] 7 [3d6=4, 2, 1] 12 [3d6=5, 6, 1] 9 [3d6=2, 6, 1]

So that's: 18, 16, 16, 14, 19, 16

Good lord, that generation method is kind of insane. lol



yes it is meant to generate higher than average stats, these characters are above normal. these are the fafreds, the grey mousers, the conan's and red Sonjas of this world. Each character should be larger than life and exciting.

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So Far I have the following Interested Players.

Dawn - Warlock Bearer of the Black Book

Salmonmax - Halfling Ranger Beastfriend

Mala - Elven Cleric of Mithra, A Guardian of the Nine

Asa - Elven Barbarian Dhari Hunter

Jer - Dwarven Fighter Freeblade

Justin - A Barbarian

Kaoleth - still undecided

Noir - A Dwarf ?

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Placeholding my stat rolls:

Jeremy *rolls* 3d6: 3+5+5: 13
Jeremy *rolls* 3d6: 6+1+6: 13
Jeremy *rolls* 3d6: 6+3+6: 15
Jeremy *rolls* 3d6: 5+5+5: 15
Jeremy *rolls* 3d6: 3+1+1: 5
Jeremy *rolls* 3d6: 3+5+4: 12

[Asarasa] 11:43 am: 18, 20, 20, 18, 12, 17
[Asarasa] 11:44 am: Jebus!

Jeremy *rolls* 5d4: 3+4+3+2+4: 16 x 10 = 160 gp
Kaoleth waves

Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 11+4: 15 -- Success
[Jeremy] 5:47 pm: Witness mine?
[Beautiful Dreamer] 5:48 pm: derp

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