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Primeval Thule - Rules and Relevant stuff OOC


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Welcome to the OOC thread for Primeval Thule A 5E Swords & Sorcery Chronicle


the above is a primer for the setting if you would prefer to get it from an official source  it is available Free of Charge from DriveThruRPG at at this link  http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/129630/Primeval-Thule-Travelers-Guide?term=thule

it is a very good overview of the setting with a good amount of information

If there is any interest in playing in this setting i am willing to run it.

post comments, interests, or questions as you see fit.


I have added a second PDF that is a player handout which gives a little more detail on the player race/types that can be played

  • Character Generation follows the rules set forth in the D&D 5E PHB with a few changes.

Characters should be created as 1st level

Stat Generation

Use the following method to Generate your six basic stats.

Heroic Stat Generation - roll 3d6 drop the lowest rolled and add 8 - this will create a number from 10 - 20, do this 6 times. You may assign the numbers to the desired stat as you wish. Make your rolls in Chat and if i'm not around follow the normal procedure for witnessing rolls.

Choose a Race from the Primeval Thule Campaign Setting. Apply any Racial Modifiers to Your Character from Both the PHB and Primeval Thule Setting. Note stats can go over 20 with racial bonuses.

Since Feats will be used in this game the Human Variant Traits rule will be used. Instead of receiving a +1 to all stats they receive the following: +1 to two different ability scores,gain a proficiency with one skill of your choice, gain one Feat of your choice.

Choose a Class -  the following class are prohibited: Paladin and Monk. All other classes are allowed, see the Primeval Thule Setting Book for how the classes may differ from the PHB

Choose a Narrative - Narratives replace the Backgrounds from the PHB. Each Character should have a Narrative which enhances his/her class. I want the Narratives to be unique and defining for your characters so I am limiting the narratives to 1 Character only ie there can only be one Bearer of the Black Book or one Myrmidon as PCs.


Starting wealth can be found on page 143 of the D&D PHB there is a table for starting wealth by class. you receive the maximum amount allowed by your class to purchase your gear. make sure to look at page 82 of the Thule book for information on armor weapons and prohibited items.

You automatically receive Tool Proficiency with any tools receive from your Class in addition you may also choose a number of tool proficiencies appropriate to the setting and your Race/Class/Narrative. You may choose up to a number of extra tool proficiencies equal to your Int bonus score.

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    Game will Begin after all character submissions have been received and Background stories turned in.

    The Characters will start their adventure in QUODETH

    If you turn in a Background Story detailing how and why your character ended up in Quodeth you will receive a xp bonus.

    i would like to have characters and backgrounds by the 2nd (so you can party new years eve and recover new years day) i will begin the game some time the following week.

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    On Ability traits and generation.

    Yes the method i am using to generates ability scores creates above average scores than normal in a d&d game. this is on purpose.

    while  a 10 is still average and 20 will be the most you will ever see on a normal character above 20 is where the legendary heroes are.

    your PCs are the heroes of this world not only in deeds to come but as physical and mental specimens

    your characters fill the roles of conan, kull, elric, the greymouser, just to name a few. so for that reason your ability scores are better than everyone else in the game. npcs with ability scores will be rolled normally. there may be a few special but the will be few and usually antagonist.

    another reason is I want people to take feats when they are available. higher beginning stats will make feats more desirable when offered and less likley to be traded in for stat increases.

    Stats may continue to rise past 20 after character generation.

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    as the game will be set at least for the first adventure in the City of Quodeth and there is a large chapter in the setting book i expect you all to at least have some familiarity with the city but there are three sections of the city whoes entries are also adventures. I would ask that no one read the adventure sections of these entries as i may use some, all, or none of the information in my adventures. but if i do I would like somethings to be a surprise.

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    What we have so far (UPDATED)

    Dawn - Warlock Bearer of the Black Book 90% done need fluff details and background

    Salmonmax - Halfling Ranger Beastfriend 90% done need fluff details and background

    Mala - Elven Cleric of Mithra, A Guardian of the Nine

    Asa - Half- Elven Barbarian Dhari Hunter  Stats and Background Approved

    Jer - Dwarf Freeblade Fighter  Stats are done awaiting background   

    Kaoleth - Human or Elf Wizard Star Lore Adept

    Noir - A Dwarf ?

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    For those of us who might be using spells, but who find the books way of laying them out sort of horrific (I mean, honestly. Alphabetical order rather than school or level? Really?): http://asmor.com/5e/spellbook/


    It has filters for spells by class, level and sourcebook, and while it may not tell you what the spell does, it does give you the page it's on. Also, Nina, not entirely sure what your feelings on some of the fan made supplements are, but I found a PDF to increase the number of spells floating around. Someone went and converted previous editions into 5th ed for it. If you want to take a look at it, they can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Qx4NeOkTzTZ2lrT2JoeUxQclU/view


    Though if you want to leave them out, it's no real skin off my nose, as I am one of the people who benefits most from it. :P

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    update to PCs above

    Thule exists in a universe that is more scientific and less magical than most fantasy settings. The stars are really stars, and they’re sometimes thousands of light-years distant. Metaphysical or elemental planes of existence aren’t really a part of the setting. On the rare occasions that Thulean PCs leave the Earth, they’re usually physically traveling or teleporting to another planet, or moving to an Earth of an alternate reality.
    Cosmology is therefore more important as a way of describing where things come from, not where PCs can go.
    In general, most extraplanar monsters or races you wish to use in your game just come from alternate Earths. Fire elementals or salamanders come from a version of Earth where volcanism runs amok and fire magic prevails. You can assume that there are Gehenna-like or Tarterus-like versions of the Earth where creatures such as night hags or demodands rule, or “fiendish” versions of beasts and monsters dwell. But in a setting where barbed devils might meet mi-go, it’s useful to have a unified explanation of how these things fit in the same multiverse.

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    hi guys and gals, little note to let you know i am still doing this. I have a sinus infection which led to bronchitis i am still taking antibiotics fro the sinus infection and breathing treatments for the bronchitis while feeling better Im not 100% yet.

    My intention is to kick off my first story/episode for the Thule Game in a week. I have 3 finished Characters and a couple of more who are still working. to those of you working don't fret this is not a deadline. characters will be able to join AFTER the start of the game.

    I will make a post detailing how I am going to run this game within a couple of days which will make things clearer. (might also frighten some of you off but i hope not)

    I want to do something different (at least for me) which I hope will make this game more engaging as well as forgiving of world interference.

    but more on that later.

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    I am preparing to launch Thule over the next several days so I wanted to address a couple of things.

    first up is the Nature of the game I intend to run.

    This isnt a content issue I will let players dictate that in most cases but rather in how i will be running the game. Primeval Thule will NOT be a campaign the way most of us think of one. Instead I intend to emulate the way these types of stories where originally done in the PULP magazines of the thirties and forties. each story/adventure will be relatively self contained and will not necessarily be in any sort of chronological order nor does it necessarily have to have the same characters.

    In other words, the game will span the legendary lives of the characters but can and will take place at any time within those lives.

    How this will be done is as follows. 

    Each Character will have a separate sheet for the following levels (you can go ahead and make them if you wish) 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and Beyond (will explain this later). So as you can see i will not be progressing the game in the normal manner

    at the start of each adventure story i will lay out a proposal. In the proposal there will be a fluff blurb giving an idea what the story will be about and I will indicate which character level is appropriate for the story. You, the players will be given some time to decide if you wish your character to be involved in any given story. This way you can pick and choose if you wish or have time for a story.


    The levels I requested are self explanatory, except for Beyond is what in a normal D&D game would be called Epic level however 5E stops at level 20.Knowing that some players would want to keep playing after level 20 WotC created what are called Boons.These Boons are powerful abilities a character can earn after reaching 20th level. You can get them for ever 30,000xp or so after. Boons are listed on page 235 of the DMG.

    The sheet For Beyond allows each character to have up to 5 boons.

    Multi-classing in Thule is just like in the phb except that one of the possible Boons you can have is the level abilities of a class you have previously multi classed in (except, hit points, attack bonuses, proficiency bonus or saving throws.)


    The second thing I wanted to talk about is STORY.

    I want Thule to be story driven, you don't need to worry about advancement so I want everyone to really concentrate on the story we tell.

    I also want you all to tell stories about your characters. You can make solo threads or one or more of you can make an adventure for you characters and others. Fill in the spaces. Use each there's characters (just don't kill em :))

    Even in your posts where I am storytelling don't be afraid to add to the story, we arnt sitting around a table we are taking time to write this story be bold, help me bring it alive


    I know some of you may not want to play after reading this that's ok just let me know and take your character down just remember you can always join in later all you have to is write yourself back into the tale.

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    Couple of questions came up in chat that i want to answer here, and if you have any other questions feel free to post them here so I can answer them for everyone.

    Ok this may sound like a smartass answer but it is what i want everyone to sort of get in the groove on. The answer to almost any question you may have about this game is Whatever the STORY Dictates/Needs. If you go there you going to pretty much be right on the money.

    However, i do know that somethings do need to be fleshed out so here goes.


    Your Characters are, or rather will be, the mythic persons of this age. So in effect they are immortal, which is not to say that they can't die. They can and probably will die, time after time. they just wont stay that way.

    If Therra during a fight on the slopes of the raging volcano fails her save and plummets into a chasm full of molten lava, well she is toast. but she isnt done.

    While her companions mourn her for a few sentences they have an adventure to finish and vow to drink to her memory when its all over. Thera is no longer in that story.

    But she isnt dead either. She may have snagged a rock outcropping and saved herself from the lava but was unable to get back to her companions. Or maybe she did die but her god decided she wasnt done and returned he to life, or she did die and found herself in the underworld and had to fight her way back to the land of the Living. However the writer decides it could make a good tale all by itself. whatever the player decides the upshot is the character is not dead and is available for the next story and the next, until the characters final story.

    Thats the extreme example more mundane death is easier and doesn't even remove a character form the story.  Character dies in combat he isnt dead his wound is just very bad and takes longer to heal, leaves abad scar and after a long rest he can rejoin the party. Just make something up that fits the story.


    A player can kill her character off when ever she wishes. Either by writing her out in game or just telling me she doesn't want to play anymore.

    But eventually the game will end and there will be one last FINAL STORY but that's along way away :)




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    This one is simple . You gain your automatic spells per class as normal.

    Finding spells in Thule is hard and often comes with a cost. at at each of the Level breaks we will be using, your spell caster may pick additional spells equal to that level plus your relevant spell ability score bonus.

    (I may veto spell choices on a case by case basis)

    You may also learn spells during play and in side/solo story threads.

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    I have been asked what other real world languages could be used to represent Thulean languages.

    Here are the common ones. you are not required to use translations Indeed I will only use them if they add some drama or if no one present understands the tongue being spoken.


    Common Languages of Thule and what you can use to represent them. All of these can be translated using Google Translator, except for old english

    Atlantean, Low (this is the common Language of Thule,Use English

    Atlantean, High Use Old English

    Dhari Humans (Dhari) use Irish

    Dwarven Dwarves use Macedonian

    Elven Elves, wizards Use Greek

    Kalayan Humans (Kalayan) use Mongolian

    Lomari Humans (Lomari) use Swahili

    Nimothan Humans (Nimothans) Use Swedish


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    I use D&D 5E Version. Go ahead and make a character, 5th level, include background, don't worry about equipment or gold, using 5E and submit him using the sites mail (just click on my avatar image will take you to profile where you can message me.)  Only options (races, classes, etc.) from the Thule book allowed

    if you don't have the 5E books this link is to the SRD https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rbbl0h0yutvs9b/SRD-OGL_V1.1.pdf?dl=0


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    • 5 weeks later...

    I am officially shutting Thule down.

    I want to thank everyone for their patience and especially Asa and Noir for trying to keep it going.

    Sorry for wasting everyone's time with this.

    Please feel free to use your characters and the setting in your own stories or games.



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    Sorry it didn't work out. :(  For what it's worth, I don't feel like it was a waste of my time. I'm sorry if you feel like it was a waste of yours.

    I never felt like I knew what to do next. Mystery games are hard, I think...the balance between giving players enough clues to suggest actions, but not so much that it becomes obvious, is a difficult one to reach.

    Thanks for giving it a try.

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    I had written a post and then Fluxx sort of came back and so I needed to ask if Neeva should suggest Malok sit out or not (if he is back), but it was a hectic week and a terrible weekend for me. I would personally love to keep going.

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    Flowers in the Gardens of Midnight is successfully completed.

    Our next adventure "Red Chains" will begin soon.

    I want all the characters to advance to level five. From this point forward I will be advancing the game in the standard manner with experience point awards.

    I will let each of you know how much xp you have in pms

    All characters get 500 gold plus 1d10 x 100 additional gold which you may spend as you see fit.

    magic is rare but by 5th level you each would have found something  so each of you gets One special unique item that defines you. think of what you would like and we will come up with something.

    Let me know who will be returning and if there are any players who wish to join let me know that as well.


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