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  1. Sonja pursed her lips, debating for only a moment before nodding down at Davian and James in agreement. "We hoof it. This is why the raptors are with us, after all." And while any local Search and Rescue Copter could probably handle her bulk and the raptors' cages, it would be very cramped and Sonja doubted she'd find it any more comfortable than they would. Besides, since growing more than two feet taller, she'd grown uncomfortable around helicopters, since her head was so much closer to the blades. "Anyway, if previous overflights didn't see anything, we might catch something on the ground under the canopy." The giant (sized) movie star smiled down at Dr. McCall - Sonja had remained standing in his office since there wasn't anywhere for her to sit, her head almost brushing the ceiling - her rich, distinctive voice effortlessly charming. "Thank-you for your time, Dr. McCall. Now, unless there is anything else you think we should know, in the reports or not, we should be on our way." Sonja gave a small, deep chuckle. "We have a bit of a run ahead of us, and I'll playing catch to the raptors." Before, she would have run only five or six miles at a go when getting into shape for a role and her physical trainer was strongly - maybe stridently - encouraging her, but she wouldn't have enjoyed it. Now, the prospect of running twice that, even after a jog earlier, didn't faze the enormous woman in the least. Admittedly, having the longest legs in the world and a super-powered physique might have had something to do with her taking it in stride, as it were. And while she would do it when required, it didn't mean she wouldn't rather be lazing by the pool, of her LA home she'd had completely renovated to accommodate her... heroic - heroic sounds much better than huge - stature, working on a song or reading a good script.
  2. Tentative interest in making a Warlock for this, or maybe a barbarian.
  3. Sonja's fair brows furrowed in consternation as Locke added some points and Temple made her counter comment. Her large, yet elegant, hands made the the file look small in comparison as she skimmed through it swiftly once more, a frown to match Temple's growing on her lips. From reading many, many scripts and lines of dialogue, Sonja had a pretty good memory for things she just read, but she didn't recall seeing anything about minute traces of Quantum Energy or Cascade Effects in the area. "I do not have anything about this in my files either, Temple," Sonja agreed, a note of sharpness in her rich, resonant voice. She arched a questioning brow at Locke. "Is this an institutional failure, Locke, or something more serious?" Dealing with a variety of production companies and other multinationals, Sonja was familiar with various departments in the same company not communicating with each other, even if that didn't make it any less irksome or troubling, that could lead to a disaster. If it was due to active meddling though...
  4. Sonja sat down in the loveseat after tentatively making sure it could bear her weight. Even still, it creaked audibly when she crossed her legs. On the side table was a plate stacked high with sandwiches. Even before erupting, she'd had an enviably efficient metabolism, so hadn't had to watch what she ate as much as most models. After erupting, she'd taken delight in eating nearly whatever she desired. But she'd been slightly embarrassed by she sheer amount she had to consume to her massive frame. She had the mass of two very healthy men and near the appetite of three. A year later, Sonja was hardly embarrassed by it anymore, though maybe resigned would be more accurate, but her appetite did tend to raise brows as much as her towering stature did. Continuing to fulfill her daily caloric requirements, Sonja quirked a brow in surprise when Locked assigned her to the team investigating the Green Zone. Immense strength or no, she was a social creature and had expected to liaise with the police department. But Locked seemed inclined in keeping a low profile while investigating the sites in town and low profile was something Sonja Bahaar just couldn't do, even before she had grown into an eight foot Jotunn. Besides, she and the raptors both would need transport by van. When Temple voiced her concerns, Sonja pursed her lips, then nodded, seeing her point after she made them. "Good questions, Temple," Sonja said after finishing another sandwich. She tilted her head inquiringly towards Locke. "I can made some guesses for some of them, but they are just guesses. Despite policy and procedure, there is a tendency to see novas as superheroes, or at least supermen and superwomen. You can teleport and read minds, Temple. Abigail can turn invisible. I can toss a T-Rex - a normal one - twice the length of a football field. So rightly or wrongly, people tend to see one Nova as sufficient for a task." Sonja ticked off her point on a long finger, then extended a second. "As you say, these disappearances don't seem to be falling in a typical pattern, so I can see local law enforcement wanting to reach for something beyond the typical levels of escalation." Another finger extended. "And I can see the CRRD agreeing, if for no other reason to get the public more comfortable with Novas in general." A brief flash of melancholy crossed her face as her thoughts went to her ex-husband for a moment. "We aren't exactly common and it would be easy for an us-versus-them mentality to develop." Her lips curved in a dry grin. "Everyone have seen it on the big screen in the MCU, after all." "I... suppose we could just be here because a senator pulled strings in the search for his missing Nova daughter, but after what you said Temple, I'm really doubting that is the whole of it. Beyond the disappearances happening in the same general - very general - region, they don't seem to have much in common. I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it." She folded her well-muscled arms beneath her prominent breasts and turned her indigo gaze on Locke. "Is there anything else we should know before we start this investigation, Locke?"
  5. Sonja could find Temple's antics and behaviour annoying but it wasn't as much an issue for her as it seemed it was for James and Davian, she could tolerate it enough to work with her. Then again, in the entertainment industry, it seemed like half the people had therapists, were on drugs - prescribed or illicit - were... eccentric in any number of ways or degrees, or some combination of all three. And the other half were Scientologists. They could be overlap too. As a professional model and actress in Hollywood, Sonja had any number of issues about her body - real and imagined - and more so since she'd grown head and shoulders taller than everyone, but her new athleticism wasn't one. Getting in shape for a role, she'd always hated jogging or using the treadmill, but now she ran with smooth ease, defined muscles rippling in perfect coordination, her breathing hardly elevated despite almost sprinting all out. She'd been concerned at first that she'd be too fast for her human companions and had shortened her remarkably long strides, but James' kept the pace easily regardless of the bouncing gait enforced by her prosthetic leg and Davian did too, so Sonja stopped holding back. With her mass and bones considerably harder than a normal human's, her footprints were quite noticeable on the dirt paths and the others could feel the impacts of her footsteps when they ran close to her. When the raptors began running closer to them and James explained why, Sonja glanced around, but she had no sense for being watched. A lifetime in the public eye, Sonja took it for granted that eyes would be on her, didn't even consciously think about it anymore, for the most part. "Well, for my part, I'll make the effort to become more comfortable having Marshall and Semper Fi around," Sonja said, then nodded at the raptors flanking them closely. "Should we be nervous that they seem nervous?"
  6. "Well, that could have gone better," Sonja commented with a sigh. She watched Abigail lead the tempestuous Temple away before things could get more heated. Then the huge woman strode a step behind Davian to join James, watching the raptors play fetch. Civilian or Military - ex-military - they all had to work together with at least a modicum of trust. Just like with the dinos, I suppose... "Looks like it will be just us three going on the run. Us... five," Sonja amended wryly, glancing down at Davian and James. "For what it's worth, I find Temple's behaviour trying as well. But if you are willing to accept the view of a mere actress, I've found Temple nothing less than professional and dedicated in the field." She frowned for a moment and added more quietly. "Maybe too dedicated, to her own detriment. But know, she takes 'leave no man behind' extremely seriously. I wouldn't expect you to extend your trust immediately - I didn't at first - but if possible, at least give her a chance to prove herself to you before you make your judgements." The literally biggest woman in the entertainment industry smiled drly, nodding at the frolicking raptors as she began limbering up a little before their run - her Nova physiology might be efficient enough that it wasn't truly necessary, but habits were hard to break. "Like in most things, appearances can be deceiving. One of the best writers I've ever worked with never wore anything but bunny slippers and pajama bottoms and... nevermind. Hollywood is a strange place, even I still see that." She nodded at the raptors again, who had returned, one of the dropping the stick at James's feet. "How fast can they run? And what which one is which. I read their names in the brief, but..."
  7. "I'm sorry?" Sonja blinked at the non-sequitur, her smile fading. Sonja took a step back and looked down at James, her brow furrowing as she studied her anew. It took her a few moments, then her mouth tightened in contrition as she finally made the connection between James Walker and the benefit concert from several years ago. It was a fact of life that Sonja met a great many people during the course of her career and business interests, she simply could not remember all their names. But she considered that a cop out that too many celebrities employed and was arrogant to boot, so she always made a concerted effort to remember names and faces. Looking more closely, Sonja did realize she recognized James now, though she looked somewhat different now, more fit, more... sure? animated? than she had. She must've been confused by James' typically masculine sounding name, connecting to a man at Vikings for Veterans and not this blond woman. "Oh! I am sorry," Sonja sincerely apologized. She could have explained why, but it would only be an excuse, however much of a reasonable one. "You're right, I didn't recognize you. You've lost some weight - and are looking good, by the way." Sonja thought it was true, but even if it wasn't, it was an easy platitude that most would accept with pleasure. "And you have one of those high-tech bladerunner prosthetics, now. Please tell me it is new and I'm not being that oblivious?" Sonja rolled her shoulders, her business casual oufit melting into figure hugging activewear of pink and black accented with the discreet double B of the Bahaar Bazaar clothing line. Her shoes became a pair of cross-trainers with pink laces. She gave James a lopsided grin. "But while I'm as much a fan of bluegrass as the next person, I still assert the Choosers of the Slain don't a banjo. We play Viking and Folk Metal." Sonja made a clearly feigned sniff of snobbery. "Not hick metal. And never shall the two meet. My parents would never understand me leaving my classically trained roots that far behind."
  8. "The best, yes. Thanks, Locke," Sonja said, returning Locke's smile with one of her own, touched by a hint of asperity. Johan had been admirably aplomb welcoming one of the biggest and also the 'biggest' woman in Hollywood into his home and the solid oak of the looked able to support her weight easily. But even laying at an angle, if she stretched out, her feet and half her calves would be hanging over the edge of the mattress. She sighed. She was unfortunately getting used to curling up to sleep in beds not meant for her size, if not ever having someone to share the bed with. Riding over to the house in the police van, Sonja eyed the raptors askance as she exchanged pleasantries with James. The other woman was polite, but Sonja could detect a sense of sharpness in her tone. She didn't imagine James had enjoyed riding in the meager cargo hold, but she thought it might actually have been on her raptors' accounts rather than her own. Totally understandable, but Sonja didn't particularly like the way the raptors eyed her, not did she have any idea how they would have reacted in the passenger cabin, nor did she think their terrible talons would be kind to the furnishings. But if James and the raptors were going to be a part of the team, it behooved Sonja to make the effort to work with them. She'd worked with plenty of people in her twenty years in the entertainment industry that had they been on fire and she had a glass of water, she would have drank it. And there were some, now, she wouldn't work with under any circumstances. But James hadn't done anything to rise her ire, had gone out of her way to be accommodating. Sonja wasn't about to apologize to having the raptors ride in the hold, but she would make the effort of familiarizing herself with them as James had suggested back on the base. Sonja put away her toiletries and her scant luggage - it helped when you can anything clothing at need with a bit of imagination - then squeezed out of the master bedroom and went to find James. Sonja found her by the van, standing between the raptors and Locke. Not able to help but see the raptors as dangerous and wild animals, Sonja approached openly with a deliberate, steady pace, not hostile, but not what she imagined seemed like prey, if they would even see something that outmassed them by several times over as such. Sonja only caught the last bit of conversation between Locke and James and stopped a step behind and to the side of Locke. "You are going for a jog?" Sonja confirmed, her eyes unconsciously flicking to James' bladerunner prosthetic foot for a second before returning to her face. "Not sure if you want company, but would you mind if I joined you, James? You mentioned that we should spend time getting used to the raptors and letting them get used to us, and this seems as good a time as any." She smiled in wry self-deprecation. "Besides, after just getting off the plane, I don't feel like being cooped up someplace that has ceilings barely higher than eight feet."
  9. As the others got up to gear up and prepare for their departure, Sonja did the same. Since they were dealing with municipal law enforcement and it didn't seem this was a direct combat mission, Sonja left her modified H&K HK21E GPMG behind. Instead, she contented herself with her modern, tactical-styled tungsten-carbide and titanium alloy sword over her shoulder and a satchel-bag of lead ball bearings the size of baseballs that were devastating when thrown by someone with her sheer strength. She also changed. She considered the snug bodysuit ensemble that resembled in large part the outfits she wore as Black Widow and Katniss Everdeen that she'd taken to wearing as her CRRD uniform, but settled for something more business-casual instead. Figure hugging slacks, sensible but stylish shoes, a glowingly white blouse and contrasting vest under a minimalist design blazer that somewhat slimmed her strong, shapely figure, it looked like an outfit from any number of TV Police procedurals. Sonja strode onto the tarmac and towards her Gulfstream private jet she was letting the CRRD use on her behalf. While not military, it had room for eighteen in luxury - though it flew most efficiently with eight - had a state of the art fly-by-wire system and sensor suite, WiFi, and could make it pretty much anywhere in the world on a direct flight. And while she got a model with as much head room as possible, since she had more than a few friends and colleagues who where models with a penchant for high heels, Sonja still had to duck uncomfortably low to squeeze her bulk into the luxurious passenger cabin, even if she did have a seat redesigned for someone of her size. Temple and Davian were already there and the technicians in passing had told her James would pass the trip in the cargo hold with her Raptors. Sonja wasn't entirely enthused by the idea, but then again, having mothefucking raptors running rampant on her motherfucking plane would be less than ideal. And she wasn't familiar enough with them to risk them in the passenger cabin, even if she allow a bandmate to take her dogs aboard. Besides, Sonja didn't imagine the Raptors would be kind to the carpets. "I can't fly commercial and military transport would be overkill and wasteful for a team our size," Sonja explained for Davian's benefit with a wry grin as she make a wave encompassing the cabin. And I'm not willing to travel in a frigid, spartan cargo hold even if James is - though to be fair, that is to keep the raptors calm, for which I'm grateful. "So we get to travel in style. As long as you keep your feet clean, make yourself as home. I'm sorry James feels the need to travel in the cargo hold for her... for the Raptors benefit. And the plane's. Hopefully, better accommodations can be reached when we are all more familiarized with each other." Sonja glanced at Temple for a moment, setting at the rearmost of the plane, but then her gaze went thoughtfully back to Davian, wondering if he was going to bring up their prior... acquaintance or wanted it to remain private or unspoken. She was conceited enough to fully believe he remembered her, even in pass and even if it was nearly twenty years ago when her career was just starting to take off. "I never thought I'd see the day when Raptors - who weren't even basketball players - would be on my plane," Sonja commented with a wry grin to break the silence. "Though I'm sure once I get the know them, they'll be easier to work with than, say J.Lo or Naomi Campbell. They are vicious, self-absorbed, man-eating monsters. The others are just dinosaurs."
  10. Sonja sighed and rolled her eyes in exasperation at Temple's unprofessional entrance and angry exit. A lifetime in Hollywood exposed her to plenty of eccentric and extreme behavior and she was aware that the nature of Temple's... gifts made her in serious need of a therapist, but that didn't mean Sonja didn't find it irritating. And whatever she had tried to do to Locke had been far more than merely irritating. Sonja shivered at those balefully glowing red eyes that owed nothing to CGI. Creepy, but she simply nodded when Locked said he'd tell them about it later. NDAs were found everywhere. Maybe even more often in the military than in the entertainment industry, she thought wryly. The revelation about the Raptors that would be accompany them under the care of the oddly named woman made Sonja shift uncomfortably, which she hid under the pretense of recrossing her legs. Considering what had happened on the tragic set of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, the huge woman wasn't particularly enthused about finding out she would be working along side some dinos again. On the other hand, this time, there were only two of them and regardless of the reputation Velociraptors had, they only came up to her thighs. She'd keep an eye on them, but they weren't really dangerous, not to her at any rate. Her indigo eyes shifted between Walker and Locke in curiosity. "So, the CRRD is trying out a saurian version of a K9 unit?" Sonja didn't offer to meet the raptors like Layton did, but throughout the meeting, she found her attention wandering back to the Marine with an intense sense of familiarity. Davian Layton, Davian Layton, the name rang a bell, but the image that came with it bore no semblance to the clean cut, upright Marine. Then she blinked and her mouth dropped open for a moment. The children of the wealthy, famous, and influential tended to travel in the same circles, the same parties. She hadn't precisely been a wild child or a party girl, but her career had just been taking off - she'd just been signed as a Fashion Model and had walked her first catwalk - and the parties were a great opportunity to network and make connections with producers, directors, agents, and photographers, either directly or through their offspring. Davian Layton and his twin sister had been regulars on the circuit. Her lips closed in a faint frown. She had had her fun - and wouldn't TMZ love to know everything! - had taken advantage of the opportunities and gotten out on her way to fame and fortune. It hadn't ended so sweetly for Davian. She'd heard he'd been packed off to military school or something, but had certainly never expected to see him again when she joined CRRD. It really was true that Truth was stranger than fiction. She wouldn't bring up his past of course, since he done so much to put it behind him it seemed, but she certainly intended to speak with him later. If nothing it else, it would be nice to talk with someone who came from a similar background. A background similar to one that had entire team of novas looking for one missing woman.
  11. Sonja stood at the bathroom sink, looking at herself in the mirror as she dried and brushed her pale, shoulder-length hair after taking a shower. Though she was grateful the CRRD had renovated her quarters for someone of her stature, she still found them rather utilitarian for her tastes and the ceiling low for someone who stood eight feet tall. I'll have to see if I can have a separate cabin constructed so I can stretch out... But it was an idle thought. Two weeks after her first mission with the CRRD, Sonja was still dealing with the aftermath. She wasn't as mentally prepared to lose teammates as the military-trained members of the team were, but she had lost people she was close to as well, had known for months or years, on the set of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, and her acting skills put her in good stead to show a calm face to the public. The truth was, she was feeling more sorry and concerned for herself. Not particularly surprising for someone who used to be the preeminent female entertainer in the world, but perhaps not for the reason most people would believe. Finding out the true nature of the Rex had brought back the nightmares she had suffered when she had first been super-sized. The nightmare that she'd keep growing, taller and bigger and more muscular until she was a distorted monstrosity of a woman the size of King Kong. In the year and a bit since her... growth spurt, she'd grown another two inches until she stood eight feet even, but what she saw in the mirror no longer disgusted her. Inconveniently tall, true, and if she was more muscular than she had ever intended being, more so than the personal trainer who'd gotten her in shape to play Black Widow even, she could now she see that she wasn't excessively or unattractively so. Hell, she knew there were more than a few fanboys who would have preferred this physique for that part and if she hadn't been contracted to Marvel, everyone would have demanded her to play Wonder Woman. Especially with these, Sonja smirked, looking down and shrugging. Always considered well-endowed as an actress and super-model, those had blossomed even more as well, though with her heavier build, they still suited her frame instead of looking completely disproportionate. Now, Marvel was in talks with her to re-work things and have Black Widow become She-Hulk in their Cinematic Universe. Still, even if she didn't really think it would happen, the fear of her nightmare becoming true lingered in the back of her mind, a fear grown slightly larger with the advent of the twisted Nova they had encountered. Sonja dropped her towel and clothing fogged into existence about her, forming a stylish, knee-length dress seemingly made of obsidian, a matching pair of shoes - flats since heels would be excessive - and a choker of platinum and black diamonds. At least finding clothing and accessories for someone her size had never been a problem for Sonja. Her only real power had been an infinite wardrobe. Cleaned and dressed, Sonja got around to dealing with some business matters before heading to meeting. Though she had taken Abigail's offer and trained with her, mostly in hand-to-hand combat, armed and unarmed, since it took the most advantage of her incredible strength, and to a lesser extent, in firearms and PT, she'd taken this morning to manage her own affairs. The paycheck she received from the government was quaint compared to what she made for a film or a music tour and her other business interests. She made some decisions in regards to her clothing factories in Bangladesh and put the initial steps into motion for opening another one, then did a brief look through the scripts her agent determined were worth her time. Did a quick Skype conference with the rest of the members of Choosers of the Slain about working on the new album, then looked through the trade news that only those really involved in the entertainment industry saw. Her lips quirked in amusement and yes, even some envy, at the new model who was taking the fashion world by storm. Sonja had to admit, this model Sean was way more attractive than she was and certainly looked like she was designed by a teenaged boy. It wasn't even a contest, which pricked the pride of a woman who had been named the sexiest and most beautiful in the world more than once. But after facing dinos in the flesh, even if she was wasn't fully reconciled to her enormous size, Sonja would take the super strength over the super looks. Well... most of the time. Sonja stopped by the mess hall to consume a huge breakfast her mass demanded. While the cafeteria food wasn't as horrible as she imagined it would be, it was hardly anything special. I should at least get them a cappuccino maker because the coffee isn't fit to clean an engine with. Sonja made a note in her smartphone as she perused the mission file while finishing her breakfast. If people still stared at the sight of her, at least she'd been on base long enough that they gave her space when she was eating. Done, she left for her meeting on time, if not early. She had no use for Diva behavior, from herself or others. Which was probably why there were more than a few female musicians and actresses who hated her guts. I'd just love for J.Lo to make some uppity comment to me now. With a wry smirk on her face, Sonja ducked low and hunched her shoulders to squeeze through the door to the meeting room. She wasn't first, but she wasn't expecting to be with the military types around. "Good morning," Sonja said in a deep, rich voice that most would recognize, giving Abigail a smile and nodding at James and Davian in greeting as she shook their hands and exchanged introductions. She was glad to see there was a chair setup to bear someone of her size and mass - she had several commissioned and shipped to the base - and sat down, crossing fantastically long, strong legs. "A pleasure to meet you both. I commend you both for joining the CRRD." Her lips curved into a self-deprecating grin. "I reconsider what I'm doing here everyday."
  12. The incredibly famous and larger than life Sonja will be back.
  13. "I can jump about fifty feet up and two hundred feet across," Sonja claimed dryly in response to Abigail's question, her long legs letting her keep up with a jog where everyone else ran, "but I don't think that is what you mean. It's not really a means of travel, though I can take care of the truck if it gets stuck or something." Though she took Abigail's orders as mere suggestions - she was too much of celebrity superstar and successful business woman not to - Sonja still followed the female Ranger to the truck. Even with three potential T-Rexes on their tail that could do real damage to her, Sonja didn't feel any particular fear of them. When you can crush steel like playdoh and tear SUVs in half with your bare-hands, your fear of physical harm is drastically lowered. Most of Sonja's nightmares focused on her growing to ten, twelve, twenty feet tall or taller. That said, before climbing into the back of the truck, Sonja grabbed the canvas soft cover and effortless yanked it off with a single pull. Her wealth was such that she didn't worry about private or public property all that much - she could always afford to replace or repair it - but if they were being chased by a trio of T-Rexes, she wanted to be able to see them and respond in kind instead of crouching with her vision and movement impeded. She might be immensely strong and tough, but her teammates weren't necessarily as well. Sonja jumped into the back, the truck jouncing slightly under the impact of her weight, then moved so that she was standing right behind the cab, standing with feet shoulder wide and a hand on the roof for stability. She debated for a moment on what weapon to keep a hand before settling on one of the lead balls she carried. If it wasn't the most lethal, it certainly provided the strongest impact - if it didn't kill one of the dinos on their trail, it would have a strong chance of knocking it down or out, or make it decide to look for food elsewhere. Besides, CJ and Fiona seemed like much better shots than she was.
  14. Sonja was well aware of her presence and profile as a celebrity and the tendency of others to seek her opinion on any matter, regardless if she had any actual applicable knowledge in it. So she stayed mostly silent and lets those with more experience talk and ask questions. This wasn't her first assignment with the CRRD, but the towering, world-renowned woman was under no delusions about why she was here: Public Relations, Publicity - for both her and the CRRD - and Muscle. She hadn't ever met anyone stronger than she was yet. She'd been thankful for Abigail's help in kitting her out, though she'd supplied her own weapons. She had a H&K HK21E GPMG fitted with a drum magazine over her shoulder, the grip modified for her size, and the rate of fire greatly reduced for her more limited skill so she didn't spray bullets everywhere. There was a sword at her hip, the size of a Highland Claymore on anyone else, but looked more like a Viking Sword in design, obviously meant to be wielded in one hand, the metal holding the distinctive organic appearance of pattern-welding. It looked more like a prop sword, though Sonja assured everyone it was not - with a tungsten-carbide edge and titanium alloy core, it was more than serviceable and wouldn't warp or deform with her full strength applied to it. And lastly, she had a bag with several baseball-sized ball bearings made of lead, her heavy weapons, she claimed. Sonja listened while Abigail revealed some of her background during the flight, nodding attentively and asking some pertinent questions about the way she did things. She couldn't help but mention with a bit of punching up, Abigail's background would probably make a better movie than G.I Jane, which admittedly, wouldn't be very hard. When on the ground, all Sonja asked the General was for the talking points when speaking with the Media, what he was willing to let them know and what had to stay classified or unmentioned, a public dance she was well acquainted with. The others knew what questions to ask better than she did - she was just here to look good, draw attention, and supply the heavy muscle where and when needed. She still wasn't sure how her agent had talked her into getting involved in this. The General's claim there was plenty of space made her snort. Rarely did that apply to someone almost eight feet tall and not a toothpick with it. While being transported to the latest site of the attacks, she had to sit on the bed of the truck, instead of the seats, having a surprisingly in-depth conversation of the Heavy Metal genre with the soldiers riding with her. And yes, signing a few autographs and letting take a few selfies with her. At the site of the attack, Sonja whistled. She'd seen the aftermath of a dinosaur rampage - this looked similar, but different. Less... trampled, and not over as big an area, but the damage was more deliberate, focused. She nodded at the mangled Jeeps. "Some strong ones here, not just heavy. Those don't look rolled, but rather... torn," Sonja said. "I could do it, but for a dino... maybe in its mouth. A T-Rex?" Abigail's speech was pretty decent, Sonja privately critiqued, especially for an extemporaneous one. She'd known plenty of actors who would need to have it written and then spend several hours to rehearse to deliver one was good. As for witnessing the sites, well, she'd lived through worse on the set of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, and some directors went through long lengths to get their stars into the right frame of mind for certain scenes or movies - she could handle it. "Just tell me where you want me, Abigail," Sonja said with a hint of self-deprecation. Before being super-sized, she'd usually been telling people what to do and where. "I don't want to tromp on anything you guys need to look at and there's no Media to intercept at the moment." She was in no way a hunter and had not trouble admitting that. The first dinosaur she had killed had nearly made her vomit, but she could handle it now. It hadn't been so much actually killing it had bothered her, but the way its viscera had slithered out like they were alive themselves, that and the smell. She hadn't been prepared for the smell. Temple's reveal though made Sonja frown in concern. She'd grown up in LA, a block over from the Playboy Mansion. Men had been looking at her since she was twelve, and she was a fashion model gracing covers by the time she was fifteen. After nearly twenty years, she was a world famous celebrity - more people recognized her face than the President's. Finding someone who didn't know who she was would take more effort than it was worth. All that is to say, Sonja Bahaar has had precious little privacy in her life and now this girl wanted to invade one of her few sanctums, steal through the few secrets she actually had? Yes, she didn't want to make her job more difficult, or put the rest of the team into greater danger, but it was still asking a lot, even of someone who seemed to have practically all she could ever want. Sonja took a deep breath, then gave Temple a tight nod, leveling a very firm look down at her. "I'm not at all comfortable with this, Temple, but if you need access to do your job, I'll reluctantly allow it. But I am very much keeping you to your word and trust me, you better not go around prying in there or make any of it public. I assure you, I can afford very good lawyers who can make your life very difficult, teleporting mind reader or not." As Temple left with Locke to look at the other sites and do her scanning thing or whatever, Sonja shivered. Being in someone's brain when they died, no wonder the girl seemed to have issues. Though Sonja couldn't help but be a little envious. While she was freakish strong and extremely tough, and had a magical, infinite wardrobe on command, she couldn't do anything fantastic, like teleport or turn invisible or fly. Even the extensive access to clothing she had already practically had, with many top designers on speed dial and knowing them on a first name basis. Sonja tried to stay out of the way, using her strength to move rubble out of the way of those knowing what they were looking for. She sighed - here she was, one of the most powerful people in the entire entertainment industry, and she was essentially doing the work of a set dresser. It was a strange world.
  15. Sonja gave Temple a nonplussed look, a faint grin tugging at her lips. It wasn't the first time she'd been told she was too heavy - she'd always been curvier than most supermodels - but she hadn't been expecting it from this girl. Maybe I'm too much for her strength, in case I need to be carried out by hand for some reason. The enormous woman glanced around the room, considering the members of her new team - the big man, though still a foot shorter than her, made her purse her lips in amusement, looking and sounding a great deal like Ron Perlman - then nodded at the Director as she waved a dismissive hand. Her plane was an ultra-long range model that had room for eighteen in luxurious comfort, but it was most efficient with eight passengers or less. "Using my plane is fine, John," Sonja replied airily. "They've been waiting for my call anyway about when and where to file the next flight plan." She got the details and clearances for the flight to Jasek Base and texted the information to her flight crew. Then she carefully stood up from her table-seat and offered Abigail a grateful grin. "I'll take you up on the offer to assist us get outfitted, Abigail," Sonja said with smooth familiarity, then paused "Or do you prefer Ms. Boyde or Staff Sergeant Boyde? I have a sword and a heavy firearm customized to my... stature. And I don't need any kevlar armour." Sonja smirked as she ran a hand down her dress and the material simply... flowed into a one-piece body suit - including gloves and boots - of some glossy black material that looked almost like flexible obsidian, trimmed with bioluminescent strips of pale blue. It looked a good deal like the outfit she wore when playing Black Widow on the silver screen, actually. "I have something better. But I can use an expert's help in selecting other gear I should be carrying, and this is only my second time at Galland," Sonja admitted easily. She was a top talent in several areas, but this wasn't one of them. She told Director Gaalf and the others which airport her personal business jet was at then added, "I have a limo to take me back. A few more can fit in with me, but I assume whoever can't can find their way there?"
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