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  1. refer all further ws subjects to GDP
  2. sorry but that isn't happeneing now. if there is anyone who wishes to take over with this as storyteller please send me a pm otherwise i am shutting it down
  3. 1. yes i got the weekend wrong . but it is the next general thread which was the point 2. they won't necessarily be in a task thread but I or one of the co-gms will be creating the threads and placing it in the timeline schedule or at the very least coordinating with one of us to do that.
  4. I will not lie WS has become somewhat unmanageable for me. Too many Characters, both pc and npc, too many side stories that are drifting further and further away from the main story so much so that with RL and everything else even i am lost half the time. Max came up with an idea to help and GDB expanded on it. I have thought a bit about it and here is what we are going to do. Using the quest and task post I will create separate Task threads for those things there that need to be played out in some manner, I will assign characters to that specific thread. each thread will be set to occur at a certain time/day during the week and will need to be completed within a set amount of Real Time which will be measured in days not weeks. When these Task Threads are complete I will then create a story tread where general rp can take place that may or may not be related to the plot. if anyone has any personal development / relationship-building / drama thread ideas: Sara and Jase try to settle their differences over a drink and smoke / Charlie goes on a date with Sophia / Sean helping Cade with Calculus, etc., Let me know and i will either add them to one of the task threads or create a separate one for those characters that would be involved. In both cases these small side threads will need to be completed before the next general thread. for instance Rainbows will be over on monday night the following weekend will be the camping trip. The camping trip while not a plot episode will be a general RP episode. I will create a couple of task threads which occur during the 4 days between rainbows and the camping trip I will add any character arcs or threads that you request as well. we will do the short threads over the remainder of this week and probably next week and then the camping trip thread will be started. I also would like some assistants, co-gms, whatever we want to call them who can take some of the pressure off of me for guiding the task threads and and non story line character arc threads. I will give these co-gms a bit of a clue in to what is going on and where I am going with things. Anyway that is my idea for how to do this mashing max's and GDB's suggestions together. If anyone else would like to suggest something or can refine or has any questions this feel free to do so here if there are no suggestions I will begin implementing this. I need two volunteers for the co-gm spots
  5. GDB gave me some suggestions I will put somehting together for this soon
  6. the suggestion has merits, we can try it
  7. hope everyone has had a happy thanksgiving, even you folks from those other places been busy with the holiday and family stuff will resume posting monday or there abouts have a good weekend y'all
  8. no interest in playing a villain game for me
  9. with all the other stuff going on i lost track of this game. i'm over-extended so I am going to drop out. good luck have fun
  10. I don't need all the stress. Lilly is a superior because I suggested that Noir Switch because I felt that the physical superior reflected her concept better than Talent did. I didn't offer it to anyone else because frankly I didn't see a need. All of you had established your characters and were developed and changing any of them would have been disruptive to the story. Dave is playing Marissa now because as an NPC I found that I lacked the ability to write her as she had been established and also because it takes time which I do not have a lot of. Marissa has always since her introduction along with Devin in the original game been a part of this story. Indeed I don't see them as two characters but as two sides of the same character. Marissa and Laurie are also Superiors because it fits them and their part in the story. At this point the only other person I would consider offering the Superior template to would be Autumn and that is only because as a character she hasn't developed any of her powers. And the only reason I didn't think to offer it to ViVi is because she is seldom around and I simply didn't think to. I am not allowing any other s to play second or third characters because this isn't an open world or a sandbox. I am telling a story, y'all are helping me tell it, but it is a story and I don't have room for any more characters and I wouldn't be able to give them the “screen time” they and you as players demand and deserve. Lord knows I have a hard enough time keeping up with what we have. Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a good game master. But then that is not how I think of myself. I am a story teller. If I could do this here without any rules at all I would but that doesn't work here so I do what I can but I will never be a sit at the table book open reading every rule and adhering to it strictly. I don't like game mechanics beyond them giving me and you and idea of what is possible a frame work on which to build. I know a lot of you, most of you don't like that. Y'all love the rules, love making new rules, or fixing the ones that you think are broke. Love rolling the dice and making sure everyone else rolls the dice and that their sheets add up and what not. That isn't me and never will be. Now I don't know what it is about ws but for some reason it seems to stir the emotions and generates an awful lot of drama. That drama is causing me stress, I don't like stress and I don't need stress I have a very stressful job. I know a lot of you don't think I do, but I do. This is my hobby I want to tell this story, so much so that I started it back up after the first one crashed and burned. But it and all the drama and stress are making me not want to do it anymore. But I am not going to give up and quit, and I'm not going to change the way I do things in my game. The way I do things may not be fair, but I'm not trying to be fair, i'm telling a story. Y'all can tell it with me or not that choice is yours
  11. if we didn't take the max in merits and flaws in the original CC can we now revisit them and take merits and flaws upto the unused total in template appropriate m&f
  12. just for the record Casey will be going mage i just need some time to get that done
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