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  1. Nominally interested, but only really for Werewolves, I'm afraid, so if not I'd take a pass.
  2. I don't even see the previous ones, just the two that Noir uploaded to her drive.
  3. I can build Ops/Science Officer, with Max taking Security.
  4. I'll likely come along, if spots are still available.
  5. You want to no more than 1 overlap between people, that's fine. Are you you going to want us to avoid overlap as we level as well? Just curious as it will likely change how I approach things. I'll be tending towards avoiding it anyway, but there are one or two things I would potentially pick up otherwise.
  6. If you're willing to take me, I'd like to come along as well.
  7. Yeah. Was one of the first questions I posed to Noir. "I wonder how many flavours of special dice they're gonna force you to buy in order to play it". It certainly tanked any interest I might have had in the system. Shame. 4th Edition was a magnificent system.
  8. Ohhhhh! The new edition of L5R? I wonder if they're following the CCG and doing a full reset. Can't wait to read. Thanks Nina! =D
  9. Despite my noted antipathy towards DnD as a whole (ask Noir. I've been colourful in my distaste for the system. :P), I'm certainly interested. I need to read over the book to see if anything actually jumps out at me, though.
  10. I may be interested later, but for now I need to see how I acclimatise back to college and get used to the workload again before I promise to any new games. Just may not have the time.
  11. That's a shame, but understandable. Sorry to hear it, Mala. I look forward to when you feel comfortable enough to bring the setting back. Looked interesting.
  12. I'm interested. Definitely interested. As for what, I'm unsure what exactly I wanna play, but knee jerk reaction is Dragonslayer Magic. Because of course it is. Heh
  13. I was actually writing pretty much exactly that last night. I just got distracted as I was writing and forgot to finish it before I went to bed last night. Woops.
  14. Abel - Consensus Alec - Seraph Devin - Strider Kia - Genesis Lilly - Dauntless Sara - Avatar Sean - Omni Bonus for Talena - Crow Sandy - Facet Laurie - Mirror
  15. Kaoleth


    You know I'm in. XD As far as magic goes, are we talking purely external stuff, like the dresden files, or can magic be internalised to boost the bodies capabilities as well?
  16. Alec's preference is to stay as well. He doesn't particularly want to go on the run or anything like that. He is decidedly attached to his current life, and as Sean has said, we've got a whole bunch of folks that *should* ostensibly go to bat for us. And even if they dont. Hey, I've always been a fan of "The Great Escape" .
  17. Alec's Initiative: 1D10+8 => 17
  18. *slides on goggles* Let the enwyrdination commence! *throws lever, cackling maniacally.* Ahem. Looking forward to it. =)
  19. Likewise with Nina. Also one of the few movies where I think seeing it in 3D actually provided something worthwhile to the experience.
  20. I'm up. I refuse to give up till I get to punch someone in the face with a Rocket.
  21. Yeah. I'm gonna have to agree with Nina and Dave. I'm not here for lessons in Science. For all I care, they could claim the void is full of pudding and as long as it was a good game, I'd roll with it. Broad strokes is all that's needed.
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