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  1. that was a waste of 10s 2nd round initiative: 1d10o10+3 27 27 Rin will shake her head to clear it of the cobwebs of sleep and flex her back, the wings of the wasp spread and she will draw her wakizashi, then attack as a only a Dragon can. 2nd rnd first attack: 8d10o10 41 Keeps the 2 9s the 7 &6 for 31 damage if hits damage: 5d10o10 54 keep the 16 and 12 for 28 second attack on the bossman 2nd rnd 2nd attack: 8d10o10 45 keep the 9, 8, 8, & 7 for 32 Damage damage bossman: 5d10o10 31 keep the 13 & 8 for 21
  2. Nina

    WS OOC

    for a bunch of writers communication is not a strong point with anybody in this group. I will admit dave that until you said what you said last night I didn't fully understand what you were doing but after you wrote that i could see it and where you had been doing it. its there you just have to want to see it. if you had made that explanation from last night in a simple post people would have had some thing to latch on to and go ok yeah I can see what he is doing instead. what you got was he is just being and asshole because he wants to be an asshole. I even felt that way myself we talked about that. If gdp had really shared what he had planned with Bannon with what he wrote up there, instead of the brief discussion we had I probably wouldn't have said for to go for it. not be cause its a bad idea it is a good but because I am not the best person to gm something like that. and I didn't realize that it was going to be his centerpeice. I'm not really sure he did either at the time. but all of these explanations and communication would have gone a long way toward quelling the drama i think. And i am not saying that all of the drama is caused by dave. miscommunication and attitude is a problem alot of us have here.
  3. Nina

    WS OOC

    there has been a lot of drama lately. I have even been the cause of some of it. the way people play their characters is not something i am going to dictate. and It is not within my power to do anything about how players act outside of the game. however what happens inside a game needs to stay in the game. you are people playing these character, like or dislike the other players don't project what happens in game onto the player outside and don't project your personal feelings outside into actions in the game. as you can see I am reluctant to remove anyone from the game. I did that once and have regretted it ever since. the only reason i will remove someone is if i find that a player is intentionally sabotaging or disrupting the game. some of you may think that this has already happened and are questioning my judgment and that's ok too. but in the end for better or worse that judgement for my games is my call. Like wise I will not try to stop anyone from leaving. i may offer advice or not, but i don't have all the answers most of you have been doing this a lot longer than i have. each and everyone of you are adults and you know what it is that you want and need out of these games if you arn't getting it then I understand wanting to leave and i am not going to stp you though i will look upon it as a failure on my part. also imo there has been a lot of bad behavior outside of the game... some of it caused by actions inside games some of it is just bad behavior being perpetrated under the guise of joking. everyone here is an adult and picking and bullying is not adult behavior and being on the internet is not an excuse for acting like an ass. and before everyone points there finger at one person, don't, because there are several people here who do this or join in when it is done. I can't make any of you stop but i can ask you to tone it down and think of the other person as a person instead of a pixle.
  4. Bravo! i hadnt seen that you posted it hehe
  5. Nina

    WS OOC

    If anyone wants to have Sara involved feel free to let me know. She won't be at the game but probably could be found at the gym until it closes then at bunee's and the bowling ally across the street from bunnee's. If you want her in any of your fics I should be able to post but it would be later during the nights than we are used to. I won't be posting at all during our normal hours
  6. Nina

    WS OOC

    starting tomorrow through the end of next week I will have limited activity. I will try to be available in the early mornings and after 8pm pacific. but will make no promises I will try to make posts during the nights. if there are things i need to address for you leave me a PM on the rpg post site
  7. Nina

    WS OOC

    i will be addressing that and moving y'all in my post after gd's post
  8. changed my mind on characters so I am working a different concept now. will have more later
  9. Nina

    WS OOC

    since everyone has gone their own way i need everyone to start putting location headers on theirs posts please thank you
  10. thanks for the replies but i have no idea who any those are lol
  11. anyone know what they are making for this yet?
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